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Minalea created the first Smart Sales Assistant for insurance vendors.

Pole Star - Purple TRAC Regulatory Technologies
Maritime-centric platform service supporting ship tracking,security. Purple TRAC good for financial instituations with exposure to maritime ecosystem and trade.

KASKO allows digital businesses to cross-sell contextually relevant insurance products at the point-of-demand using our plugin or API

Goals Mapper
Financial Planning, cuts planning time , data analysis.

GoBear is an online comparison portal that provides various insurance and finance products. It offers consumers a free and transparent comparison process based on their financial needs.

Bluzelle offers real-time Payments solutions for financial institutions, smart contracts for insurances, and KYC-shared ledger solutions. Bluzelle Quantum is a middleware that enables deployment and management of applications over the Blockchain. It is designed to hide all the Blockchain plumbing, making it easier for its customers to run their applications.

InsureVite aims to disrupt the current insurance industry by injecting speed, convenience and data security.

Avvanz ScreenGlobal ( is the first-in-industry online background check and due diligence platform which allows anyone to order a check within a minute. It covers more than 170 countries. In highly regulated industries like the FinTech space whereby people or company related discrepancies can exceed 30%, it's extremely critical to Know Your Employee and Know Your Client (or Partner or Vendor).

Bandboo Group
Bandboo is an insurance technology platform which enables users to form digital communities to obtain insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost. We provide Insurance as a form of service, charging a nominal membership for users to join, ownership of premiums are given back to users with what is not utilised at the end of the membership term rebated back to users, making this Insurance at the lowest possible cost.

Enables life insurance customers to connect with agents and purchase the right policies for their coverage needs. Coverbrite makes it easy for customers to seek advice from multiple insurers through their messaging interface.

CXA group
An insurance and wellness marketplace that helps companies transform their current healthcare spend into personalized benefits and wellness programs. The company administers, tracks, and analyzes data from health screenings, lifestyle risks, and hospitals & clinics to improve workforce health, reduce claims costs and absenteeism.

The company offers insurance on cars, motorcycles, travel, etc., and facilitates online claims through its platform. The company has recently expanded its services to Thailand and Hong Kong.

eBaoTech Corporation
eBaoTech's mission is "make insurance easy". Since its founding in year 2000, eBaoTech has grown fast and today has business in more than 30 countries globally, serving more than a hundred carriers and numerous agents, brokers, and other ecosystem players. Digital insurance is the coming wave. In eBaoTech view, digital insurance means connected insurance. To enable connected insurance, eBaoTech offers two groups of solutions: eBao Cloud and eBao Software.

Data analytics platform that works with insurance companies to reduce insurance premiums for anyone with a smartphone or wearable. FitSense enables health & life insurers to personalize products and services by using app and device data. FitSense was a winner at the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) FinTech Hackcelerator and participated in the Startupbootcamp InsurTech London accelerator in 2016.

insbee is a P2P insurance platform for the motor industry. The platform improves risk segmentation for insurers and lowers distribution cost which helps to drive down insurance premium for responsible drivers in the long run

B2C, InsuRebel has developed a mobile application for travel insurance in Asia. The app enables users to access their policy from any place and time.

InsurMatics leverages telematics and Big Data & Analytics data analytics to transform auto insurance in product offering, underwriting, claims, and customer servicing.Borrowers visit to find special offers on home loans, mortgage refinancing, equity loans and more. Currently, the company is in product development stage. The company is in stealth mode as of July 2017.

provides on-demand corporate insurance solutions. It provides a change in the provision of insurance services for corporations. Blockchain, Ethereum & smart contracts integrated to provide a step change in security, transparency & speed of delivery for insurance solutions. The company is planning to go live at soon.

JLT Interactive
JLT Interactive provides on-demand insurance and risk management software solutions. Its products include iRisk, iClaims, iCover, etc. It is a subsidiary of the Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group (JLT Group), a risk management advisor, insurance, and reinsurance broker.

Mobile-based healthcare platform to connect pharmaceutical companies directly to physicians and patients. The platform enables pharmaceutical companies, distributors & pharmacies to access data and analytics on the market as well as their customers in real time.

Mipi is a messenger-based chatbot that provides insurance-related information like policy claims, policy value, service information, forms, etc., to the customers.

MyDoc provides a digital health tool that makes management of healthcare simpler. It provides an access point to a personal healthcare network consisting of doctors, pharmacies, insurers, and lab data.

Device and analytics platform for kidney failure. The company has developed a low cost VA (vascular access) surveillance technology for dialysis centres to address shortcomings of current state-of-the-art to achieve their quality initiative outcomes and reduce occurrences of lost revenues through early predictive clinical indications.

PolicyPal is a digital insurance manager which aims to make the process of buying and managing insurance simple. The portal allows consumers to manage their insurance policies online.

Raxel Telematics
Raxel Telematics offers a usage-based insurance product. It uses a scoring model which takes into account behavioral aspects of the driver and provides discounts, tips for improving the safety rating, and information about the style of driving.

Redox (Netsquad)
software for insurance brokerage companies, especially in a complex network, for calculating incentives. Through this platform, different variables of clients can be adjusted and the desired result will be provided. All the data is stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

Singapore Life
Singapore Life is a fully licensed direct life insurer. The company offers proven expertise in answering the life insurance needs of its customers, both in the high-net-worth and retail customer segments.

Synchestra is a cloud-based InsurTech tool that enables purchasing of life and health insurance with the advice of a qualified human consultant. It allows consumers to consolidate finances, effectively syncing any changes with a chosen financial consultant.

UEX is a mobile health insurance platform that specially designed for expats in Sinagore. The platform allows users to subscribe & manage their insurance policy.

ZUMATA is an AI-based travel technology company. It provides conversational interfaces for a wide range of industries, including travel, banking, insurance, and financial institution by using its cognitive capabilities to enable automated advisory and customer service to companies. The company also provides Payments solutions to travel companies.

Kommerce is a trade finance venture by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, lawyers, technologists and logisticians, with significant emerging and frontier markets experience on the team.

Insurance Finder
Insurance Finder is a part of SMS group. It offers its users the ability to compare insurance pro...

Mobilecover Singapore Pte Ltd
Mobilecover is a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance of Singapore that provides online insurances for mobile and electronic gadgets. Users can protect their mobile device against loss, damage, and theft. Mobile devices are repaired or replaced, then delivered to the customer's door or desk

Life's Great
We are making it easier, quicker and simpler for our customers to compare products online. We have developed a chatbot that you can just message to get a quote. We promise we won’t ask for any information that we don’t need so there’s no long forms to complete. And rather than give you a long list of options to choose the best product from we will advise you on the best value option to suit you. We make comparison as simple and as easy as chatting to a friend.

My Real Plan
Service that finds the best plan and only available in the most rational insurance

CCW is an expert broker of superior Hong Kong medical insurance policies, giving users additional options to access superior healthcare services outside of the government-run public system. The company is simplifying insurance and simplifying medical insurance in Hong Kong to make options clear.

Edirectinsure Group
Edirectinsure Group operates leading online insurance platform in Asia, offering non-life insurance to consumers at a price they can afford, in a language they can understand in a fastest, easiest and most flexible way.

Galileo Platforms
Blockchain-based platform to allow insurers and distributors to sell and administer insurance, enabling a seamless digital customer journey and changing the economics of the reaching underserved segments. Matching risk to capital more efficiently and cost-effectively, and lowering barriers to entry for startup insurers, distributors and InsurTechs.

Gen Life
Gen Life is initially operating as an R&D collaborating with leading insurers. Gen Life uses AI, distributed ledger technology, and the cloud to deliver the highest quality risk management, lowest distribution and transaction cost whilst delivering the most engaging and frictionless customer experience.

Insurance comparison, advisory, and sales with AI automatic underwriting and pricing: Simple buying process (based on our intesive experience in insurance and technology) AI Chat Bot AI automatic policy underwriting AI automatic insurance product

Seasonalife is the first insurance robo-advisor in Asia. Seasonalife is an online platform for millennials to research, compare and purchase insurance products in a smarter way. The company aims to consistently deliver high-quality advice that can be scaled at a much lower cost compared to traditional distribution channels.

Shift Technology
Shift Technology leverages the best of data science to automatically detect networks of fraudsters in insurance and e-commerce. The solution is integrated to our cutting edge Big Data platform, and is provided in a SaaS model.

Neos, a connected home insurance service Designed to prevent the damage that would lead to a home insurance claim, Neos’ home technology, which includes cameras, motion sensors and smoke detectors, alerts homeowners of a break-in, leak or fire and contacts the 24 hour monitoring team to send out the right tradespeople.

As a startup Fintech company located at Cyberport, WESURANCE is an R&D centre that uses AI to provide extraordinary user experience in purchasing insurance for the new generation.

CoverGo is a free mobile app that consolidates insurance policies from all providers in one place to create a digital insurance wallet. The app also automatically summarises your insurance portfolio to help you understand what policies you have and don't have.

Insurance Supermarket

PT Asuransi Jiwa Mega
PT. Asuransi Jiwa Mega Life provides life insurance services in Indonesia. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. PT.

Sherpa Management Services
Sherpa is a disruptive insurance start-up. Shaking up the traditional insurance model to benefit consumers.

Rajapremi Is the First Online Insurance Marketplace in Indonesia. is a subsidiay of FatFish Internet Group (ASX:FFG), a company headquartered on Singapore and Australia that focuses on digital ideas and the first Internet venture accelerator to list on the Australian Securities Exchange since it first trading activities recorded on July 2014. focused on financial services that provide various type of insurance in Indonesia including auto and personal accident insurances, life insurance, house insurance, travel insurance and etc.

Duit Pintar


Claim Di
Claim Di mobile application for facilitating communication and claims between drivers and their insurance companies.

Rabbit Internet
Electronic Payments system

Carmana is a Used Car Web-stop shopping for a free, no middleman.

Agent Mate
Mobility Solution for Insurance Distribution Channel

Through the most complete insurance database. And technology insurance consultants who know you.

Digital Risks
Digital Risks provide a range of commercial insurance products, designed to meet the evolving needs of technology and media businesses. With years of industry experience they work directly with underwriters to provide competitive and effective insurance solutions.

Bluedot 24
Bluedot 24 We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. And the most important thing for us is to protect any confidentiality. And all you reveal to us. You, as a visitor or a user of Bluedot 24, have the right to know and understand the privacy practices of our information before disclosing any personal information. Give us yourBy using Bluedot 24, you agree that we will use your personal information as set forth in this policy. Bluedot 24 Services are not intended for anyone over the age of 75 and anyone over the age of 75. Over 75 years will not be entitled to any information. On or through Bluedot 24's service, we have no intention. To collect personal information from people over the age of 75 and if we know we have collected or received personal information over the age of 75, we will delete that information. We have a policy to publish changes. In Privacy Policy on this page. We encourage you to regularly review the changes.

OOHOO is the first InsurTech platform in Thailand. We are introducing insurance Comparison Platform to revolutionize Thai insurance industry by integrating advance technology and expertise in insurance business. We have come up with an online insurance platform that is easy to use in every steps from comparison to purchasing to Payments. We also provide customers with various insurance policy searches, fast and convenient through reliable e-Commerce platform.

Wealth Creation International
Founded on December 1, 2009, it is committed to being the creator of sustainable wealth in Thai society. Through financial advisory services. And investment in various forms. Whether investing in equity funds, real estate debt securities Personal tax planning / life assurance, non-life insurance, etc. to the public to achieve financial goals. By what the company expects the highest every time we offer Compliance services. And the money to every customer is 'Feel Better', that is, feel better and happy. From the picture. And their finances are tangible, addressing the needs of their lives, leading to 'Do Better', which allows every customer to return to the fire. Live the whole life. And the family has a significant mind.

Pet Insure
Insurance for Pets

SILKSPANIs a thai company And the pioneer of the world's first Financial Supercenter, with the concept of gathering financial services such as credit cards, insurance loans in one place for easy comparison and selection by the general consumer.It is now SILKSPANopen for 15 years and has more than 70 financial and insurance products from over 30 leading financial institutions. Compare products And the price of the product online is smart, worth the money, and there are over 700 expert staffs who provide advice and answer customer inquiries willingly.

Compare over 20 insurance companies within 30 Seconds.

Audeamus Risk
Audeamus Risk - BIAX is the world's first Business Interruption Insurance trading platform (B2B), designed to minimise uninsured risk of companies, country infrastructure and to improve overall societal security. It represents a paradigm shift of how the insurance industry operates at present. Audeamus Risk is introducing "standalone", dynamically priced Business Interruption Insurance policies, which are currently non-existent. It allows insurers and alternative insurers to price their policies according to organisational resilience of the insured, or the ability to recover swiftly in the post-incident environment. Platform takes in consideration all types of threats, including Natural Hazards, Cyber Security Compromises, Product Recalls, Fraud and various other types of Supply Chain interruptions.

Bravura Solutions
Since inception in 2004, Bravura Solutions has amassed an impressive list of achievements and milestones. Bravura Solutions have successfully completed nine acquisitions, were listed on the ASX for seven years and launched new products. Since their humble beginnings as a small Australian organisation, they have expanded to become a leading global supplier of software and professional services for superannuation, pension, life insurance, investment, private wealth, transfer agency and financial messaging, employing over 920 people in 15 offices across 9 countries. Their vision is to create and deliver modern, open, agile Business Toolss that provide an enduring competitive advantage to clients by combining compelling functionality with modern technology. Their mission is to provide an offering that comprehensively satisfies client requirements across multiple geographies and lines of business, delivering economies of scale alongside business agility. Their day-to-day operations - across geographies, offices, departments, teams and individuals revolve around the pursuit of this vision and mission.

Compare Your Life
Simply Better Risk Insurance Solutions

Cover Genius
Cover Genius is a global distributor of insurance products for online businesses. It is one of the fastest growing fintech startups to have emerged from Australia. Cover Genius' first brand to launch was which sells insurance for car rentals from its own site and also through the largest online travel agents globally. follows Cover Genius' model where the brand is both the distributor of insurance policies to leading websites, and the retailer selling direct to consumers on As a full stack startup they control all facets of both their partner relationships and the customer journey. As a technology company first and foremost, Cover Genius has developed patents that resolve longstanding points of friction that the insurance industry generates, while also applying a Big Data approach that optimises the purchase process for consumers and partners alike.

Insured By Us
Insured by Us are designers, developers, writers, coffee lovers and problem solvers.Their world class insurance software is changing the way insurance is distributed.

Intiger Asset Management
Intiger Asset Management is Australia's first Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed Offshore Financial Service Processing Platform. A new beginning for Australian Financial Service. Private, personalised & bespoke, Intiger delivers Australia's first & only Outsourced Offshore Insurance, Secured & Unsecured Lending & Paraplanning/Back Office solution. Proudly Australian, Intiger drives dramatic margin growth & exceptional operational efficiency through Financial Planning Practises nationally. They produce a unique combination of industry first technology & offshore cost arbitrage; Intiger has the scale & track record to drive your bottom line. Intiger is by referral only.

Digital Fineprint
Digital Fineprint is an InsurTech start-up that was founded in 2016 at Oxford University. They work in the intersection of social media and insurance and are leading the way in the rapid evolution of digitalising the insurance industry. Their technology successfully improves the customer journey – reducing drop-offs whilst increasing online conversion rates, the ability to harness social media data for smarter underwriting, pricing, cross-selling, targeted marketing and ensure customers receive an insurance policy that is right for them – thereby lowering the risk of being under-insured. Digital Fineprint was named "Best General Start-Up in the UK” in 2016 as well as won the UK Business Angel Association award for "Best Investment in Fintech" in July 2017. They have previously worked with Allianz as part of the Allianz Accelerator, with Accenture as part of their FinTech Innovation Lab and most recently have been selected to partner with MetLife’s Singapore-based LumenLab as part of their collab programme. In December 2016 they closed their seed funding round having raised $400k taking investments from Eos Venture Partners and a number of industry angel investors.

OneTick Technology
Onetick Technology is an online B2B innovative Payments solution to the Insurance Industry. They assist canny Smash Repairers by providing cash solutions through their Invoice Factoring and Pre-repair Finance products. Doing business with Onetick Technology is paperless. No data entry and no form submissions. Already integrated into your current business processes for quoting and invoicing, their fully automated system can approve your financing needs in seconds, and they provide Payments overnight or 'rush' Payments for immediate cash needs. Onetick Technology has two core products: 1) Pre-repair finance - Available where an insurance company has approved the repair quote but the work has not commenced. Onetick Technology will pay for any supplier invoice(s) up to the approved value of the quote. Work with any Supplier, never be late paying a Supplier again, build up your credit history with your Suppliers; 2) Invoice Factoring - Factoring (or Post-repair) finance is available where a smash repairer has completed the repair work. The money will be in the smash repairer's bank account the next business day.

Progressive Direct Insurance Company
Progressive is a car insurance company that has combined 70 years experience with the latest online technologies to help bring down the cost of car insurance.

Super SImplifier

Trov (pronounced trove) are a passionate group of individuals, reinventing insurance for the mobile generation by making it simple, flexible and transparent. Trov is the world's first on-demand insurance for your things. With Trov, you can protect just the things you want, exactly when you want, entirely from your phone. You can also easily organise important information about the things you own and back it up to the cloud, so it's accessible when needed.

YourShare is a leading Cash-back service provider encouraging Australians to claim the fees and commissions that may be paid to brokers of financial institutions on your financial products. They are also innovative brokers of general insurance, personal insurance and mortgages so if you are looking to save on any of these products get a free online quote or speak to them. YourShare is 100% owned by Australasian Wealth Investments (AWI), a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange. YourShare have been providing members the highest level of customer care for over 8 years.

Toyro Inc. is a company that offers an online insurance platform for customers.

SecureNow is an award-winning insurance broker firm. Our mission is to disrupt the insurance industry with our tech-based solutions. We differentiate ourselves with our in-house search engine insurpoedia that provide answers to all the insurance related queries; Calculators that help get instant quotes within seconds as per the client's need and an amazing app 'notify' that helps deliver medical insurance card, store important documents and help you locate the right hospital when you need it the most.

Intelligent insurance aggregator that puts innovation at the heart of the user experience for a simple and intuitive search.

Policybazaar is Indias prominent online life insurance and general insurance aggregator. We are specialized in making comparative analysis of the insurance products of various insurance policies based on price, quality and key benefits. Our punch line, Insurance Compare Kiya says it all. Our unique comparative system boosts our credibility. We empower customers with comparative and accurate information on Insurance products combined with solution driven customer service. Our technology backed service is convincing and adds value to our customers. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise and technical capabilities, we develop solutions leading to financial security and competitive returns. To know about our booking process, please click on Policybazaar Booking Process.

Coverfox is an online insurance player that allows a user to easily compare and buy insurance from a range of products from all top insurance brands in one go. Unlike other online insurance portals that assist in the selection process, Coverfox helps customers with the difficult claims process as well. It has raised funding for US$2 million from Accel India and SAIF and the second round of US$12 million from Accel US, Accel India and SAIF. they have been funded by Narayana Murthy's Catamaran Ventures in 2015. The company has recently secured USD 22 Million in Series C funding led by IFC, Transamerica and existing investors.

Easypolicy has been created with a vision to provide transparent and top-notch services through technology to simplify, advise, inform, educate users. We help users get the best experience in decision-making, procurement as well as policy management services. We work with all insurers across the country and have an end to end service capability across segments like life, health, travel & auto.

Simplest way to renew your car insurance. Get quote and insure your car in couple of minutes - no pesky calls/ salesmen...And avail best deals too..

Turtlemint provides a seamless platform for health and motor insurance. Best insurance policies form the top providers in India, can easily be compared and bought at one place. You can find a suitable plan fitting your requirements. Our experienced insurance advisors, provide one on one support not only to select a good policy, but also during claim processing. Turtlemint is operated by Invictus Insurance broking Private Limited an IRDAI Certified broker.Turtlemint is an online insurance platform that aims to ease the process of buying and managing insurance policies.

First platform dedicated to bancassurances consumers.

BankBazaar is the world's first neutral online marketplace that gives you instant customized rate quotes on loans and insurance products. You can instantly search for, compare and apply for loans, credit cards and insurance products on their site. Since they partner with India's leading financial institutions and insurance firms, you have to look in only one place to get a great deal: Their goal is to make it easy for everyone to get a great deal on a loan or an insurance product. On, you can easily compare the total costs of the loan offers made to you, and get access to unbiased customers' ratings of financial institutions. They want to make it easy for you to have a lot of options, to take a well-informed decision when choosing which product to apply for and to do all this instantly! And best of all,'s services are completely free.

Agile Financial Technology
Agile Financial Technologies is led by captains of the industry who envisioned the creation of an unparalleled enterprise that would be an agile technology partner to leading players in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector. Agile was formed by acquiring and merging strategic software products technology companies in the space of insurance and lending software. We bring the energy and agility of a young enterprise, and the wisdom and rich experience that is given by a cumulative 45 operating years of the constituent enterprises that are now Agile Financial Technologies. Our strategic intent is to serve enterprises in the BFSI sector with a paradigm shift in services delivery that would enable us offer a combination of our products and outsourcing services that will enable our client's businesses. We understand technology's strategic relevance to business, and provide solutions that allow our client's focus on their core business. Our state of the art facilities are oriented to provide for the outsourcing of our client's business processes and back office, thus enabling them focus on their core business.

HealthHiway is a service infrastructure for hospitals, clinics, Insurance providers, pharmacies and diagnostic centers to facilitate better interaction within the healthcare ecosystem. HealthHiway is an industry initiative lead by an Advisory Board that has luminaries from across the healthcare industry, Insurance and Technology companies. The Advisory Board provides the guiding strategy, ensuring that the solutions are in line with Global standards and best practices.

Aditya Birla Nuvo

Aureus Analytics
Aureus Analytics is a predictive analytics and Big Data & Analytics data-based customer intelligence and experience platform for insurance companies and banks, that helps them retain customers and upsell/cross-sell to them.

OneAssist is a protection & assistance services platform incorporated in June, 2011. Started by Co-founders Gagan Maini and Subrat Pani, the company raised its Series A finance round from marquee investors Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners. OneAssist closed its Series B financing round in July 2015 led by Assurant Solutions, along with Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

GreenLife Insurance Broking Company India

Founded by Israeli executives formerly with Fiverr and Powermat, Lemonade is disrupting the way New Yorkers buy homeowners and renters insurance. The online and mobile platform uses bots and AI to deliver insurance and handle claims. Started in December 2015 with a $13 million investment, Lemonade raised $34 million in December 2016 and plans expansion to other US states. Lemonade won Best New Startup of the Year at the 2017 Geek Awards.

Our solution makes it possible to anticipate care pathways, provide preventive advice upstream of transactions, better guide patients, secure future transactions and enrich customer knowledge to better meet care needs. .

Bambi Dynamic
Bambi Dynamic has developed an on-demand, personalized car insurance model for customers to enjoy all aspects of present days cars, shared mobility, ridesharing, carpooling and additional forms of the new car operating services. The Digital app is easy to use and transparent to user's experience, allowing for a full service provision anytime, anywhere, over 24/7.

CoverArk uses data-driven technology to develop flexible global insurance solutions. CoverArk offers an easy-to-use multi-platform system that enables a short underwriting process and allows instant purchase, policy management, and API integration solutions. CoverArk provides tailor-made policies to match target market needs and risk exposure, and sophisticated risk-assessment algorithms to support decision making and better coverage.

MediClaims enables the centralized management of interaction between insurers, medical providers, and the insured, offering a streamlined, cost-efficient solution to replace the labor intensive, costly, and inefficient methods currently used to process medical claims. MediClaims automatically processes claims filed under any type of insurance that covers medical expenses, such as health, workers compensation, liability, bodily injury, travel, personal accident, or malpractice. It also can share, process in parallel, and cross-check claims data from different claims, plans, and types of insurance. A high level of automation and flexibility ensure that all processes and verifications are carried out exactly according to the organization's decision tree and rules.

Sapiens International Corporation
Sapiens International Corporation provides software for the insurance industry and also has a growing presence in the financial services industry. The software addresses the global general insurance, property and casualty, life, pension and annuities, reinsurance, and retirement markets, as well as business decision management.

Hibob is a cloud-based platform for human resource departments, turning employee data into actionable information. The platform identifies the cultures within a business and includes an integrated digital broker. Hibob also developed a digital insurance broker that finds for every employee the best insurance that suits his status and his age.

leO is a bot platform for rental insurance specifically designed to reach millennials and help them with the task of managing their belongings. leO operates in Facebook Messenger with constant uptime. Users can use leO to store their warranties, evaluate the current value of their belongings, and prepare a list of all the items they want insured. leO was developed by sFBI.

Atidot offers a SaaS platform to insurers, helping them become data-driven quicker and more efficiently. The platform enables users to ask businesses questions, guiding the development of answers with smart data, prediction, and AI. Atidot converts models into actionable business decisions, finding new audiences, experimenting with products, driving growth, relieving capital, and monitoring performance.

Wobi Ltd offers online insurance price comparisons, simplifying the insurance-buying process for consumers. Wobi offers its users information on a wide range of leading insurance companies in Israel so that they can purchase the best insurance at the most competitive price within minutes, instead of spending hours calling agents and comparing different membership sites. Wobi is a subsidiary of White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd.

Next Insurance
Next Insurance's online platform facilitates simplified, fast, transparent insurance search and enrollment for small and medium-sized businesses. Available on PC and mobile devices, the company's technology helps reduce the complexity commonly involved in acquiring business insurance, letting users buy, renew, and maintain policies online. The platform collocates coverage plans, enabling a greater degree of customization of the final package. It also processes claims and helps control costs.

Aero-plan is an online B2B marketplace for medical transport services that connects travel insurance and assistance companies with a vetted network of medical air-transport providers. Aero-plan maps patients in need of global transport and delivers, in real time, numerous repatriation flight quotes from leading providers, matching clients' specific requirements. The process creates visibility and transparency, facilitates cost containment, and mitigates medical and financial risk.

Konsileo is a commercial insurance broker using technology to empower individuals and replace hierarchical management with professional collaboration. Their technology disrupts the traditional broking model in two ways. Firstly, it addresses the operational challenges of regulatory compliance, data capture and duplication with an intuitive platform that gives brokers back more time to spend winning and retaining clients. Secondly, Their technology underpins the creation of a community of modern brokers without hierarchy. Brokers who support each other, share expertise, and are rewarded for working together.

2Team Computers Ltd develops software solutions for insurance and finance companies. It focuses on products, added-value and outsourcing services, and business process outsourcing (BPO). The company offers three platforms: the all-in-one G-Life for marketing financial products; Big Money for portfolio-management in marketing and monitoring; and the Life On-Line Web toolkit for sales.

Alan is the first digital health insurance company in Europe. We revolutionise health insurance by focusing on user experience with excellent price-quality ratio health plan. We are the first new insurance licensed in France since 1986.

InsFocus Systems Ltd has developed an insurance-specific business intelligence (BI) suite that brings advanced analytics to every part of the insurance business. The Structured Insurance BI Methodology creates and deploys structured BI projects with a focus on predictable and accurate results, customizability, and user friendliness. InsFocus is a Microsoft Certified Partner, operating globally via local partners.

Click-Ins is an insurance technology company developing getmeIns, a product for loss ratio reduction. Click-Ins delivers military-grade intelligence to the insurance industry to detect and predict insurance fraud at the point of sale.

PassportCard offers a real-time travel insurance solution designed to revolutionize the relationship between insurers and their customers through a holistic approach involving no out-of-pocket expenses, no paperwork, and no long claim process. Its solution facilitates claims payouts in real time, on the spot, when the customer needs it most. Using its big data and predictive analytics technologies and global Payments platform, the company's award-winning solution provides an opportunity for leading insurers and assistance companies to offer an innovative, co-branded disruptive service and a superior customer experience. PassportCard currently operates in Germany and Canada (in collaboration with Allianz) and Israel. It is also expanding into the UK, Scandinavia, and other significant markets. PassportCard is a joint venture between White Mountains Insurance group and DavidShield. The company franchises its innovative solutions to major travel insurance and medical assistance companies worldwide.

FatBerry is a holistic insurance online portal, which allows individuals to search for best deal, enjoy hassle free purchase experience, and also world class claim assistance.

KATSANA is a data company focusing on usage-based insurance & connected cars. Our prediction & gamification engine excels in understanding driver behavior patterns, scoring drivers based on actual risk on the road, and engage them to become better drivers.

PolicyStreet makes comparative analysis of insurance products from various policies based on provider, features and coverage.

SavePromise is an InsurTech platform in Malaysia. It provide user latest financial technology experience. We deliver the life insurance services for users' convenience by mobile devices.

eBaoTech's mission is "make insurance easy". Since its founding in year 2000, eBaoTech has grown fast and today has business in more than 30 countries globally, serving more than a hundred carriers and numerous agents, brokers, and other ecosystem players. Digital insurance is the coming wave. In eBaoTech view, digital insurance means connected insurance. To enable connected insurance, eBaoTech offers two groups of solutions: eBao Cloud and eBao Software.

Supported by a core team specialising in Internet insurance, it provides many insurers and fund companies with online and offline insurance services as well as general e-commerce services.

JD Finance
JD Finance Group began operating in October 2013 and is now engaged in seven lines of business: supply chain finance, consumer finance, Crowdfunding, Wealth Management, Payments services, insurance and securities services.

PINTEC utilises big data and other innovative technologies to provide smart financial services and solutions to consumers and small businesses as well as to help broaden access to financial services generally.

Zhongan Insurance
Zhongan Online Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (Zhongan Insurance) is an Internet insurance company and is headquartered in Shanghai.

Zuihuibao provides insurance companies and car owners with a range of online services including price comparison and Payments and issuance services through its mobile application as well through WeChat.

Bought By Many
Bought By Many is a multi award-winning InsurTech start-up using social media to disrupt insurance distribution.

QuanTemplate is a Big Data & Analytics and analytics platform built specifically for the complex needs of the insurance and reinsurance industry

Coherent Asia
We build the insurance risk analytics and reporting software we wish we had while preparing materials for the C-level executives of asset & liability risk committees at large multinational insurers throughout Asia.

goBundl is a future Peer-to-Peer insurance platform.

Galileo Platforms - Jinjerjade
The Jinjerjade insurance company ratings site is the first of these empowerment tools. It is designed to help consumers decide WHICH insurer to buy from.Building a blockchain-based platform to allow insurers and distributors to sell and administer insurance, enabling a seamless digital customer journey and changing the economics of reaching underserved segments. Matching risk to capital more efficiently and cost-effectively for existing ecosystem participants, and lowering barriers to entry for startup insurers, distributors and InsurTechs.

Taiger Singapore Pte Ltd
Taiger is a global leader in AI, specialising in transforming completely unstructured information to valuable knowledge. Our cutting-edge technology solutions apply far beyond just Machine Learning, allowing us to contextualise information more accurately – without requiring a large amount of data to ‘learn’. For businesses, we fundamentally solve information access problems, transforming information to valuable knowledge. For their customers, this means ease of access to information, empowering them to make better decisions and of course, lesser frustrating moments with inefficient customer service.

Perfios (PERsonal FInance One Stop - is a newage Fintech company that provides innovative solutions in the Personal Finance and related areas. The B2C Personal Finance Management (Personal Finance Management) solution provided by Perfios offers a 360 degree view of one's personal finance in an automated way and lets an end user track, monitor and manage her finance with very little manual intervention. It already has more than 5,000,000 registered users and has been deployed for more than 6 years now. Perfios is leveraging its core technologies in automating key aspects of certain common business processes in Financial Institutions.

Arttha Digital Banking
Arttha, an initiative by PureSoftware, is one of the fastest growing technology providers in the mobile payments world. With a focus on business execution and process optimization, it delivers high performance technologies while ensuring minimal operational costs for service providers. It's provides a one platform solution for consumer facing financial services, including cards, devices, vouchers, loans, agent management, and multi-currency transactions. In the last three years, Arttha has been adopted by more than 50 banks and financial institutions, and 4 mobile operators, as their preferred solution. We have a proven track record of being disruptive and innovative in our approach to solving business problems in the unconventional financial services market.

Vesl uses online and mobile applications to distribute bite-size trade credit insurance for traditional and online commerce. It acts as a platform which brings together borrowers, insurers, and financiers from around the world into a single specialized market place where the SMEs have access to bite-size insurance and financing from different providers. Vesl’s trade finance platform integrates credit insurance and financing for commerce.
Clearly Surely provides users with life insurance knowledge and lets them compare different plans to see which provides value for money. Users can also post questions about life insurance when they need unbiased advice.

Thinkcloud is a web based solution with various product offerings like intelligent healthcare and mobile eSignature solutions. The platform safeguards digital transactions by using “Selfie Video Signature” to authenticate users’ eSignature. Thinkcloud’s mobile medical system is based on Internet of Medical Things. The platform is integrated with various modules like modes of communications, social media and telecare which enables it to offer intelligent mobile healthcare solutions to its users

Health2Sync provides healthcare platform that incorporates mobile, digital health and cloud service, their flagship product is “Health2Sync”, a mobile app that simplifies and personalizes diabetes management. The product helps lighten the burden of diabetes through simple tools and services, help diabetics to better self-manage their blood glucose, and allow family and health professionals to provide care where necessary. In 2016, the company was selected for InsurTech Income Future Starter’s accelerator program.

Smallticket is a lifestyle insurance community with people who have similar life patterns. Users can buy suitable insurance plans, receive rewards from saving system right away, and enjoy the customized affiliate services as well. The community enables users to choose to use their rewards as group activity costs or donate it to charity. has built AI powered omni-channel commerce platform that enables buy, sell and collect payments on social media platforms. Sellers generate actionable #hashtags and/or super-powered short links using jumper?s tech which converts their post into a direct point-of-sale. Buyers can show intent by commenting on the post with the #producthashtag and confirm via their AI channel (FBMessenger/SMS currently). For posts with super-powered short links, users click the link and purchase using their web-bot in < 1 minute; and if they've previously purchased using, their preferred AI channel will kick in (messenger/SMS).

Aigang Network
Blockchain protocol for digital insurance, enabling new digital insurance services for IoT and smart devices.

1-Net is a carrier-neutral data center service provider, we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services including network connectivity, managed services, work area recovery suite, cloud and media delivery services. 1-Net North Data Center is the First Tier III Constructed Facility certified by Uptime Institute in Southeast Asia. It is a purposed-built facility to support mission critical data applications, tailored to meet high security requirement of the financial institutions and payment service providers. The data center has adopted MAS’s Technology Risk Management guidelines on TVRA and attained Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards compliance. 1-Net has also adopted the OSPAR as established by The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) to elevate the trust to its financial customers as a data center service provider.

IOLO offers a smart insurance wallet to manage insurance policies across providers and also facilitate claim management services.

Prosecure provides return shipping insurance services for e-commerce merchants. It allows online shoppers to return their products for free.

WellteQ is the leading digital wellness solution for employee health engagement and HR data analytics. Our suite of innovative engagement programs include activity challenges, mental wellness, financial wellness, HR onboarding and virtual coaching for employees. We offer the most comprehensive data analytics for real time engagement and post program ROI in market. Programs are highly customizable and provide an experience packed with gamification, group projects, social interaction rewards and charity all to maximise healthy behavioural change. With customisation comes flexibility – which is paramount for the businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world today. Subscribe from less than $1/wk per person. Send us an email at

Insurance Market Pte Ltd
In the confusing and sometimes opaque world of insurance, Insurance Market acts as the pathfinder for consumers to find the insurance best suited to their needs. As an online insurance broker, Insurance Market brings customers a reliable, smooth digital insurance experience, offering personalised choice, clarity, convenience and control. We guide customers to those policies that are most suitable to their needs, we compare them against similar policies for pricing and coverage and let customers transact online and be covered within minutes. Our rigorous rating model and algorithms do the analysis and numbers crunching, better than any person can do, but the human touch is there when needed. We make the whole insurance selection, buying and management process simple and quick. Insurance Market is digitally connected with 15+ insurers and makes that connectivity available to other insurance distributors as well, making it a hub in contemporary digital insurance distribution.

Insurance Republic - Stark Group Pte Ltd
My-Insurer is the first mobile application in the market that serves both intermediaries and customers; a back-end system that serves and supports the consumer-centric front-end application. It aims to improve the operational efficiency of insurance agents, brokers and financial advisers, by helping them consolidate customer databases and remove the need for endless spreadsheets. The platform also helps connect intermediaries to interested customers. If a customer and an agent connect through the my-insurer app, they will be able to communicate through an in-built chat function, and the agent is able to push news, updates and information to his clients via the news feed function. In short, the platform has a look and feel that is similar to a social media app, but one that focuses on insurance agents and their customers. The app has reached 1000 users daily.

At Metromile, we invent smarter ways to manage risk. In doing so, Metromile is revolutionizing car insurance through technology with its pay-per-mile insurance model. By offering affordable car insurance, transparent pricing based on the miles you actually drive, data to optimize how you use your car, and instant access to detailed vehicle diagnostics via the driving app, Metromile is transforming car insurance — and car ownership — to be more intelligent, seamless, and accessible than ever before. Metromile is expanding across the US, and currently empowering drivers in California, Illinois, Oregon, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington. Customers who switch to Metromile's pay-per-mile car insurance save an average of $500 a year!

Cuvva is a totally new type of UK car insurance that gets you covered on a car for only as long as you need it. It creates smart insurance that fits around people, setting people free from the rigid insurance systems that hold them back. Download, get verified and enter the number plate of the car you're borrowing. Then choose how many hours you want to be insured for, pay, and go!

Urban Jungle Insurance
Founded in 2016, Urban Jungle is an insurance technology business based in the UK. Urban Jungle leverages technology to help young customers get access to cheaper, better, home insurance.

CBien is a Digital Management Platform for your belongings. It helps you: 1- to inventory anything you purchase or own already in an automatic way, including important documentation (receipts, warranty, etc.) 2- to know the market value in real time of your belongings 3- to actively manage it - sell, rent, share any but also insure or file a claim - for a single item or your inventory as a whole. It is free and if your home insurance provider is a partner, you get a premium version

Inspeer is the first collaborative insurance platform.

DIYInsurance (Do It Your way Insurance) is Singapore’s First Life Insurance Comparison Web Portal launched in June 2014. We exist for one sole purpose: to empower you to make informed decisions about your insurance purchases based on no one’s agenda except your own. Backed by key people with almost 2 decades of experience, we are committed to benefit you with the most honest, independent and competent advice. We do this by sharing objective product comparisons and knowledge on the right approach to insurance planning. Understanding that commissions may create a conflict of interest in advice, all DIYInsurance staff are salaried-based and not commissions-based. Get greater cost savings as we rebate 50% of the commissions back to you and compare a wide range of products for your Protection, Savings and Retirement Income needs from various insurance companies.

BOLT Solutions
BOLT Solutions offers an online sales and client service platform that enables small businesses and personal users to compare and purchase insurance policies. The platform supports all of the insurance needs of its customers while driving market share, retention, and increased revenue for its insurance industry partners. The company serves small independent agencies, large brokers and wholesalers, and small and large insurance companies as well as direct writers, agents, and consumers. Based in New York, BOLT Solutions was established in 2000.

The Oscar team is focused on utilizing technology, design and data to humanize healthcare. They are a group of technology and healthcare dreamers who looked at the current state of the US healthcare system, got frustrated by the horrible consumer experience, and decided to do something big about it. Backed by a renowned set of investors and advisors, they’re building a team in New York City’s Puck Building.

Collective Health
Collective Health gives companies a smarter alternative to traditional health insurance. Through a cloud-based, integrated health benefits platform, the company enables self-insured employers to get more out of their healthcare investment while taking better care of their people. Collective Health has seen exponential traction in the $1.2 trillion employer-sponsored insurance market -- its membership has grown by 500x in just three sales cycles. Currently, the company covers 70,000 employee and dependent lives across 15 employers; clients include Activision Blizzard, Crossfit, eBay, Palantir and Red Bull. For more information, visit

Hugo Insurance
4 million Californians drive uninsured not because they don't care, but because they can't foot a $100 bill on the first of the month. Hugo lets you put as little as $7 in your account, and then turn your insurance on and off from your phone. You only pay when you drive. Simple. That's why uninsured drivers are more than 3x as likely to pick Hugo over traditional monthly insurance.

Jumpstart Insurance Solutions
"Jumpstart is a Benefit Corporation founded with the social mission to increase economic stimulus following natural disasters such as earthquakes.Conventional earthquake insurance is designed to cover a complete loss of your home—and they have to charge high premiums and deductibles to do so. Jumpstart is different. We know that even in a large quake, most damage is minor and a complete loss is less likely. Our goal is to quickly give you enough money to cover your immediate needs after the quake. To jump-start your life."

RedVelvet Ventures is a new player in the industry with its app Bomapp which provides insurance information and advice, and helps users manage policies.

Payable helps thousands of contractors get paid faster and more efficiently. Much more than payments, we're on a mission to strengthen the 1099 workforce by making invoicing, work-tracking, onboarding, and calculating earnings and taxes as simple as possible for both contractors and the companies they work with.

Shift Technology
Shift Technology leverages the best of data science to automatically detect networks of fraudsters in insurance and e-commerce. The solution is integrated to our cutting edge Big Data platform, and is provided in a SaaS model.

Beam Dental
beam® is a smarter dental benefits company that offers employers, individuals and families a fundamentally unique approach to dental care by pricing according to how often members brush their teeth. All beam® SmartPremium plans include our connected brush, alongside automatic shipments of toothpaste and floss. Our accompanying app makes it easy to find and access dental services with the tap of a finger. We’re beam®, and we’re reimagining dental care from the ground up.


Bind is built for the way we live now. Unlike traditional health insurance that charges for services you may never need or want, Bind allows you to pay for what you need-not what you don’t-and adjust your coverage when those needs change. intends to disrupt and revolutionize the way that personal lines and small commercial lines insurance products are sold in the US by capitalizing on the availability of mobile native ecosystems and available data being captured by social media, and pairing this with a more scalable insurance model.

Bright Health
Bright Health is a venture-backed health insurance company that offers health plans, an integrated technology experience, and provides health systems economic rewards for practicing efficient, high-quality healthcare. The company is forming exclusive partnerships with a single health system in each market to support the relationship between patients and providers. The Minneapolis-based company is also reshaping how people and physicians achieve better health through its exclusive partnerships with health systems and health insurance plans.

Bunker Technologies, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, CA with a second office in Madison, WI, was founded in 2015 to deliver an entirely new small business insurance buying experience. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Bunker Protect, Inc., they are a licensed insurance broker in all 50 states, in addition to working with leading insurance carriers in building new and unique products. By developing the first ever contract-related insurance marketplace, Bunker delivers the exact business insurance policies at the moment they're needed.

Clearsurance provides an independent source for consumers to share insurance experiences, ratings, reviews and advocacy tools.

Cover is an Android and iOS mobile application that allows its users to insure anything by taking a picture of what they need to insure. It partners with many insurance companies and brokers to provide its users with the best available rates. The application allows its users to insure vehicles, mobile phones, pets, jewelry, houses, boats, tours, and more. It was launched in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Covered Insurance
Covered - the smarter, simpler, intelligent insurance agency helping you easily buy the best home and auto insurance for your needs in minutes. With Covered, consumers can quickly purchase the insurance they need and mortgage originators to close more deals, faster.

Covr Financial Technologies
Covr makes it simple to protect the people and things that matter most in life. As an agent of change in a rapidly evolving industry, Covr is a technology-driven alternative that provides a simpler, faster way for people to protect what matters most. Through partnerships with financial institutions and advisors, Covr's innovative digital platform provides a simpler way to research, compare, shop for and buy insurance from top providers, fully online and within minutes.

CoverWallet is an online platform that offers insurance management services to its clients. CoverWallet’s range of insurance include general liability, workers’ compensation, commercial property, BOP, professional liability, E&O, medical malpractice, umbrella insurance, D&O, cyber liability, inland marine, EPLI, commercial auto, disability, health, and product and pollution liability. Its services are provided to firms in the administrative, agricultural, construction, consulting, contractor, education, finance, food, healthcare, management, manufacturing, mining, non-profit, scientific, and real estate industries. CoverWallet was launched in 2015 by Inaki Berenguer and Rashmi Melgiri and is based in New York.

Crop Pro Insurance
Crop Pro Insurance Services, Inc. is a Managing General Agency ( MGA) specializing in federal and private crop insurance for GuideOne Mutual Insurance Company. They help independent agents differentiate from other agents in the market by bringing innovative private product solutions that solve real needs to increase yield and lower operating costs that work in good stewardship with the land.

Cyence has developed the industry’s first economic cyber risk modeling platform quantifying cyber risk in probabilities and dollars. Cyence’s unique solutions help the insurance industry more effectively manage cyber risk from prospecting and selecting, to assessment and pricing, and managing portfolios, exposures and accumulations.

At®, we believe that nothing is more important than your budget. So we help you make sure you are paying as little as possible for expenses like insurance. makes finding great insurance easy! It's fast, free, and there's no obligation. We just take the hassle out of finding and calling multiple insurance agents in your area or spending time filling out online quote requests with carriers less likely to provide you the best rates. We do the research on the insurance companies, match you with insurance providers who offer what you need, and you get great insurance rate quotes to compare.

Fabric Technologies believes every family deserves a secure financial future. The company builds a smarter way for new parents to get insured. Life insurance has become too complicated and expensive, and Fabric Technologies is changing change that.

Gabi monitors insurance rates from all carriers and provides unbiased advice on the optimal coverage.

Gravie is a health insurance marketplace designed to help consumers choose and buy insurance, pay for it, and manage all health care expenses in one place. With Gravie, consumers don’t have to track down price comparisons, spend hours trying to differentiate between a copay and a co-insurance, determine if they qualify for tax credits from the government, or worry if they’ll get penalized under the new regulations. Gravie takes care of all of this so that no one becomes overwhelmed trying to figure it out alone. By using smart technology and by building good partnerships – with insurance companies, state health care exchanges, banks and outsourcers — Gravie make sense of something that has historically been way too complicated. Gravie‘s founders have started and led some of the most innovative, industry-changing healthcare companies in the last decade.

Groundspeed Analytics
Groundspeed provides automation and analytics services to commercial insurers, brokers and TPAs. Groundspeed automates claim data management by using machine learning to extract data from insurance carrier documents like loss runs. Groundspeed automatically requests, receives, processes and analyzes loss run data from carrier PDFs and other document types. Our machine learning technology extracts all data from carrier loss runs in order to inform users about important claims, trends, underwriting profit pools, and carrier profitability.

Hippo Insurance
Hippo offers intuitive and proactive home insurance by taking a smarter, tech-driven approach.

JOANY (Impact Health)
Using data + predictive modeling,Everything they do at Impact Health is solely focused on their customer. They are dedicated to providing a personalized experience with the highest possible service found anywhere . Their mission at Impact Health is to make buying health insurance online simple and transparent. They are a venture-backed startup obsessively focused on their customer. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, their are personalizing healthcare for the consumer.

InsuredMine is an intuitive web platform where users can visualize all their insurance information to: (1) Understand and manage policy coverage… all under one roof. (2) Receive customized recommendations ...on policies they don’t have but must be having, and the ones they have but don’t need them. (3) Become an empowered customer ... analyze personal and comparative data to rationalize policies. We’re excited to introduce a product that places insurance customers in the driving seat. As we saw a great need to develop better customer engagement, insight and experience. InsuredMine will make bring home the concept of Insurance Management to the average customer.

Kin Insurance
Kin provides home insurance without the hassle. Home insurance without the hassle. Other insurance companies ask pages and pages of arcane questions. Kin uses the internet to gather that data automatically and asks you for confirmation, saving you time and hassle.

Ledger Investing
Ledger Investing provides an exciting opportunity for asset managers, pension funds, hedge funds, family offices and other institutions interested in earning a great return through insurance investing. The company deploys proprietary software and data analytics covering many types of insurance risk portfolios. The technology enables insurers to securitize risk more efficiently while providing investors, asset managers, pension funds, hedge funds, family offices, and other institutions an opportunity to invest in a new and growing asset class. Ledger Investing was founded by Julien Brissonneau, Aymeric Rabot and Samir Shah in 2016.

Limelight Health
Limelight Health delivers a mobile technology platform and solution for health insurance agents and other health insurance professionals. Its platform connects and integrates data with other beneficial technologies like payroll, CRM, benefits administration, and compliance tools. The company’s business solution supports in the decision making process with advanced quoting and decision support tools while saving time and eliminating redundancies. Its app, QuotePad, is a quote engine that provides quoting, integration, and census data collection solutions for health insurance agents. Founded in 2014, Limelight Health is based in San Francisco, California.

Next Insurance
Next Insurance was started in Palo Alto, CA by Guy Goldstein, Nissim Tapiro, and Alon Huri to fix a problem they discovered while starting up their first company in 2005. It took way too much time and energy to obtain and maintain insurance for their company — and thus the idea for Next Insurance was born. Making a business successful takes a lot of time, effort, and passion. Protecting that business is critical, and setting up insurance shouldn’t get in the way of what’s important! Today, dealing with insurance companies is an energy-draining experience wherein both insurers and agents are seen as inflexible and impersonal, following their own agendas. The insurance industry, meanwhile, is focused on paying out as few claims as possible - certainly not something that drives outstanding customer service! We are on a mission to use our expertise in innovation and technology to transform insurance for businesses.

At NFP Corp., our solutions and expertise are matched only by our personal commitment to each client's goals. We're a leading insurance broker and consultant that provides employee benefits, property & casualty, retirement, and individual insurance and wealth management solutions through our licensed subsidiaries and affiliates. Our registered investment advisers and broker-dealers empower independent financial advisors with integrated technology, subject matter expertise and a suite of customized services.

PHP Agency Inc.
PHP Agency is a financial services marketing company with a two-part vision: - Change the culture and diversity of the insurance industry and; - Build the world’s largest financial services marketing company in history. To realize this vision, PHP has partnered with some of the world’s leading insurance carriers to offer clients personally suitable life insurance and annuity products and; provide a part-time or full-time career opportunity to those wishing to pursue a career as life insurance agents. The company is privately held and headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Policy Genius
PolicyGenius, based in New York, NY, was founded in 2014 by two former McKinsey consultants who saw a gap in the insurance industry and dedicated themselves to shifting the industry online and into the hands of the consumer. Through its highly tailored Insurance Checkup™, users can discover their coverage gaps and review solutions for their exact needs. The company provides the only place online to shop for life, long-term disability, health, renters and pet insurance through its highly accurate quoting engines that offer side-by-side comparisons of tailored policies.

Spruce Holdings
Spruce Holdings aims to improve title insurance assessment and issuance to reduce the time needed to close a real estate deal. Spruce Holdings' business is all about lowering costs, empowering homeowners, and enabling great customer experiences for mortgage and real estate companies.

Sure is a mobile app that allows you to purchase insurance when you want it, and where you want it. Sure is the future of personal insurance with Episodic Insurance . Getting insured is one of the most financially responsible actions you can take. they"ve made it easier than ever to feel protected.Sure helps savvy consumers like you with purchasing and managing the insurance policies that best suit your lifestyle.

Trov is dedicated to reinventing insurance by making it simple, flexible and transparent. With a simple swipe on your phone, you can easily protect just the things you want, exactly when you want. Whether you’re at home or on the go, your things are protected against accidental damage, loss or theft. Easily report a claim with a few taps on your...

UnBrokerage allows small businesses to purchase and manage their commercial insurance 100% online, in real time, and without engaging a traditional broker. Unlike insurance shopping comparison engines, the UnBrokerage platform uses an intelligent recommendation engine to quote a monthly insurance price in real time while matching businesses with the right insurance carrier.

Wellthie is a leading provider of next-generation technology solutions to help insurance carriers and brokers thrive in the retail age. The company's cloud-based e-commerce platform modernizes the way brokers sell insurance to small businesses and individuals.

Fluo offers immediate diagnostic of insurance covers to users : Customers buy the right insurance and stop paying twice for the same cover. Fluo is integrated with Travel Agencies, PSPs, Banks, Market Places and Car Rental companies. Fluo offer them an attractive opportunity to boost their margins and improve their Net Promoter Score. The Mobile App was launched in June 2014.

Meteo Protect
Meteo Protect offers financial products that protect companies and institutions when weather conditions adversely impact their business or profits or generate additional costs. Meteo Protect is an insurance and reinsurance broker with the largest team in Europe dedicated exclusively to weather risk management. We operate anywhere in the world and all our solutions are underwritten by the largest insurers in the market.

Rental Insurance Broker

Opus La Mutuelle Chien & Chat
First Digital Pet Insurance specialist in France

Otherwise is France's first collaborative (peer-to-peer) insurance broker. Our platform gathers people with a common need for coverage in a brand new way. Using behavioral analysis – with the support of community management and machine learning, we enable our members to drastically reduce their overall cost of insurance.

Gaggel is a self-insurance platform that enables friends to come together and put money aside in case somebody breaks or loses their phone. For an annual subscription fee, users can get together with friends and family to put aside a fixed monthly amount in an escrow account to claim when their phones are damaged. It also offers repair and replacement services. Launched in 2014, Gaggel’s operations are based in the United Kingdom.

PolicyCastle is an UK digital insurance broker. We aim to present an information approach, focused on the customer experience, with household insurance as the first point of contact with the customer. It is smartphone led, helping customers to understand and find the optimal cover, using genetic algorithms and behavioural science. This will benefit both the customer and the insurer, particularly in relation to verification, claims and anti-fraud. We help insurers gain a better understanding of the customers they are insuring and target specific groups with more detailed underwriting.

Insly is cloud-based insurance software for insurance brokers and agents to replace papers and spreadsheets. Its goal is to make insurance easy to understand, manage, and buy for both service providers and end users. Insly is a spin-off from IIZI Group – most successful insurance broker group in CEE region starting from 2000. Their core team consists of the founders and key employees of IIZI Group, who contributed to revolutionising the insurance business with their innovative and business focused IT solutions. Insly was launched in 2000 in London, United Kingdom.

At SPIXII, our goal is to simplify the way we buy insurance. We've developed a chatbot that engages with customers at every step of the buying process. Powered by behavioural science and neuroeconomics, SPIXII’s returning the heart to the world of brokers and bureaucracy. And it’s through something as simple and personal as conversation. SPIXII was born out of the friendship between three founders, and their shared belief in the social, economic value of insurance. If you’d like to join our mission, drop us a message at And to find out more, please visit

PlusSimple is an insurance broker for SMEs and self-employed. It helps to meet all the professional insurance needs.

The REG (Regulatory Efficiency Gains) system provides regulatory compliance solution for insurance brokers, insurers, agency. It helps to streamline the checks, processes and data collection required for broker/agency management.

Otherwise is France's first collaborative (peer-to-peer) insurance broker. Our platform gathers people with a common need for coverage in a brand new way. Using behavioral analysis – with the support of community management and machine learning, we enable our members to drastically reduce their overall cost of insurance.

Wecover is a P2P insurance platform for cars which rewards good drivers. It provides a score and personalized advice to improve and reduce user risk after each trip and reimburses the best driver the amount of its current insurance up to EUR 500.

LeLynx is an insurance platform that helps user compare insurance for multiple products . It also enables user to buy insurance directly from the platform.

Addactis is the worldwide network delivering first class actuarial and strategic services and software, for the insurance and reinsurance sectors. It povides solutions to 500 (re)insurance companies worldwide and 2000 software users in over 50 countries.

CompareEuropeGroup is Europe's fastest growing financial comparison platform for insurance, banking, and telco products, such as car insurance, personal loans, credit cards, and broadband subsriptions.

MicroEnsure is a specialist provider of insurance to the mass market with more than 42 million customers in markets across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. We provide a range of life, health and property products via a range of distribution partners that include microfinance companies, co-operatives and mobile network operators. The team at MicroEnsure started working on developing its model in 2002 and established itself as the Micro Insurance Agency in 2006, which was then renamed as MicroEnsure in 2008. In 2013, Opportunity International divested its majority stake in MicroEnsure and the company secured investment from IFC, Omidyar Network and members of MicroEnsure’s management team to provide the funding and strategic relationships necessary to continue its growth. MicroEnsure is at the forefront of bringing insurance to the mass market via the mobile phone. In 2013 MicroEnsure Asia was established as a joint venture between Telenor Group and the UK based MicroEnsure Holdings Limited. MicroEnsure Asia will initially focus on introducing a range of insurance products to Telenor's 149 million subscribers across its business units in Asia as well as seeking to work with other mobile network operators and distribution partners in Asia and Eastern Europe. For more information please visit or join the conversation at and follow us on Twitter @microensure

Amaguiz is a trademark, dedicated exclusively to the distribution of insurance via the Internet or phone.

Moonshot-Internet is an Insurtech which develops usage insurance products and services dedicated to E-commerces.

Coverlife is an insurance brokerage company specializing in the distribution of health and provident insurance

Comparadise regroups a dozen comparison websites that enable Internet users to compare a wide range of insurance and credit quotes.

Cytora works with re(insurers) to improve the way they understand and price risk by leveraging machine learning and unstructured data.

RightIndem is a web-based, self-service insurance claims platform for multiple insurance verticals. Operating globally, with pilots in Automotive, Home and Marine insurance, the software platform helps improve productivity and reduce cost within insurers, whilst providing a much better user experience for end customers. The customer-centric approach allows insurance customers to interact with their claim in their own time, the web app removes the insurance jargon and thus drastically improves claim cycle times and customer satisfaction. The platform’s backend service reduces the administration support needed to process a claim. It helps claims handlers focus more on higher value jobs and brokers spend more time on new deals, minimizing the time spent on explanation processes and negotiation with applicants. This increases the productivity of handlers up to four times per day, and gives management good visibility of claims handling metrics - potentially saving an insurer £500 per claim.

Clark is an insurance platform providing transparent, cheap and comprehensive insurance coverage. By combining technology and insurance expertise, Clark offers users simple, fair and customer-centric insurance advice. The Berlin-based company was founded in June 2015 by Dr. Christopher Oster and Steffen Glomb. Clark is supported by FinTech incubator FinLeap and the insurance think tank ITA - "Institute for Transparency".

Founded in 2015, Getsafe is one of the pioneers in the European InsurTech scene. Having started with a mobile insurance manager for over 20´000 customers, Getsafe is now evolving to an insurance company. Following a multi-line insurance approach, Getsafe offers combinable modules to protect all important areas of a person’s life. Customers can adapt their coverage to new life situations within seconds, as well as file claims via app. As the first insurer in Europe, Getsafe is introducing a give-back based insurance model: Any leftover premiums will be donated to charities, so that Getsafe won´t profit from rejecting claims.

simplesurance operates in all 28 EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, US & Canada and develops innovative cross-selling solutions for eCommerce shops to combine traditional insurance industries with fast-paced digital business. simplesurance's solution enables e-tailors to cross-sell product insurances within -but not only- their checkout processes and even before. Therewith online-shops are able to monetize their customers twice in one process and gain additional margins and profit. More than 2,000 partners including many well-known eCommerce platforms and mobile electronic manufacturers, use the innovative power and flexibility of the company’s cross-selling platform. Additionally, simplesurance offers to all customers an innovative digital broker service to manage all of their insurances on their smartphones, easy and completely paperless

OTTOnova is developing a digital health insurance platform for people in Germany. Curently, the company is waiting for regulatory approval from Financial Supervisory Authority as of June 2017.

Friendsurance operates on a peer-to-peer insurance concept, which rewards small groups of users with a cash back bonus at the end of each year they remain claimless. The company’s claims-free bonus is available on a range of retail products in Germany: home contents, private liability, and legal expenses insurances. Friendsurance was co-founded by Janis Meyer-Plath, Sebastian Herfurth, and Tim Kunde in 2010 and is based in Berlin, Germany

Finanzchef24 is a German online broker and comparison portal for business insurance. Finanzchef24 services SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) and makes buying business insurance as easy as possible. The company developed a proprietary insurance underwriting and comparison software to enable thousands of different businesses and professions to receive individual and tailored insurance quotes online. Finanzchef24 works directly with all major business insurers in Germany - from Allianz to Zurich. The Munich based start-up was named fastest-growing fintech in the 2016/2017 ranking issued by Axel Springer publication Gründerszene and KPM

Bisure is a digital platform for commercial insurance. It enables tender research, comparison, tendering, consultation, and application submission including online contract management.

Getsurance is a Robo Advisor for insurance, specializing in biometric risk (occupational disability, life, care etc.). The company designs algorithms and responsive interfaces to analyze personal risk, customize policies, and intermediate curated products with an end-to-end digital process. At the same time the team is designing highly flexible insurance products for the digital customer. The company was founded in 2016 by the brothers Dr. Johannes Becher and Dr. Viktor Becher and closed a business angel round in May 2016, led by Germany’s leading Insurance Rating Agency Franke & Bornberg. The team consists of 12 software and insurance specialists and operates at WeWork / SonyCenter Berlin

FinanzRitter is a digital insurance broker to provide highly standardized and automated insurance management. It is the next-generation digital insurance broker that combines consumer protection, artificial intelligence and handcrafted user interfaces to provide standardised, fast and intuitive insurance consultancy, management and service. It provide a digital instant all-round insurance consultancy and management.

Mobilversicher is the digital interface for brokers to the customers and product partners. It supports the agent in the administration, the app creates direct customer contact. The company provides a personalized brokerage portal and mobile application for end-users to manage insurance contracts without contacting an intermediary agent. The automated processes allow users to manage large insurance stocks efficiently. The app can be downloaded for free and the company currently does not charge users.

INSURGRAM (ChatDichSicher)
Insurgram (formerly ChatDichSicher) helps user to find insurance via chat. User can send a message via facebook.

Bike-ID is a bicycle insurance platfrom. It offers a free international bicycle registry, security marking kit, and insurance for bicycles. With security label and trace signs bearing the registration number of the bike, the database can help to identify its owner, even if the number of the frame is removed.

financeAds International GmbH is a performance marketing agency with a focus on the financial sector. We help financial service providers to market their products and services online, offering a broad range of financial publishers and large expertise in performance marketing. Founded in March 2015 as a joint venture between FinLeap GmbH and financeAds GmbH & CO, we're operating in Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Poland. Our strong team, led by Hakan Oezal and Alvise Perissinotto, counts +25 online marketers with financial expertise.

INSURANCE HERO (Haftpflicht Helden)
Insurance Hero is a private liability insurance platform. It helps users to pay regular annual fee by social credits which can earn for product referrals.

Connects insurances to brokers that consult their customers completely digital. The vision is to create a single protection for all risks in life in real time based on actually exposed risk. ONE is fully integrated in the wefox platform.

Insurance was born to protect peoples interests, a wonderful cause! But the insurance empire is broken and it’s time to strike back at its legacy infrastructure, organizational design and products built for broker intermediaries rather than around customer. Coya offers a new hope, by redesigning and extending the insurance value chain, working backwards from the customers real life needs. Coya will offer scalable protection at the point of need with an AI risk guardian and simple, transparent and personalized insurance cover. Designed from the ground up to manage life’s risks and join our customer’s journey.

ClaimsControl is an insurance claims collaboration platform that connects all claim handling process participants. It is an open API hub to connect the systems of all insurance claims handling process participants: insurers, brokers, their end B2B customers, loss adjusters, car repair, leasing, and others. It is also a freemium SaaS claims platform for SMEs. With no claim system of their own, any broker or B2B customer can create a free ClaimsControl account to register accidents and share claims.

Mobassurance is a software development company focused on building mobile-first insurance solutions and digital propositions for the 21st century insurers.

Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform. They solve critical transportation challenges and make transport freedom a reality for 620 million people in Southeast Asia. Grab will also offer loans and insurance with its new fintech platform - Grab Financial.

The Knip-App is an innovative mobile insurance manager that makes it easy for you to track all your insurance policies, premiums, and benefits. Their insurance experts are there to advise users on all facets of their policies. You can electronically adjust premiums, execute new policies, or cancel old ones. Our insurance experts strive for transparency and unbiased advice.

Baozhunniu is an online insurance platform that provides customised insurance products.

Digit Insurance
We’re simplifying insurance products so that even a 15-year-old can comprehend them.

Acko General Insurance
Acko is a digital insurance company based in India. Founded by Varun Dua, Acko raised a record $30 million in funding during its seed round, one of the highest amounts raised by an Indian start-up in recent times.