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ZyFin (formely BluFin) is a finanical information platform that offers economic and financial indices for emerging markets. ZyFin brings both passive and intelligent investment products that provide global investors with cutting-edge emerging markets debt and equity ETF solutions which are easily accessible and cost-effective.


Zuto is a web-based, financing platform that finds lenders and guides its users through their car-buying processes. It provides its users with one-to-one support and helps them make better buying decisions. The platform offers a range of car finance options to people from a variety of financial backgrounds. It also provides its users with the tools they need to choose the most suitable vehicle, free information about vehicle history, and valuation checks as well as help with paperwork.


Zuora provides subscription billing as well as recurring revenue, payments, and billing solutions. Its solutions cover roles of CEOs as well as marketing, finance, and operations that cover commerce, finance, and billing processes. The company’s solutions cover subscription packaging catalog, subscription lifecycle management, hosted B2C commerce pages, REST and SOAP store front APIs and libraries, automated invoicing, electronic payment collections, taxation, chart of accounts management, accounting close capabilities, file-based GL integration, dashboards, two factor authentication, data sources, and premier support. It provides its solutions to industries such as cloud services, communications, media, and healthcare industries worldwide. Zuora was incorporated in 2007 and is headquartered in Foster City, California with satellite offices throughout North America, Europe, and China. It also has locations in Sydney, Australia; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Atlanta, Georgia; and London, United Kingdom.


ZUMATA is an AI-based travel technology company. It provides conversational interfaces for a wide range of industries, including travel, banking, insurance, and financial institution by using its cognitive capabilities to enable automated advisory and customer service to companies. The company also provides Payments solutions to travel companies.


Zuihuibao provides insurance companies and car owners with a range of online services including price comparison and Payments and issuance services through its mobile application as well through WeChat.

Zreya Wealth Solutions

Zreya Wealth Solutions provide their clients with easy to use, simple to understand wealth management tools.


ZPX uses a AI which provides a data analytics platform for private and secondary market investors based out of Singapore. The company matches buyers and sellers across the globe to investors across Asia and the Middle East.


ZotaPay specializes in online Payments processing solutions including credit and debit cards and local Payments solutions. The combination of ZotaPay's advanced technology and customized Payments solutions provide merchants with an efficient Payments funnel for customers worldwide and allows them to process and monitor transactions in real time. ZotaPay offers merchants tailor-made products and services across various industries and markets. Its Payments gateway supports global processing solutions and is connected to more than 300 financial establishments worldwide.


Zopa offers peer-to-peer loans with low rates, flexible terms, and no early repayment fees. Zopa’s peer-to-peer loans offer borrowers competitive low rates and flexible terms with no early repayment fees or hidden charges. Zopa lenders earn higher returns on their money by being part of social lending online and helping the UK’s safest borrowers get a loan to help with buying a new car, home improvement or consolidating existing debts.


Zooz provides a data-driven Payments platform for enterprise merchants to connect with multiple Payments and technology providers and route transactions through the entire Payments process. Zooz has offices in San Francisco and Berlin, with an Israeli R&D center in Ra'anana. It has attracted $40.5 million in investments. Zooz is a technology company that provides a Payments platform designed to help merchants maximize their Payments performance. It offers the flexibility to connect with multiple financial institutions, seamlessly integrate acquirers, e-wallets, alternative Payments methods, fraud management and other third-party services, and intelligently route transactions through the entire Payments process. Zooz consolidates and analyses all Payments data to provide valuable information to merchants, enabling them to personalize customer experiences online and in-store. It is the partner of choice for any business seeking to extend reach, reduce decline rates, increase revenues, maintain strong customer relationships and meet the challenges of the dynamic global market.

Zoom Markets

advanced analytical tools from advanced charting tools, motion visualisation charts, screeners, price/bubble maps, market returns, data grids, futures forward curves, spreads to statistical tools like volatilities comparison, histogram, returns, rankings, correlations, and seasonalities on 60+ million historical price records.Our exclusive "StatsHub" compute millions of data compilation to determine global events and their impact on asset prices. We turn data into meaningful insights and cover financial market intelligence, visualisation tools, stocks, futures, commodities and currencies.


The start-up, based at the CodeBase technology incubator, has also won a deal with Seric Systems, the Paisley technology infrastructure business. ZoneFox, which counts high-tech ­manufacturers, banks and games developers among its other customers, specialises in helping firms protect their business­-critical assets, data and intellectual property by monitoring and recording activity on their systems to detect possible security breaches in real time. Read more: Follow us: @TheScotsman on Twitter | TheScotsmanNewspaper on Facebook


Zirra collects and assembles information about private companies from hundreds of public sources, using human analysts to curate the data and offer exclusive insights to investors.


ZipZap is a technology platform for moving money around the world. ZipZap brings significant innovations to the remittance industry by leveraging mobile technologies, digital payment solutions and traditional payment rails, to create a remittance app that is fast, easy and cost efficient.


The Company offers point-of-sale credit and digital Payments services to the retail, education, health and travel industries through two core products, zipMoney and zipPay. The Company is focused on offering transparent, responsible and fairly priced consumer products. zipMoney's platform is entirely digital and leverages big data in its proprietary credit scoring engine to deliver real-time consumer responses.


Zipmark enables businesses to send and receive 100% digital checks without risk, at a reasonable and transparent cost. Zipmark's API can be easily integrated into web and mobile payments, offering a lower cost alternative to credit and debit cards; also by leveraging Zipmark QR codes users can pay for items such as rent, fees or subscriptions directly from paper invoices via the Zipmark iPhone app. Zipmark was founded by Jake Howerton and Jay Bhattacharya. Jay was the co-founder of Mobile Money Ventures (acquired by Intuit) and was with Citigroup for 7 years where he was responsible for emerging payments strategy including mobile, NFC and smartcards. Jake is a technology focused entrepreneur and the former CTO of Sunshine Suites, Inc. Magazine's 15th Fastest Growing Real Estate Company in 2009. Jake is also active in creating the OpenTransact standard, an open and simple financial standard for authorizing transactions without revealing account credentials.


ZipLoan, RBI registered NBFC, is a technology enabled on-line Lending established to provide Small Business Loans. Small Business Loans as a segment until now has been ignored by Financial Institutions given the granular peculiarities of small businesses and poor cost benefit trade-off with respect to sourcing and underwriting small loans


Zipeiyi develops AI systems for securities and other financial services companies.


ZipCash is a mobile voucher loaded on mobile phones, which can be used as digital currency to shop online and offline. It can be used for online shopping at partner sites, utility bill Payments, DTH recharges, and mobile topups as well as to buy gift vouchers, and to redeem local deals and offers.


Zinsbaustein is a real estate investing platform. It offers individual investors access to institutional grade real estate development investments.

Zingohub (Bazingo Inc. Private Limited)

ZingoHub is a reward-based crowdfunding and an e-commerce platform that fosters creativity and innovation. We assist creators and innovators in bringing their ideas to life – be it small or big. Our reward-based crowdfunding platform helps aspiring artists, designers, tech entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and inventions to the world. These ideas become a reality through the backing of like-minded individuals. At ZingoHub, several creators have fueled their dreams with the help of a thoughtful community. Our e-commerce platform is home to trendsetting brands. A dedicated storefront allows brands to share their inspirational stories. Many brands have tested out their out-of-the-box ideas in the market through our Jumpstart Pre-order function. ZingoHub is a subsidiary of Bazingo Inc.


Zikit enables businesses to intensify their customers' contextual mobile experience on the basis of micro-location and proximity to specific objects - from 'Welcome to the national museum' at an entrance to 'This is a De Vinci painting' beside a piece of art. The company also provides businesses with deep analytic tools for measuring users' behavior, including how many users have visited a venue on a given day, what their personal preferences are, and the optimal time to execute a marketing notification. Zikit is proud to be among the first iBeacon companies in the world to adopt micro-location technology.


Zikher provides small banks with a singular white-label platform where their customers can originate and streamline different types of loans. This will help banks cut time and increase efficiency due to data reusability and auto cross-population of customer data between different loan origination systems in real-time.


Ziddu is an online Bitcoin wallet company that lets users store/transfer Bitcoin from or to their wallets. It also allows users to buy e-commerce vouchers from top e-commerce websites.


Zibby is a consumer leasing platform for online, brick and mortar and omnichannel retailers. Customers can apply in 30 seconds in-store or via the Zibby button on a retailer’s website and be approved for $300 to $3,500. Zibby increases retailer sales by providing a fast and easy lease payment option for nonprime consumers seeking to acquire furniture, appliances, electronics, and other consumer durables. Zibby was founded at Cornell University and is based in New York City.

ZhongGuo Remittances

Moneytransfer from Singapore to China

Zhongan Insurance

Zhongan Online Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (Zhongan Insurance) is an Internet insurance company and is headquartered in Shanghai.


Zeta is an innovative digital commerce platform that seeks to revolutionize the way transactions are carried out.


ZestMoney is the fastest way for all kinds of people to pay using digital EMI, without the need of a credit card or a credit score. People are eager to upgrade their lifestyle, we work with fast growing e-commerce businesses to help people upgrade today and pay tomorrow. Using of mobile tech, digital banking and AI we've made ZestMoney accessible to millions of Indian consumers. Founded in 2015 by digital finance & technology professionals, Priya Sharma, Lizzie Chapman and Ashish Anantharaman, the company is backed by leading global digital financial services investors like PayU, Ribbit Capital, Omidiyar Networks among other. Visit to learn more about our products and services


ZestFinance was founded by the world’s best data scientists with a mission: use machine learning algorithms to revolutionize how credit decisions are made to provide fair and transparent credit to everyone. The Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML™) platform, Zest's unique credit-decisioning platform, enables lenders to analyze vast amounts of non-traditional credit data to increase approval rates and reduce the risk of credit decisions, particularly for thin-file and no-file borrowers like millennials. The platform also provides the ability to explain data modeling results to measure business impact and comply with regulatory requirements.




ZEROBILLBANK Ltd provides functionality to the white-label banking system by issuing digital community tokens, such as 'Samurai Coin;' adding values, such as rewards, coupons, vouchers, recognition; managing multiple community tokens by single digital wallets and dashboard; and providing a marketplace. The company will issue the customer's own community tokens against 'ZEROBILL,' so that it is the principle currency for exchange with other community tokens.


Zero is the first banking experience to combine the balance oversight of a debit card with the rewards of a credit card. Zero was built on the belief that people shouldn’t be required to take on debt just to get cash back on their spending. Zero is powered by a mobile app and Zerocard, a solid metal card that comes in four levels, varying by rewards percentage and minimum annual spend to qualify. The highest level card, Zerocard Carbon, gives customers 3% cash back on all purchases. Zero is waiving the minimum spend requirements for a limited time for people who sign up for early access at and successfully invite friends to also sign up. Zerocard acts like a debit card, where deposits and withdrawals appear in one place in the app with a real-time, net balance. Unlike debit cards, however, it processes on credit card networks, thus allowing users to earn a flat cash back rate on all spending regardless of category. Cash rewards are unlimited and automatically deposited on a monthly basis. Zero also gives customers higher interest on deposits than leading savings accounts and has none of the typical fees charged by traditional banks. Other features include an Intelligent Advisor that forecasts balances, no ATM fees at more than 50,000 locations, and customer support via in-app live chat. Zero’s investors include ENIAC Ventures, New Enterprise Associates, Nyca Partners, Lightbank, and Middleland Capital.


Zenme messaging app with eCommerce, built in Wallet and much more.


Zenefits is the leading all-in-one Digital HR platform for small and medium businesses. Designed as the single source of truth for managing the modern workforce, Zenefits delivers the most complete, all-mobile HR experience by tightly integrating its own powerful applications with dozens of best-of-breed providers on the Zenefits platform. Zenefits’ applications like HR, Benefits, Time, Payroll and Compliance combine with partner applications like email, collaboration, expense management, and employee engagement to create a powerful platform. Thousands of businesses use Zenefits to empower their employees, manage change and stay compliant.


Zenbanx is a financial technology company that created a mobile multi-currency account for people who live, work or travel across borders. The Zenbanx Account is offered through regulated financial institutions and combines the convenience of a mobile application; the security of a regulated financial institution; and significant value over the competition.


Zeitgold frees small businesses from paperwork. By combining experts and AI, the company offers an end-to-end solution for managing the financials of cafes, restaurants, small retailers, and craftsmen. Zeitgold empowers the owners to get bookkeeping, payroll, invoice Payments, collections and coordination with the tax advisor done in less than 10 minutes per day on their smartphones, saving around 10 hours per week.


Zeek is a mobile app and web-based platform that allows users to sell their unwanted vouchers for cash and buy gift cards to leading UK brands at a discount. Zeek is on a mission to help rescuing $100B of store credit lost every year by providing a safe, easy to use and cost effective service. Since launching in the UK at the beginning of 2015, they have rescued hundreds of thousands of pounds for users that would otherwise have been wasted.


Bitcoin is on its way to becoming the world's first global currency. Non tech savvy users still face a challenge trying to send and receive Bitcoins using existing Bitcoin wallets. There is a learning curve to understand bitcoin addresses, network confirmation time and fee and backing up wallets. Zebpay is targeted at regular people who want to start using bitcoins among friends and family and to accept bitcoins in their small businesses. They can now do that using Zebpay which as simple to use as popular instant messaging apps.


zappit is a pioneer of both NFC- and QR-enabled mobile engagement and payment technology; connecting brands with consumers, anytime, anywhere. With headquarters in London and representatives across the world, the zappit team brings over 15 years of experience in delivering consumer engagement solutions to our clients’ mobile marketing campaigns. Providing a range of mobile technologies and a data profiling service to businesses including Morrisons, JCDecaux and Avery Dennison, zappit is delivering the future of mobile engagement technology today, allowing brands to generate and analyse rich customer data and adopt a more targeted and personalised approach.




Zapp is the mobile payment innovator. Zapp's technology is backed by some of the biggest names in financial services and retail. Zapp is an independent company within the VocaLink group. Zapp's Pay by Bank app service will be available from October 2015 to Barclays Pingit users making Pay by Bank app the UK's first total market mobile payment solution


Zaim develops personal finance applications for smartphones.


Zaggle is an award-winning digital Payments, cashback and analytics company. The company help corporates and individuals enjoy gifts and experiences across multiple channels everyday; in the form of employee rewards and recognition, channel partner incentives, employee benefits, online shopping cash back and restaurant cash back.


As a fully-licensed marketplace lender, Zagga, via its licensed entities, Zagga Market Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence 490904) and Zagga Investments Pty Ltd (Australian Financial Services Licence 492354), provides a transparent platform to algorithmically link wholesale/sophisticated investors with creditworthy borrowers. All loans are secured by real property. For investors, Zagga offers a risk-managed, alternative investment opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio within Australia, and potentially increase returns, without a disproportionate increase in risk. You invest by funding loans to creditworthy borrowers via a fractionalised model i.e., one or many lenders can contribute to one loan. You are in full control of the types of loans in which you want to invest.For borrowers, Zagga means a funding alternative with more choice as they offer secured loans from $500,000 to $10 million or more, for any purpose, as long as the borrower satisfies eligibility and assessment, including having real property at an acceptable LVR to secure the loan.


Z2P provide easy micro loans to people take better financial decisions and to create a reliable wealth creation system for lenders.

YuuPay Secure

YuuPay Secure Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based payment service provider operating in the market for over seven years. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of YuuZoo Corporation, a group that builds targeted eCommerce social networks for brands and companies. With more than seven years of experience in the internet and mobile payment space, YuuPay has already processed millions of transactions for merchants in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan. YuuPay is connected to over 200 banks worldwide and offers a wide-range portfolio of payment solutions for various industries. As an integral part of the YuuZoo ecosystem, the company also has an access to a large web and mobile R&D Department which allows YuuPay to offer bespoke IT projects that involves payment solutions. With this, YuuPay has the ability to offer a wide spectrum of customised services and solutions to meet clients’ unique business requirements. Customers are always assured to benefit from state-of-the-art technology, vast experience in the web and mobile space, as well as, an innovative approach from the YuuPay team.


Yunnex is a smart point-of-sales (POS) solutions provider.

YTS Solutions

YTS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers B2B Payments solutions like wallet solutions, eKash Solutions for loan Payments, MoSaPay for micro salary Payments, and Phatse for online Payments. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Mumbai, India. As of August 3, 2015, YTS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Airtel M Commerce Services Limited.


YTML are the Advice and Technology People. At YTML Group, they believe the most successful businesses effectively engage clients, technology and people. Their goal is to enable delivery of relevant, actionable advice to more Australians. YTML Group brings together experts in business effectiveness, advice and Compliance, and technology solutions to provide everything you need to make a good business great and a great business even better.

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