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provides a cloud-based fixed asset management solution. It provides an accounting package for fixed asset monitoring and accounting.

Launched in 2015, OFF3R is a mobile crowdfunding aggregator that operates as an access point to the alternative investment market. It helps its users discover and track opportunities across multiple crowdfunding platforms. The platform collates investment opportunities from various crowdfunding platforms and displays them in a Tinder-style swipe format. It also offers the latest insights and news about the alternative finance industry. OFF3R is operated from London, United Kingdom.

Esho Ventures
Esho Ventures gathers promising start/scale-ups who are passionate about solving problems in the PropTech industry. With a rich investment background, their teams provides the right tools, advice, investment capital, corporate structure, community and contacts for these businesses to progress to the next level. Esho Ventures invite hard-working entrepreneurs to their program - with a particular interest in the residential property management, commercial real estate, facilities management space and construction automation.

Level39 is the world's most connected tech community. They support fast-growth businesses in three clear ways - giving access to world-class customers, talent and infrastructure. Through expert mentors, access to Canary Wharf's dynamic workspace, a packed events calendar and best-in-class facilities we help businesses achieve scale. Owned wholly by the Canary Wharf Group, Level39 launched in March 2013. Since then, Level39 has grown from a simple idea into a three-floor, 80,000 sq. ft. community space occupying the 39th, 24th and 42nd floors of One Canada Square.

SparkUp allows companies, investment funds and IPO projects to raise funds in a semi-automated way.

Safely plan, rehearse and execute critical enterprise events. Cutover reduces both the risk and cost associated with critical events, such as making changes to core IT systems and service resilience testing. Cutover supports the orchestration of these complex, high-risk periods through the provision of a unique platform which enables real-time visualisation, collaboration, orchestration and audit. The Cutover platform fills a systemic gap in the enterprise tools market that is currently bridged with spreadsheets, emails and calls. During significant IT releases, major incident management, service resilience and crisis management, Cutover mitigates risk and brings collective accountability and transparency to complex business events, enabling the seamless orchestration of multiple teams. We are Cutover. Bringing people together.

OKCoin is a digital asset trading platform. It is the largest Bitcoin company headquartered in Beijing, China with an upcoming international office based in Hong Kong. OKCoin is committed to operating the largest Bitcoin exchange and using blockchain technology to dramatically improve Payments systems. OKCoin was founded in 2013 and has raised US$10mm in investments from Ceyuan Ventures, Mantra Capital, VenturesLab and other notable private investors including Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper.

We provide a comprehensive Digital Coupon platform for the merchant to create, to distribute, to redeem coupons.

The SuperCharger is the first FinTech accelerator program dedicated to both startups and more established global companies aiming to capture the Asian growth market.

NexChangers represent a global team of experts from finance, technology, and media that have come together to design a new platform to connect the entire financial services industry.

Bigcolors invests in early stage startups in Asia Pacific and the US.

iGrow is a marketplace that helps under-employed farmers and under-utilized land to produce organic food and sustainable incomes with cloud-based agricultural management software. The company connects farmers, landowners, and backers to create food organic plantations such as olive, durian, peanut, banana, avocado, date palm, and longan. They then sell the crops directly to customers much like a highly networked supermarket. Investors could benefit from revenue sharing between 13-24% of the investments per year. iGrow was launched as a B2B company in 2014 and is based in Jawa Barat, Indonesia.

Spriggy is a financial education offering for families built around a prepaid debit card for 8-18 year olds with a mobile banking app that parents and kids use together. Young people get their own personalised debit card to spend online and in-store while parents get a simple digital tool to pay allowances, follow transactions and encourage savings. Together, families get the opportunity to teach young people about money in a safe, simple and practical way. In a digital age, where money is less tangible than ever, Spriggy offers the future of financial education.

SuperEd is focused on helping super fund members plan for their retirement and take the actions necessary to achieve a better and more sustainable income in retirement. They do this through the provision of affordable online advice solutions encompassing forecasting, education and coaching, planning, advice and personal investment management. They've reviewed the best practices for quality online advice provision - robo-advice - from around the world and have built the next generation solution for Australia. SuperEd was founded in 2012 by senior financial services professionals Jeremy Duffield and Hugh Morrow, who share a passion for improving the effectiveness of super funds and the lives of their members.

SwiftPitch introduces startups to a larger investment pool. Their systems and toolset empowers communities to innovate and greatly improves business outcomes.Startups - they'll guide you through the steps required to be investment ready. Investors - gain access to the investment ready startups you desire. Startup Programs & Communities - they extend your reach globally and help your startups get in front of the right investor.

Visual Risk
Visual Risk provides superior treasury software to leading corporates and financial institutions. They develop innovative software that makes treasury management easy and provides clear answers to complex problems. This allows users to quickly report on past, present and future treasury activities in a unique way and eliminates the need to maintain large numbers of error-prone spreadsheets.

Billeasy's vision is to create an ecosystem that aids to revolutionise commerce, while saving the environment, one paper at a time.

Loylty Rewardz Management
Loylty Rewardz is a B2B loyalty and rewards management company that offers services related to the development and management of consumer loyalty, data intelligence, and direct marketing communication. The company helps its clients conceptualize, develop, and operate loyalty programs, installing best practices and processes towards generating sustainable relationships amongst their customer base. Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

TOFlo, which claims to be India' first platform for fintech funding, will start its first incubation program in October this year. About 4-5 startups will be selected from each incubation group as part of a process in which around 15 startups are expected to participate, Peter, who has worked with Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase before, said.

GREX Alternative Investments Market Private Limited
GREX is an innovative financial services institution involved in building solutions that combine high finance with high technology.GREX is building seamlessly integrated exchange-like platform and its associated ecosystem of participants to bring together private eligible Investors and high growth Unlisted Companies for information Exchange and Securities Transactions.

LetsVenture is an Crowdfunding platform that enables startups looking to raise seed capital to create investment ready profiles online, and connect to accredited investors. The platform also allows startups to get their business plans reviewed by its team as well as connect to mentors. It supports startups in the funding closure process through its commitment-to-closure package. Founded in 2013, LetsVenture uses its funding received from angel investors to expand and rope in more global investors.

AppCard combines a multi-tier loyalty program with actionable data-analytic reports and business-intelligence insights, making personalization of offers and rewards easy and effective. The cloud-based platform enables retailers to view their entire business on a single dashboard that includes transaction data, product mix, and employee performance. It aids businesses in managing campaigns and tracking shoppers' item-level purchase history, demographics, and visited locations.With AppCard, retailers can communicate with their customers anytime and anywhere via mobile app and Web through digital, live receipts, as well as push notifications, texts, and email campaigns.

BidFlyer empowers airlines to sell flight tickets at attractive prices to travelers worldwide using real-time auction technologies and big-data analytics. The white-label platform connects directly to the airline inventory, processes millions of events in real-time, and generates thousands of flight-ticket auctions every day. By distributing these auctions to airlines sites, online travel agencies, and airline ticket search engines, BidFlyer reaches millions of travelers.

ZEROBILLBANK Ltd provides functionality to the white-label banking system by issuing digital community tokens, such as 'Samurai Coin;' adding values, such as rewards, coupons, vouchers, recognition; managing multiple community tokens by single digital wallets and dashboard; and providing a marketplace. The company will issue the customer's own community tokens against 'ZEROBILL,' so that it is the principle currency for exchange with other community tokens.

Thumzap is a simple way to split a check on any mobile or online order or for a third-party to pay for someone else's purchases. Thumzap makes it easy for app users to send friends and family a request to pay for their in-app purchases. Once the request is received, it can be paid with one simple click with no need to set up a digital wallet, or enter credit card information since Thumzap simply plugs into the payer's existing Payments method in the Google Play or Apple app store.

CoinDash is a social platform where crypto investors can monetize their expertise and connect with other investors. For amateur and beginner investors, CoinDash can be an access point into the crypto space. Users can follow other leaders in the business, get fast live-trading signals, copy-trade others, and sharpen their trading skills.

Ownerhood is an online platform that brings Crowdfunding to property ownership. Ownerhood makes it possible to buy and directly own a share of a property anywhere in the world, put the property up for lease, and sell it on Ownerhood's secondary market.

MyleFly enables frequent flyers to cash in their accumulated airline loyalty miles for low-priced flight tickets in a fully automated process. It serves as an online trading platform for sellers of miles and buyers of flight tickets.

Homeppl is on a mission to help people unlock the best housing and financial opportunities with reputational data. Starting with the housing sector in the UK, Homeppl allows tenants to use their rental reputation to access the best housing opportunities. Concurrently, it enables lettings agencies to successfully let more homes by automating the tenancy reference check process. Homeppl introduce a Smart Profile for tenants to take with them from home to home. Tenants are invited by letting agencies to create the Smart Profile which analyses, authenticates, and determines their credibility and risk. The profile replaces the long and discriminative rental check process with a quick, secure, and user-friendly experience. The Homeppl Smart Profile can then be securely and privately shared with landlords, lenders, and banks.

Double Data
Big Data solutions for financial organizations

QIWI is a Payments service that enables its users to make Payments to individuals, the internet, and mobile communication channels.

Blackmoon Financial Group
Alternative Investments in global marketplace lending

Inventure Partners
Inventure Partners is an innovative investment fund focused on funding disruptive technology startups

Touch Bank
Touch Bank is an online retail bank, an international project of OTP Group, CEE region. It started servicing Russian clients in spring 2015.

MILI is a Russian financial company offering services for the microfinance sector.

Russian Venture Company Seed Fund
Russian Venture Company Seed Fund is a Russian government initiative to encourage fledgling Russian ventures.

Dengi Online
Dengi Online is a Payments system providing Payments services on all websites.

ROBOKASSA - is a universal solution to the problem of accepting Payments from your customers.

Target Global
Target Global is an international VC firm investing in fast-growing companies in e-Commerce, finTech, travel, software and mobile

Rentmania is an online community and marketplace to rent goods.

MoneyMan is a digital finance company based in Moscow, Russian Federation. We provide a high-quality online consumer lending service.

decentralized platform for IOU contract building and trading

decentralized network of advisors, researchers, developers, service providers and clients working together to accelerate blockchain markets.

p2p lending marketplace for SME loans

Private finance and investment advisor

Pay-Me provides mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) services for small and medium merchants.

Instant Payments Acceptance Network

a custom software solutions provider with a focus on the Adtech and Fintech industries.


Active stocks and bonds investing robo-advisor

Pursuance Capital
digital platform for high Net Worth Individuals

Modern, progressive solutions in stock and financial markets for free

ITI Technologies Group of companies operating under the brand Finvale

RocketBank offers financial services through smartphones

Boomstarter is a web-based platform that provides funding for creative ideas.

Fast Loans in Kredito24: The Fastest and Most convenient way to get your money.

a smartphone app and card reader that can turn a smartphone into a terminal for accepting Visa and MasterCard Payments cards.

Futubank is online banking service which allows to fulfill financial transactions.

Ibox is a mobile Payments service for acquiring banking cards that enables its users to run their businesses from anywhere.

PayPlug provides online Payments solutions for e-merchants.

RBK Money
RBK Money Payments service is a modern, simple, and convenient platform for the implementation of transfers using a variety of popular

Every year vending operators lose at least 10-15% of their revenues due the lack of cashless Payments and telemetry.

Wallet One
Wallet One is a provider of web and online Payments services for multi currency account and convenient money transfer.

CoinKeeper is a personal finance application that rewards responsible spending and savings.
online service for managing personal finances.

Finstar Financial Group
Finstar Financial Group is a global private investment group

CardsMobile has developed a platform for NFC Payments as well as a mobile application.

Lunar Way
Lunar Way is a mobile banking app developer that markets to the millennial generation.

Holvi combines modern technology and user experience into banking.


Clearhaus provides acquiring services and card Payments solutions to online merchants.

Tradeshift is the world's largest business commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers.

Bancore A/S offers mobile Payments solutions for the un-banked and semi-banked populations in emerging markets.

ERNIT is the world's first smart piggy bank consisting of a connected, physical piggy bank and an app.

LENEO is creating a banking platform (BaaP) to be used when leasing

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform in Denmark

OpenLedger is a trustless decentralized exchange with a wealth of delightful surprises. is Denmark's largest financial comparison portal

Cardlay is a single platform to issue, load and manage cards and expenses globally for complete visibility.

Unwire enables mobile Payments, mobile ticketing and mobile messaging for telecom operators, media companies and transportation companies.

Peter Pan Ventures

CrediWire is a real-time financial data connector that collects data to help companies provide loans and better risk management.

Hufsy offers a bank account customised for startups. It helps you with all your finances, so you can do more business and less banking.

Algorithmic trading

Yourpay is a Payments facilitator and offers a Payments gateway and aquiring services for e-commerce and POS for B2B

Puut A/S
Puut A/S (pronounced Poot) is a Danish based FinTech company that offers mobile wallet services.

iBill offers an invoice billing system for small- and medium-sized online stores.

AltaPay is a Payments management company that provides Payments processing tools to e-commerce entities.

Paylike is the modern full-stack Payments platform

EasyPark comes from a long experience in digital Payments.

SubHub ApS
Fintech company providing solutions for the growing subscription economy

Octopus Labs
At Octopus Accelerator, we’re fintech enthusiasts. We love to nurture new talent and discover innovative technologies that provide our clients with forward-thinking products and services. Our London-based accelerator program is overseen by a renown team of industry executives and leaders. Their close, personal mentorship specializes in guiding late-stage fintech startups into the market place. Our central London offices offers startups with an inspiring workspace, a targeted curriculum specific to their needs, access to a retail network of nearly 9000 customers and the help of our top-notch fintech programmers, designers and legal experts. It’s an exhilarating and unique program of cutting-edge financial technology that no other accelerator can offer. Octopus Accelerator is an important arm of Octopus Investments, helping diversity our portfolio of companies, attract talent, offer more value to our customers and improve the technology we all rely on to manage financial information.

Named one of the ten coolest brands in banking, Xignite, Inc. provides cloud-based financial market data APIs to help emerging companies and established enterprises deliver real-time and reference market data to their digital assets, such as websites and apps. Xignite’s clients include more than 1,000 financial services, media and software companies from disruptive fintech firms, such as Betterment,

Lydia's iPhone and Android apps enable you to pay anyone very easily. You can pay a friend (for rent, drinks, movies...), pay professionals (restaurants, taxi drivers, doctors...) and pay online purchases: it's easy, it's 100% secure and it's free. Lydia is the leading mobile payment app among French millenials. Launched in July 2013 by Antoine Porte & Cyril Chiche, Lydia already convinced more than 150K users (october 2015 data) in France. The business started with college campuses (150 of French campuses uses Lydia, october 2015 data) and has since extended to retail chains and e-commerce.

Finxact is innovating the first enterprise class public cloud/private data Core-as-a-Service platform with a completely open banking API. The Finxact Core will allow banks to seamlessly deliver new services for today’s omni-channel consumer. The Finxact team has been at the forefront of banking software for 35+ years, revolutionizing the industry in the 1990s with the first real-time core banking solutions for Internet banks, and is now creating a new cloud-based core banking solution for today’s real-time, digital-first world.

FORCS: OZ e-Form & OZ Report
FORCS is the leading Enterprise e-Form and Reporting solutions provider worldwide. Established in 1995, we have helped over 3,500 customers across industries in achieving increased business revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Our wide range of solutions include digital Form, electronic documentation, and enterprise Reporting. Over 22 years, FORCS has been spearheading innovative business enterprise mobility solutions. Constantly innovating and developing new technologies, advocating enterprise mobility and green business environment. In 2015, we were listed on KOSDAQ and established global offices in Japan and Singapore, today covering over 10 countries and having over 40 business partners globally. Upholding our mission, “For Client’s Success”, we aim to help you to achieve your business goals as your success is our success. Experience the best of Enterprise e-Form and Reporting with us!

Cefy is a financial services company that enables access to credit within minutes. Cefy’s platform analyzes the transactional and alternate source of data like mobile usage etc to determine the creditworthiness of an applicant. It was part of Startupbootcamp accelerator program in 2016.

BanhJi is a localized accounting platform in Cambodia, built for SMEs and NGOs with collaborative financial management features. It comes with paid, industry-specific web applications that are integrated with the platform. In addition, users have 1 GB of free storage and usage; more storage than that requires the purchase of additional storage.

Cygnus Wearable
Founded in 1995 Japan, Tranzas Inc has been providing embedded solutions for various major business entity in TV broadcast, IPTV solutions, digital signage and video conference systems. With over 150 thousands STB deployed, Tranzas are well known in Japan for delivering quality hardware and as a middleware specialist. With over 2 years in development, Cygnus was launched in Jan 2017 as the first wearable solution for enterprises use.

Avalara is a cloud-based software provider that delivers a broad array of compliance solutions related to sales tax.

AvidXchange, Inc.
AvidXchange provides accounts payable and on-demand invoice management solutions.

FloQast builds cloud-based software that helps manage accounting departments by centralizing the workflow, assigning tasks, maintaining supporting documentation and automating reconciliations.

Happy Tax
Happy Tax is a national tax preparation firm that makes the stressful, time consuming and inefficient tax preparation process easy and fun.

Invoiced is a modern billing system designed for growing businesses. We allow businesses to accept online payments in just a few clicks, including credit cards, ACH, bitcoin, and PayPal. Our focus is helping businesses get paid on time with less effort. In order to achieve this we built an entire workflow around invoicing that ensures customers receive their invoices while making it easy for them to pay. Invoiced helps businesses keep their collections efficiency high, even when processing a large volume of receivables (10s to 100s of thousands).

Ivalua provides web-based spend management solutions that offers a modular suite covering the Spend Management spectrum.

Next Money
Next Bank the global media/events company has changed its name to Next Money to better reflect its expanded focus across the entire financial services industry. Next Money, is an independent, open and collaborative community driving change for the better in the financial services through design, innovation and entrepreneurship. We run events, conferences, training, workshops, competitions and content creation across the globe, with the community encouraged to run the brand and dialogue.

MBO Partners
MBO Partners is the leading provider of management services for independent professionals and the clients that engage them. We deliver a complete Business Operating System Solution that makes it easy for those self-employed professionals and their clients to work together in a convenient, tax-efficient and legally compliant manner. For self-employed professionals, MBO Partners manages their entire business infrastructure. Our technology platform includes a proprietary process to handle billing and revenue cycle management, contract administration, business insurances, expense management, tax withholding, health and retirement benefits and more. We couple this with the benefits of direct vendor access into enterprises and the "white glove"​ attention of a dedicated business manager. For organizations that use contract talent, MBO Partners provides a complete independent contractor aggregation and engagement offering, including compliance and payment solutions for 1099s, sole proprietors and micro-businesses.

Finrise provides a financing option for treatments and services that are not covered by insurance, directly in the doctor's office.

MineralTree provides mobile and online accounts payable automation software for finance professionals at growing organizations.

Smart, automated banking to help freelancers save cash for tax season.

Digital Assets Holdings
Reducing Settlement Latency and Counterparty Risk

Stash is on a mission to empower a new generation of investors, giving everyone access to financial opportunity

Funded in 2012, Pave is an online lending fintech start-up providing an innovative proposition alongside the world's leading banks. Pave provides affordable loans from $3,000 to $25,000 for the millennial generation wanting to excel in life and take control of their finances. Unlike lending by traditional banks, Pave offers a smarter loan application experience on all devices, automated on-boarding in loan origination, and end-to-end online execution.

Estimize is an open financial estimates platform that aggregates earnings and economic estimates from independent, buy-side and sell-side analysts, along with those of private investors and students. Around 15,083 analysts contribute to Estimize, resulting in coverage on over 1500 stocks each quarter. The Estimize consensus has proven more accurate than comparable sell-side data sets over 69% of the time. The company has raised $2.6 million from Contour Partners, Longworth Venture and Valuestream Labs.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, InvestCloud empowers investors and managers with a single version of the integrated truth through its unique digital platform. Today the InvestCloud platform supports over $1.7 trillion of assets across 670 institutional customers. InvestCloud creates custom solutions for better decision-making. From Client Communications (Client Portals and Reports) and Client Management (Advisor Portals and CRM) to Digital Warehousing, Data Analytics and Accounting, InvestCloud offers first-class digital investment platforms for successful investing that are rapid to deploy and hyper-modular. Customer segments include wealth managers, institutional investors, asset managers, family offices, asset services companies, financial platforms, and banks. Unleash your data potential.

investFeed is an open crowdsourced social network which empowers investors to share their portfolio holdings, trades, and monetize their content. We aim to be the starting point of the cryptocurrency markets for finding reliable, transparent information.

AngelList is a U.S. website for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers looking to work at startups.

Quirky brings new consumer products to market by enabling interaction between the online global community and Quirky’s product design staff.

Blockstack is a new Decentralized Internet and developer platform for secure, server-less apps.

Patient experience and loyalty, healthcare finance, managing A/R for hospitals and health systems.

Ladder Capital
Ladder Capital Finance LLC is a specialty finance company that provides comprehensive financing solutions to the commercial real estate

ASAPP is a smart, addictively simple mobile app that connects customers who need day to day services with direct service providers nearby. ASAPP gives you instant access to qualified service providers wherever you may be

Digital Ocean
DigitalOcean is an IaaS company that delivers the fastest and easiest way for developers and businesses to deploy and scale any application in the cloud. With a laser focus on simplifying the end-user experience, DigitalOcean accelerates software development so developers spend more time building features and less time managing their infrastructure. With more than 750,000 registered customers and over 40,000 teams, DigitalOcean has become the second largest and fastest growing cloud computing platform in the world.

Offering Executable Streaming Prices (ESP™), Request For Streams (RFS), Benchmark Trading, Algorithmic Trading, and complete Prime Brokerage functionality with fully integrated Straight Through Processing (STP), Currenex connects more than 70 global banks to a superior electronic trading network, making Currenex one of the deepest liquidity pools in Forex. GovEx Trades was launched in 2009 to extend the electronic trading platform into the US Treasury securities market. Currenex was acquired by State Street in 2007.

London-based startup Velocity is a provider of international digital hospitality services. The company enables diners to leverage an international dining profile wherever they go, rewarding them for their global hospitality engagement. It allows diners to reserve, pay, and earn rewards directly from their phone and also makes dining out more personal for both the customer and restaurant. The Spark portfolio company has various shareholders, including OATV and Lerer Ventures, as well as prominent angel investors such as Lars Christensen, Tom Glocer, and Shukri Shammas.

Giftly is revolutionizing the way people give and receive gifts. We're a San Francisco-based startup upending the $100B-a-year gift card market by making gift cards more personal, customizable, beautiful, and fun than ever before.Finally you can give a friend dinner at a favorite restaurant, a sweater from a local boutique, or a night out at the movies, easily right from your phone or from the web.Founded in 2010, Giftly has raised $3M from tier-one VCs and advisors and has assembled a team of talents spanning industries and backgrounds, all working with one purpose: to help you connect with the people you care about through gifts. is a B2B and B2C platform that helps turn spenders into savers through text messages. Users of the platform are able to initially start saving for a specific goal and over time gain healthy, long-term financial success through the platform’s in-the-moment routine.’s saving tools encourage its users to focus their funds on the items and experiences which matter the most to them. It highlights aspirational goals and experiences, such as trips, tools to start a business or hobby, and weddings, and makes achieving these goals a reality for its users. The platform was launched in 2014 and is based in San Francisco, California.

Accern is a real-time web surveillance platform that alerts you on actionable stories about U.S. public companies. By monitoring over 300 million public news, blog and social media websites, it identifies low-exposed stories and uses advanced data science to determine whether the stories are reliable and impactful. By using this systematic approach, Accern is able to provide users with quick delivery of actionable stories before they are exposed to the mass media. This helps our users make quicker and more informed decisions in either their investment or public relations strategies. Existing users on the platform include, but are not limited to hedge funds, asset managers, equity researchers, news media, and Fortune 500 companies. We are a fast-growing early-stage startup based in New York. Our mission is to provide low-exposed, reliable, and impactful stories that our users can act on immediately. We believe in transparency. We are very open with our users in the hope that we can earn their trust and provide them with the best experience possible. For more information, please visit

provide the innovative EV charging Solution. We focus on the "payment " within the household socket-outlet and IoT technologies. It can makes a lot of EV charging infrastructure in a little of money and time. This is also sustainable due to low service cost. It consists of the mobile charger, the SPSS socket-outlet and the server. The mobile charger can make you charge with automatic payment in everywhere. The SPSS socket-outlet can provide the anti-theft electricity without any consumption of standby power. The Server do the payment and the control.

ASTON iTrade Finance
Aston iTrade Finance is the global online platform dedicated to optimize trade receivables management for customers and suppliers. Their platform is dedicated to corporates, credit insurers and funders.

Tiller Systems provides cloud-based POS software solutions for restaurants and merchants enabling users to accept all types of payment, incorporate partner tools, and manage staff and follow stocks in real time. Its management tool comprises of a mobile POS, to receive and manage in-store and online orders in one central POS application; web dashboard, to update and manage store catalogs, track sales and expenditure, pay employees, receive low stock alerts, build customer relationships, and get access to real-time reporting and performance metrics; and an e-store, to tap into customers across all digital channels. Tiller Systems was founded on March 2014, and is based in Paris, France.

Mooments provides digitised rewards solutions to corporates, banks and large-scale B2C players through a SaaS solution suite, ecosystem integrated into a consumer-and-merchant based redemption and payment solution.

BrickVest is an Online Real Estate Investment Platform that directly connects investors with a wide variety of real estate investment opportunities in a safe, easy and transparent way. BrickVest redefines the investor-deal sponsor relationship.

With today’s busy lifestyles it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a simple, convenient and secure way to donate to charities. Introducing iCareWallet. iCareWallet is a one-click charity donation app that makes giving to charity quick, convenient and efficient. Donate when and how you want. Pay-as-you-go giving. No pestering from charities. No being tied into direct debits – all your giving activity controlled by you in one secure place. Care. Donate. Share

Fortia Financial Solutions
Fortia Financial Solutions is a RegTech company created in 2012 by asset management professionals to design disruptive solutions addressing complex issues arising from the regulatory upheavals that emerged in the aftermath of the latest financial crises

The fintech to understand, learn and try the financial investments and the stock market.

Fin Track
What is Fin Track? Fin Track is the premier platform for SEO and financial services assessment for professionals. Our particularity is to break the codes related to the financial sector which is technical and very opaque by proposing a simple tool, fast and with a very important human factor. We are 100% independent and customer oriented which makes Fin-Track a partner rather than a provider. Who is Fin-Track aimed at? Fin Track is aimed at all financial decision makers in companies. Whether you are an accountant, manager, director, president, treasurer, financial manager, financial director, etc. In short, whether you are operational or directing your opinion is important. Why Fin Track? The goal of Fin Track is to save you time and minimize risk when you want to change providers. How? - by providing you with a grid of reading of the current non-existent market - by having access to the feedback of your colleagues Our objective is to place you at the heart of the problematic. Join us and together imagine the financial services of tomorrow.

Outscale offering Cloud services to companies of all sizes: ranging from startups to multinational.

Wizypay provides a 100% digital gift card dealing with all the disadvantages of prepaid vouchers. To the delight of our business clients and final users, our gift cards can be offered, shared and spent as easily as possible ! Technically, we developed an integrated platform to manage and monitor the whole lifecycle of a digital prepaid voucher. Wizypay proposes a complete change of perspective compared to existing offerings. We aim empower consumers with regards to gift cards and prepaid vouchers thanks to a pure digital offering. Dematerialization of paper checks has many advantages : avoid lost, storage and attribution issues currently faced by businesses with paper alternative and which represent a real chore to them Encourage sharing and exchange between people through email, sms or social and viral networks. provide direct access to the largest online acceptance network with over 500 merchant partners. Indeed, our gift card work as a regular Mastercard. Our customers can also find exclusive deals to spent their gift cards on.

FiftyFor is a B2B rating platform to find and deal with African companies. They specialize in African small and medium enterprise, help manufacturers and investors to identify potential suppliers & customers, and investment opportunities in Africa. Dedicated to minimizing time and costly efforts, they offer only solution.

Sale n'Go SAS
Sale n’Go is a cloud bases quotes-invoices system used to manage, centralize all your quotes, invoices, expenses as well as reporting for individuals or small business companies – from anywhere on Internet.

The best solution to manage your expenses between friends on vacation, in shared apartment, in couple

MeilleursAgents offers sellers a safe way to sell their property and enables them to get a precise estimated price of their property.

Infinit is a next generation open-source decentralized storage platform that is adapted to modern workflows: - Software-based: can be deployed on any hardware from legacy appliances to commodity bare metal, virtual machines or even containers. - Programmatic: developers can easily automate the creation and deployment of multiple storage infrastructure, each tailored to the overlying application's needs through policy-based capabilities. - Scalable: by relying on a decentralized architecture (i.e peer-to-peer), Infinit does away with the master/slave model, hence does not suffer from bottlenecks and single points of failure. - Self Healing: Infinit's rebalancing mechanism allows for the system to adapt to various types of failures, including Byzantine. - Multi-Purpose: the Infinit platform provides interfaces for block, object and file storage: NFS, SMB, AWS S3, OpenStack Swift, iSCSI, FUSE etc. Noteworthy is that another product has been developed using some of the same technology layers: the Infinit file transfer application ( Infinit is an alumnus of Techstars (NYC'14), Agoranov and Le Camping (Season 2).

Botfuel operates as a web-based platform and SDK that offers chatbots for individuals and businesses. It enables its users to allow their customers to access their services through messaging and bots. The platform allows individuals and businesses to engage with their customers on channels they already use, provide automated and personalized customer support, and increase brand engagement. Botfuel was launched in 2016 and is operated from Paris, France.

TagPay has developed a next-generation, mobile-centric, core banking system that powers financial services in 20 countries, with a strong footprint in Africa. The TagPay core banking system is the backbone of pioneering mobile financial services implemented by banks, microfinance organizations, MNOs and FinServs. TagPay is omnichannel and ubiquitous. End users can receive their salaries, ask for a loan, pay bills, transfer money and pay at a point of sale.

Wedoogift is a simple solution to multi-brand gift card addressed to company management and the works council (EC) .

Wedoogift is a simple solution to multi-brand gift card addressed to company management and the works council (EC) .

Widmee is a software publisher and service distributor that specializes in banking applications for mobile telephones. Widmee allows its users to attract new customers, generate and qualify leads, and boost transformation rates. It enables its users to collect and synthesize information from various data sources and it also accompanies its users in the design and making of new conquest tools. The company allows its users to create and adjust their segmentation criteria according to their marketing strategy and the desired qualification level of their prospects. Widmee is located in France and the company was founded in 2009.

Everyone hates dealing with their expense reports. We surveyed freelancers, contractors, salespeople and small business owners and couldn’t find a single one who said, “I love doing my expenses! What a great productive use of my time!” Plendi makes keeping track of your out-of-pocket business expenses easy and painless. You take a picture. Someone else does all the work. You get your reports in excel, csv and PDF in just a few clicks.

Street Brokerage
HelloAsso is exclusively devoted to funding community projects in grants.

Common Box
The Commonbox Pool makes it easy to pool money for all your events!

Natural Security
Natural Security has developed a fast and convenient authentication solution for every mobile wallet at check-out with a very strong focus on security and privacy. We just achieved a 6 months pilot in France for EMV payments and we apply now the same logic for mobile wallet. More information, for instance, @

Natural Security
Natural Security has developed a fast and convenient authentication solution for every mobile wallet at check-out with a very strong focus on security and privacy. We just achieved a 6 months pilot in France for EMV payments and we apply now the same logic for mobile wallet. More information, for instance, @

Collection House Limited
We are based between the villages of Steeple Ashton and Edington in Wiltshire, a short distance from the commercial centres of Bath and Bristol. Collection House was founded in 1999 by Richard C Matthews, a Member of the Institute of Credit Management (MCICM), and incorporated in November 2000. Richard C Matthews MCICM has an extensive background in Credit Management and Business Law and prior to Collection House worked as the Legal and Debt Recovery Manager of a large collection agency. Richard has assembled a team of dedicated professionals driven by the belief that Collection House really can make a difference. Collection House was developed to provide professional and cost-effective Debt Recovery Services on an industry leading commission rate and on a no-collection no-fee basis, and has continued to do so since the company’s inception. Our expertise within the Debt Recovery industry has made Collection House the most cost-effective and pro-active agency for both Domestic and International Debt Recovery. We now boast a very impressive and extensive client base ranging from large multi-national blue-chip companies to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), to local trades people. No client is too big or too small; no debt is too high or too low. It is the mission of Collection House to provide professional and cost-effective Debt Recovery and Legal Services of a standard not available elsewhere.

NovaSparks SA provides data packet processing solutions. The company offers low latency market data ticker plant and distribution systems in Europe, North America, and Asia. The company’s No Latency market data ticker plant offers sub-microsecond latency for market data feed handling, order book processing, index computation, and delivery of data direct to the black boxes of algorithmic trading firms. It also offers No Latency packet dispatcher for transferring market data between data sources and application servers at sub-microsecond speed. In addition, NovaSparks provides a sub-microsecond latency technology to reduce the latency involved in market data ticker plant and packet distribution; and choice enabling collocation, performance measurement and monitoring, resilient, and managed services and access. Its technology eliminates processing latency to sub-microsecond speeds to help the high frequency traders of investment banks, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms. The company was formerly known as HPC Platform SA and changed its name in June 2010. NovaSparks SA was founded in 2007 and is based in Paris, France. Collapse

Courtanet mission is to align the interests of clients, brokers and insurers. Taking advantage of recent technological advances, the broker can now carry out market research objective for its customers. It is an undeniable step forward for the entire profession and this corresponds to the needs of customers more demanding. Transparency is a real tool valuation consulting and insurance.

Digital Identity Platform

Greenbureau operates an online portal that offers services such as digital billing, invoicing, and account management.

Daotec Ltd
Whether you wish to capture more sales, route your calls to different locations, or offer IVR services to your customers - our wide range of services and options offer the flexibility you require. DaoTec was founded in 2001 and operates as a carrier in the UK and Austria and offers customized telecom solutions as well as premium, toll-free, special rate & geographic phone numbers.

Essentia Analytics
Essentia helps professional investors understand where their skills actually lie, so that they can focus on doing more of what they're good at and less of what they're not. Essentia takes the data that a fund management firm is already capturing about individual investment decisions (the "what") and combines it with other data that may have been relevant to those decisions (the "why"), presenting intelligible, actionable insights. It then helps the portfolio manager internalize those insights and change his or her behavior, where warranted, through a combination of coaching and decision support technology.

LandlordInvest is an online marketplace which matches professional landlords looking for financing with investors that are looking to invest in asset-backed products with a monthly income. LandlordInvest founded in 2014 to solve a major issue facing landlords: financing. We combined our passion for real estate investing with cutting-edge technology to evaluate landlords based on their actual performance, not personal credit.

Bankable is a global architect of innovative payment solutions for corporates, banks and retailers. Our solutions – including e-wallets, m-wallets, remittance services, P2P money transfers, and prepaid card programmes – are available in the form of white-label self-service platforms as well as via APIs. Our proprietary software assets help organisations streamline their payment processes while unlocking new revenue opportunities. While banks and retailers can quickly launch new corporate or retail financial products, our “Banking as a Service” approach enables any organisation with a large customer base to offer light banking services to their customers.

We are a secure online service where you can make your own financial decisions based on clear, unbiased information.

Actionable intelligence into the legal and regulatory payments landscape

Android In App Payments via carrier billing; innovative mobile identity and verification solutions

Cognism is an end-to-end sales-acceleration solution that provides sales organizations with a more efficient way to prospect. Delivered as a software service (SaaS), with its unique data asset and compliance engine, Cognism is helping to enrich CRM records, stream leads into the funnel and is using artificial intelligence to surface opportunities and identify customer trends. Cognism is a pure AI sales technology company that generates prospect data at scale, cleaning and enriching it, helping sales teams to grow and scale across all levels of the sales process.

Connects projects in Sub-Sahara Africa to international institutional investors

Leading Enterprise Behavioral Analytics company working with banks and asset managers to improve investment performance and conduct

Bill Hut
Bill Hut is a web-application that evolves the way households manage, share and save on their bills. Within minutes, households can synchronise all of their bill accounts into one intuitive platform that empowers users with a simple financial management interface. Bill Hut intelligently compares the market in real-time based on bill spend and visually presents these results to the user in a way that makes it easier to compare their tariff's performance against the market. Bill splitting, Reminders & Payments are taken care of in-app making the app perfect for a wide demographic of households. Bill Hut is the only solution for end-to-end management of household bills that makes splitting bills and saving money on them, effortless.

FinGenius offers a range of artificial intelligence and natural language processing solutions to the finance industry. Its platform automatically understands banks’ complex data and delivers it to customers and employees in a user-friendly format. End users can ask anything in the language of their choice by typing or verbally expressing their message and FinGenius will find suitable answers. All answers are personalized to the user’s profile, ensuring that relevant information is delivered. The company also offers advanced analytics, customer support, and bespoke integration services. Headquartered in London, the United Kingdom, the company was founded in 2013.

Fintech Circle
FINTECH Circle works with the most innovative and disruptive brands in financial technology and connects them with senior thought leaders and financiers in London's City and Canary Wharf. The most senior Directors and successful entrepreneurs in the Financial Services sector will add strategic value both as angel investors and Non-Executive Directors to the game-changing innovators of the future.

iNVEZZ is an online information and peer-review marketplace for investment products and services. It is available for retail investors, covering multiple asset classes: equities, foreign exchange markets, commodities, and real estate. iNVEZZ was launched in 2012 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

Swanest is a team of financial technology entrepreneurs with the aim to put back the people at the heart of financial services. The traditional financial industry is flawed: bankers push products, investment advisors are expensive or not accessible and traditional brokerage services remain complex. They believe the time has come to design an investment solution that serves the needs of the people: simple to control, intelligent in its behaviour and transparent from every possible angle. Their team brings together a broad set of knowledge in the fields of software engineering, investment management and algorithmics. All capabilities that they use to challenge the status quo.

ETFmatic service enables busy professionals to invest every month in a diversified portfolio of the best ETFs, with simple tools to tailor, automatically rebalance and reduce volatility, while minimizing their commissions and taxes. This helps compound returns, maximizing their long term savings.

Emerging Crowd
Emerging Crowd is a UK-based crowd investment platform focused on unlisted growth-stage companies in emerging and frontier markets.

The technology underlying our banking systems is decaying. It is expensive to run, unreliable, insecure and so out dated that bank customers never get anything like the quality and richness of service they deserve. Thought Machine is changing all this. With a world class team expert in cloud computing, machine learning, finance, design and app building, we are creating the banks of the future.

Funding Invoice
Funding Invoice is a rapidly-growing FinTech company based in Woking, Surrey. We’re a peer-to-peer marketplace for invoice finance. Having completed a period of incubation at the University of Warwick, Funding Invoice launched as a spinout company of the university in October 2015 and has since provided over £3m worth of finance to some of the UK’s most ambitious and innovative companies. Historically, the business world has been reliant on banks for funding which can be difficult when banks are unwilling to lend – not to mention the slow processes, hidden costs and complicated contracts often associated with borrowing from the bank. Funding Invoice offers a new take on an old method of funding your business. We’ve taken factoring & invoice discounting, removed some of the inefficiencies and built an online platform where businesses can raise fast and flexible finance. When your business is waiting 30, 60 or 90+ days for your invoices to be paid, it can be a pain point on your cash flow. Funding Invoice allows you to “sell” your invoice at a small discount in order to receive payment today. Invoices are funded by our network of professional investors who can earn great returns by supporting the UK’s businesses.

Physical bitcoin retailer

Bitcoin ATM’s, point of sale, services and supplies, digital infrastructure, payment management solutions and more! We deliver first class equipment creating access to exciting new markets and consumers as these technologies take hold. Industry leading equipment, the UK’s widest range of bitcoin merchandise for resale, consultancy, technology integration, excellent training, we help our customers at all stages of the adoption process, helping them to prepare for the new wave of digital payment services, software and infrastructures required. We make it simple!

SalaryFinance is a new employee benefit. Our mission is to save UK workers £4bn per annum through lower interest repayments. Research shows that 1 in 3 UK workers cite money worries as having a negative impact on their productivity at work. To address this, SalaryFinance works with progressive employers to help their staff reduce their personal finance interest costs. Our platform allows employees to take out loans when they need it, with repayments collected from salary deductions. This repayment method substantially lowers risk/cost, the savings from which we pass on to employees. We focus on reducing the cost of existing borrowing, rather than encouraging more.

Wealth Wizards
Wealth Wizards’ one fundamental aim is to make financial advice affordable and accessible to everyone. They are the UK’s first online independent financial adviser and we offer fully regulated advice via simple online apps. We’ve pioneered the combination of chartered financial planning, actuarial science and smart software technology to deliver expert advice at an affordable cost via the internet. They work directly with employers, or alongside pension consultants, to offer pension and retirement advice to company employees. We also provide white label solutions to large financial services brands.

Silverfinch, part of the MoneyMate Group, was born out of an initiative with Europe's fund management industry groups to help companies cope with an expected inundation of requests for information from insurers to meet their regulatory reporting requirements under the new Solvency II regulations; a key requirement of the rules due to come into effect in 2016 is for insurers to identify underlying holdings in any funds they own

Suade is preventing the next financial crisis with an open platform for financial regulation.
CurrencyTransfer is an online marketplace matching individuals and businesses with the best international payment quotes.

XBTerminal is the fast, simple and cost effective way for your business to start accepting bitcoin today

Flypay is a food tech startup changing the way customers order and pay in hospitality environments through four service experiences: 1. Pay at Table - our award winning solution that allows customers to check, split and pay for their bill, without finding a waiter. 2. Bar Tabs - our reinvention of the bar tab eliminates the need to leave cards behind the bar. Customers pre-auth their tab and can just walk out at the end of the night without needing to check out. 3. Order and Collect - ability for customers to order for takeaway, on the fly. 4. Order at Table - aimed at counter service brands, customers can order and pay for their meal without needing to find a waiter. Winner of the Payment Awards 2015 Mobile Payment System of the Year.

Wallept is a cloud based mobile app that acts as a digital wallet for a bevy of loyalty cards. You simply tap their NFC enabled phone or scan the code on Wallept Transceiver and loyalty points and rewards accrue automatically. You can look to see your stamps, coupons and deals.

eRated ( creates a single identity for e-commerce sites, allowing online buyers and sellers to utilize their already existing reputation everywhere they go. By using a universal identity, sellers are able to operate in more marketplaces, reach more customers and increase their conversion rates and sales as they no longer need to re-build their reputation (ratings, reviews and comments) in each site. eRated uses a widget displayed in partner sites that aggregates and summarizes the sellers ratings and feedback earned across various marketplace, increasing user trust. The founders are all veterans of elite Israeli army tech units and alumni of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program (Israel's most prominent student accelerator program).

Established in 2013 as the first cloud mining provider, CEX.IO has become a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange, trusted by over half million users. CEX.IO offers cross-platform trading via website, mobile app, WebSocket and REST API, providing access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs on the market. Instant Bitcoin buying and selling is available via simplified bundle interface. The exchange has developed a multi-level account system with individual approach to each customer, from Bitcoin beginners to institutional traders. Worldwide coverage, multiple payment options, and 24/7 support are accompanied by time-proven platform stability that guarantees safety of assets and data.

MultiBit is a secure, lightweight, international Bitcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Secco was founded with a mission to reinvent banking. We are disrupting the age old concept of a bank - going beyond the FinTech optimisation of recognisable financial products and familiar customer experiences - and literally giving individuals the power to define, create and hold their own money.

Monyx Wallet Ltd
The Monyx app allows consumers to purchase products at vending machines quickly and easily using their smartphones. Monyx provides special discounts and promotions on participating machines worldwide. With Monyx, users can use their Debit/Credit card/Paypal, track purchases history, send gift products to friends and much more.

Customer management and billing solutions for multiple play service providers

StudentFunder provides loans for masters and professional courses in the UK on clear and fair terms.

BonaYou is an e-commerce platform enabling individuals and groups to send flexible gift cards.

Zuto is a web-based, financing platform that finds lenders and guides its users through their car-buying processes. It provides its users with one-to-one support and helps them make better buying decisions. The platform offers a range of car finance options to people from a variety of financial backgrounds. It also provides its users with the tools they need to choose the most suitable vehicle, free information about vehicle history, and valuation checks as well as help with paperwork.

Billie is passionate about making life easier for entrepreneurs and businesses. They offer them a simple and intuitive way to advance payments for their outstanding invoices. is a rental marketplace that offers clients to earn money from their items. This sharing and renting platform provides a new life style: costumers don’t need to be owners of things they don’t use at every minute. For example, vehicles are roughly used only for 8 percent of all time, therefore, costumers waste time and money just for the ownership.

Invoicepool is a working capital market that helps companies to grow by enhancing working capital for suppliers and helping to generate even more revenue for buyers in a quick, transparent, secure and collaborative way.

Gasefi is building a truly keyword-less search system. In the system, keywords are fully replaced with visual guidance. Keywords are too ambiguous when it comes to product search in categories where the looks are important.

Invoicepool is a working capital market that helps companies to grow by enhancing working capital for suppliers and helping to generate even more revenue for buyers in a quick, transparent, secure and collaborative way.

Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform. They solve critical transportation challenges and make transport freedom a reality for 620 million people in Southeast Asia. Grab will also offer loans and insurance with its new fintech platform - Grab Financial.

Developed by V-Key using a patented cryptographic virtual machine integrated with tamper protections, V-Key is able to provide a complete mobile application security for any mobile application with V-OS as a strong base.

WB21 Group provides digital banking solutions to private individuals, institutional and corporate clients worldwide. They are the only financial institution that offers the entire account opening process online, in real time for Private and Business clients from 180 countries.

SKYCOP and its team of professionals with 10+ years of experience in the aviation business, law and credit management is keen on restoring the justice in the airline-flyer relationship and getting what legitimately belongs to those deprived of their personal rights.

Bexio is a Swiss-based company that helps small businesses with cloud-based business and accounting software to grow their businesses. It develops and sells accounting software for small and medium companies.

Omni Prime
Omni Prime provides micro loan service for underbanked customers to buy smart phones within 15 minutes with a complex risk evaluation system through an APP ‘Paymax’. Paymax focuses on China’s blue-collar and service industry workers. With Paymax, applicants could purchase smart phones valued more than their monthly earning.

Stone & Chalk
Stone & Chalk is an independent, nonprofit Fintech hub whose overarching objective is to help foster & accelerate the development of world-leading Fintech.

Moneybay is a Malaysian Finanacial Technology (FinTech) company offering digital cross-border money exchange services.

Ballr is a free gaming platform that enables its users to connect, compete, and communicate during real-time sporting events. It was launched in 2014 and is based in Central Region, Singapore.