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Primary Role
CEO @ CashShield
Born 1982-11-19
Gender Male

I got my first taste of the digital world when I was 16, during the dotcom era which allowed me to leverage on eBay to carry out B2C sales. During this period, I had developed an interest in online frauds - especially chargebacks. This inspired me to develop a risk algorithm that uses inputs to analyse and detect abnormalities. The program can make intelligent decisions, determining whether a transaction is fraudulent or not.

I saw an immense market potential for this product, which led me to Europe to pitch this idea. Eventually, I managed to convince a German gaming company, and that was how CashRun was incepted. The company - which is now known as CashShield - had came a long way since then, with numerous rounds of program refinement. Today, we have a global footprint, covering different verticals including telecommunications and digital contents.

CashShield is the leading fraud prevention solution provider, built to optimise growth. Our product highlights include: