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Prêtgo is a crowdlending website that allows individuals to lend money directly to French companies

Cash In Asia (CA) provides a common channel to bridge the gap between growing young businesses and investors in the region. As a lending-based crowdfunding platform for businesses, we share the belief that a community of enterprises will spark business opportunities. Building on this, we seek to bring together brilliant minds and resources, to reap attractive returns for both businesses and investors alike.

Happy Capital
Crowdfunding Platform in France.

Directly connecting Investors and Property Professionals so that more people can benefit from investing in property. The majority of property investments in the UK are funded by relatively few people. They believe that, if they can change the balance and involve more people, then everyone could benefit. People investing directly in property, rather than only earning interest on their savings in the bank, could get a better return. Others wishing to be LandLords or Developers could have access to the funds they currently can't get and on better terms. Their core principle, that they hold true in everything they do, is that by pooling resources they can achieve more - they can enable more people to own property across the UK, not fewer. They can improve the availability of high quality homes to either buy or rent and at reasonable rates. And they can help savers, whether they are young people saving to buy their first home, or pensioners looking for regular income, to get a better return.

CoAssets is a real estate opportunity and crowdseeking platform that makes it easy for aspiring real estate developers and fundraisers to connect with investors on exclusive and undervalued investment opportunities. CoAssets enables them to engaged investors across national/regional boundaries and maximizes their exposures to alternative sources of funds. Real estate deal-makings are still a very manual process, whereby a fundraiser has to call (or cold-call) other potential investors and his/her success depends largely on his/her personal network. By using a platform approach, we seek to disrupt the old way of doing business. CoAssets helps individual fundraisers to reach out to much bigger group of investors, across different nationalities.

Crowd Genie Financial Services
P2P online Lending that allows Singapore-based SMEs to obtain financing from multiple investors. Being an intermediary platform, we match borrowers looking for debt financing with lenders looking for debt investments. P2P Debt crowdlender, licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore

Crowdo's mission is to empower entrepreneurs in Asia. For entrepreneurs, we offer a crowd funding platform to raise funds, gain visibility, and build traction, allowing global supporters to access innovative new goods and services and to tap into Asia's growth story. For businesses and organizations, we’ll be your strategic partners in building and managing a fully branded crowdsourcing platform based on your needs: whether you want to engage internal or external communities to test market demand, re-energize your brand, source innovative solutions, or much more.

Islamic Crowdfunding platform for real estate. The company focuses on providing bridge finance to real estate projects for social impact real estate developments.

FundedHere is a Crowdfunding platform that connects startups with investors to raise funds in exchange for equity stakes or via tenured loans. FundedHere allows registered investors to invest from as low as US $3,700 each in companies based in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The platform connects to private businesses, investors, and professionals. It offers unlisted securities in growth and pre-IPO-stage companies across industries to a qualified network of investors.

Gostartem is a crowdfunding platform that gives techvestors a chance to fund the growth of innovative technologies in Asia. We are the first tech-only focused crowdfunding platform in Asia. Gostartem offers Tech-match (matching tech startups to investors), Rewards and Social-based tech crowdfunding.

Kapital Boost
Kapital Boost is all about growing communities. Whether it's helping small businesses grow big or protecting the social welfare of less-privileged communities, our Singapore-based hybrid crowdfunding platform allows our members to invest or donate in a way that is ethical and Shariah-focused. SME CROWDFUNDING SMEs are often disadvantaged in their access to funds for business expansion. Kapital Boost addresses this problem by offering small businesses short-term financing alternatives with fast and friendly approval process and at competitive rates. Via a Murabaha (cost plus profit) structure, SMEs can raise financing for asset purchases. They may also raise financing through the Qard and Wakalah structure, or invoice financing, to seek cash advance on unpaid invoices to meet immediate working capital needs. In return, Kapital Boost gives our members the opportunity to invest and earn attractive returns through temporary financing of small businesses. These investments are ethical and have quick turnaround of 90 to 360 days. We focus on risk reduction and employ a robust Due Diligence & Screening Process - analysing operating and credit history, past cash flow, corporate governance, counterparty risk, and assess social media mileage - to determine the best funding opportunities for our members. PRIVATE CROWDFUNDING For SMEs who are not eligible for crowdfunding based on our minimum requirements, we give them the opportunity to raise financing by targeting their own group of investors. This is an opportunity for SMEs to professionally market their funding needs to their network of friends and families. Kapital Boost offers SMEs with a clear and legal financing structure and contract to reduce uncertainties and potential conflicts between the SME and investors. DONATION CROWDFUNDING Investing is not only for financial returns. Kapital Boost offers members the opportunity to invest for the Akhirah (hereafter). Our Donation Crowdfunding platform allows members to support non-profit, social-based projects in less-privileged communities within the region. While financial returns are not expected, the reward for helping those in need will be multifold in the hereafter. Improving the social welfare is also a means of accelerating community growth in future. So we invite our members to spread goodness, fund growth to those in need and invest for the future.

Natcoin cryptocurrency
familiarizing the NATCOIN customers with the cryptocurrencies and the ways of using them. For this purpose, the NATCOIN platform is equipped with its own token, a wallet, an exchange, a merchant platform, Payments gateway / POW and a list of features that are closely related to the use of crypto.

SimplyGiving is Asia's leading online social giving website providing non-profits and their supporters with powerful fundraising, crowdfunding & donation tools. These web-based tools make it easy and safe to give online, on-the-go (mobile giving) or through social networks like Facebook. SimplyGiving currently operates in 20 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, reaching more people than any other online giving network in Asia.

Phoenixict Sinwattana Crowdfuning Platform
Our platform includes full-fledged offerings: Donation, Reward, Equity, Lending, and Hybrid-based. To advocate and enroll global adoption, we catered software-as-a-service and developer's edition for anyone who aspire to serve the crowd.

The Asia Investor
The Asia Investor is an online fundraising platform for SMEs based out of Singapore. Private investors and institutional investors can register themselves in the portal as investors and start fundraising and investing.

Funding Societies
Founded in early 2015, Funding Societies is a licensed digital lending platform in Southeast Asia that connects small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with retail and institutional
lenders. It has achieved numerous milestones in a short span of time, including USD 25 million Series B funding round led by SoftBank Ventures Korea and supported by Sequoia India, Alpha JWC Ventures and Golden Gate Ventures. Funding Societies has expanded into Indonesia (where it is known as Modalku) and Malaysia, becoming one of the largest digital lending platforms in the region. Through its searing growth, Funding Societies and Modalku remain dedicated to the vision of funding underserved SMEs and improving societies in Southeast Asia. Read our story:

The COSS system consists of a Payments gateway/POS, an exchange, a merchant list, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an e-wallet, various coin facilities and a mobile platform. The COSS platform unifies all transactional aspects that are usually managed by means of FIAT money, and offers multiple cryptocurrency-related services in one place. The list of potential features of the platform can be infinitely extended and will continue growing as the platform evolves.

Immovesting is a crowd funding platform for real estate promotion, purchase and development.

Launched in 2015, OFF3R is a mobile crowdfunding aggregator that operates as an access point to the alternative investment market. It helps its users discover and track opportunities across multiple crowdfunding platforms. The platform collates investment opportunities from various crowdfunding platforms and displays them in a Tinder-style swipe format. It also offers the latest insights and news about the alternative finance industry. OFF3R is operated from London, United Kingdom.

SparkFacility is a reward-based Crowdfunding platform.

Propertons is a UK based property investment business which changes the rules for property investing by enabling users to invest in property from £500.Propertons - property crowdfunding platform launching 2018. Propertons is a UK based property crowdfunding platform that enables people to invest in property from £100.

Opportune is Asia's first and largest Crowdfunding platform. Since 2007, more than 2,000 startups, entrepreneurs and people have successfully secured funding through Opportune. A great pioneer and innovator in the equity/debt Crowdfunding market.

Pallo (Bros. & Co.)
Bros. & Co. operates a crowd sourcing product development platform aimed at commercializing inventions by expert designers. The company operates on a model of creating a space for those with innovative ideas and fueling the funding process for such projects.


The Bridge
Simpler than it seems, doesn't it? 'The Bridge', a financial intermediary as it is, may be unfamiliar but it can just be thought of as a bridge connecting investors and entrepreneurs in need, as our name 'The Bridge' suggests J - Why 'The Bridge' then? 1. Minimum Cost 'The Bridge' is run by the loan interest (2% of the loan) from the entrepreneurs of developing nations and the cost for impact analysis (10% of the total investment). Our system is created to set the cost at a minimum level so that more benefit goes to entrepreneurs of developing nations and investors can be encouraged to reinvest. 2. Impact Analysis Those who have donated or sponsored a charity before must have wondered how efficiently the donation may have been used, right? 'The Bridge' analyzes and reports to every investor the social impact that the invested business creates. 3. Trustworthy Cooperative Organization

Tumblbug is an online Korean Crowdfunding site that enables independent creators to get their art and cultural content funded. Users can submit their projects under art, cartoon, design, fashion, film, cooking, publishing, technology, and music. Tumblbug was launched by Jaeseung Yeom in 2011 and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.

WADIZ is a Korean SNS-based Crowdfunding platform providing seeding solutions for startups and new business ventures.

Pop Funding
Popfunding is a Korean online market for various internet-based, interpersonal financial services. It offers Crowdfunding services to its users, enabling them to conduct two-way interpersonal transactions such as borrowing and lending money, executing advertising and fundraising events, and Payments-based knowledge sharing activities. Popfunding is based in Seoul, Korea, and was established in 2009.

Kidlet allows you to invest and crowdfund savings into diversified portfolios on behalf of your child, so you can gain greater returns for your child's financial future. is an online investing, crowdfunding and eCommerce marketplace aimed at connecting Africa through locally made products.

10k is a members-only co-working space and accelerator based in Asia. We offer a variety of programs to help startups and entrepreneurs succeed in the global business world and to ensure the successful transformation of entrepreneurial ideas into fundamentally sound and financially viable companies. The 10K accelerator will be a 3-month program where we provide funding, mentoring and networking opportunities to startups that are part of the network.

They believe in the power of imagination and networking, they believe that everyone has a great idea, one which may have the power to change the world around them, or at least make the lives of some people more interesting. They believe that every great idea deserves to go from a concept to become something concrete.

Fringebacker is an interactive online platform that unites the world's most creative and innovative projects with a community of financial backers in unprecedented ways.

Next Chapter
Next Chapter is a rewards based Crowdfunding platform supporting female founders, co-founders, or female oriented products. Offering consultation, advice and a rich network of support, campaigners receive a workbook/manual to map out their strategy and expert advice along the way to help them succeed in raising the funds needed to launch. Next Chapter's vision is to change investor language and landscape so that women become more included in the funding process and we contribute to 'moving the needle' in supporting the continued growth of female entrepreneurs businesses.

SimplyGiving is Asia's award winning leading online social giving website providing non-profits and their supporters with powerful fundraising, crowdfunding & donation tools. These web-based tools make it easy and safe to give online, on-the-go (mobile giving) or through social networks like Facebook. SimplyGiving currently operates in 20 countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, reaching more people than any other online giving network in Asia

Woomentum is a crowdsourcing platform that offers the space where women entrepreneurs share their challenge, give support, receive support, inspire each other and solve each other's problems. A platform makes expertise affordable, showcases the best of female entrepreneurs and taps into the deep knowledge of experts in a host of different fields.

Investable is an invite-only platform that connects professional investors to high growth start ups. From the same team behind HK's leading investment incubator NEST, Investable helps individuals discover carefully curated start ups and invest alongside other experienced investors.

EastFounder is a fundraising marketplace for the Eastern startup ecosystem driven by data We help founders to be fundable, connect to capital and grow.


Group Donate
Hong Kong unique Crowdfunding platform for local charities

iGrow is a marketplace that helps under-employed farmers and under-utilized land to produce organic food and sustainable incomes with cloud-based agricultural management software. The company connects farmers, landowners, and backers to create food organic plantations such as olive, durian, peanut, banana, avocado, date palm, and longan. They then sell the crops directly to customers much like a highly networked supermarket. Investors could benefit from revenue sharing between 13-24% of the investments per year. iGrow was launched as a B2B company in 2014 and is based in Jawa Barat, Indonesia.

Indonesia's leading fundraising and donation platform

GandengTangan is a crowd-Lending that connects lenders with business owners.


Indves is a Crowdfunding platform for small business investment. Creating Investment as a lifestyle.

Another leading player in the Crowdfunding platform field within the Kingdom of Thailand. The people behind this platform have a pretty impressive pedigree. CEO Jon Lor is the founding partner of Knock BKK in Bangkok and head of digital at Wonderfruit; CTO Chris Hwang was IT Manager of Software Engineering for the Apollo Group; and Sanji Tandan is the former MD of Warner Music UK. They teamed up with artists Khanngoen Nuanual; Montonn Jira; and entrepreneur Pranitan Phornprapha. Fees start from 10% of the funding goal, but is only charged if the campaign is successful. They also offer an additional services like marketing, logistics and video production.

Dreamaker Equity
Launched by four co-founders in August 2015 this site is aimed specifically at Thai entrepreneurs. They only accept projects registered by Thai nationals or Thai registered companies. They recommend a two month lead up before the project is launched, this is intended to get the word out in advance and give the campaign a better chance. With Dreamaker Equity, instead of gifts and rewards, the project owners offer equity in exchange of the funds

Durian Corp

Investing in start-ups and early stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Albatoz is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. You will only be able to invest via Albatoz once you are registered as sufficiently sophisticated.This page is approved as a financial promotion by Albatoz Capital Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the SEC. Pitches for investment are not offers to the public and investments can only be made by members of on the basis of information provided in the pitches by the companies concerned. Albatoz takes no responsibility for this information or for any recommendations or opinions made by the companies.
Beehive directly connects investors and businesses to build mutually beneficial partnerships for growthOur platform applies the innovative technology of Crowdfunding to eliminate the cost and complexity of conventional finance, meaning investors get better returns and businesses get faster access to lower cost finance.

The MEEFUND team believes in every creator's dream. Like you, with our experience, MEEFUND is ready to be your dream come true through our PLATFORM Crowdfunding. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You can do this immediately through filling out forms or channels. Details are as follows

DreamDrive Is a website that allows creators to work. They have brought their creations to find sponsors in the form of Crowd funding to fund. To be used as a cost effective creation of the actual work.

Brickraise is offering you a brand new and exciting way of property investing. You can start with just a small amount of money and you can choose where your funds are invested. Brickraise is Australia's first dedicated service offering Crowdfunding in the property investment market. Brickraise gives investors like you the freedom and flexibility to start property investing with smaller investment amounts. By tapping into the power of group investments, you can grow your capital with less red-tape and a higher return on your real estate investment. And developers can raise capital quickly and easily while avoiding the bank finance bottle-neck by dealing direct with investors.

Crowd Money
Crowd Money has created a crowd funding community called The Deposit Vault. People can access The Deposit Vault to purchase their own home or property sooner and build wealth by sharing the capital appreciation with the community

CrowdfundUP Property is a revolutionary way of investing that will allow investors of all levels access to companies involved in high quality property developments in a streamlined, easy access format. CrowdfundUP also offers Real Estate development companies an online introductory service where current development opportunities can be presented to a specific qualified investor group in quick time, enabling a fast turnaround for the funding of projects. CrowdfundUP not only provides a level of access and transparency that has never before been possible for companies investing in real estate, but also greatly reduces the time and capital requirements needed to undertake the investment process. CrowdfundUP will provide a comprehensive back end management system which will offer both investors and development companies the opportunity to access and coordinate legal, taxation, shareholding and associated documentation on the platform.

DomaCom operates an online property Crowdfunding platform based on an ASIC registered managed investment scheme (MIS) legal structure. We enable investors to initiate or join an existing bookbuild to contribute towards purchasing a specific property of their choice.

At The Funding Market, we have a secondary market where you can trade your shares, whether you acquire them via crowdfunding, by being an employee or by buying them from the founders.

Equitise enable Aussie & Kiwi startups to raise capital in an intuitive, simple and social way. Bringing investors and entrepreneurs together, the Equitise Crowdfunding platform simplifies the investment marketplace. It removes traditional barriers to investing and sourcing capital by making the process quick, easy and safe. In doing so, Equitise help businesses to grow and thrive.

Estate Baron
Estate Baron give access to institutional quality real estate investments to everybody through Crowdfunding.

Fireflock connects the investment crowd today with the growth companies of tomorrow.

Indiegogo is a way for people all over the world to join forces to make ideas happen. Indiegogo empowers people around the world to fund what matters to them. As the largest global Crowdfunding platform, campaigns have launched from almost every country around the world with millions of dollars being distributed every week due to contributions made by the their community. At its core, Indiegogo is an open platform dedicated to democratizing the way people raise funds for any project - creative, entrepreneurial or cause-related. Founded in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles and New York. In 2014, the company launched Indiegogo Life, a dedicated site that brings the power of Indiegogo to people running fundraisers for medical expenses, emergencies, memorials, celebrations and other life events.

Joey Crowd
Each project is built independently by the project creators: Entrepreneurs, filmmakers, musicians, artists, engineers, designers and more. All project creators on Joey Crowd have complete responsibility for their own projects and therefore will spend weeks building their project pages, shooting promotional videos, and brainstorming creative rewards to offer backers. Once their projects are devised, they launch them on Joey Crowd for their community to view. All project creators set their project's funding goals and deadlines. If people like the project, they can pledge money to make it happen. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all backers' credit cards are charged when time expires. If the project falls short, no one is charged.

Kickstarter is a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of projects, big and small, that are brought to life through the direct support of people like you. Since our launch in 2009, 9.1 million people have pledged more than $1.8 billion, funding 89,000 creative projects. Thousands of creative projects are raising funds on Kickstarter right now.

My Angel Investment
Equity Crowdfunding for Australia and New Zealand. My Angel Investment's primary focus is within the technology, science and engineering sectors. (However, they will consider other market segments if they demonstrate compelling investment opportunities.)

mycause is Australia's award winning premier online fundraising community. Their goal is to be the leaders in the online fundraising, donations and crowd funding sector, by offering the latest fundraising technology.Whether organising a major fundraising event, appeal or Crowdfunding campaign, organisations can manage and track their success with mycause.

OnMarket BookBuilds
At OnMarket BookBuilds, they are all former capital markets professionals who thought there was a better way for companies to raise capital, so they provided the know-how behind the technology that powers the world's first exchange-hosted capital raising platform: ASX BookBuild. This platform gives companies control over pricing and allocations combined with the all-of-market reach of an exchange. Then, in their quest to bring companies and investors closer together, they built OnMarket - the world's first free-access portal into capital raisings. OnMarket BookBuilds are strong believers in the power of technology to transform capital markets and they believe that democratising access to capital raisings via technologies like ASX BookBuild and OnMarket is a giant leap in the right direction.

OzCrowd was established to provide a platform exclusively for Australian projects and can be considered one of the most liberal platforms worldwide. They allow all Australian individuals, community groups, charities and businesses to launch Crowdfunding campaigns on OzCrowd and they have seen significant growth in both interest and funds raised as time has progressed. Unlike most other Crowdfunding platforms, OzCrowd is 100% Australian owned and operated and 100% dedicated to raising the profile of Australian individual Crowdfunding projects.

Pozible was designed to help people raise funds, realise their aspirations, and make great things possible.

ReadyFundGo is an Australian Crowdfunding platform for startups, innovators and changemakers who want to make a difference. Whether you're looking to help clean up the ocean, improve health, launch a new innovation or product, or grow your startup, they'd love to hear from you.

Shout is a company founded by people who want to change the world by integrating new trends in technology with the potential for people to give to great causes as part of their everyday life. Shout's commitment to innovation enables its not for profit partners to connect with a new generation of donors through mobile and online technology. Shout is reinventing the way people give to their favourite causes.

Tilt is a technology company that makes it easy for groups and communities to collect, fundraise, or pool money securely and effectively online. In addition to helping social organizers, the company is legally certified in securing fundraisers for non-profit organizations.

TMeffect is an angel investment group for people with money in the startup investment game

VentureCrowd is an equity Crowdfunding Investment Management that enables Australian wholesale investors to conveniently access and invest in curated alternative assets. Only registered investors are able to view full deal information and place investments. They only invest where, when and how much they choose.

Vestabyte Pty Ltd is an Australian based company founded in 2016. Vestabyte is an Investment Management open to all investor types. The Vestabyte team has a broad range of experience ranging from finance, information technology, marketing and customer relations. Their cloud-based Investment Management facilitates all types of investors (The Crowd) to participate in investment opportunities often only available to wholesale, sophisticated and professional investors. With the advent of Vestabyte, Retail investors can also participate.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Crowdfund with Bitcoin, and more!

Planning, development and management of cloud-funding platforms 'CAMPFIRE' 'polca', evaluation type credit model loan 'CAMPFIRE lending', virtual currency exchange 'FIREX'

Crowd Realty
Crowd Realty is an equity Crowdfunding marketplace specialized in real estate.

TOFlo, which claims to be India' first platform for fintech funding, will start its first incubation program in October this year. About 4-5 startups will be selected from each incubation group as part of a process in which around 15 startups are expected to participate, Peter, who has worked with Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase before, said.

GREX Alternative Investments Market Private Limited
GREX is an innovative financial services institution involved in building solutions that combine high finance with high technology.GREX is building seamlessly integrated exchange-like platform and its associated ecosystem of participants to bring together private eligible Investors and high growth Unlisted Companies for information Exchange and Securities Transactions.

i2i is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that connects borrowers with lenders. The unsecured loans can be used for gamut of reasons like purchase of consumer durable, debt consolidation (i.e. rePayments of credit card debt etc.), medical expenses, education expenses, cash cycle optimization etc. The entire credit process is transparent, quick and easy. Apart from providing end to end services, i2i diligently uses unconventional data points of a borrower like education, employment, transactions, salary, social network etc and not just solely dependent on CIBIL score for lending recommendations. This helps an Investor in greater understanding of borrower's riskiness which leads to better credit decisions.

Milaap is India's leading Crowdfunding platform for personal and social causes. Raise money for personal causes, emergencies, loved ones, neighbourhood projects and social causes. Over $12 Million raised for 50,000+ projects across India.

LetsVenture is an Crowdfunding platform that enables startups looking to raise seed capital to create investment ready profiles online, and connect to accredited investors. The platform also allows startups to get their business plans reviewed by its team as well as connect to mentors. It supports startups in the funding closure process through its commitment-to-closure package. Founded in 2013, LetsVenture uses its funding received from angel investors to expand and rope in more global investors.

Wishberry is a rewards-based Crowdfunding platform that enables users to raise funds for their creative and innovative ideas. The platform focused on topics such as arts, design, film, music, theatre, publishing, technology, games, and applications.

Ketto is a social network or NGO/social enterprises in India, serving as a platform for companies to raise funds, recruit volunteers, and build partnerships domestically and internationally.

GNEX offers Crowdfunding platform that enables students to develop their ideas and products.

Rang De
Rang De is a Bangalore based non-profit that operates a online platform that enables you to lend Rs.100 or more to a rural entrepreneur of your choice. Rang De is essentially Kiva for India. Mission: To make poverty history in India! Company Overview: Rang De is a social initiative that began with a mission to make microcredit affordable to people. Through our online portal, we enable individuals (who we call social investors) to lend small sums of money to entrepreneurs from low income households.

Bengaluru-based FuelADream launched in April 2016 with 14 projects. It is a rewards-based Crowdfunding platform and focuses on creative arts projects, social causes and charities. It gives its fund raisers the choice of either AON (All or Nothing) or KWYG (Keep What You Get) campaigns. When an AON campaign doesn't reach its goal, all the money collected is returned to funders. The company has its own content and marketing team that will help put together the online pitch and help design a rewards system for each project. They charge 9% (2% gateway +7% contract charges) of the total amount collected during the campaign whether an AON or a KWYG model. On the 9% there is a govt levy of 14.5% Service tax. This works out to a total charge of 10.3 % of the money raised. FuelADream seems to be going for quality rather than quantity and will restrict itself to hosting a maximum of 20 new projects per month. Notable campaigns so far include a battery powered e-bike and a canal to irrigate a village's arid farmland . They also intend to make campaigns available in multiple languages.

CATAPOOOLT is India's first industry-backed and most rewarding crowd-engagement platform for movies, music and performing arts. Primarily aimed at enabling Crowdfunding for independent creative projects - the platform will also help the industry to seek resources and professional assistance for making, production, distribution and release of creative projects. Founded by the team who first launched crowd-funding in India, the platform will seek partnerships with leading industry luminaries and organizations to unleash a new cinema and creative revolution.

Desired Wings
Desired wings is a tech enabled platform supporting aspirations, dreams and desires, creating an ecosystem that is willing to nominate and create Crowdfunding projects. A Crowdfunding platform where people would come forward to donate money to their favourite project in order to fulfil desires of an aspiring Indian in exchange for a unique reward, thereby getting a lot of people to contribute a small amount of money to make a living, a dream come true.

BitGiving is a social Crowdfunding platform for Individuals and Organisations.Deeply integrated with Social media and with tools catering to the contributors, influencers and campaigners, BitGiving is envisioned as a platform which is not only technologically sound but is also easy to use.Primarily being used by Not-for-Profit organisations in India to raise funds for their initiatives, BitGiving also allows Individuals to raise funds for creative projects. BitGiving is an online Crowdfunding platform to raise funds that gives wings to entrepreneurial ideas, creative minds and social issues.

Impact Guru is a fintech company offering a full stack Crowdfunding solution that combines social,rewards and investment Crowdfunding/ fundraising for individuals, nonprofits, social enterprises, or startups for all their fundraising needs - be it small or large. The company was incubated at Harvard Innovation Lab's Venture Initiation Program in USA in 2014 and PACT at Impact Hub in Singapore in 2015. Impact Guru has offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and San Francisco

Crowdera is a free Crowdfunding platform that supports social impact and innovation projects serving individuals, non-profit organizations and social innovators. Crowdera complements organizations' existing fundraising and volunteering activities by offering a user-friendly platform to create visually compelling, viral fundraising campaigns that raise awareness and funding for an individual or organization's needs and dreams.

Dream Wallets
DreamWallets (DW) is a first of its kind online collaboration platform that focuses on the concept of Crowd Funding.DW is a high energy, creative, and a very diverse community of management experts, musicians, dancers, painters, photographers, and we are all united by a common passion to empower the community across the globe and transform dreams into reality. We, at DW, have added dimensions of accountability, transparency, and novelty around the concept.

Fund Dreams INdia is a part of the digital web-business bouquet of BlueSiz Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Fund Dreams India is a crowd-funding alatform that enables people to raise funds for personal causes, life events and social causes

Ignite Intent
Based in Mumbai, Ignite Intent is a Crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs, startups and college projects. Ignite Intent follows an incentive (reward) based Crowdfunding model - in which many individuals make micro-investments into businesses. The platform also claims that fundraisers have the freedom to provide details to the extent they want to. The Crowdfunding platform has helped startups like Punexpress, a Pune focused online grocery store.

Start51 works as a lauchpad of Crowdfunding dreams. It aims at making direct financial contributions to campaigners from contributors. It follows all-or-nothing funding policy. If you manage to receive the overall funding, you keep it. If you don't you don't get the money raised as well. It supports people from all domains starting from film making, music, designing and many other. They assure both givers and seekers that the money has been spent to serve the community better through the project. It is based in Ahmedabad. This Crowdfunding platform is mainly dedicated towards students and is helping them turn entrepreneurs! The platform helps them to create videos and assist them throughout the campaign.

TheHotStart has been conceptualized to help you get one step closer to the day where raising funds to create something amazing becomes the lesser of your worries. And we are doing this a little differently. We're bringing the 'All or Nothing' model of Crowdfunding for the first time to India. And that's not all. We are introducing two models of Crowdfunding via one platform - "All or Nothing" and "Flexible Funding". "All or Nothing" requires your project to receive a minimum pledge of funds before actual funding takes place. This model will significantly reduce funding related risks that might otherwise be involved in projects. The "Flexible Funding" model allows project creators to retain any funds that are raised towards their projects irrespective of whether the project meets the target amount or not. This can allows innovators to receive seed money to carry on with their projects.

OurCrowd launched its global online crowd-investing platform in Israel in 2013 and now has 110 portfolio companies and five investment funds in which $320 million has been invested. The OurCrowd App unlocks opportunities to accredited investors worldwide. Along with Payoneer, OurCrowd ranked among the 50 leading established fintech companies on KPMG's 100 most promising companies list for 2016 and now has seven worldwide offices.OurCrowd is an equity-based Crowdfunding platform, built for accredited investors to provide venture capital funding for Israeli (and later global) venture capital start-ups. Accredited investors who are accepted into the community can make minimum investments of $10,000 per deal. The focus of OurCrowd is the early stage funding market in Israel and only companies that have passed a due diligence process will be added to the OurCrowd platform. OurCrowd has become the first Israel focused, equity-based Investment Management to launch and one of the world's leading accredited investor only platforms.

Emerging Crowd
Emerging Crowd is a UK-based crowd investment platform focused on unlisted growth-stage companies in emerging and frontier markets.

Lendeez provides a mobile financial service designed specifically for social lending. Its app enables end-to-end management of digital lending between friends and family.

Medi-Crowd is a nonprofit organization that has developed a healthcare crowdsourcing platform that allows individual donors to directly fund specific medical projects in developing countries. Medi-Crowd provides hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and aid stations with compatible 'disruptive innovation' by Israeli companies that meet the environmental, technical, and human considerations and limitations in developing countries and in each project's specific location.

Out Of X
Out of X offers a platform that connects independent global fashion designers with customers in China. Designers upload their prototypes, set a minimum quantity to manufacture, and begin taking pre-orders. When enough orders are placed, items get funding, go into production, and are sent to customers. Out of X raises brand desirability and product diversification for high-end retailers in China through its trusted network of independent fashion designers. The company also provides designers with the groundwork for brands to significantly expand their customer base through its partnerships with luxury Chinese retailers in tier-one cities.

Be the Bank
Be the Bank is a crowd-Lending that lets lenders earn 5%-10% annually while supporting the growth of Israel's small- medium-sized businesses. Be the Bank lenders are private individuals or businesses who provide a miniumum of 500 NIS, which is automatically distributed among various small- to medium- sized businesses that have gone through a selection process. Borrowers can receive up to 500,000 NIS for three to five years.

Headstart is a Crowdfunding platform for creative projects and entrepreneurs. With Headstart, a creator can easily design the project's campaign and invite friends and acquaintances, through electronic and social media, to support the project. When the funding goal is reached the backers' money is transferred to the creator who commits to provide the pre-determined project-related rewards.

Ownerhood is an online platform that brings Crowdfunding to property ownership. Ownerhood makes it possible to buy and directly own a share of a property anywhere in the world, put the property up for lease, and sell it on Ownerhood's secondary market.

Crowdmii (Crowd Made in Israel) is a non-equity, pro-active fundraising platform that offers supporters of Israel a new alternative to support and identify with the country by helping unique local business ventures generate social wealth. Crowdmii identifies and screens chosen Israeli ventures and connects them through the platform to various supporters who are aligned with their goals and operation.

Mimoona is a platform that assists entrepreneurs with funding and uncertainty about their venture whether it's fashion, scientific research, setting up a business, social, or educational initiative, or making a movie, CD, book, or gadget. On the funding side, Mimoona enables entrepreneurs around the world to present and promote their projects with video, audio, and text giving viewers the opportunity to invest any amount they want in the project with the push of a button. Partcipants also can receive feedback before investing even one penny to know what people think of the initiative and how it might be improved, thereby removing uncertainty from the equation. There is no charge to entrepreneurs before they raise the required amount of money to bring their project to life, after which time Mimoona charges 5% of the funds raised.

Penny Royalty
Penny Royalty is a Crowdfunding platform that places a market value on personal potential by enabling its users to invest in creators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. By providing an opportunity to invest in people in exchange for royalties, Penny Royalty aims to spearhead a socioeconomic change designed to significantly affect the Crowdfunding industry.

Ezbob, the trading name for Orange Money Ltd, is an online-financing company that has developed an automated platform that provides immediate funding for any qualified applicant. Business owners seeking funding can visit and complete a one-time registration in under 10 minutes with no paperwork. Investors in ezbob include the UK Government's Angel Co-Fund and Bank Leumi. It is the first Internet company to be appointed as a financial intermediary by the EU.

Cercle provides fashion designers with a platform for sharing their visions for upcoming collections, giving their customers the opportunity to collaborate and bringing designers and their communities closer. The customer funds the collection and receives credit, as well as a rare peek into the creation process. Cercle was developed by Fashion Trust Ltd.

EquityX is a marketplace where high-quality start-ups and service providers can find each other and collaborate using equity as currency. The system is designed to be straightforward and fair to all parties involved, and is based on work that EquityX has done with top lawyers and accountants. When the start-up raises a substantial funding round, the service provider receives the amount earned, with appreciation based on time elapsed, in the same security as that round.

decentralized platform for IOU contract building and trading

Boomstarter is a web-based platform that provides funding for creative ideas.
Crowdfunding platform

Social Coins is a unique Crowdfunding platform based on "expenseless donations" idea. is an equity Crowdfunding platform backed by Netrove Ventures Group, a regional tech-based venture capital firm and Propellar Corporation Ltd, an equity Crowdfunding operator based out of Hong Kong.

SkolaFund helps undergraduates raise funds for their university education through crowdfunded donations, bursaries, scholarships, and loans.

Angelcrunch is a pioneering equity Crowdfunding platform to interconnect startup companies and business angels in China.

Demohour is a Crowdfunding website. Each project of Demohour has a fund raising goal and a deadline, and successful projects need to exceed the goal within the time presupposed by an initiator.

JD Finance
JD Finance Group began operating in October 2013 and is now engaged in seven lines of business: supply chain finance, consumer finance, Crowdfunding, Wealth Management, Payments services, insurance and securities services.

Raise the fund

Fund raising

Safety & Security

We make it simple for anyone-from angels and venture capitalists, to friends and family-to become investors in ambitious, growth-focused European businesses.

Property Partner
Property Partner combines residential real estate Crowdfunding with a secondary exchange upon which investors can trade their holdings

Cropital is a Crowdfunding platform that connects anyone to help finance our farmers.

GiftLauncher is a group-gifting platform that lets you launch a gift campaign for your loved ones for any occasion.

FarmOn is a Crowdfunding community where people can help farmers on their financial needs and at the same time reap rewards for their contributions.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform in Denmark

Fundexa Corporation is an invitation-only corporate access resource for investor relations professionals specialising in managing investor roadshows. Currently, 150 firms are part of the Fundexa network. The technology platform was developed in 2014, and Fundexa Corporation was formally established in July 2015 to provide listed companies with immediate access to funds and institutional investors in more than 50 investment centres around the world. Fundexa increases the corporate access capabilities of publicly listed companies by connecting them with experienced investor relations professionals and allowing them to reach funds and institutions anywhere. For investor relations firms, Fundexa offers appropriately qualified groups the opportunity to pitch on new business without the costs associated with business development and marketing.

PipelBiz is an Israeli equity Crowdfunding platform aimed at matching small businesses with the right investors, avoiding the necessity of bringing on multiple partners, which can lead to opposing views and negatively impact the decision-making process. PipelBiz's a new funding method allows entrepreneurs to start a business with minimal initial seed and maximum equity, while creating a reality where they are the main decision makers.

pitchIN could be described as Malaysia's national Crowdfunding platform. Since inception in 2012, the pitchIN rewards venture has become the most successful rewards Crowdfunding platform in South East Asia.

Lendino is a marketplace for loans where private and professional investors can borrow directly to creditworthy companies for both

Flex Funding
FlexFunding is a marketplace where lenders and borrowers matches. No banks. High returns for investors, faster capital access for companies.

A Crowdfunding platform connecting investors and entrepreneurs

Crowdcube, a Crowdfunding service, enables individuals to invest or loan in small companies in return for equity or an annual return.

Invoice Interchange
InvoiceInterchange is a Singapore-based Fintech company, a P2P invoice trading marketplace connecting SMEs and investors. The company's mission is to support Singapore SME growth by helping businesses unlock cash tied up in their unpaid invoices, simply and quickly. We have helped fund over S$20 million (as of Aug'17) in invoices to date since our first transaction in Aug 2015. It is co-founded by Brian Teng (CEO) and Nalinee Chinowuthichai (COO) who together has over two decades experience in accounting, finance and IT industries. InvoiceInterchange is one of the top three Fintechs selected for the PayPal incubation programme in Singapore in 2016. Currently participating in the Bangkok Bank Innohub programme 2017 and winner of Best early stage Fintech at Fintech Finals 2016 organised and sponsored by NextBank and Visa. We are also a graduate from the DBS HotSpot pre-accelerator 2015 programme, where DBS selected 11 start-ups to help accelerate their growth.

REIDAO is a Blockchain based platform that creates digital tokens for real estate properties. It offers unique Token ID (think stock-ticker) for every property that is listed on the platform. The company aims to digitalise the real estate properties ownerships.REIDAO is creating digital representation of real estate by way of crypto tokens, turning it into a programmable real estate. These tokens are backed by real world real estate.

Alternativa is a Multilateral Trading System (NMS), operated by the AM France SAS approved by the AMF and the ACP, which addresses the need to organize the meeting between the SMEs that need capital and investors looking to finance the growth of these companies.

Crowdera is a free crowdfunding platform that supports social impact and innovation projects serving individuals, non-profit organizations and social innovators.

FinanceUtile is a crowdfunding crowdfunding platform. Accelerator of business, FinanceUtile wants to be an accompanist of the investments, beyond its first mission which is to raise funds for the benefit of viable development projects.

Homunity is a company specializing in real estate crowdfunding, which is keen to select projects in which it invests.

Orchard Platform
Orchard is the leading provider of data, technology, and software to the online lending industry. Founded in New York City in 2013, Orchard is building the infrastructure to power the many interactions between originators and institutional investors and help grow online lending into an efficient, transparent, and global financial market. Orchard has been named to the Next Billion Dollar Startups list, produces the Orchard US Consumer Marketplace Lending Index — the only industry-wide benchmark distributed on the Bloomberg Professional service — and is recognized for its technical and analytical thought leadership as explored on its blog.

MIPISE is THE solution crowdfunding and crowdsourcing: you choose the name of your website, its design.

InvestaCrowd is an online real estate investment platform offering members access to private mid-market real estate investment projects, we serve accredited investors, family offices, HNW and selected institutions. InvestaCrowd prides itself on being real estate experts with deep experience and contacts across the industry and is capable of developing and structuring individual investment mandates for investors seeking specific investment themes in our key markets, through strong relationships and deep network we are able to source private transactions on favourable terms with strong proven operating partners. InvestaCrowd only works with real estate companies that have proven track records, who offer asset-backed investment opportunities, with sensible and strong returns, minimal tax and with relatively short-term investment timeframes.

MAKERSCUT was created with the vision to create a platform that enables designers to take their products and independent labels from vision to materialisation. This is done by bridging 3 components; design, funding and production on the platform. In short, we link designers to craftsmen who will produce their products, marketing to buyers who will buy these products even before it goes into full production. This in-turn allows designers to create their products with minimised risks and lowered costs.

Zingohub (Bazingo Inc. Private Limited)
ZingoHub is a reward-based crowdfunding and an e-commerce platform that fosters creativity and innovation. We assist creators and innovators in bringing their ideas to life – be it small or big. Our reward-based crowdfunding platform helps aspiring artists, designers, tech entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and inventions to the world. These ideas become a reality through the backing of like-minded individuals. At ZingoHub, several creators have fueled their dreams with the help of a thoughtful community. Our e-commerce platform is home to trendsetting brands. A dedicated storefront allows brands to share their inspirational stories. Many brands have tested out their out-of-the-box ideas in the market through our Jumpstart Pre-order function. ZingoHub is a subsidiary of Bazingo Inc.

SeedInvest is powering startup which invests through its premiere equity crowdfunding platform that connects venture capital, angel investors and accredited investors. The platform connects more than 14,000 investors to highly vetted startups without charging investor fees or carried interest. SeedInvest sources deals from top incubators, accelerators and venture funds. The platform vets and accepts only around 1% of its total deal flow. 500 Startups, Spark Capital, Google Ventures, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Techstars and others invest through SeedInvest.

Onevest provides an investing platform that connects early-stage tech companies with accredited investors. Onevest charges a 7.5% commission fee on funds raised through its investor network. Additional fees are incurred for due diligence, marketing and legal reasons. The company is valued at more than $1 million with $3.3 million in funding from investors like Mid-Atlantic Angel Group, Robin Hood Ventures, Talent Equity Ventures, SOL ventures and others. Onevest counts more than 72,000 entrepreneurs and has helped startups raise more than $23 million. Onevest is listed as one of the top 10 crowdfunding platforms for startups.

Funding Tree
Funding Tree is the UK's first FCA regulated debt and equity crowdfunding platform. Their platform helps investors earn great returns and businesses of any age raise money to grow. The minimum investment is set at £50. Their investor network is made up of seasoned investors and ordinary people looking to make their money work harder. The Funding Tree debt and equity crowdfunding model enables investors to build hugely diverse portfolios comprising either interest rate returns or business shares - or both. Additionally, the dual model enables businesses to seek funding with them regardless of where they are in their lifecycle: from start-ups seeking equity investment to get an idea off the ground, to growing businesses requiring a loan to increase production, and established business looking to make a crowd financed acquisition.

Classy is a fundraising platform for social good organizations.

Community Funded Enterprises
Community Funded provides online fundraising solutions currently with a focus on education

Black Mountain Crowd
Black Mountain Crowd is building the first real estate crowdfunding platform to provide retail investors with superior annualized investment returns of 20%-60%, by giving them access to the kind of foreign real estate investments usually only accessible to HNWIs and institutional investors.

ShareIn connects individual investors to companies who need equity funding. Investors discover innovative companies and share in their future by buying shares in them from as little as £10. We've created the site for financially savvy investors. Companies prepare a pitch explaining all about themselves, how much of their company they wish to sell and at what price – a process that's known as equity crowdfunding.

Diversyfund is an online real estate crowdfunding platform that offers investments in commercial and luxury residential real estate assets. Targeting investment returns from 12 to 18% with over $100 million in transactions funded to date.

Funraise was started by Cofounders Justin Wheeler, Jason Swenski, and Tony Sasso while they were working together at a nonprofit organization. Together we had over 15 years of nonprofit experience and had raised millions online, but we were continually spending significant resources to implement technology solutions for our fundraising ideas. We were using several platforms to essentially do one thing: fundraise online. We knew there was a better way to do it, so we started building it. We faced nonprofit fundraising problems during the day and solved them at night. We implemented Funraise features in the real world as they were being developed, simply because we needed it. Funraise was launched as a public platform in 2015 and is now an effective and quickly growing fundraising platform empowering the efforts of leading non-profit organizations around the world.

Local lift
Local Lift is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform for main street small businesses. The platform helps small businesses raise funds to improve or grow, without making expensive loan payments or giving up equity.

Matcherino helps you crowdfund the eSports matches you want to see. By putting power in the fans’ hands, YOU create and promote ANY custom match between indivudal or team users.

Microventures is an online equity crowdfunding platform enabling angel investors to connect with startups to raise capital.

PeerStreet is a crowdfunding platform that gives investors easy access to high-yielding loans that are collateralized with real estate.

Lending Platform for Small Business in France

RocketHub was the first crowdfunding platform to partner with network television

Crowd2Fund is a crowdfunding application that enables business to get access to finance across debt and equity investments. The iOS powered app also allows savers and investors to build their ISA portfolio and manage existing investments. Crowd2Fund was founded in 2014 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

YieldStreet is an innovative crowdfunding platform that connects investors to asset-based alternative investments

Based in Canary Wharf, Homegrown is the UK’s first crowdfunding platform to specialise in property development investment. It allows investors to access pre-vetted property development projects by established developers. FCA regulated, Homegrown enables investors to build a diversified property portfolio, hassle-free. Capital at Risk.

Equity Arcade
First and foremost, EquityArcade is a Title III investment platform built to overcome the challenges and limitations of traditional crowdfunding. We have established the legal, brokerage, clearing, settling, and custodial infrastructure that will allow for smaller development studios to seamlessly raise funds for their games through revenue-equity-based crowdfunding. By making a traditional means of funding available to independent studios, we hope to nurture the development of the small studio driven video game market.

GoFundMe is changing the way the world gives. Every day, members of our giving community come together to support one another and the causes they care about most. Our campaign organizers have raised over $4 billion for medical expenses, education, community projects, sports, emergencies, pets, and more, making us the world’s largest online fundraising platform. GoFundMe has assembled one of the best management teams in the business to build the next leading consumer Internet company, including leaders from LinkedIn, Groupon and Google. We are also funded by some of Silicon Valley’s best venture capital firms, including Accel, Greylock, and TCV.

EarlyShares is a crowdfunding platform that connects individual investors to a curated selection of vetted, return-driven real estate investment offerings. Through the compliant platform, investors gain direct access to opportunities in growth companies, real estate projects, and investment funds. Investors can either invest as passive owners in equity opportunities brought forward by sponsors or in loans originated by institutional lenders. EarlyShares was launched in 2011 and is based in Miami, Florida.

RockThePost, which is a direct investment marketplace where high growth early-stage startups get connected with investors. As of November 2013, startups featured on the platform have collectively raised over $21 million. Primarily focused in the U.S. market, RockThePost feature high quality early stage startups from a number of different industries, including tech, mobile, ecommerce, retail, fashion, consumer goods, energy and art. RockThePost entrepreneurs undergo several due diligence checks, including identity authentication, business verification to ensure that the entity is in good legal standing, and government required checks. For investors, RockThePost’s technology offers government-level security, a fully compliant process, inside access to vetted deal flow with low minimums, and mechanisms to conduct secure transactions. RockThePost is frequently called upon by federal organizations to lend its industry expertise. CEO Alejandro Cremades testified at the US House Committee on Small Business Subcommittee on Investigations, Oversight and Regulations hearing, Financing America’s Small Businesses: Innovative Ideas for Raising Capital and was present at the Champions of Change Ceremony hosted by the White House earlier this year. In addition, Co-Founder and COO of RockThePost, Tanya Prive has a Forbes Blog in which she shares her views on the startup investing space:

Double Chain
"-For Beyond the Human Pay & Machine Pay - HDAC : HDAC is implemented based on Blockchain IoT, which is the central platform of Hyper Internet of Things, which evolves itself through ‘Bigdata’ that combined with communication infrastructure and Internet. HDAC is not a coin that only merely exchanging value, but also a leader in ‘Smart coin’ by limiting the usage according to the designated use and controlling all connected devices to realize Smart City & Life. HDAC has maximized its security by adapting 3-factor authentication and address changing system, and aim to build a M2M network to be a pioneer in a new era of digital assets with ‘Connected society’ -Convergence of Blockchain and IoT HDAC will provide mutual authentication system between IoT devices with strong security based on secure authentication, high reliability and various availability, and various availability, and will also provide payment service that can execute various types of IoT contract based on it. -Block Chain Network Isolation and Interconnect Due to its decentralization, transparency and reliability, blockchains are becoming widespread throughout the industries. So, the saturation state of public blockchains must be considered. HDAC's permissible blockchains can resolve blockchains by separating them into functional segments and connecting transactions between blockchains either hierarchically or horizontally."

"-Create meaningful patterns based on big data (ML / AI technique) -Continuous upgrades with meaningful features (with partners) -P2P and Market Place Loan Platform -Customer orientation analysis and segmentation using FinTech -Matching Loan Products (Loan Brokerage) -Personalized marketing strategy based on customer analysis (curating financial products)"

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, PaySimple provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) online payment solution for small businesses. Key features include recurring billing, electronic invoicing, hosted online payments, telephone payments, ACH debits, credit card processing, and echeck processing. The company differentiates itself by offering integrated invoicing and payment acceptance in one system. Typically these need to be integrated externally, often with two different companies. In addition, PaySimple offers hosted customizable features, such as online payment pages, that businesses can set up and customize without requiring technical experience or security certifications.

Crowdfunding meets receivables financing. Cheaper, more flexible alternative loans for growing businesses. For many growing businesses, great ideas and rapid growth are often accompanied by slow-paying customers and subsequent cash-flow issues. Banks often cannot or will not lend to businesses without several years of operating history and profitability. Today, large companies that love buying from smaller, innovative businesses are trending toward longer payment terms, putting their supplier companies in a financial bind. P2Binvestor is here to help small and medium-sized businesses solve these issues and thrive in an increasingly complex business funding environment. They supply working capital to growing businesses-secured by a company’s receivables—at very competitive rates. Borrowing from asset-backed lending and factoring, their crowdfunding model functions like a revolving line of credit funded by an investor crowd that is interested in helping businesses create jobs and fuel the economy while earning a fair return.

Founded in 2009 by Celine Lazorthes, Leetchi is a group payment application. is the leading European service for online group money collection. Its easy and secure interface allows anyone to create a money pot and invite other participants with the aim to finance any type of project. With Leetchi money pot you can turn a projects into a reality from buying group gifts (for birthdays, leaving dos, weddings, baby showers etc.), organising events to supporting charitable causes and much more.

Ulule is a crowfunding platform empowering thousands of creators, entrepreneurs and makers all over the world. Ulule is multilingual and multicultural with offices (as for now) in France, Spain, and Canada. Our twist: thanks to our growing community of "ululers" and thanks to our beloved team, we have the best success rate of all crowdfunding platforms worldwide: in 2014, 65% of all projects reached or exceeded their target. And there's much more to come with our API, new social features, and all the love we want to bring to this thriving ecosystem. Want to join? Make Good Things Happen!

Unilend is a Paris, France-based crowdlending platform. Launched in November 2013 by Nicolas Lesur, Unilend operates a sector agnostic platform that allows SMEs to borrow from a community of credit institutions.

Anaxago aims at changing the traditional equity capital investment model. Our goal is to forget about the capitalistic-only and go for a truly sharing and participative investment model. Thanks to Anaxago, entrepreneurs can benefit from the financial support of their investors but also learn from the shareholders' experience, expertise and network. Each investor can take an active part to the company life and so be a part of a lively entrepreneurial adventure. We offer a small range of companies each month to our investors community. Startups and small companies are chosen with good care and have to go through a whole process of financial analysis. We also prefer to select companies with a real innovative value added. With Anaxago, young and small companies can find funding and support to grow and develop. We give them a chance to be the actors of tomorrow's growth and reboost our economy. Since its launch, Anaxago gathered 60 000 members and raised more than 40M€ funding 80 young businesses.

Kisskissbankbank is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to creative and innovative ideas. It fosters connections between project creators and potential contributors passionate about creativity.

SmartAngels est la plateforme de crowdfunding de référence spécialisée dans l’investissement en direct au capital de start-up et PME de croissance. Créée en 2012, SmartAngels regroupe plus de 20.000 membres qui ont financé 35 entreprises pour plus de 20 M€ collectés. Avec un modèle de place de marché de l’investissement non côté, la plate-forme permet à des entreprises non-cotées, de tous secteurs d’activité, de s’adresser à des investisseurs particuliers et institutionnels, pour des opérations comprises entre 100.000 et 1.000.000 €. SmartAngels réunit à son capital 3 fonds d'investissements (Elaia Partners, Idinvest et XAnge) et 12 Business Angels emblématiques (Xavier Niel, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Jean-David Blanc, Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Marc Simoncini, Olivier Mathiot…). La plateforme a lancé en mars 2015 le 1er fonds d’investissement dédié au crowdfunding, en partenariat avec Allianz France et Idinvest Partners, et annoncé en janvier 2016 le 1er partenariat de distribution dans le secteur du crowdfunding, avec la banque en ligne Fortuneo. L’équipe de SmartAngels est composée de 18 collaborateurs dédiés à l’analyse financière, à l’expérience digitale et au développement technique. Benoît Bazzocchi, président et fondateur de SmartAngels, est Président de l’AFIP (Association Française de l’Investissement Participatif) et membre du conseil d’administration de France FinTech. SmartAngels est agréée Conseiller en Investissement Participatif (CIP) par l'Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) et enregistré auprès de l’ORIAS. Retrouvez l’actualité de SmartAngels sur le site

My Major Company
MyMajorCompany, projects creators encompassing diverse objectives are allowed to present their project to thousands of internet users and raise funds necessary for their completion.

Bulb In Town
Bulb in Town is a crowdfunding platform that enables its users to obtain and offer crowdfunds. The platform allows its users to submit project proposals that can be viewed by others. Those interested in funding the projects can do so through the platform. It enables its users to obtain reward- and investment-based projects. Bulb in Town was launched in 2012 by Stepane Vromman and Alexander Lainge and is based in Paris. is the French specialist in crowdlending1 for small businesses financing. enables retail clients to lend directly to rigorously-selected smaller businesses and SMEs under advantageous conditions for the borrowing companies and paying an attractive yield to lenders.

Lendosphere responds to citizens' desire to contribute to a positive economy through crowdfunding tools. Lendosphere gives you the means to make your money a lever of shared values. By taking part in the financing of the ecological transition, you benefit financially, environmentally and socially.

UpEffect is a crowdfunding platform for companies dedicated to improving lives and the planet. We've launched products such as solar cookstoves, ethical fashion brands, clean drinking water systems, and eco-friendly bags. To date, our platform has a 100% success rate at securing funding for our campaigns, raising over £100,000 to launch products across ten countries. We offer our campaigns hands-on support to ensure that our social good companies are optimised for success. We believe that entrepreneurs with the potential to have a profound impact on the world should have the opportunity to turn ideas into real ventures. The planet’s future may be shaped by these products that may not otherwise be brought to market. Through vetting of campaigns and offering incubator-like support, UpEffect harnesses the power of crowdfunding by providing entrepreneurs with dedicated advising and the expertise needed to effectively launch a business. We give individuals worldwide the ability to start a business through access to capital, sales, and customers.

Crowdstacker (Nineyards Capital)
Crowdstacker is a peer-to-peer business crowdfunding platform that enables individuals to lend directly to established British businesses and earn interest on their investments. As an FCA-regulated platform, it makes lending both accessible and rewarding for investors and borrowers. Crowdstacker was founded in May 2014 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

Sowefund is the first platform Crowdfunding Co-innovative start-up along with investment professionals.

hubokee is an innovative start-up of the FinTech industry, specialized in crowdfunding. We deploy our marketing and communications expertize, evolving today’s FinTech into tomorrow’s FinComTech (finance, communications, technology) industry. An industry translating human needs to put the consumer in the center of action. With our leitmotiv “Crowdfunding made easy”, we imagine the world in which financial services and technologies are thought consumer first. The 'next big thing'​ startup in #FinTech to lead the [R]evolution of crowdfunding for a "Crowdfunding made easy"​.

hubokee is an innovative start-up of the FinTech industry, specialized in crowdfunding. We deploy our marketing and communications expertize, evolving today’s FinTech into tomorrow’s FinComTech (finance, communications, technology) industry. An industry translating human needs to put the consumer in the center of action. With our leitmotiv “Crowdfunding made easy”, we imagine the world in which financial services and technologies are thought consumer first. The 'next big thing'​ startup in #FinTech to lead the [R]evolution of crowdfunding for a "Crowdfunding made easy"​.

Particeep is a provider of API-based financial services platforms. Our technology provides financial institutions, fintechs and innovation Labs with a complete, turnkey solution adapted to their online services: distribution of savings products, project funding, crowdsourcing Easy to install and fully customizable, our application programming interface (API), allows companies to quickly and inexpensively create high-value financial services platforms. Particeep, Future Fintech Star Europe 2016 (ICT Awards 2016) has also been selected by Challenges in their 2016 “100 startups to invest in” list More information:

Fosburit: the collective financing platform for sports projects. 100% Sport, 100% Crowdfunding. At Fosburit we believe that the sporting emotion is stronger when it is shared, and that with the help of the greatest number, everyone can realize their sports projects. Fosburit is a 100% sports crowdfunding platform developed to engage communities of small and medium sized sports organizations around sports projects and address their development, awareness and financing challenges. The platform is open to all sports stakeholders regardless of their sports projects: Athletes, Federations, Clubs, Associations, generous sportsmen, etc. and offers different degrees of support to achieve their collection goals.

EdAid is a higher education funding marketplace that provides students with alternative finance for University. EdAid has eliminated the punitive interest fees, cut out all the dogmatic thinking and built a new model of funding higher education. EdAid aims to save the average student £30,000 of interest charges & 10 years of indebtedness.

MIPISE is THE solution crowdfunding and crowdsourcing: you choose the name of your website, its design


Dividom is marketplace for real estate investment. Real estate crowdfunding

Microcultures is an independent crowdfunding platform which allows a variety of projects and artists on the site. It provides tools, tips, and services that are specifically tailored to the projects it hosts.

Street Brokerage
HelloAsso is exclusively devoted to funding community projects in grants.

SyndicateRoom is the platform where accomplished investors make smarter and more exciting investments, together. It works by allowing you to easily follow the investment decisions of top-tier professionals, on completely equal economic terms, as they back the UK’s most trailblazing CEOs. SyndicateRoom. You’re in good company.

EdukLab is the participatory financing platform dedicated to the financing of studies and student projects.

First crowdfunding platform dedicated to health. Embellish an existence, improve a daily life, save a life, that's what you can do on this site.

Sponser Me
Since 2013, is the first European crowdfunding plateform dedicated to sport projects

TRINE uses crowdinvesting to enable people to support solar energy projects, while also delivering a return to the investors. We provide the expertise, organization and the platform for enabling secure investments in carefully selected projects and bring finance to local solar entrepreneurs in emerging nations to electrify the world. Our crowdinvestors will fund the initial cost for installing the solar system, over time this loan is paid back with interest by the value of electricity produced from the solar system. With our solution we will connect money sitting in banks, with solar entrepreneurs like yourself in need of financing. By doing so, we will not only enable people to earn a return on an impact investment and democratize those investment options, but also help you to elevate poor communities out of their energy poverty and improve their living standard.

Platform Black is bringing crowdfunding principles to the invoice finance market.

Crowdfunding is an alternative means of funding that allows individuals to take their ideas forward and make them a reality with the power of the crowd and change the world around them. Everyone has a great idea and here at Crowdfunder we want to make as many ideas as possible succeed. Whether you own an existing business, want to launch a new one, are a school, work in the creative industry, need funds for a social enterprise, are a charity, or are just an individual with a fantastic idea then we can help you raise the funds needed for your project.

UK Crowdfunding platform dedicated to Property investment. Property Moose makes building your own property portfolio easy with the power of crowdfunding. Self select your investments & invest from £10. Receive monthly rental returns & share in any profit. All properties featured on Property Moose are hand picked by our investment team due to their potential as a market leading investment. Initially, these properties will be UK residential expanding to offer commercial and international property. Find out more about Property Moose by visiting the site,, or by watching this short video -

Aspiro FUnding
Aspiro Funding is a business that aims to provide a solution to the postgraduate funding crisis. We keep hearing how the system is failing to provide support for postgradautes. There are no student loans, bank loans are both difficult to find and expensive and course fees continue to rise. However, UK universities are highly regarded globally by students and employers alike. Aspiro Funding firmly believes postgraduates are tomorrow's leaders and that anyone with this potential should not be prevented to study due to finances alone. We are not alone in this view. Lending through the Aspiro Funding platform is attractive to a large number of investors who are interested in investing in socially beneficial markets while seeking an attractive return. Aspiro Funding provides the platform specifically designed to bring together postgraduates and lenders. A social crowdfunding that is good for postgradautes, good for lenders and good for society

TAB's big data analytics and machine intelligence engine interprets billions of financial data points on the deals presented by thousands of crowdfunding and P2P platforms globally.

Flender - Friendly CrowdFinance
Flender ® is a Peer-to-Peer finance platform which helps people and businesses raise crowdfinance. With Flender your customers, friends, and connections become part of your success. • Flender brings friends into finance • Your social circle shares in your success • Your customers become more loyal • You get better interest rates • Fast, simple and all digital (no paperwork) • Regulated by the FCA

Emerging Crowd
Emerging Crowd is a UK-based crowd investment platform focused on unlisted growth-stage companies in emerging and frontier markets.

Kapilendo is an innovative online credit market place that enables small and medium-sized companies to make cheap, fast and unbureaucratic financing by private investors in comparison to banks. The funding candidates are subjected to a credit check at the highest level by kapilendo AG and then presented on the platform. This gives investors the opportunity to decide in which projects they are investing and to achieve an attractive return and a high diversification of the risk already with low investment yields.

Companisto is an equity crowdinvesting platform for startups. It enables investors to participate in the funding of companies with an investment of their choice, and in return share profits and increases in value of the startup or property. Based in Berlin, Germany, Companisto was launched by David Rhotert and Tamo Zwinge in June 2012

elefunds, launched in 2012 and led by Tim Wellmanns, is a social impact enterprise that revolutionizes the way we raise funds digitally. elefunds provides uniquely fundraising as a service and offers to round up all types of electronic payments to donate by giving change to the charities you love. elefunds provides its powerful service to people, companies and charities to easily activate, give and receive donations and to be part of real social impact worldwide. elefunds core vision and continued ambition is to add social value to everybody’s daily life

Decimo offers factoring services to freelancers and SMEs. Investors can participate in the successful business model through the current crowd financing campaign with an interest rate of 6%:

99funken is a crowdfunding platform which combine the strengths of regional savings banks with the possibilities for interaction and communication on the Internet. It support people in the implementation of the ideas through personal support, imparting know-how, help with communication and financial participation.

Angelop Crowdservices is a provider of cloud-based white-label crowdfunding solutions for SMBs.

iFunded is the new online market place for global online real estate investments using the state of the art technology. iFunded makes real estate investing highly accessible, simple, transparent and affordable. Private & institutional Investors can invest alongside experts from the real estate industry and participate in the development of selected real estate projects and generate high returns. Real Estate Developers get access to an alternative financing opportunity. In addition they can increase public awareness in the early phase of their project and profit from the marketing effect on the platform of iFunded. iFunded accompanies you as an investor throughout the entire investing process: from selecting the right real estate project for you from our platform, to the right investment strategy for you, to continuous information on your current investments. In order to provide you with a variety of real estate projects, we cooperate with national and international building contractors and project developers. Our investments are transparent - you can inform yourself on the progress of the project you invested in at any time online. Your private / institutional investor dashboard will supply you with current market data and reports

Altruja GmbH offers Internet-based social fundraising software to collect donations online. The company also provides services, such as Altruja-SMS, an SMS fundraising campaign; and social media consulting, consultancy of fan Websites, establishment and maintenance of Twitter accounts, and programming of homepages. Altruja was founded in 2010 and is based in Munich, Germany

Zinsbaustein is a real estate investing platform. It offers individual investors access to institutional grade real estate development investments.

Sponsort is the first crowdfunding community for urban projects in the Rhein-Neckar region using the creative power of the people and local industry. Artists, inventors and social entrepreneurs present their unique ideas to collect funds with the help of supporters as well as local organizations and companies. Discover new and innovative ideas to improve civic life. as local organizations and firms.

Seedshirt is a crowdfunding platform for custom apparel. It can sell without any pre-cost and risk of overproductions, great shirts & immediately online on a separate, limited-time campaign site or pre order from the group. People can create a customised T-shirt on the platform and launch campaign.

Manage Your Deal is an online crowdinvesting platform. It provides an infrastructure to manage the fundraising process and investor relation, going in innovative ways to simplify the experience of early stage investments. It offer services and management features enabling investors and entrepreneurs to seamlessly and efficiently manage the entire investing process.

Katrim is a service and crowding platform. The investors want to invest exclusively in long-standing owners and family run and on the other hand solid that open to private investors and invite to invest in growth and future in addition to the existing financing structures.

Investofolio is a crowdfunding platform. It offers good interest rates and high profits even with small amounts can finance smart ideas and profit from the success. It also gives the opportunity to invest in crowdfunding projects from different industries and to create own portfolio.

Kalemdo is a crowdfunding platform. The firm specializes in creative director with an immigrant background. The backers get non monetary rewards in return for the contribution. It follows all or nothing model and charges the amount raised as a commission.

Exporo is an innovative Internet platform that offers investors the opportunity to participate in attractive real estate projects through crowdinvesting.

FundTier is a licensed online crowdfunding platform that provides alternative financing to different tiers of businesses by connecting them with individuals and businesses looking for alternative investments.

Crowdhouse is the real estate investment platform in Switzerland.

Sosense is a pioneer in digital social innovation. They empower organisations around the world to enhance their business and operating model around digital social innovation and leverage their impact. They design creative and engaging concepts, implement innovative and empowering solutions and help run impactful campaigns with leverage.

FrontFundr is a registered financial services firm that combines advanced compliance technology and digital media, under existing investment legislation, to give both new and seasoned investors ready access to stringently screened, market ready businesses prepared and guided from business pitch to deal completion.

Qingsongchou offers services as an online fundraising & crowdfunding platform.