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TechProcess Payment Services (Part of Ingenico Group)

TechProcess is one of India’s leading payment solutions and services companies. They represent a perfect amalgamation of expertise, resources and opportunities. They are trusted by some of the most respected brands in corporate India. From large utilities and e-commerce portals to telecoms, banks and finance companies. Educational Institutes and Insurance companies too use their products and platforms


Produce Pay was first conceived at Cornell University. With strong support from experienced faculty and the student body, it was able to rapidly gain momentum. Produce Pay obtained recognition from Cornell’s entrepreneurial community and was soon dubbed "The Next Johnson Start-Up" , in reference to Cornell’s S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management.


GameCredits delivers blockchain-based products to the gaming industry. Founded in 2016, GameCredits allows game developers to accept the gamecredits cryptocurrency (GAME) to securely purchase existing in-game items without the inconvenience and cost of traditional banking and payment alternatives. Users can purchase GAME directly inside their own GameCredits wallet for USD, Euro and bitcoin, as well as on major exchanges globally, including Bittrex and Poloniex.


WealthNavi, Inc. offers a platform for asset managers which uses risk management algorithm for asset management advice.

State Street Corporation

State Street is a leading financial services provider serving some of the world's most sophisticated institutions. They offer a flexible suite of services that spans the investment spectrum, including investment management, research and trading, and investment servicing.


Grain helps new investors take their first steps in building their own portfolio. Our vision is to be the place where you go to take complete control of your investments, without feeling overwhelmed by piles of data and confusing reports. First, learn how to build a diversified portfolio by easily comparing the best investments (U.S. listed stocks and ETFs) at-a-glance. Second, personalize your portfolio by finding investments that define your values and beliefs. Grain’s search tool powered by IBM Watson allows you to discover investments by searching any concept or keyword. Lastly, invest with your friends and family (think Venmo-style activity feed). You’re not in this alone, so you shouldn’t feel that way! You can open your own investing account in less than 2 minutes (powered by Third Party Trade LLC, member FINRA & SIPC), or simply link a pre-existing account with a major U.S. broker.

Insurance Republic - Stark Group Pte Ltd

My-Insurer is the first mobile application in the market that serves both intermediaries and customers; a back-end system that serves and supports the consumer-centric front-end application. It aims to improve the operational efficiency of insurance agents, brokers and financial advisers, by helping them consolidate customer databases and remove the need for endless spreadsheets. The platform also helps connect intermediaries to interested customers. If a customer and an agent connect through the my-insurer app, they will be able to communicate through an in-built chat function, and the agent is able to push news, updates and information to his clients via the news feed function. In short, the platform has a look and feel that is similar to a social media app, but one that focuses on insurance agents and their customers. The app has reached 1000 users daily.

CriAT - Deep Credit Analytical Technologies

CriAT is a Singapore-registered FinTech company specializing in Deep Credit Analytical Technologies. It provides Deep Credit Analytics products and services to financial institutions through utilizing innovative AI and machine learning technologies combined with established econometrics and statistical inference. The CriAT core team comes from the senior roles of the Credit Research Initiative team at the National University of Singapore.


Trumid is an all-to-all electronic credit trading platform. It is designed to unlock liquidity and make bond and CDS trading easier for institutional clients. The company was founded in 2014 by credit professionals with over 100 years of trading experience and is headquartered in New York City. Trumid is a FINRA registered broker/dealer and SEC-regulated Alternative Trading System (ATS).


Fantex is creating a new asset category of stocks tied to the earnings of professional athletes. Diversify your portfolio with athlete brand tracking stocks non-correlated to the rest of your portfolio. About Fantex: Fantex, Inc. acquires the cash flows of professional athletes, and turns those cash flows into a stock that is then taken through an initial public offering. Fantex, Inc. also works with athletes to build their audience and extend the duration of their brand and earnings potential. Currently, 6 athletes are trading and have already paid $664,510 to shareholders in the form of dividends. By investing in these athletes you have the ability to join a new asset category of uncorrelated securities to help enrich and diversify your portfolio. This unique asset class not only offers diversification but a ticket into a whole new market of the sports industry. Fantex tracking stocks trade at, which is operated by Fantex Brokerage Services, a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA.


CoinHako is a Bitcoin wallet service for consumers to buy, sell and secure their Bitcoins.


Folio develops next generation on-line trading platform for both passive and active stock traders.

Focus Financial Partners

Focus Financial Partners, LLC, the largest partnership of independent wealth management firms.

Gro Solutions

Gro Solutions exists to enhance the customer acquisition process for banks and credit unions. Our goal is to increase the number of customers you have as well as the account portfolio of your current base.


Hummingbill is a B2B invoice platform that helps vendors and enterprises run more efficiently, using email plugins.


Envestnet, Inc. is a leading independent provider of technology-enabled, Web-based investment solutions and services to financial advisors. By integrating a wide range of investment solutions and services, our technology platform provides financial advisors with the flexibility to address their clients’ needs. We work with financial advisors who are independent, as well as those who are associated with small or mid-sized financial advisory firms and larger financial institutions, which we refer to as enterprise clients. We focus our technology development efforts and our sales and marketing approach on addressing financial advisors’ front-, middle- and back-office needs. We believe that our investment solutions and services allow financial advisors to be more efficient and effective in the activities critical to their businesses by facilitating client interactions, supporting and enhancing portfolio management and analysis, and enabling reliable account support and administration. Our centrally-hosted technology platform provides financial advisors with the flexibility to choose freely among a wide range of investment solutions, services, investment managers and custodians to identify those that are most appropriate for their clients. Over the years, we have grown into one of the largest providers of wealth management solutions in the industry, with more than 700 employees in our Chicago headquarters and offices in Boston, Charlotte, Denver, New York, Silicon Valley, and Trivandrum, India.


Reducing property search and sale time by using machine learning and AI to match home buyers to more relevant homes faster


EarlyShares is a crowdfunding platform that connects individual investors to a curated selection of vetted, return-driven real estate investment offerings. Through the compliant platform, investors gain direct access to opportunities in growth companies, real estate projects, and investment funds. Investors can either invest as passive owners in equity opportunities brought forward by sponsors or in loans originated by institutional lenders. EarlyShares was launched in 2011 and is based in Miami, Florida.

Professional Bank

Professional Bank was founded by professionals for professionals. Our purpose is to deliver extraordinary, personalized, concierge-style banking services to our distinguished and discerning customers. We provide a human touch enriched by a wealth of insight. Our customers know we understand their needs and are dedicated to helping them achieve their financial goals.


Health2Sync provides healthcare platform that incorporates mobile, digital health and cloud service, their flagship product is “Health2Sync”, a mobile app that simplifies and personalizes diabetes management. The product helps lighten the burden of diabetes through simple tools and services, help diabetics to better self-manage their blood glucose, and allow family and health professionals to provide care where necessary. In 2016, the company was selected for InsurTech Income Future Starter’s accelerator program.


With 34,000 signups, Compass is the leading solution for automated management reports and benchmarks for small and medium-sized online businesses. Compass is made for executives who seek visibility on how to improve their business’ ROI without having to rely on an analyst or a consultant. Compass automatically prepares best-practice reports and benchmarks for your weekly and monthly business meetings. You get your first interactive report in less than 2 minutes after signing up. Simply connect the tools you use to manage your business and Compass will create your tailored report.

Prumentum Group

A new wealth management startup called Prumentum Group is coming to market with a unique value proposition, looking to combine the technology chops of a roboadvisor with the human touch of a registered investment advisor. Prumentum Group is a wealth-tech company founded by Marthin De Beer and Robert Wallace to make financial planning accessible to everyone, regardless of net worth. Prumentum Group combines transformational digital capabilities and proven wealth management solutions with access to financial advisors, enabling more people to realize their dreams and aspirations. Prumentum Group created BrightPlan, a digital Registered Investment Advisor, and acquired a significant equity stake in Plancorp, a reputable wealth management firm, to create a Hybrid-Robo solution, pairing artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology with human advisors to provide personalized financial planning and wealth management services direct to consumers at scale.

Global Shares

Global Shares is a leading independent provider of equity compensation software and management solutions for companies and their employees worldwide. Equity Compensation can be complicated and Global Shares has developed a market-leading technology platform 100% in-house. Combined with unrivalled service from our team of qualified equity experts we deliver a range of bespoke equity compensation solutions to our clients globally. With offices in the US, South America, the UK, Ireland, Europe & Asia, we help private and public companies at every stage of the life cycle, from fast growing start-ups to truly global organisations, with share plans in dozens of countries and tens of thousands of participants. Our Clients include the largest private company in the US, FTSE 100 companies, Fortune 100 companies, EuroStoxx 50 companies listed on multiple exchanges worldwide - NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, Bovespa, EuroNext Amsterdam, Helsinki, Milan, Oslo, Taipei, Tadawul and Tokyo exchanges.

Mobilecover Singapore Pte Ltd

Mobilecover is a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance of Singapore that provides online insurances for mobile and electronic gadgets. Users can protect their mobile device against loss, damage, and theft. Mobile devices are repaired or replaced, then delivered to the customer's door or desk


Planning, development and management of cloud-funding platforms 'CAMPFIRE' 'polca', evaluation type credit model loan 'CAMPFIRE lending', virtual currency exchange 'FIREX'

Money Design

MONEY DESIGN offers automated investment management and advisory services.


Maecenas is the first blockchain company that leverages distributed ledger technology to create a new market place for fine art. It will enable the investors and collectors to trade shares in fine art over an online marketplace. Maecenas aims at democratizing fine art ownership by converting the expensive and illiquid artworks into smaller and liquid tradable financial units which can be traded by art investors, owners, and collectors.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, InvestCloud empowers investors and managers with a single version of the integrated truth through its unique digital platform. Today the InvestCloud platform supports over $1.7 trillion of assets across 670 institutional customers. InvestCloud creates custom solutions for better decision-making. From Client Communications (Client Portals and Reports) and Client Management (Advisor Portals and CRM) to Digital Warehousing, Data Analytics and Accounting, InvestCloud offers first-class digital investment platforms for successful investing that are rapid to deploy and hyper-modular. Customer segments include wealth managers, institutional investors, asset managers, family offices, asset services companies, financial platforms, and banks. Unleash your data potential.

BATS Global Markets

BATS was founded in June 2005 in a time when market innovation and technology leadership were at risk due to over consolidation in the ECN and Exchange industry. Independent market centers were being bought up, and the number of credible places to trade were rapidly decreasing.


TradingScreen is the leading independent provider of liquidity, trading and investment technology via SaaS to the financial community. TradingScreen’s goal is to simplify the complexity of markets, by consolidating execution management of both exchange traded and OTC instruments on a single platform. TradingScreen brings the major, global sell-side participants and leading regional brokers to a common environment, delivering market access and order- and liquidity-management to the buy side. The benefit to clients is an exceptional reach across counterparties, asset classes, and geography, and a full integration of services back to front. TradingScreen was named best buy-side trading system in the most recent Financial News Awards for Excellence in Trading and Technology. TradingScreen provides global coverage from offices in Chicago, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. For more information on TradingScreen, go to Specialties Multi-Asset Class Trading, EMS, Primebrokerage, TCA, Algorithmic Trading, STP, Exchange, Bourse, FIX Connectivity, Hedge Funds, Wealth Managers, Prop Desks, Traditional Asset Manager, Private Bank


itBit offers powerful bitcoin trading services built for institutions and trading professionals. Their services include a global bitcoin exchange and OTC trading desk.


Toyro Inc. is a company that offers an online insurance platform for customers.


Trizic is a San Francisco-based startup dedicated to re-thinking and re-creating the way wealth managers connect with their clients in a digital world. The Trizic team is passionately focused on developing innovative, intelligent and intuitive technology that helps solve the complex problems facing wealth management today, such as fee compression, commoditization, and clients' demands for digital solutions. Our core product, Trizic Accelerator, is an automated wealth-management platform designed to give financial firms what they need to succeed in the digital age—an investment-agnostic, cloud-based platform that enables them to launch a digital investment advisory offering and operate more efficiently and profitably with higher client satisfaction. Integrated with leading financial firms such as TD Ameritrade Institutional and requiring no set-up, Trizic manages the technology so wealth managers can focus on managing their business.


Mesitis offers an account aggegation and reporting platform, custom-built portfolios, and agency-only execution in equity and fixed income markets to HNIs, wealth managers and family offices.

Project PANA

a cloud-based tool that helps fund managers and wealth advisors communicate better with their clients.

Forum Capital

Forum Capital is a Venture Builder focused on Inclusive FinTech & Consumer Finance in Southeast Asia. We identify unique market opportunities for rapid value creation and build exciting new growth companies for capital gain. Our ventures are built around specific high-potential trends, including Financial Inclusion, Emerging Giants, Credit Risk Mitigation, and Digitally Enabled Lending. We are currently building four companies across Asia: CredoLab (, AsiaCollect (, SolarHome ( and AsiaKredit (


Neighborly modernizes access to public finance, the multi-trillion dollar market that funds vital public projects like schools, parks, libraries, roads, and next-generation public projects such as neighborhood microgrids. For investors, Neighborly delivers direct access to high-quality, world-positive investment opportunities. For issuers, Neighborly provides the platform to borrow what's needed, when it's needed for public projects.


Quoine is a web-based bitcoin trading platform that allows its users to trade virtual currencies for fiat currencies. It also facilitates fiat currency deposits at local banks spanning many international and Asian currencies such as USD, EUR, JPY, SGD, AUD, etc. The platform provides its customers with an additional income source by allowing them to trade with its marginal traders and earn daily interest. Users of the platform are required to be of the legal age in their respective countries.


Founded in 2015, PortfolioQuest is a ‘virtual world’ training simulation platform configurable for every level across all functional areas of consumer, retail and P2P lending. Leaderboards, competitions and progress metrics feedback players’ financial success and drive learning engagement. This powerful benchmarking tool provides early detection and troubleshooting of employees’ forecasting, decision-making and portfolio management skills. PortfolioQuest has offices in Singapore and San Francisco.

One Tap Buy

One Tap BUY provides my banker, the financial smartphone application. The application allows its users to select the stocks they want to buy and sell, helps them to decide amounts, and buy stocks by spending a lesser amount of money.


Tala is an innovative, fast-paced mobile technology start-up, that provides a credit scoring and reporting platform to financial services institutions in emerging countries.

Growth Street

Growth Street offers UK businesses a faster alternative to bank overdrafts. They see that many growing businesses need flexibility to manage their cashflow. Whether it’s managing the seasonal cycle of business or balancing invoice payments against outgoings, managing cashflow can take a lot of time, focus and energy. Often balancing the books means delaying payments, leaning on suppliers or juggling costs, which can suck up your time, put pressure on your supplier relationships and generally make businesses less efficient.


It is a company created to solve the complexity of entering receipts of tax accountant offices and small and medium enterprises in stable business foundation, receiving a total investment of over 100 million yen by Opt ventures etc. of IT companies.


WEALTH serves the affluent and high-net-worth individual, helping him or her navigate traditional wealth sectors such as private banking, legal, trust, and tax institutions via an online platform.


OpenInvest is a YCombinator-backed startup offering the world's first Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) online platform for retail investors. Our team of senior technologists from the hedge fund industry and civil society leaders aims to mainstream ethical investing by making it easy, personalized, and social.

Indorse - The Professional Networking Platform of Web 3.0 on Ethereum Blockchain A Skill Based Professional Network that gives Data Ownership back to the Users What is Indorse? ‘Indorse’ is a revolutionary platform using new models of tokenization and decentralization to change the shape of professional social networking. Unlike traditional platforms such as LinkedIn, Indorse aims to give back ownership of the data to you, as the user, and allow you to profit from sharing your skills and activities on the platform. Indorse uses rewards and a reputation system to incentivize users to add their accomplishments and endorse those of others. Advertisers in turn purchase space on the site, which creates revenue for the platform. This revenue, along with other revenue streams, is shared with the users who created the content. In short, Indorse is - an attempt to give back ownership of data - a platform where contributors will be rewarded for their contributions - a platform which gives any credential a certain degree of validity

Equity Arcade

First and foremost, EquityArcade is a Title III investment platform built to overcome the challenges and limitations of traditional crowdfunding. We have established the legal, brokerage, clearing, settling, and custodial infrastructure that will allow for smaller development studios to seamlessly raise funds for their games through revenue-equity-based crowdfunding. By making a traditional means of funding available to independent studios, we hope to nurture the development of the small studio driven video game market.


Epiphyte develops enterprise software allowing banks and other financial institutions to securely integrate with the Bitcoin and crypto-finance industry. Epiphyte provides a range of turn-key SaaS products in addition to consulting and regulatory services.


InvestaCrowd is an online real estate investment platform offering members access to private mid-market real estate investment projects, we serve accredited investors, family offices, HNW and selected institutions. InvestaCrowd prides itself on being real estate experts with deep experience and contacts across the industry and is capable of developing and structuring individual investment mandates for investors seeking specific investment themes in our key markets, through strong relationships and deep network we are able to source private transactions on favourable terms with strong proven operating partners. InvestaCrowd only works with real estate companies that have proven track records, who offer asset-backed investment opportunities, with sensible and strong returns, minimal tax and with relatively short-term investment timeframes.

Tribal Capital Markets

Tribal Capital Markets, LLC ("TCM") is a full service Financial Services firm that is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise organized under the auspices of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians and is headquartered in New York City. TCM is a fully owned subsidiary of Tribal Capital Partners, LLC.

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