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We are the bank for people who don't like banking Managing money is the largest cause of stress in the UK, our target market millennials are hit the hardest with 2 out of 3 suffering from financial stress. ample gives people financial peace of mind, so they can spend their time and money on what matters in life, not managing their finances. Financial peace of mind is made up of three things: understanding, control and support. Banks offer apps which are effectively pocket excel, don't warn you of things in advance or give you useful advice. We help people reach peace of mind through a range of features.

AI to identify consumer behavior patterns, detect financial crimes,frauds. Historic data and volcume of trade to analyze future market and industry analytics. The largest behavioral database on the planet. SQREEM the world’s largest Artificial Intelligence Platform which encompasses a behavioural DMP(Database), now with over 40 clients such as UBS, OCBC, HSBC, AVIVA. Maybank, SOMPO, Mercedes, DFS, Guardian Life, as well as pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, GSK and Takeda, we have also worked with 20 FMCG Brand’s in Europe such as P&G. At present, we are signing new clients every week. Originally, the focus had been to leverage our vast behavioral data repository to deliver strategic advice and insights. It has now been extended to running our SQREEM Artificial Intelligence platform as an ‘omni-channel’, directly buying ads automatically across the entire media ecosystem. This has generated dramatic response and cost outperformance when compared to the generic advertising/media agency model. The infrastructure we have built is capable of autonomously managing several billion dollars in media-spend. Market Coverage We currently cover all countries in APAC (including China), the EU, MENA, as well as North America, with the major South/Central American markets currently being mapped. This covers over three billion consumers and roughly half a million uniquely identified behaviors in each market. Behavioral mapping is deployed to measure and track purchase journeys towards over 100k brands, products, and services. Disruption The core disruptive factor is that the entire stream from research to conversion is now fully automated, outperforming agency media campaigns by hundreds of percent, as well as dramatically lowering cost of client acquisition. We are in essence causing disintermediation an entire ecosystem in sales/marketing and media. Current Market Deployment Our efforts to automate all this under an Artificial Intelligence umbrella, as disruptive and destructive as it may evolve to be, are paying off. We are able to offer our platform at a much less expensive cost, with fewer resources needed from our clients, plus we are faster than any agency, media-buyer, consultancy, or programmatic desk. Marketing is becoming nothing but demand bidding platforms. This has put us in a unique position. We only participate in engagements where the selling cycle is very quick, our process is scarily effective and efficient. We have done over a thousand media buys, Our performance is auditable and unprecedented. We would love to work with you in a setup where SQREEM becomes the production platform and revenue generator. SQREEM won a major award at the FinTech festival last week from MAS - Best Global FinTech company. SQREEM also won a number of awards from Citi in Singapore and in NYC for best Fraud detection platform - they are onboarding us now in NYC Prudential also announced SQREEM as one of the winners of their Fintech award

Digital expense management solution for small business's in Asia.

Scale360 is a fintech delivery company that helps banks prosper in the digital age using omni-channel solutions that provide the best outcomes for businesses and their customers.

And Global PTE
AI to break down barriers to financial services for customers, Based in Mongolia launhed a mobile based loan product as well.

FlexM is a financial service provider, offering comprehensive state- of- the- art electronic payment solutions in South East Asia. Our mission is to support financial inclusion and promote a cashless society offering safe and secure mobile wallet and prepaid card payment solutions to consumers and employers.

OOjiBO offers a full-stack banking retail solution that allows the unbanked population to make digital Payments even offline. The full suite of services includes P2P transfers, retail Payments, interest bearing accounts, e-commerce Payments, cross-border Remittances, debit/credit card virtualization, utility Payments, and mobile phone top-ups.

Quantmaker Holdings ( Star Trader: Trade Wars )
aim to provide bespoke self-built hardware and software solutions to all major market players.Quantmaker fills in this gap by providing gamification of traditional financial trading. In addition, other global branches of Quantmaker augments the company's traditional financial business services.

Avvanz ScreenGlobal ( is the first-in-industry online background check and due diligence platform which allows anyone to order a check within a minute. It covers more than 170 countries. In highly regulated industries like the FinTech space whereby people or company related discrepancies can exceed 30%, it's extremely critical to Know Your Employee and Know Your Client (or Partner or Vendor).

It uses Big Data & Analytics data technology to provide customer and market insights, marketing spends optimizations, personalized campaigns, network design, inventory optimization, sales and operation planning and demand forecasting.Leading retail, financial services, industrial and CPG brands choose Antuit to solve their most pressing business problems. Founded in 2013 and backed by Goldman Sachs, we have offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Auckland, Melbourne, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. Visit to learn more.

DANATEQ uses data analytics and AI to deliver personalised banking sevices.

Cheers Now
Cheers Now is a global wallet platform for both developers and wallet owners. It enables developer to integrate their wallet into any app. It facilitats wallet owners to securely conduct transactions from within apps and connected devices.

Active AI provides a SaaS platform that uses AI to improve customer engagement solutions for banks, wealth institutions, and financial companies. It provides a conversation banking platform that uses advanced NLP and machine intelligence, enabling customers to have natural dialogues over messaging, voice or IOT devices. The chatbot can fetch balances, view transactions, and make Payments. With the help of the automation platform, customers can easily communicate with their concerned companies without any hassle. In June 2017, the company was selected by Microsoft Accelerator?s Think Next 2017 program. Present, the company is improving the product technology and looking for customers & strategic partnerships.

Interblocks is a provider of integrated, electronic Payments processing solutions that empower banks & financial service providers across global markets to provide their customers with personalized financial service experiences by changing the way financial transactions are conducted today. It utilizes its key iSuite platform to drive a broad range of solutions in service delivery, Payments, cards, virtual banking, and mobile commerce.

Tapidata offers an innovative mobile digital receipt solution that extends the facility of receiveing e-receipts instead of physical receipts for transactions through various cards. The customer can also receive and manage loyalty points on the app, instead of having to carry around multiple loyalty cards. The app uses these transactions to develop customer insights.

Tagit is an enterprise application platform that provides mobile banking and commerce solutions to financial institutions, enterprises, and network switch operators.

i2i Logic
i2i Logic builds and customises client engagement platforms for bankers to use with their clients in the institutional and commercial markets.

Managing financial accounts in a single place

How does one turn a loyal customer into a happy one? The answer was simple. A flexible loyalty rewards platform that was unlike any other.So, we created UTU.The world's first borderless loyalty network that would effortlessly connect brands and customers all over the world. It's a unified platform for businesses or merchants to reach their potential consumers, engage them socially, work with their needs and reward them. For our merchants (UTU Brand Partners), we provide a unique global reach, supported by real-time technologies that reward, understand, nurture and engage.Focused on driving promotions to accelerate rewards, the lightweight and seamless platform converts a fixed cost of marketing into a variable cost of sales. And for the rest of us, we've redefined rewards. Enabling us to earn, redeem, convert, manage and maximize our rewards points with participating brands anywhere, anytime.We're the loyalty rewards platform of tomorrowtoday!

Ferocia is a close-knit team of talented developers and designers driven by distilling complex problems into simple, elegant solutions that customers love.

Secco was founded with a mission to reinvent banking. We are disrupting the age old concept of a bank - going beyond the FinTech optimisation of recognisable financial products and familiar customer experiences - and literally giving individuals the power to define, create and hold their own money.

Sandstone Technology
Sandstone Technology is a leading and rapidly growing Australian Fintech company. Sandstone develops and deploys world class customer onboarding and product origination solutions, as well as digital Digital Bankings such as internet banking, mobile banking and personal financial management products to more than 30 financial institutions globally. Sandstone quickly earned a reputation forinnovation, quality and successful deliveries which continues to launch their expansion into new markets.

Workbench help you provide financial technology services - infrastructure for innovation.Their suite of APIs help you build the future of financial services, outsource your financial infrastructure or add fintech to your current offering. Imagine easier managing your money and transactions more easily without compromising safety and security. Imagine a facility that optimises returns and minimises debt to match your individual circumstances, automatically. Imagine technology that creates opportunity for better communication. Imagine a system that allows them to support the less fortunate as they transact together.

YourShare is a leading Cash-back service provider encouraging Australians to claim the fees and commissions that may be paid to brokers of financial institutions on your financial products. They are also innovative brokers of general insurance, personal insurance and mortgages so if you are looking to save on any of these products get a free online quote or speak to them. YourShare is 100% owned by Australasian Wealth Investments (AWI), a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange. YourShare have been providing members the highest level of customer care for over 8 years.

uBank develops mobile Payments solutions to ensure secured customer transactions.

Nucleus Software
At Nucleus Software they provide lending and transaction banking products to the global financial services industry. As a pioneer in retail and corporate banking software since 1986, they combine deep expertise with an unprecedented track record and a total commitment to building lasting partnerships with their customers. Their software powers the operations of more than 150 companies in over 50 countries, supporting retail lending, corporate banking, cash management, mobile and internet banking, automotive finance and other business areas.

Most Secured Way of Internet & Mobile Payments Money Transfer and Getting Paid Using Your Cellphone.

Zaggle is an award-winning digital Payments, cashback and analytics company. The company help corporates and individuals enjoy gifts and experiences across multiple channels everyday; in the form of employee rewards and recognition, channel partner incentives, employee benefits, online shopping cash back and restaurant cash back.

In January last year, Rewire launched a digital banking service for borderless money transfers and Payments geared to Israel's unbanked international workers. Based in Tel Aviv, Rewire has almost 1,000 deposit points across Israel and offers a web-based tool for transactions to India, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Russia. The company plans international expansion.

As +50 million micro-businesses continue to remain 'invisible' to the financial system, Avante is focusing on providing micro-finance to businesses operating in 'the bottom of the pyramid. The company's grand mission is to humanize financial services to the audiences suffering from Financial Inclusion. Avante is empowering the massive, underserved, sector of micro-entrepreneurs across South America, by providing them an advanced suite of FinTech services. Its disruptive combination of Credit, Payments and Digital Banking, offer a ground-breaking approach to class E/D businesses, certifying the company as a B Corporation and 2015 B Corp Best for the World honoree. The company is one of the fastest growing Brazilian financial organizations, encompassing 30 people in So Paulo's HeartQuarter, and over 100 agents in Brazil's north-east regions. The company is currently deploying a full-fledged R&D center in the bustling high-tech center of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

LessForMe is a cash-back site that pays part of the commission from the advertiser back to the consumer in exchange for purchasing through the advertiser's site. LessForMe works with over 2,000 shops and popular brands like AliExpress,, eBay, and is a promotions and rewards platform linking promotion owners (brands, manufacturers, importers, and distributors) directly to consumers without requiring retailer support. The platform allows consumers to benefit from personalized promotions and useful cash back, rebates, and rewards for their purchases and valuable information on their shopping habits, budget, and more. also benefits brands by helping them establish and manage consumer loyalty and reward clubs, which offer consumers instant promotions as well as monetary rebates either in the form of a gift card or transferred directly to their bank account or credit card.

Snap.In is a platform through which shoppers can receive cash back for purchases of specific items made at supermarkets, pharmacies, and mini-markets. Users shop as usual, take pictures of their receipts, and submit them to Snap.In. At the beginning of each month, they receive a cash-back Payments.

CTB Banking Systems
CTB Banking Systems Ltd provides electronic banking and trade services for ecommerce. The company's S.T.A.R.S. software package enables banking applications to receive and process S.W.I.F.T. and Telex messages in a fully automated manner. Its TRAFIC product family provides banking clients with a multi-banking application from which the customer can communicate with several banks with which he has accounts.

MyCash Online
A fintech startup offering easy, secure and convenient online services to Malaysia's massive pool of foreign workers.

Perfectsen is a fast growing user experience Compliance and development house specially for banks and financial institutions.

Anxindeli provides financial services to the agriculture industry and has established strategic partnerships with several companies engaged in animal husbandry.

The company has developed the 'Quark Niuduan' risk management system, which provides risk pricing services for small and micro enterprises as well as individual consumers.

BankGo is the largest banking and financial Comparison Platform in Vietnam, connecting Borrowers with Banks for housing and car loans

Monzo (previously Mondo) is a bank for people who live their lives on their smartphones, and is targeted at people who want to get things done in a click and who don't see the need for branches and cheque books.

Revolut offers its customers a global money app that claims to cut hidden cross-border fees to zero. It allows customers to exchange currencies at perfect interbank rates, send money through social networks and spend with a multi-currency card everywhere Mastercard is accepted. It also facilitates users with all services on their mobile app. The online and in-store purchases done by the card are free of charges and the ATM withdrawals done by the customer, provides them with the local currency at the best possible exchange rate. Revolut plans to add support for cryptocurrencies, stocks, and bonds. It is also going to expand to North America and Asia. Recently, the company applied for a banking license in Lithuania. Revolut also plans to build its own payment processing network. (Nov. 2017)

Atom Bank
Atom Bank is a mobile banking application that offers a range of personal and business banking products.

ClearBank is the UK's first new clearing bank in more than 250 years. It delivers a new level of open competition and transparency to the UK financial services marketplace.

Tide is a current account that saves businesses time and money. It's packed with powerful tools which automate bookkeeping and make paying and sending invoices much quicker.

dopay provides a cloud-based payroll service that allows employers to calculate salaries and make Payments electronically.

Bud is a banking app and website that aggregates financial services: you can use all of your financial apps in one place.

We believe that access to banking services should be available to everyone. That's why we're building a new front door, open to all, especially those shut out or short-changed by traditional high street banks.

Starling Bank
We’re a tech business with a banking licence, authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority since July 2016 and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Our vision is to give everyone in the world the opportunity to enjoy a healthy financial life.

OROSCAS offers an online Rotating Savings and Credit Association platform for emerging-middle-class, underbanked individuals in the Philippines to save and spend money through the platform. It allows allows a group of friends help each other save for their goals through collaborative finance.

Dealcha! is Thailand's first cashback website, offering their users an opportunity to earn free cash through their online shopping activity. The concept is simple, register free on their website, choose any of their partner online stores, shop till you drop, and when you make a purchase...a percentage of the price gets credited back to your Dealcha! cashback account. The cashback you receive is on top of any promotions, credit card discounts, coupon codes or Payments methods you make. You can then redeem your cashback as actual cash, completely free of charge.

Veritas Finance
Veritas Finance Private Limited is an organization started with the primary intention of reaching out to the customers who either have no access or in-adequate access to financial services in the informal sector. 'Veritas' in Latin mean truth. True to its name, Veritas is focused on making a true impact through inclusive access to financial services on the customers engaged in informal activities.

Payjo is India's Leading AI Banking Platform that redefines how banking is done in the soon-to-be AI First World. We are working with some of the top banks in India and abroad. We are super proud of our world class team confronting the toughest technology problems of tomorrow. The founding team brings over 25 years of experience in running successful fin-tech company that has processed over US$2B in transactions with top clients including,, and NTT Europe.

QIWI is a Payments service that enables its users to make Payments to individuals, the internet, and mobile communication channels.

Touch Bank
Touch Bank is an online retail bank, an international project of OTP Group, CEE region. It started servicing Russian clients in spring 2015.

Dengi Online
Dengi Online is a Payments system providing Payments services on all websites.

Target Global
Target Global is an international VC firm investing in fast-growing companies in e-Commerce, finTech, travel, software and mobile

p2p lending marketplace for SME loans

Private finance and investment advisor

Pay-Me provides mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) services for small and medium merchants.

Bongo Research & Development
banking products for both retail and corporate sectors to provide full-circle online services to banks' clients through web, mobile and additional channels

Panda Money
Panda Money provides a gaming application that helps user to save money and later open a account with that money in a bank.

RocketBank offers financial services through smartphones

IQcard specializes in the distribution and service of bank cards and the development of loyalty programs for retailers.

TalkBank is digital bank in messengers that understands banking commands in natural language.
a Russian online credit assessment service for micro finance institutions

Futubank is online banking service which allows to fulfill financial transactions.

PayPlug provides online Payments solutions for e-merchants.

RBK Money
RBK Money Payments service is a modern, simple, and convenient platform for the implementation of transfers using a variety of popular

Every year vending operators lose at least 10-15% of their revenues due the lack of cashless Payments and telemetry.

Finstar Financial Group
Finstar Financial Group is a global private investment group

Lunar Way
Lunar Way is a mobile banking app developer that markets to the millennial generation.

Holvi combines modern technology and user experience into banking.

Tradeshift is the world's largest business commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers.

LENEO is creating a banking platform (BaaP) to be used when leasing

OpenLedger is a trustless decentralized exchange with a wealth of delightful surprises.

CrediWire is a real-time financial data connector that collects data to help companies provide loans and better risk management.

Hufsy offers a bank account customised for startups. It helps you with all your finances, so you can do more business and less banking.

Yourpay is a Payments facilitator and offers a Payments gateway and aquiring services for e-commerce and POS for B2B

PensoPay ApS is a commercial and internet-based company

AltaPay is a Payments management company that provides Payments processing tools to e-commerce entities.

Vision is to revolutionize global trade by making cross-border Payments as fast, easy, safe, and cost-efficient as local bank transfers.

SubHub ApS
Fintech company providing solutions for the growing subscription economy

Moneythor develops banking software components designed to provide better digital banking. It provides a white-labelled solution to help financial institutions deliver contextual recommendations & insights to their customers within their existing online & mobile banking applications. The Moneythor solution also includes an engine to augment, classify and analyze transaction data in order to generate better insights for the bank and its customers.Moneythor is an enterprise software company providing banks and fintech firms with a modern toolkit to enhance their digital banking services, with a focus on helping them produce data-driven personalised and contextual recommendations for their customers.

HitPay offers AI driven delivery of Payments and financial services within any platform or mobile app. HitPay Technologies provides AI driven delivery of financial services within any app or mobile platform.

Perfios (PERsonal FInance One Stop - is a newage Fintech company that provides innovative solutions in the Personal Finance and related areas. The B2C Personal Finance Management (Personal Finance Management) solution provided by Perfios offers a 360 degree view of one's personal finance in an automated way and lets an end user track, monitor and manage her finance with very little manual intervention. It already has more than 5,000,000 registered users and has been deployed for more than 6 years now. Perfios is leveraging its core technologies in automating key aspects of certain common business processes in Financial Institutions.

FT Cash is a financial technology venture that supports micro-merchants, small businesses, and retail chains through mobile Payments. Its aim is to enables instant offline transactions by gathering all Payments gateways, including credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets under one channel. The company's staff is comprised of executives such as senior executives from Deutsche Bank, KPMG, and World Bank among others with a pedigree from Wharton Business School, Harvard University, SRCC, IIT Bombay, and more. Founded in 2014, FT Cash is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is funded by IvyCap Ventures and several international angel investors.

Bee provides bank accounts, debit cards and financial services creates fashionable and simple payments solutions for its members

CeleritiFinTech, is a banking software and services company that delivers digital software and services to global banking clients. This innovative enterprise, a joint venture of global IT leaders CSC (NYSE: CSC) and HCL Technologies (BSE: HCLTECH), helps banking clients globally extend investments in existing platforms and implement innovative solutions that combines people, technology, process and services to accelerate growth. CeleritiFinTech invests in platform modernization and product functionality enhancements to capitalize on the proven capabilities of both parent companies in addressing the multi-billion-dollar, global core banking software market.

Chime a new kind of bank account that empowers people to lead healthier financial lives and automate their savings. Founded by financial and tech industry veterans Chris Britt and Ryan King, Chime has created a new approach to banking that doesn't rely on fees, doesn't profit from members' misfortune or mistakes, and helps members get ahead financially. Chime members get a Chime Visa® Debit Card, a Spending Account and an optional Savings Account, and a powerful app that keeps members in control and helps them save automatically. Our members' funds are FDIC insured through our partner, The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC. Chime's app is available for iPhone and Android devices and has been featured as one of the best new Money Management apps on the App Store.

Dwolla provides platforms a simple, fast, and robust service for bank transfers (i.e. ACH transactions). Use branded or white label APIs to verify bank accounts instantly, transfer payments, keep balances, or route funds directly to bank account and routing numbers. A flat, transparent pricing model keeps transactions free of charge and monthly costs consistent. Additional features and services, like White Label or next day payments, may cost extra.

Finxact is innovating the first enterprise class public cloud/private data Core-as-a-Service platform with a completely open banking API. The Finxact Core will allow banks to seamlessly deliver new services for today’s omni-channel consumer. The Finxact team has been at the forefront of banking software for 35+ years, revolutionizing the industry in the 1990s with the first real-time core banking solutions for Internet banks, and is now creating a new cloud-based core banking solution for today’s real-time, digital-first world.

Kaiku is a reloadable prepaid debit card offering mobile money deposit, direct deposit, card-to-card transfers, online bill pay, and the ability to track your spending with access to over 55,000 surcharge-free Allpoint ATMs.

Moven is a disruptive mobile-centric banking app, described by Wired, Forbes and the New York Times as a "bank of the future”. Moven's app, debit card, and contactless payment sticker provide real time spending insights that motivate customers to make smarter decisions and save more. For smartphone users who struggle to manage their finances, Moven is an alternative to traditional bank deposit and payment products with high fees and little value.

nCino offers a cloud-based bank operating system created by bankers for bankers. The system helps increase profitability, productivity gains, regulatory compliance, and operational transparency at all organizational levels as well as across all lines of business. Following a process structure similar to a bank’s loan accounting system, the bank operating system offers combined services through its business process management, loan lifecycle, business intelligence, and document management solutions.

With $6.4 billion in assets as of June 30, 2017, NexBank delivers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services primarily to institutional clients and financial institutions and is also committed to serving the banking and financial needs of large corporations, middle-market companies, and real estate investors.

NYMBUS, the core banking modernization company, enables financial institutions to digitally transform their businesses. NYMBUS SmartCore is the most modern, advanced core platform to improve operational efficiency, differentiate service offerings, and redefine the holistic customer experience. The customer-centric platform unifies all the required banking functions into one system, enabling a multi-channel customer experience, while automating and simplifying back-end processes and workflows.

Professional Bank
Professional Bank was founded by professionals for professionals. Our purpose is to deliver extraordinary, personalized, concierge-style banking services to our distinguished and discerning customers. We provide a human touch enriched by a wealth of insight. Our customers know we understand their needs and are dedicated to helping them achieve their financial goals.

Varo Money, Inc. is a financial technology company based in San Francisco, California. Varo was founded on the belief that there is a better way to bank that will help improve the financial outcomes of a generation of consumers.

Yodlee is a provider of financial applications that aims to make online banking more profitable. Yodlee's personal financial management, payments, and customer acquisition solutions unify all personal financial account information to deliver centralized way for users to manage their financial tasks.

How much ‘lazy’ money do you have? Most people don’t often think about their lazy money or don’t even realize that they have lazy money. Carrott is a fintech, focused on helping ‘Stop Lazy Cash’ through technological solutions (web-based and app). Let’s #StopLazyCash together! Flagship Product - Carrott is an automated micro-savings app to effortlessly reallocate the ‘lazy cash’ into growing their retirement savings (and personal financial wellness). Using everyday transactions, Carrott identifies if you have made any ‘lazy cash’ transactions on their debit or credit card. On applicable transactions, Carrott rounds the transaction up to the next dollar and debits from your account. Then Carrott consolidates these micro-transactions and made a deposit into your nominated superannuation account, once a month. This enables consumers to save money towards retirement, whilst gain a better understanding of their finances, and ultimately achieve financial wellness. Download Carrott for: iOS - Andriod - Carrott is a proud member of the Singapore FinTech Association and FinTech Australia. Follow us on Twitter - 'Like' us on Facebook - Webpage -

FORCS: OZ e-Form & OZ Report
FORCS is the leading Enterprise e-Form and Reporting solutions provider worldwide. Established in 1995, we have helped over 3,500 customers across industries in achieving increased business revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Our wide range of solutions include digital Form, electronic documentation, and enterprise Reporting. Over 22 years, FORCS has been spearheading innovative business enterprise mobility solutions. Constantly innovating and developing new technologies, advocating enterprise mobility and green business environment. In 2015, we were listed on KOSDAQ and established global offices in Japan and Singapore, today covering over 10 countries and having over 40 business partners globally. Upholding our mission, “For Client’s Success”, we aim to help you to achieve your business goals as your success is our success. Experience the best of Enterprise e-Form and Reporting with us!

Arttha Digital Banking
Arttha, an initiative by PureSoftware, is one of the fastest growing technology providers in the mobile payments world. With a focus on business execution and process optimization, it delivers high performance technologies while ensuring minimal operational costs for service providers. It's provides a one platform solution for consumer facing financial services, including cards, devices, vouchers, loans, agent management, and multi-currency transactions. In the last three years, Arttha has been adopted by more than 50 banks and financial institutions, and 4 mobile operators, as their preferred solution. We have a proven track record of being disruptive and innovative in our approach to solving business problems in the unconventional financial services market.

IXSC is an Invoice exchange, settlement, and clearing platform. It works as an industry moderator with SMEs, trade unions and financial institutions, to manage timeliness problems with business receivables.IXSC’s platform allows vendors to send invoices to their clients and have their clients validate them. Settlement is monitored through the platform, and purchasers are incentivized to make timely payment within contract terms.

Modern banking for SMEs • Qonto provides a fully featured account with Mastercard cards and bookeeping tools in less than 5 minutes to run a business efficiently. We aim to disrupt the business banking establishment by blending best-in-class engineering, optimized processes and elegant design. In short, we are making business banking great again.

Bank Genie
Bank-Genie a FinTech startup based out of Singapore. Bank-Genie's vision is to simplify rudimentary branch banking using technological innovation. Our present innovations are Bank-Genie : Our Flagship solution for Banks to reduce CAPEX for installation of new branches. Bank-Genie helps banks open branches anywhere from Malls to supermarkets. Genie-Teller helps Banks to innovatively manage NO Q and improve productivity in the Banking Halls. Its the modern "NO Q management" .

Copernicus Gold
Copernicus Gold enables anyone, anywhere, in a transparent and secure manner, to digitally acquire, save, store or use as payment, any amount of gold. Copernicus Gold operates a multi-currency cloud-based platform that enables the issue of an amount of digital gold, in any measure, which is represented by gold bullion that has been purchased in advance of the issue of digital gold and stored in Singapore. PRODUCTS & SERVICES: The company issues digital gold or money that is linked to a physical store of gold, which enables anyone, anywhere to acquire and save digital gold that can be redeemed for physical gold at a retail store, or used to make payments online. Currently, digital gold is redeemable at retail stores in Singapore for gold coins or gold jewelry. Copernicus Gold is a platform for issuance and circulation of electronic currencies developed on the basis of the blockchain technology. From the very beginning of its development, the project was designed to feature an open API ( and has been functioning as a Bank-as-a-Service allowing to accomplish the tasks of holding wallets (accounts) in different currencies, assets (including a currency linked to physical gold bullion), with the purpose of investments, carry out conversions with market spreads between such wallets, as well as carry out transfers between its users. Its clients are both individuals and corporate entities.

Fundtech was founded in 1993 and is a leading provider of software products and services to banks of all sizes around the world. The company develops transaction banking solutions that automate activities such as payments, cash management, settlement, liquidity management, and the financial supply chain. Their products improve operational efficiency and provide greater competitiveness to banks through innovative business-to-business services.

soCash develops an application to withdraw and deposit cash. The company allows users to place an order, select a merchant or a neighborhood shop, and get cash. It also allows neighborhood shop owners to earn extra cash and bring more customers to their shop. The startup uses your bank?s mobile app to let users transfer an amount to the merchant?s bank account. Users can then pick up the cash at that outlet.

Compte Nickel
The Account-Nickel is a service bank account alternative and means of payment French , created in 2010 by the company Financière electronic payments (EPF), with the co-founders and developers the engineer in electronic Ryad Boulanouar 1 and the financial Hugues Bret 2 .

Created in 2011, the Bankin' app makes money management super easy. At Bankin', we believe that money management must be simple, transparent and efficient so you can focus on what really matters to you. Our mission is to bring innovation and technology together to offer you the best solution to guide you everyday. We are the leader in Europe: you are more than 1.5 million to trust us in France, in England, in Spain and in Germany. We are the only company independent from banks in Europe. It is something we feel very strongly about because it allows us to provide better guidance by always suggesting what's right for you.

Tandem is creating a better bank, challenging legacy banking by building an app and products with input from their community of users. Tandem's goal is to make money simple, help their users save, and to free up their time from financial stress. Ultimately, Tandem aims to become a one-stop-shop for financial needs.

Civilisedmoney uses people-to-people networks to create an ethical, transparent alternative to the existing financial services industry.

First Direct
Firstirect is a leading UK bank providing online banking services to 1.27m users.

Loot offers a one of a kind service. Combining a pre-paid Visa debit card and a budgeting app for your phone, you have all the tools you need to stay on top of your finances. No need to worry about manually entering all of your spends for the month - Loot takes care of it for you.

Monese provides instant on-demand UK banking accounts regardless of the customer's citizenship. This revolutionises banking for expats, digital nomads and new residents as ‘residency restrictions’ imposed by traditional high street banks are one of the single greatest barriers to accessing the banking system when they arrive in a new country. Monese's breakthrough technology can validate the identity of customers in real time enabling customers to open an account in a matter of minutes, using a mobile app. Monese's fully-featured UK banking account comes with cheap global payments and a contactless debit card. Monese was born after founder's first-hand experience of the hassle involved with opening a bank account in a new country.

Monzo (previously Mondo) is a bank for people who live their lives on their smartphones, and is targeted at people who want to get things done in a click and who don’t see the need for branches and cheque books. Monzo is focussed on building the best current account in the world and ultimately working with a range of other providers so that Monzo can be an intelligent hub for your entire financial life.

RailsBank is a BaaS platform that connects finTech companies and banks together. The platform provides finTech companies with a range of wholesale banking services, including IBANs, receiving money, sending money, converting money, direct debit, issuing cards, and managing credit through APIs. RailsBank was founded in 2016 by Nigel Verdon and Clive Mitchell and is based in London.

Wala has built a community-driven and gamified personal financial management tool for cash-based consumers in emerging markets. The product allows users to easily track their spending and earning to develop a financial profile for a customer that currently does not have one. The app then uses that profile to set weekly financial and engagement goals which improve the consumers spending and savings. As users continue to engage with the app by logging their transactions and reaching their goals they will be awarded points which can be redeemed for cash, data, and other rewards. Through the app the user will then be able to sign-up and access financial products like deposit accounts, payments, and more.

10x Banking
We are a team of financial services experts, technologists and creatives designing the future of money. We exist to create a new banking experience — one that is more diverse, open and fair. We challenge industry norms by empowering our partners to build products with clear benefit to people and society. Founded by former Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins, 10x will transform the way financial services providers operate via its digital banking platform. At the heart of the platform are a full suite of enterprise-grade capabilities covering banking process automation, compliance reporting, security and analytics, all enabled by leading technologies. 10x offers its partners digital and data modelling services with a modular construction and open APIs. Its technology will enable a single point of entry for financial technology providers to engage with banks through a secure connection.

Satori is an artificial intelligence powered full stack enterprise mobile banking platform. We harness the power of AI to provide personalized services for our users while providing a unique data driven engagement and monetisation platform to our partners.

An innovative and different offer Morning offers a kitty service backed by a payment account and a card with new features (choice of PIN code, real time control, remote blocking ...). Three services that give you back control and increase your purchasing power thanks to clear and advantageous pricing!

TagPay has developed a next-generation, mobile-centric, core banking system that powers financial services in 20 countries, with a strong footprint in Africa. The TagPay core banking system is the backbone of pioneering mobile financial services implemented by banks, microfinance organizations, MNOs and FinServs. TagPay is omnichannel and ubiquitous. End users can receive their salaries, ask for a loan, pay bills, transfer money and pay at a point of sale.

Prepaid Financial Services (PFS)
Prepaid Financial Services Limited (PFS) is an award-winning payments technology specialist offering a comprehensive range of e-money and banking solutions including e-wallets, physical and virtual prepaid cards, and current accounts in the UK and the Eurozone. Authorised and Regulated by the FCA in the UK, PFS has passported its e-money license across the EEA to enable card issuance throughout the region. Founded in 2008, PFS is now one of the fastest growing electronic money issuers in Europe with programmes live in 24 countries with the ability to transact in 22 different currencies. Its products and cutting-edge technology platforms are utilised by governments, local authorities, mobile network operators, banks, financial institutions, and corporates globally. PFS has been listed in The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 for 5 consecutive years and in Deloitte’s UK and EMEA Technology Fast 50 and 500 lists 2 years in a row. Contact: |

N26 is Europe’s first Mobile Bank with a full European banking license and is setting new standards in banking. N26 has redesigned banking for the smartphone, making it simple, fast and contemporary. Opening a new bank account takes only eight minutes and can be done directly from your smartphone. Users receive a Mastercard to pay cashless or withdraw cash all around the world. They can block or unblock their card with a simple click and send money instantly to friends and contacts. N26 was founded in early 2013 by Valentin Stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal. In two years N26 has acquired more than 500.000 clients. It operates in 17 countries: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain and currently employs 290 people. Since January 2015, N26 has been available for Android, iOS, and desktop. N26 has raised more than $55 million from investors including Li Ka-Shing’s Horizons Ventures, Battery Ventures and Valar Ventures, in addition to members of the Zalando management board, Earlybird Venture Capital and Redalpine Ventures.

solarisBank AG is a banking platform with a full banking license, allowing companies to offer their own financial products. Partners can access the solarisBank modules in the field of e-money, instant credit and digital banking as well as services from third-party providers integrated on the platform via API. Thus, solarisBank creates a technologically highly developed and regulatory sound banking ecosystem for fintechs, established digital companies and also banks. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2016 and is led by members of the management board Roland Folz, Marko Wenthin and Andreas Bittner as well as CTO Peter Grosskopf.

Founded in 2011, Deposit Solutions employs a team of more than 110 highly qualified and motivated staff based in Hamburg, London and Zurich. It has received more than EUR 25 million in venture funding from renowned European and US investors such as, FinLab, Greycroft Partners, Peter Thiel and Valar Ventures. During its last investment round in July 2016, it was valued at EUR 110 million. Its Open Banking platform allows banks to offer attractive third party deposit products to their own customers through their existing accounts. As a result, banks looking for funding can gather deposits from new markets and client groups without having to set up and operate their own retail infrastructure, and depositors can access best-in-class deposit offers without having to open a new account at another bank. In this way, the platform supports a healthier banking system throughout Europe by providing an open market for deposit products, more effectively allocating resources and increasing customer benefits. Deposit Solutions also operates its own retail channel ZINSPILOT in Germany. This offering allows savers whose banks have not yet integrated its Open Banking platform to access third party deposit products, starting with a deposit amount of just EUR 1. With ZINSPILOT, Deposit Solutions is proud to offer an exceptional customer journey and customer service, as demonstrated by being named “Best Deposit Marketplace” by in 2015, 2016 and 2017 – three years in a row. Since beginning operations in September 2015, ZINSPILOT has generated more than 50,000 customer accounts and mediated more than EUR 2 billion in deposits. Through its open banking platform and own retail channel, Deposit Solutions is transforming the retail and corporate deposit market in Europe worth more than EUR 10 trillion, connecting banks from more than 10 European countries and reaching 20 million savers with a deposit base of more than EUR 1 trillion

figo aggregates financial sources from over 3,100 banks and financial institutions to enable innovative services. As Europe’s first “Banking­ Service ­Provider” figo is PSD2 ready! figo’s sophisticated platform ‘Banking­ as­ a­ Service’ connects modern services with more than 55 million online banking accounts in Germany and Austria. The company is targeting the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) in total. Furthermore figo has set up a new connectivity standard to financial data and reduces complexity of banking implementation to a minimum figo makes banking usable wherever it adds value and creates new touch points between consumers and our partners ­ startups and banks! figo realized the opportunities arising from PSD2 accompanied by changing customer expectations. figo does not only provide an established banking API, but also an entire banking service platform supporting a vast number of innovative banking solutions (incl. access to bank account)

Wie alles begann Im Jahr 2009, mitten in der Finanz- und Bankenkrise, erhielt die Fidor Bank AG ihre Vollbank-Lizenz. Die ursprüngliche Gründungsidee war, die sich im Netz vermehrt abzeichnenden Web-2.0-Verhaltensweisen in den Bereich der Finanzdienstleistung zu übertragen. Die Finanzkrise gab der Gründungsidee eine ungewollte aber willkommene Schärfe und Brisanz. Transparenz, Integration, Offenheit und vieles mehr waren nun nicht mehr "nur"​ Beiwerk eines neuartigen Ansatzes, sondern zwingende Notwendigkeit. Das Internet als neues Transaktionsmedium Auch wenn die Welt der Finanzen aufgrund der Krise in einer Schockstarre verharrt, geht das Leben – vor allen Dingen im Internet – weiter. Aus einem Informationsmedium wurde ein Transaktionsmedium. Die nun heranwachsenden Menschen nennen wir "digital natives"​, weil sie ein Leben ohne Internet nicht kennen. Damit einher geht die Entwicklung des sogenannten "digitalen Lebensstils"​. Dieser digitale Lebensstil bricht alte Traditionen auf und verändert ganze Industrien und Nationen nachhaltig. Als Fidor Bank haben wir Respekt vor dieser Entwicklung und sehen auch im Bereich der Finanzdienstleistungen die Notwendigkeit zur Veränderung.

Avuba brings a modern mobile-first bank account and payment products to market. They believe that today’s bank accounts are outdated and that the world deserves a new kind of bank account: Easy to setup and simple to use everyday and everywhere, intelligent and supportive towards its owner and secure enough to power the next generation of online payments.

Digital banking solutions for financial inclusion. Vink stands as a bridge between the classic banking, and the most innovative financial technologies. We build state of the art software on legacy systems with security, inclusiveness and accessibility in mind. Services: We provide our partners and customers, e.g. financial institutions, with digital banking capabilities. Our solutions remove existent inefficiencie and frictions by building resilient software on legacy systems. With digital currency we enable our customers to reach their most remote customers. Technology: We build in-house solutions, to offer a multi-channel distribution for digital money. We are working hard to provide relevant services, based on the most innovative financial technologies: - Distributed architecture. - Hardened software and infrastructure. - Light weight applications. Team: We are a group of reserachers with years of experience in our respective fields. Our team relies on multi-disciplinary knowledge in both Banking and Computer Science. We provide the relevant technical solutions for the relevant functional needs. Values: We believe in the ability of modern technology to spread information and wealth, and improve human condition. We understand and harness the power of financial inclusion for under-served populations. We contribute to new paradigms

Integrating a bank with your web application using EBICS is hard. The EBICS::Box provides an easy-to-use wrapper which offers a bunch of helpful features.How EBICS should have been built - A modern API for bank accounts. Fully automatized processing of incoming and outgoing money transactions.

financeAds International GmbH is a performance marketing agency with a focus on the financial sector. We help financial service providers to market their products and services online, offering a broad range of financial publishers and large expertise in performance marketing. Founded in March 2015 as a joint venture between FinLeap GmbH and financeAds GmbH & CO, we're operating in Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Poland. Our strong team, led by Hakan Oezal and Alvise Perissinotto, counts +25 online marketers with financial expertise.

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Mobile wallet together with points collecting system (cashback) connecting all sectors.

Janalakshmi Financial Services
Jana Small Finance Bank’s vision is to be the leading digitized bank serving all customer segments and communities of an aspirational India. The bank commenced operations on 28, March 2018.

Paytm Payments Bank
Paytm is the consumer brand of India's leading mobile internet company One97 Communications. Paytm is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Its investors include SAIF Partners, Sapphire Ventures and Saama Capital and Ant Financial (Alipay).