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Primary Role
Founder & CEO @ SQREEM
Gender Male

This is me a Scientist by training, marketing technologist by nature with an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth Business School, & 25 years in senior positions at Apple, Microsoft, Dell & was the regional CEO of a 3 billion dollar business for Motorola in Asia Pacific, having Lived in London, New York, San Francisco & Beijing

Now Co-Founder of SQREEM Technologies, AI company that uses Machine Learning and Deep learning Algorithms and Techniques to understand and Predict Human Behavior in any language,

If we assume human behaviour is not random but chaotic and complicated but predictable, so if you can use machine intelligence(AI) to decode, understand and predict behaviour and then you acquire large unstructured data sets. Put the two together you have solved a big pain point for brands and the agency

SQREEM uncovers previously unrecognized consumer behavioral patterns, and in turn, enables any brand to focus on capturing its audience to develop the emotional connec