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Blockchain powered mobile Remittances app, Cross Border, Competitive Forex Rates

Remitano is a product of Babylon Solutions Limited – incorporated in Seychelles. It provides escrowed P2P Bitcoin marketplace where people buy and sell Bitcoin easily and safely with notable simple UI, friendly online customer support 24/7 and lowest fee compared with major players on the market. Our team is comprised mostly by banking professionals with extensive experience in financial products, E-currencies, Payment System and Agile Software Development, and others. Currently, it has service in many countries including United States, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and is growing everyday. If you'd like to get in touch with us, you can contact us at For existing users requiring support and having specific questions about the platform, you can contact us at

Toast ( Earlier known as Cryptosigma )
Blockchain based money transfer, helps unbanked workers as well, In Philippines cash can be collected.

Pole Star - Purple TRAC Regulatory Technologies
Maritime-centric platform service supporting ship tracking,security. Purple TRAC good for financial instituations with exposure to maritime ecosystem and trade.

Bluzelle offers real-time Payments solutions for financial institutions, smart contracts for insurances, and KYC-shared ledger solutions. Bluzelle Quantum is a middleware that enables deployment and management of applications over the Blockchain. It is designed to hide all the Blockchain plumbing, making it easier for its customers to run their applications.

Dragonfly Fintech
Dragonfly FinTech is a Blockchain technology as a platform service, specialising in areas of money settlement and clearance, banking governance and Compliance, and enabling mobile Payments solutions for a borderless world.

InsureVite aims to disrupt the current insurance industry by injecting speed, convenience and data security.

Orb is a software foundation focused on providing business solutions to solve the issues of its current economic system. It is involved in the development of a decentralized cloud computing system for its users. The company's core objectives vary from decentralizing its economic system to promoting digital currency, along with a settlements system that depends on a natural depreciation model and producing a coexistence-based new growth index. Through its decentralized technology, Orb enables various economic regions to run their systems without the support of a central governance model.

Galileo Platforms - Jinjerjade
The Jinjerjade insurance company ratings site is the first of these empowerment tools. It is designed to help consumers decide WHICH insurer to buy from.Building a blockchain-based platform to allow insurers and distributors to sell and administer insurance, enabling a seamless digital customer journey and changing the economics of reaching underserved segments. Matching risk to capital more efficiently and cost-effectively for existing ecosystem participants, and lowering barriers to entry for startup insurers, distributors and InsurTechs.

Switchless develops enterprise bitcoin software that meets the unique and complex requirements faced by financial institutions. The company's enterprise software allows for partial or full integration into existing financial infrastructures, giving financial institutions maximum flexibility for the unique and complex requirements they face. Switchless was incubated by FireID.

Anquan Capital
Anquan Capital provides distributed ledger and trusted computing platforms for financial markets. The Anquan platforms feature a highly scalable consensus protocol that delivers consistent transaction throughout. Anquan Capital is fostering collaboration between market participants through the use of computing technology platforms and is currently working with financial institutions in fund management, investment banking, transaction banking, and securities exchanges.

Attores is a distributed app platform which provides Blockchain Smart Contracts as a Service. Smart contracts are computer protocols that enforce the terms or performances of a given financial agreement.

Blockchain Foundry
Blockchain Foundry is a part of the Singapore government's SGInnovate ecosystem. It is an enterprise Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and App Marketplace that enables organisations rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers. Startups and enterprises can also test-drive and build atop select pre-deployed Blockchain applications.

"CashDab is the world's online marketplace lender" CashDab allows anyone to anonymously access a decentralised global marketplace lender network and match themselves with borrowers or lenders willing to fund their desired rate of return. CashDab will bypass and disrupt existing cumbersome and costly middlemen entities, and allow cryptographically secure access to competitive loans anywhere and anytime, while adhering to the highest security standards in the Blockchain ecosystem. CashDab is the blueprint for a true decentralised online marketplace lender

The COSS system consists of a Payments gateway/POS, an exchange, a merchant list, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an e-wallet, various coin facilities and a mobile platform. The COSS platform unifies all transactional aspects that are usually managed by means of FIAT money, and offers multiple cryptocurrency-related services in one place. The list of potential features of the platform can be infinitely extended and will continue growing as the platform evolves.

Digix tokenizes physical assets (mainly gold) and make them fungible on the Ethereum Blockchain in order to increase the pool of liquidity in a decentralized marketplace. To do this, it uses Proof of Asset protocol and Digix Gold Tokens.

Everex (formerly known as Midas Rezerv) is a decentralized app built on Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain. It helps to make peer-to-peer Payments and trading of financial products by using digital tokens and smart contracts. The company provides three types of cryptocurrency tokens: MRshares, MRgold & MRmoney for securing assets.

Keychain provides a decentralized authentication platform that allows clients to solve concrete business problems related to authentication and access control. It enhances and integrates cleanly into existing systems and processes. Seamless integration, instead of replacement, is the key to achieving wide adoption of this powerful innovation.

Quoine is a web-based bitcoin trading platform that allows its users to trade virtual currencies for fiat currencies. It also facilitates fiat currency deposits at local banks spanning many international and Asian currencies such as USD, EUR, JPY, SGD, AUD, etc. The platform provides its customers with an additional income source by allowing them to trade with its marginal traders and earn daily interest. Users of the platform are required to be of the legal age in their respective countries.

Ripple Singapore is a Ripple Gateway that uses the Ripple network to acquire, store and convert precious metals into any currency.

Kommerce is a trade finance venture by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, lawyers, technologists and logisticians, with significant emerging and frontier markets experience on the team.

CoinStack is our BaaS (Backend as a service) and development platform for building decentralized services using Blockchain. If you are interest in a Fintech area, you are probably hearing a lot about a blockchain technologies. Blockchain is the New secure and honest Data storage, Get Ready to Rewrite Everything. CoinStack allows developers to build decentralized services productively by utilizing existing infrastructure behind Bitcoin through our cloud based platform and development stack (including API and SDK) Coinstack is how you give most of company's application developers the environment, tools and building kits they need to create new blockchain services fast and stable. In short, it's a platform they need to innovate for legacy systems. Plus with Coinstack much of the Blockchain technology is just taken care of behind the scenes with automation which take a lot of your team's plate.

Proof is an online property investment marketplace and property investor powered by blockchain technology. Proof works to acquire discounted, high-yielding properties and offers them for sell as fractional ownership stakes on the Proof market as 'Smart tokens' that cost as little as $1 USD. Also Proof allows users of the platform sell the assets they posses independently at will through the platform. By doing this, Proof lowers the barrier for people with lower and medium income, furthermore making this previously exclusive type of investment, accesible for everyone. Proof, Inc provides the first real world assets backed by blockchain technology on its Proof Dashboard. The dashboard is a platform allowing companies, developers, and individuals to place real world or financial assets on the platform and on the blockchain of their choice.

The traditional overseas Remittances by commercial banks is based upon the SWIFT system, and it causes expensive fees, slow transfer time, and incomprehensible fee structure. To provide a solution to these problems, MOIN has been developing an international money transfer solution based on Blockchain technology, which is fast, safe, convenient, and reasonably priced. On this wise, customers can send their money 50~80% cheaper compared to the existing transfer service. Moreover, MOIN can transfer fund within 48 hours. This is a noticeable improvement in transfer speed, because the traditional Remittances service by banks takes 1~4 weeks in case of sending money from Korea to Southeast Asia countries. In addition, MOIN is very easy and convenient to use. Not only customers can understand the MOIN's simple transfer process but also the funds they send are traceable.

Bitspark is a leading Crypto-Financial services provider for the APAC region. Bitspark has pioneered the world's first blockchain powered end to end Remittances service in addition to a Blockchain auditable feature rich trading exchange. Bitspark is focused on providing Payments solutions to individuals and businesses alike leveraging the speed and efficiency of the Bitcoin network with no prior knowledge necessary. Bitspark provides Individuals and Business customers a service to send money to emerging markets in Asia including: Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia for less than half the cost of the competition with thousands of pickup locations nationwide. Bitspark's feature rich trading exchange provides new users and professional traders alike the tools to trade 20+ trading pairs in a secure, easy to use and transparent web and mobile platform.

Y2P Techonolgies
Y2P Technologies ('Y2P') was established in June 2015 as a Hong Kong Blockchain gateway for real-time foreign exchange and global funds Remittances, with the initial strategic objective of providing a unique global solution for cross-border Payments with China.

Melotic is creating a way to send and receive money, using bitcoin. The company is developing a mobile application that lets users send, receive, and convert money from their phone. Same currency transactions are free, and exchange rates are close to the interbank rate.

Galileo Platforms
Blockchain-based platform to allow insurers and distributors to sell and administer insurance, enabling a seamless digital customer journey and changing the economics of the reaching underserved segments. Matching risk to capital more efficiently and cost-effectively, and lowering barriers to entry for startup insurers, distributors and InsurTechs.

Alitobit Digital
A Bitcoin startup based in Hong Kong dedicated to build a better and more accessible Bitcoin network here to make HK a Bitcoin city! With investment and plans in locating multiple traveling sized Bitcoin Teller Machines in different area in HK, we are providing the quickest way in HK for customers to turn HKD to Bitcoin in less than 15 seconds. No signup, no verification, no bank wire, just cash. Founded by Bitcoin enthusiasts who believe Bitcoin is the future of Payments. Strongly passionated to get involved in the Bitcoin revolution. General Inquiry: Business Inquiry:

ANX International
ANX International is a Hong Kong based Financial Technology (Fintech) company focused on developing and implementing blockchain technologies. With an existing Exchange (ANXPRO) a successful Blockchain/Blockchain 2.0 implementation business and a BitCoin (BTC) Debit card business. Products & Services ANX Blockchain Services (ABS) Launched in May 2016, ANX Blockchain Services is a cloud platform built on blockchain technology, which can be implemented across a wide range of industries. It is a self-service platform for users to create digital assets, digital wallets, and branded exchange platforms. Potential applications include loyalty programs, Payments applications, token systems, voucher systems, coupon applications, registry systems and more. ABS requires no software installation and is free to use.

Distributed Ledger Technologies
We provide specialized consulting in crypto-currencies and blockchains & distributed ledger technologies. DLT made simple.

EquiChain is a global capital markets infrastructure platform to drive market efficiency and improve global investor access in emerging and frontier markets with headquarters in London and Asia regional office in Hong Kong. The company's patent-pending DLT solution creates a verifiable, transparent and immutable flow of information, facilitating direct interaction and enabling the streamlining of current market processes.

Gatecoin, founded in 2013 by former investment banking professionals, is a regulated blockchain assets exchange designed to serve high volume traders and financial institutions around the world. Leveraging the firm's blockchain technology expertise, Gatecoin also consults banks, exchanges and corporates on the development, integration and implementation of distributed ledger technologies, such as smart contracts and blockchain securitized assets.

Octagon Strategy Limited
Octagon Strategy Limited is a privately-owned company specializing in commodity and digital asset trading across international markets. They offer services in the finance industry with market insights, network of relationships, trading acumen, and trading strategies.

OKCoin is a digital asset trading platform. It is the largest Bitcoin company headquartered in Beijing, China with an upcoming international office based in Hong Kong. OKCoin is committed to operating the largest Bitcoin exchange and using blockchain technology to dramatically improve Payments systems. OKCoin was founded in 2013 and has raised US$10mm in investments from Ceyuan Ventures, Mantra Capital, VenturesLab and other notable private investors including Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper.

Xnotes Alliance
XNotes Alliance Limited is a company registered under the Hong Kong Business Registration Ordinance since April, 14th, 2014. XNotes Alliance is a technology company and member organization that provides business-driven, currency agnostic and energy-efficient enterprise class blockchain-based solutions.

We are harnessing the power of blockchain to build the universal money app.

Managing financial accounts in a single place

Founded in 2015, established as a technological company with the primary purposes are for introducing Blockchain in Indonesia. Holding proprietary of own private Blockchain enable Indonesian institutions and also startups to use the service as a platform. CORECHAIN has a reliable and easy going culture. we thrive on the imagination and inputs of our employee. We judge our employee based on their contribution and work, as we use a deadline oriented style of management.CORECHAIN has a reliable and easy going culture. we thrive on the imagination and inputs of our employee. We judge our employee based on their contribution and work, as we use a deadline oriented style of management. We aspire to have a company where everybody is treaded as part of the family and every employee feels like the product is their own. We aspire to have a company where everybody is treaded as part of the family and every employee feels like the product is their own.


I am the developer of a Crypto Currency that is now 2 years on the market and is stable to compete on equal and better terms than Bitcoin.The concept was put together in Thailand in 2014 and has been running with no Thai support, which I would like to change and also help put Thailand into the Tech Spotlight.We would like to increase both user and investor usage with the Thai community, but lack of Thai skills has so far prevented that.

Smart Contract
We are using Blockchain Smart Contract technology to provide a viable alternative to the current procedural, organizational, and technological infrastructure required to create institutionalized: by PrivaeChain
We believe that a new generation Stock Exchange will use P2P, blockchain powered protocol that enables scalable and secured systems, with required level of transparency. That's why we created - a Blockchain-powered Private Market. This is our first example to show how blockchain could be used in the domestic alternative stock market to remove significant friction in hand-offs of information and exchange of value.

AgriDigital is an integrated commodity management solution for the global grains industry. They combine high end technical and industry expertise with beautiful design and intuitive workflows to provide seamless solutions to complex commodity, logistical, risk and customer management issues.AgriDigital are a global leader in software platforms designed to assist in the transaction and settlement of agricultural commodities and to manage supply chain risk. Through applied blockchain technologies, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, AgriDigital provides real time Payments to growers, increased efficiencies for brokers, flexible supply chain for buyers and financiers, and paddock to plate transparency for consumers.

Bit Trade Labs
Bit Trade Labs is a venture production studio that incubates innovative and practical solutions using blockchain and distributed consensus systems. Their team has experience working with distributed consensus systems including but not limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum. To date Bit Trade Labs has been engaged by two of Australia's major financial institutions on internal projects helping them come to terms with the power of blockchains and other distributed consensus systems, as well as by some of the country's leading professional service firms for Blockchain solution conceptualisation and development. Bit Trade Labs are partners with the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) and Sydney based property fractionalisation startup BlochExchange. Bit Trade Labs produces industry leading thought-papers and has a solid reach into an international network of contributors and Blockchain industry colleagues.

Bitcoin Brisbane
Bigstone Capital is an online finance market. They connect Australian small business in need of short-term capital with investors ('lenders') seeking fixed income returns. With Bigstone Capital: - Businesses get fast and easy access to capital at a competitive rate. - Lenders get access to a curated Investment Management with insight into business creditworthiness.

BitPOS is Australia's leading, and most experienced, bitcoin merchant services provider making bitcoin safe and easy for merchants. Through continued innovation BitPOS has developed a world class platform that turns your bitcoin sales into dollars in your local currency. For merchants, BitPOS offers several solutions, from e-commerce, brick and mortar Payments capture to invoicing, enabling you to delight your customers. Not only has BitPOS developed leading technology, but is an intrinsic part of the bitcoin community in Australia offering their services at no cost to bitcoin community events and charities alike. If you want to accept bitcoin Payments, BitPOS is the natural choice.

Block8 is an Australian Blockchain Incubator. Block8 is accelerating the development of decentralized applications. They build and grow Blockchain companies by leveraging their network, expertise and access to capital. They believe that Blockchain technology will transform the way people and machines trade in the digital economy, removing the need for inefficient and costly intermediaries to facilitate transactions. Blockchain will underpin an open sharing economy by providing a consensus based trust platform which preserves the integrity of transactions forever.

Blockchain Compliance Group

Blockchain Global
Blockchain Global is Australia's largest Blockchain Miner. They believe in enabling the accessibility of trust through empowering users of Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Mining: Bitcoin Mining is the infrastructure layer which powers the whole Bitcoin Blockchain Network. Every company, application and future innovation using the Bitcoin Blockchain rely on Bitcoin Miners to secure the network and process transactions. Blockchain Compliance: Their Blockchain Consultancy service provides expert advice to organisations seeking to better understand the Blockchain opportunity, and develop their own Blockchain solutions for their business operations. Blockchain Incubator and community support: The Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center is a not-for-profit entity which Blockchain Global supports as the principal corporate sponsor. MBTC provides co-working and incubation facilities helping to foster the development of Blockchain software applications.

Blockchain is a powerful new technology that brings trust and security to online services by leveraging decentralised network architecture. The implications are profound, and they're excited to be building real world applications using this technology. BlockZero assists companies and government in understanding blockchain technology and developing strategies. They are proud to be building industry and investment partnerships for their international fintech and verified identity projects.

Brontech Pty. Ltd. is a company that specializes in issuance, verification and usage of sovereign digital identity across several industry verticals. To speed up the adoption of the digital identity platform, the company is developing two in-house decentralized applications (DApps) for healthcare (Cyph MD) and for professional reputation (Owlee) that represent use cases of such system. Furthermore, the platform is incorporating an economic model for incentivizing the users to participate in more interactions as well as data marketplace controlled by smart contracts. Brontech is developing the platform and the DApps on top of the blockchain with utilization of state-of-the crypto 2.0. technologies like IPFS, Zero Knowledge Proofs, Distributed Hash tables etc.

DigitalX is an innovative software solutions company providing investors exposure to the global digital Payments industry, through disruptive fintech products and services in the Remittances and digital currencies sector. DigitalX develops software, leveraging Blockchain technology and the secure ledger system to create new and innovative fintech software, for institutions and consumers. The Company is disrupting the global Remittances market with its unique Remittances product AirPocket, designed to provide consumers with the ability to securely and cost-effectively send Remittances in any currency, from anywhere, anytime, regardless of transaction size.

Hashkloud is an Australian (Sydney) based Blockchain technology focused FinTech start-up focusing on customer experience in digital commerce. Their mission is about 'creating a digital commerce eco-system by developing a digital platform incorporating digital Payments with built-in digital KYC and Verification of ID (VOI) engines that provides superior customer experiences for an end to end digital delivery of digital commerce services'.

Equity management platform built on blockchain

Incent Loyalty
Incent Loyalty is the future of loyalty, harnessing the blockchain to turbocharge merchant revenue in a way that traditional schemes cannot.

Ledger Assets
Ledger Assets is a Perth based company specializing in global verification digital technology utilizing Blockchain Protocol. They have developed Patent pending world first technology to authenticate image content and provide time stamping and geolocation verification, as well as watermarked tamper proof technology as BaaS (Blockchain as a service).Ledger Assets are currently working and partnering with industry specialists including ASX 200 companies to create the next generation of disruptive market leading blockchain enterprise solutions.

OTHERA is a financial services technology company servicing lenders looking to streamline and automated SME credit decisioning and then manage post settlement credit risk. Othera is also about to launch a beta of it's Ethereum Blockchain Lending as a Service and associated Digital Asset Trading Exchange, designed to convert illiquid traditional assets in to highly digital liquid assets, traded with full asset provenance on the Ethereum Blockchain. Product Range: * Ethereum Blockchain Lending as a Service - Live Proof of Concept (World Wide Patent Pending) * Blockchain Digital Asset Exchange - Live Proof of Concept * Accounting data stream service for SME automated lending providers * SME credit scoring and banks style decision model and software tools * Big Data / AI Dynamic Risk Management software for lenders - Under Development

Remitt are creating a new blockchain ISO Standard and realtime platform. Remitt are building technology to revolutionise banking by creating new finance applications and connecting legacy systems to their new platform.

Smartbit - a passionate team based in Melbourne Australia building digital currency tools. Smartbit has built the first Bitcoin block chain platform in Australia. The Smartbit Block Explorer provides quick access to bitcoin data with intuitive search and smart sorting and filtering tools.

Unocoin is a mobile wallet that enables users to buy, sell, store, use, and accept bitcoins. Users can print paper wallets and import bitcoin addresses to their own address book and also withdraw bitcoins to their paper wallets. Available on both iOS and Android platforms, it acts as a point-of-sale merchant mobile app. Unocoin was launched in 2013 and is based in Tumakuru, India.

BankChain is a community of banks for exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions. Membership to BankChain is open to banks, NBFCs, Payments banks and other financial institutions.

We bring together expertise in building blockchain and decentralised tech based solutions with experience in IT solutioning for BFSI Our current focus is our flagship product Cetas - Identity management over the blockchain, leveraged to reuse KYC verification business processes and efficient cross-organisation, data signal sharing, for ratings and scores

While Bitcoin remains the world's most popular cryptocurrency, its underpinning technology, blockchain is helping to spurr further FinTech innovation. Blockchain startup, Colu provides users with the ability to securely transfer digital currency to one another. Yet, Colu is not just another digital currency wallet. Colu's blockchain powered technology allows for the creation of local digital currencies that can be accepted and used for transactions within a particular community, neighborhood, or favorite merchant. Colu raised $9.6 million last year in a Series A Round led by Spark Capital, among others.

Bancor's protocol is a standard that allows anyone to easily create completely liquid smart tokens that calculate their own prices and enable a single party to convert any token to another, without requiring a second party to exchange with. This process enables the long-tail of completely liquid cryptocurrencies. Smart tokens hold other tokens in reserve and can be used as decentralized token baskets (like ETFs), token changers (like shapeshift), project and protocol tokens (like GNT and REP), community currencies (like Ithacash and reward miles), and more. The Bancor network token will hold a single reserve in Ether. The Bancor network token forms a monetary structure where increased demand for any of the network's smart tokens drives up the value of the common Bancor token, benefiting all other smart tokens holding it in reserve.

ZEROBILLBANK Ltd provides functionality to the white-label banking system by issuing digital community tokens, such as 'Samurai Coin;' adding values, such as rewards, coupons, vouchers, recognition; managing multiple community tokens by single digital wallets and dashboard; and providing a marketplace. The company will issue the customer's own community tokens against 'ZEROBILL,' so that it is the principle currency for exchange with other community tokens.

Wave, developed by OGYDocs, is a decentralized application that connects all parties in the supply chain, enabling direct exchange of documents without having to trust a third party. Wave's application manages ownership of documents on the blockchain, eliminating disputes, forgeries, and unnecessary risks. OGYDocs aims to provide secure and efficient tools for international trade.

BitSpread's quantitative trading software connecting Digital FX exchanges enables Investment Managers to trade and risk-manage Digital FX. A team of investment banking professionals and experienced blockchain engineers delivering exclusive quantitative investment strategy signals that generate alpha and beta returns on blockchain assets.

ChromaWay provides a platform for smart contracts, issuing, and transferring assets through a blockchain. The company has partnered with LHV Bank(the largest of Estonia's domestic banks)to create a blockchain-based Payments platform. ChromaWay also works with to create a blockchain-based start-up marketplace (

Logical Form
Logical Form has developed Blockchain data templates for banks and enterprises. The applications use the decentralized, secure blockchain protocols to authenticate and track items and records through transactions. Unlike most companies in the blockchain sector, which seek to replace the need for 'trusted parties' such as banks and government, Logical Form assumes they are here to stay. It, therefore, concentrates on effectively utilizing the bitcoin algorithm and protocol between trusted parties without the complications required when trust is eliminated.

Tau-chain is a generalization of many centralized and decentralized P2P networks, including the Blockchain, which aims to give users the ability to implement virtually any P2P network. Agoras, an intelligent market built upon Tau-Chain, will implement decentralized markets over TauChain, including hiring programmers trustlessly; renting computational power; and smart web search engines.


Based in Malaysia, is a team of technologists that helps organizations and individuals explore, adopt, and implement distributed ledger technologies. It also provides training, education, and awareness for organizations exploring the blockchain technology as well as helps arrange and speak at numerous community events. Operating regionally across Southeast Asia, the company’s services enable projects that combine on-chain data storage, decentralized identity and authentication, and public key logistics. The company was founded in 2014.

Onchain was founded in April 2015 following the launch of its Antshares blockchain system. The company conducts research on blockchain technology, particularly in relation to its application to the financial services sector.

Taiyiyun Technology is a blockchain based enterprise that is listed on the NEEQ. It has recently begun collaborating with a number of public bodies on using blockchain technology to manage government records.

Using the technology database network behind Bitcoin, Everledger provides traders, insurance companies, financiers, consumers, claimants and law enforcers with an immutable history of an item's authenticity, existence and ownership. delivers financial services over mobile to the 300+ million people in Southeast Asia who are currently unserved by traditional banks. Our platform runs on Blockchain technology and is built on top of existing retail infrastructure (10,000+ cash-in/cash-out locations), cutting down on one of the Big Data & Analyticsest cost components of retail banking.

Satoshi Citadel Industries
Satoshi Citadel Industries Inc., is a fintech startup company building the ecosystem for Bitcoin in the Philippines.

Bloom lets you set a daily allowance for your kids, receive a money transfer, get weather updates, find the names of all the Beatles, or buy mobile load -- all through simple SMS commands.

CoinCooler is a kit that helps users create, encrypt, and inspect digital files listing cold-storage Bitcoin addresses in a secure and easy way. It runs on a dedicated RaspberryPi that is always kept offline. Digital files containing the list of Bitcoin addresses and their associated private keys are generated, strongly encrypted, and then downloaded to USB memory sticks. Advanced features allow users to mitigate some of the risks associated with password loss, as well as a way to bequeath bitcoins to heirs. CoinCooler also can be used to securely inspect the content of cold storage files so users can glean the private key when they decide to retrieve funds from any of the cold storage addresses.

decentralized network of advisors, researchers, developers, service providers and clients working together to accelerate blockchain markets.

Open Trade Docs
OTDocs is a Singapore-based data management application that certifies online identities and documents to increase trade businesses workflow efficiency, through quick certification and compliance. The application reduces errors, restricted access, and fraud risks in trade finance by creating original digital documents, and complementing paper originals with unique digital copies. It removes the need to trust third parties with its client’ data by using private industry blockchains to securely send and store messages and documents. Launched in 2015, OTDocs also provides API-based solutions deployed within its users’ firewalls for easy integration into existing systems.

REIDAO is a Blockchain based platform that creates digital tokens for real estate properties. It offers unique Token ID (think stock-ticker) for every property that is listed on the platform. The company aims to digitalise the real estate properties ownerships.REIDAO is creating digital representation of real estate by way of crypto tokens, turning it into a programmable real estate. These tokens are backed by real world real estate.

Chain is a blockchain technology company that partners with financial firms to build and deploy blockchain networks which transform markets. Its solutions enable institutions to design, deploy, and operate blockchain networks that can power any type of asset in any market. The company offers Chain Open Standard, an open-source blockchain protocol for high-scale financial applications. It includes Chain Core, an enterprise-grade production node; and Chain Sandbox, a prototyping environment. Chain maintains strategic partnerships with financial services firms such as NASDAQ, Visa, Citi, Capital One, and Fiserv. Founded in 2014, the company is based in San Francisco, California.

Tembusu Systems Pte Ltd
Tembusu Systems Pte Ltd was founded in October 2013 and developed the TRUST system, which is based on next-generation distributed blockchain technology. The company made headlines when they unveiled Asia’s first Bitcoin ATM in Singapore, the Tembusu Prime Bitcoin ATM, in February 2014 under the name Tembusu Terminals Pte Ltd.

Trusted In Trading
For the past three years, the Trusted In Trading team has been developing a concept to reduce fraud and boost growth within the financial services and business sectors. To do this, we have modelled multiple use cases of blockchain technology and incorporated biometrics to package web and mobile applications. At this stage, we propose using crypto financing (Initial Coin Offering or I.C.O.) in lieu of venture capital as our development resource. Our primary concept is based on the development of a social validation platform on which both corporate and individual users are validated through a complete, in depth, due diligence process. This verifies not only the identity, licensing and regulatory status of corporations and professionals but also the identities and accreditation of individuals. The aim of this process is to reduce corporate, professional and individual identity theft and associated fraud within the financial and business sectors. This will be achievable globally in a decentralized system using blockchain technology. Fraud is on the rise every year in various market sectors and sub-sectors globally, where the rates of fraudulent activities tied to corporate or personal identity theft have risen to astronomical levels. This is in part due to the availability of information on social media platforms and other information portals. In Proofpoints 2014 research, it was found that Fortune 100 companies are popular targets for fraud. Approximately 40% of Facebook accounts and 20% of Twitter accounts claiming to represent a Fortune 100 brand are unauthorized. This has permeated all sub sectors, from the asset management industry to newer sectors such as cryptocurrencies. Currently, social media platforms are inadequate in providing account validation that requires an in-depth due diligence process to inhibit fraud and enhance legitimate business. According to the 2016 Annual Fraud Indicator Report fraudulent activity costs were estimated to amount to £193 billion in the UK alone. At Trusted In Trading, we strongly believe that we can make a significant impact on how individuals and companies are affected through the development of our feature rich social validation platform with crypto-currency based escrow capabilities. Each company that chooses to validate their details and become part of the chain will reduce the risk of identity misuse. Moreover, they can use their verified accounts as primary marketing channels whilst adhering to regulatory parameters established by national regulatory bodies. Trusted’s unique selling proposition (USP) is that up to date a multi-function social validation platform which is beneficial to all members of the financial and business sectors does not exist. The current social platforms are too generalized or, in some cases, too niche. A platform that provides features and tools for all members of the sector, from small business owners to multi-billion dollar hedge funds, will retain usage levels and appeal to a large cross section of the sectors. Not only this, but validation and escrow will improve business for those concerned.

Indorse - The Professional Networking Platform of Web 3.0 on Ethereum Blockchain A Skill Based Professional Network that gives Data Ownership back to the Users What is Indorse? ‘Indorse’ is a revolutionary platform using new models of tokenization and decentralization to change the shape of professional social networking. Unlike traditional platforms such as LinkedIn, Indorse aims to give back ownership of the data to you, as the user, and allow you to profit from sharing your skills and activities on the platform. Indorse uses rewards and a reputation system to incentivize users to add their accomplishments and endorse those of others. Advertisers in turn purchase space on the site, which creates revenue for the platform. This revenue, along with other revenue streams, is shared with the users who created the content. In short, Indorse is - an attempt to give back ownership of data - a platform where contributors will be rewarded for their contributions - a platform which gives any credential a certain degree of validity

OX Fina
A Traditional Financial Institution Run On Decentralized Apps. With The Support Of Global Fanatical Experts And Renowned Tech Veterans, OX Fina Aspires To Build A Comprehensive Financial Solution For All. OX Fina Will Combine Features Of Modern Banking, IoT, Big Data And Blockchain-Based Technologies While Also Meeting Security. The Third EYe Technology Implementation Into OX Fina, Will Serve As An Automation And Digitization Ecosystem, Allowing Us To Not Only Integrate Single Companies, But Entire Industries Enabling Access To Financial And Industrial Services In The Same App, At A Click’s Hand. OX Fina Financial Services Will Be Fully Interconnected With International Systems To Respond To The Transaction Needs Of Our Customers Worldwide. If You Have Ever Contemplated The Inner Workings Of A F.I. Or You Are A Fan Of New Revolutionary Technologies, Take A Look At Our Prospectus Below!

Aigang Network
Blockchain protocol for digital insurance, enabling new digital insurance services for IoT and smart devices.

Maecenas is the first blockchain company that leverages distributed ledger technology to create a new market place for fine art. It will enable the investors and collectors to trade shares in fine art over an online marketplace. Maecenas aims at democratizing fine art ownership by converting the expensive and illiquid artworks into smaller and liquid tradable financial units which can be traded by art investors, owners, and collectors.


Lykke Corp
Lykke is a Swiss Fintech company building a global marketplace based on blockchain. It builds on decades of thought and research by company founder Richard Olsen, a pioneer in the field of high-frequency finance. Richard served as co-founder and CEO of OANDA, a leading foreign exchange company. Lykke received initial seed funding in 2015. Mission Lykke is here to build the future of markets. • By employing transparent blockchain technology • By achieving reliability and accessibility of financial services • By open-sourcing knowledge and competences Vision Lykke will create a single global marketplace, where any sort of financial instrument can be traded and settled peer to peer with second-by-second interest payments. Unlike the structure of prevailing markets, ours will be a level playing field to which anyone with an Internet connection can have access. Our marketplace utilizes blockchain pioneered by Bitcoin to offer immediate settlement and direct ownership. All the software that serves as the foundation of the market will be developed in open source. Commissions are zero. We anticipate ample trade volumes. Our revenue will come from providing liquidity, offering issuance services, and supporting institutional clients.

Copernicus Gold
Copernicus Gold enables anyone, anywhere, in a transparent and secure manner, to digitally acquire, save, store or use as payment, any amount of gold. Copernicus Gold operates a multi-currency cloud-based platform that enables the issue of an amount of digital gold, in any measure, which is represented by gold bullion that has been purchased in advance of the issue of digital gold and stored in Singapore. PRODUCTS & SERVICES: The company issues digital gold or money that is linked to a physical store of gold, which enables anyone, anywhere to acquire and save digital gold that can be redeemed for physical gold at a retail store, or used to make payments online. Currently, digital gold is redeemable at retail stores in Singapore for gold coins or gold jewelry. Copernicus Gold is a platform for issuance and circulation of electronic currencies developed on the basis of the blockchain technology. From the very beginning of its development, the project was designed to feature an open API ( and has been functioning as a Bank-as-a-Service allowing to accomplish the tasks of holding wallets (accounts) in different currencies, assets (including a currency linked to physical gold bullion), with the purpose of investments, carry out conversions with market spreads between such wallets, as well as carry out transfers between its users. Its clients are both individuals and corporate entities.

TradeBlock is a venture-backed company serving institutional financial firms with products that help optimize trading using blockchain technology. Andreessen Horowitz, Chris Fischer, Data Collective, Digital Currency Group, F-Prime Capital Partners, FinTech Collective, Hard Yaka and Y Combinator have invested in the company so far. TradeBlock is the world’s leading toolset for institutional bitcoin traders, featuring market analytics, blockchain insights, order management, trade execution, team communication and compliance automation.

AgriLedger is a mobile app that records and transacts incorruptible truth. It is a complete framework of integrated services for delivering an even playing field to farmers and co-ops. This solid framework of trust allows everyone to know they are working, buying, selling, and sharing things according to a cryptographic “Book of Truth” that is utterly incorruptible.

New York-based provider of distributed-ledger technology for financial firms

BitFury is the leading, fully integrated Bitcoin Blockchain security and infrastructure provider.

BlockCypher is a cloud-optimized platform powering blockchain applications reliably and at-scale.

Cambridge Blockchain
Cambridge Blockchain provides digital identity enterprise software for financial institutions. The company is based in Cambridge, MA USA.

Factom is way to Decentralize the worlds information using the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Filecoin is a data storage network and electronic currency based on Bitcoin.

Gem’s blockchain application platform transforms how companies and industries connect to solve impossible problems.

Leondrino Exchange
Leondrino Exchange, Inc., a FinTech startup with its roots in Berlin/Germany, established a Delaware corporation with its office in New York in November 2014. Leondrino Exchange is a Currency Management-as-a-Service (CMaaS) provider and offers a blockchain-based platform-cum-marketplace for organizations to issue their own private, branded currencies. The company will complement the monetary system by introducing Leondrino: a new category of private branded currency, which is backed by the current and future business of global brands. Using the potential of latest Technologies of its ecosystem partners, Leondrino Exchange creates added value for global brands. Leondrino are issued for each eligible brand and will be named after the associated brand. The supply of each currency is managed by Leondrino Algorithm in combination with a dedicated monetary board and based on a brand-specific monetary policy. The branded Leondrino will be used as a medium for exchange of goods and services and will be interchangeable with fiat currencies. The goal of Leondrino Exchange is to become the most trusted issuer of private branded currencies.

OpenBazaar is a Decentralized cryptocurrency marketplace that enables its users to trade online.

Setting the new standard for storing, securing, and validating data.

POSaBIT is a financial technology company that creates an easy way for consumers to acquire digital currency at the point of sale.

r3 CEV
r3 is a financial innovation firm dedicated to the design and deployment of DLT to build the new operating system for financial services.

Symbiont is bridging the gap between the emerging blockchain ecosystem and Wall Street.

Tierion is a powerful engine for collecting data and recording it in the blockchain.

Building reciprocal aid organizations on the blockchain

Global money transfer service
xCoins is the leading destination for instant access to bitcoin

Wings wants to “bring the DAO to the mainstream.” The startup created a Decentralized, ethereum-based platform for co-creating projects. The platform doesn’t require any prior knowledge of smart contracts or blockchain for setting up a project. It also features chatbots, and gives out its own blokchain-secured WINGS tokens to users.

GameCredits delivers blockchain-based products to the gaming industry. Founded in 2016, GameCredits allows game developers to accept the gamecredits cryptocurrency (GAME) to securely purchase existing in-game items without the inconvenience and cost of traditional banking and payment alternatives. Users can purchase GAME directly inside their own GameCredits wallet for USD, Euro and bitcoin, as well as on major exchanges globally, including Bittrex and Poloniex.

ConsenSys is a venture production studio focused on building and scaling tools and enterprise software products powered by Ethereum.ConsenSys builds, consults, and launches Decentralized applications using Ethereum.

Ripio (Bitpagos)
"Ripio, formerly known as Bitpagos, is a financial payments company that provides electronic payment solutions for businesses in Latin America. It offers a range of financial services for the emerging markets using the blockchain technology to make a more accessible financial system. The company helps merchants process international transactions with credit cards or bitcoins for a fraction of the cost as well as consumers buy bitcoins instantly with cash. It deals with clients in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador.

the Loop
based in Seoul, theloop is a leading provider of private blockchain solution for a Smart Connected Society. We are also the creator of loopcoin, a new digital currency. “loop” symbolizes an infinite, closed environment similar to a private blockchain network.

Double Chain
"-For Beyond the Human Pay & Machine Pay - HDAC : HDAC is implemented based on Blockchain IoT, which is the central platform of Hyper Internet of Things, which evolves itself through ‘Bigdata’ that combined with communication infrastructure and Internet. HDAC is not a coin that only merely exchanging value, but also a leader in ‘Smart coin’ by limiting the usage according to the designated use and controlling all connected devices to realize Smart City & Life. HDAC has maximized its security by adapting 3-factor authentication and address changing system, and aim to build a M2M network to be a pioneer in a new era of digital assets with ‘Connected society’ -Convergence of Blockchain and IoT HDAC will provide mutual authentication system between IoT devices with strong security based on secure authentication, high reliability and various availability, and various availability, and will also provide payment service that can execute various types of IoT contract based on it. -Block Chain Network Isolation and Interconnect Due to its decentralization, transparency and reliability, blockchains are becoming widespread throughout the industries. So, the saturation state of public blockchains must be considered. HDAC's permissible blockchains can resolve blockchains by separating them into functional segments and connecting transactions between blockchains either hierarchically or horizontally."

Its goal is to disrupt the entire global remittance market with blockchain technology. We believe that our remittance technology can help migrant workers and small business owners save remittance transaction fees significantly.

Genaro Network
Genaro Network, as the creator behind the blockchain 3.0 concept, aims to contribute to blockchain infrastructure technology development. The Genaro Network is the first Turing Complete Public Chain + Decentralized Storage Network, to provide blockchain developers a one-stop solution to deploy smart contracts and store data simultaneously. The Genaro Public Chain uses PoS (Proof of Stake) as consensus, and creatively uses the SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) algorithm as its storage consensus, which could increase both public chain scalability and file transferring speed. Moreover, Genaro applies game theory to a sharing economy business model, thereby establishing a fairer rewards system for nodes. Meanwhile, Genaro provides end users with a private, efficient, economic, secure and permanent storage space and sharing community. As a member of Chainbase / Wanxiang, Genaro has attracted support from seven famous blockchain foundations, including BlockAsset, a subsidiary of Fenbushi Capital. Genaro is the revolution to move from “Cloud” to “Blockchain”! We believe that only when a blockchain is able to store and analyze big data in the real world can DAPPs be as useful as Internet APPs.

Launched in 2015, Ledger has designed an acclaimed line of hardware security devices quickly placing the company as a global leader on the market with 400,000 units sold in more than 165 countries. For enterprises and corporations, Ledger introduced the Vault: a fully managed SaaS solution addressing the need to safeguard very large amount of multiple cryptocurrencies while mitigating both IT and physical assault threats. The company is also active on the industrial IoT market, leveraging its Hardware Oracle technology to interface sensors and machines to smart contracts or blockchain based assets. Ledger is headquartered in Paris, has a production facility in Vierzon (France) and offices in San Francisco. The company has raised 8.5M$ so far, and has a team 65 collaborators.

Coinsilium Group
A fintech company, vertically integrated in the blockchain/decentralised network technology space. They facilitate the creation and mainstream implementation of blockchain technology products and services from their head-quarters in the global financial hub of London

Matchupbox proposes Digital Identity and Personal Data services around its PikcioChain, a proprietary modular permissioned-based blockchain, After three years of R&D, the PikcioChain creates an intelligent, secure and unique transactional eco-system. Based on the data exchanged or collected, the smart contracts developed by MatchupBox perform on demand specific tasks (payment, renewal, upgrades, supports, product and services search and booking.) By exemple, KYC process costs more than $10 Billion a year to US banks. MatchupBox builds an eco-system to facilitate on-demand, secure access to Personal Data and Digital Identity via its PikcioChain, so background and personal information verification checks no longer needed to be undertaken from the ground up every time. This reduces the overall cost of KYC, remove inefficiencies, enhance security and privacy, improving customer experience.

Billon GROUP
Billon disrupts technological fundaments behind money and the way it is stored and moved between people and organizations. We have created a revolutionary instant payments system tapping on distributed ledger technology. Our technology supports all national currencies, complies with financial regulations and eliminates barriers of time and distance. It is a technology that cares for people’s needs in the digital age. Billon builds pioneering white label products and customised solutions for businesses that wish to reinvent their financial transactions, benefit from new ways of engaging with their audiences and reshape their processes to meet the needs of the digital age. Our solutions enable new incentives schemes and motivational programs for your users. You can tailor them to your requirements and offer all your consumers, employees or temporary workers a fully digital and mobile user experience. We also offer ready to use merchant services and content monetization tools.

Cashaa is a p2p marketplace for money transfer matching senders and receivers with cryptocurrency traders. Cashaa is a UK company based in Level39, Canary Wharf, and has just been ranked no.41 of the most influential blockchain companies by Richtopia. Cashaa is a product of Auxesis Group, India`s leading blockchain development company which works with banks, governments, insurers and startups in India and internationally. We successfully launched our MVP in Feb 2017, did some live transactions, and the motivation of building a truly innovative remittance application is becoming more stronger with each transaction we are doing. Although our competition is with the Western Union kind of services, we were also able to compete with startups like Transferwise, World Remit, Uphold or Circle without having a huge customer acquisition cost. Now we are glad to announce our seed round of $1m to make Cashaa a groundbreaking product which can compete with the industry giants like Western Union and MoneyGram as well as with startups like Transferwise and World Remit.

A recognized leader in their field and ranked among the most influential blockchain and regtech companies, Coinfirm serves as a foundation for the safe adoption and use of blockchain. Our Blockchain Compliance & Analytics Platform uses proprietary algorithms and big data analysis to deliver actionable data that increases efficiency, reduces costs and streamlines compliance to near automation. The blockchain agnostic platform also benefits major financial institutions, asset management companies and BI companies. In addition, Coinfirm develops dedicated blockchain solutions such as “trudatum”, a blockchain platform to register and verify the ownership and authenticity of any type of document, file, or data. Collapse

Trakti is a peer to peer platform supporting procurement, sourcing and sales with dynamic, personalized negotiations and contracts registered in the Blockchain. Trakti simplifies the process of contracting and it offers a business automation framework to easily set up, share, manage, e-sign and process (with payment) the online deals. Recently,the company has received Italia FinTech Award and finalist in Startupbootcamp accelerator program 2016.

Blockchainiz is a unified blockchain API for banks and insurance firms to optimize their functional processes. was launched by Clément Francomme in October 2014 and is based in France.

SETL is an inititive to deploy a multi-asset, multi-currency institutional payment and settlements infrastructure based on blockchain technology. The SETL system will enable market participants to move cash and assets directly between each other, facilitating the immediate and final settlement of market transactions. The SETL system maintains a permissioned distributed ledger of ownership and transaction records, simplifying the process of matching, settlement, custody, registration and transaction reporting.

Next generation Blockchain P2P Money Transfer and FX company focused on the non English speaking world

Elliptic's software is recognized in the Bitcoin industry as the standard for regulatory Compliance and forensic investigations.Elliptic identifies illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain and provides its services to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies. - Winner: 2015 Security Project of the Year Award - The Banker (a Financial Times publication) - Winner: 2015 Swift Innotribe Growth Stage Startup Competition - Top 10 Global Emerging Star: KPMG Fintech 100

Wirex Limited
Wirex is a global leader in blockchain personal finance, with 900k+ customers in 130+ countries. By combining the benefits of blockchain with traditional payment infrastructure, Wirex services include cryptocurrency digital wallets, currency exchange, virtual and plastic debit cards, instant local and international money transfer. Customers include travelers, expats, freelancers, business owners, foreign workers, investors, parents of overseas students, underserved and unbanked, millennials interested in the future of money and investment, those responsible for household finances (from buying bitcoin to online shopping), and more.

Interbit™ is a blockchain development platform. Designed to be developer friendly using today’s most popular and proven tools and languages, developers are empowered to build enterprise-grade blockchain-based applications without having to learn new tools or languages. With Interbit, developers can efficiently design and build quality applications that take advantage of the power and benefits of blockchain technology.

Bazaar Blockchain Technologies
Immediate source of Bitcoin liquidity built with a robust technology. Market-Making for Bitcoin exchanges. Experienced FinTech and Quantitative specialists with the mission of making Bitcoin markets accessible and acceptable for the oldschool financiers. Working on fast and reliable integrations with existing financial systems via API and FIX.

Clearmatics is developing the next-generation clearing machines for financial OTC markets. Its blockchain platform brings together custodians and end-users on a single platform, where members can settle securities trades and automate the performance of derivatives and other financial contracts using their Decentralised Clearing Network (DCN) technology. Clearmatics brings many advantages to participants: permissionless innovation in financial contracts, settlement finality, counterparty and execution risk mitigation, transparency for regulators and auditors, lower operating costs and capital requirements, amongst others. At the core of its DCN technology are smart contracts, deals expressed in computer code that debit and credit distributed asset ledgers when executed. Counterparts execute a smart contract using cryptographic signature, and because their DCN hosts a Turing-complete programming language, counterparts can code any custom contract, making it possible for permissionless innovation in the design of new derivative contracts, where the buy-side can create new tradable products themselves.

ECHO, is a decentralized peer-to-peer encrypted social messaging & digital payment platform: enabling anybody to exchange encrypted text-, audio-, video-, and image- messages plus transforming digital payments. Sending money to your friends, or paying for your coffee at Starbucks is as simple as taking a picture. ECHO will be able to live encrypt any voice and video conversations, completely decentralize voice, video, chat and wallet thanks to IPFS and Blockchain technologies. ECHO combines the best feature of Whatsapp/Skype and Paypal and is superior in tech and security right from the start. Instead of relying on the traditional slow banking infrastructure, weak security and high fees, ECHO introduce a first of its kind remote control for an international financial platform merged with a state of the art chat application on the Blockchain. ECHO will be connecting millions through encrypted messaging and instant money transfers. Promo: Disclaimer: The ECHO team supports privacy, security, and freedom for anybody. We believe in privacy as a basic human right and see the internet as an environment where everybody could express their opinion and have unrestricted access to information while remaining anonymous. We are leveraging Blockchain technology to provide higher security standards for our users. The ECHO platform prohibit any unlawful activity and will comply willingly with all legal requests for information to law enforcement personnel and other third parties to answer inquiries.

Neufund is building a blockchain-based and investor-directed platform which bridges the world of cryptocurrency and equity.

SLOCK.IT disrupts the billions dollar disruptors by enabling anyone to rent, sell or share their property without middleman. With, the unused bicycle in the shed gets a new lease on life. Parking spots can be sublet on demand. Airbnb apartments become fully automated. bridges the blockchain and the physical world by making smart contracts enforceable: It's the future infrastructure of the Sharing Economy. Build by members of team that raised $18.9m for Ethereum, "simultaneously cracks the challenge of trusting strangers in the sharing economy while ripping up the rulebook for how those same platforms make their money" (source: Nesta) Leveraging blockchain nodes embedded in connected cars, homes, shared white goods, etc, strives to improve the experience of sharing items by: - Making trusting the other party as unnecessary as possible - Handling secure direct P2P payments - Providing a mechanism of deposits, and eventually, full blown insurance - Freeing the users from having to coordinate with each other to hand over keys - Enabling both owners and renters to find each other - Supporting almost any objects including cars, lockers, apartments, sheds, office space, etc. And because it's build on top of the Ethereum blockchain, is always on, suffers no downtime, features cryptographic security by default, requires no login or signup, and can be audited by anyone. is privately funded

Adcoin is the only ad technology that enables cashless micro-transactions & verified measurable brand messaging through positive digital engagements.

Santiment aims to create market standards for cryptocurrency market data, best practices, and project transparency, all available in one place — essentially becoming the data and information hub of cryptocurrency and blockchain assets.

iPAYst is a multi channel mobile payment application which uses on an QR-Code to trigger a payment transaction. The company was founded in 2010 and provides users and merchants with an easy to use mobile payment application. iPAYst is integrated within cash-point software used in Brick and mortar businesses as well as all major E-Commerce platforms.

Welltrado is an operating scalable blockchain-based platform that seeks to enable investors to buy and sell loans from thousands of different loan providers globally, invest into peer-to-peer lending funds (P2P) and manage investment portfolios.

CoinGate offers Merchant services for various businesses to accept Bitcoin as payment from their customers. They automatically convert Bitcoins to local currency such as EUR/USD which means no price volatility risks for business. Visit our page or contact us directly for additional information.

Multicryptocurrency payment platform for businesses, consumers & community.

Copernicus Gold
Copernicus Gold is a multi-currency blockchain platform as one for carrying out settlements and making investments in gold.

Kyber Network
Kyber Network is a new system which allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets. It is a decentralised exchange for cryptocurrencies that focuses on both security and usability. They provide rich payment APIs and a new contract wallet that allow anyone to seamlessly receive payments from any token. Users can also mitigate the risks of price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency world with their derivative trading.

DeBuNe Services
DeBuNe operates a peer-to-peer platform for business-to-business applications. It offers a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem of small skilled businesses that lets small businesses to collaborate, market, offer, and monetize their expertise or products.

Eximchain enables businesses to connect, transact, and share information more efficiently and securely. Using blockchain technology, Eximchain eliminates traditional supply chain barriers and integrates actors big and small into an inclusive, transparent, and secure global network.

Pundi X
Pundi X strives to become cryptocurrency’s largest offline sales network, providing the first comprehensive offline cryptocurrency sales solutions. This includes: a decentralized sales network, multi currency wallet (fiat and cryptocurrency, assisted by Pundi-Pundi), a decentralised multi exchange platform (connecting different online cryptocurrency exchanges), decentralized ICO platform etc.

Crypto Finance AG
Crypto Finance AG is a financial technology company providing blockchain-related services through its three divisions Asset Management, Brokerage and Storage. The aim of Crypto Finance AG is to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology in the global economy, thanks to a range of high-quality financial services.

Gatechain has developed solutions for trade finance on a decentralised network which allows to seamlessly connect participants in the trade ecosystem. Its blockchain based solutions allow to significantly reduce processing time and costs while improving cash-flow in trade.

ShapeShift is a web and API platform that provides instant Bitcoin and altcoin conversion with the maximum level of consumer protection and efficiency, with no account required.

It's fast, easy, and not only a Multicurrency Wallet: it's a Hybrid Exchange too.

ECUREX is a Swiss FinTech company that operates a digital finance marketplace for professional traders and financial institutions. It offers advanced financial instruments and information services and uses a multi-level platform to provide its customers with security and control over their own deposits throughout the trading cycle. The company’s research division conducts fundamental and applied research projects on topics such as decentralised finance and economic networks. It partners with several academic institutions, research consortiums, and major financial institutions.

SMART VALOR is a blockchain startup set to enable borderless crypto finance. It aims to build a decentralised marketplace for tokenised alternative investments backed by secure custody for crypto assets.

Coinsquare is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. Its mission is to make access to digital currencies easy, safe and secure.

OneConnect develops platforms based on data, blockchain, and financial cloud. The company’s solutions include banking cloud, insurance cloud, investment cloud, and open platform. The company provides financial technology solutions for financial institution partners, including banks, insurance companies, securities companies, and trust companies.

8BTC is a bitcoin forum with live pricing in different countries. is an Artificial Intelligence API marketplace where developers, technology suppliers and buyers come together to access & develop new and innovative forms of A.I. technology effectively building the next generation of artificial intelligence in a trusted and collaborative environment.

Bitmain is a manufacturer of Bitcoin mining hardware and other related services. They specialise in the manufacture of high-end ASIC chips.

Canaan Creative
Canaan Creative produces Blockchain servers and solutions for repetition ASIC chips.

Molecular Future
Molecular Future is a one-stop digital asset management platform, helping investors and start-ups alike navigate the complex world of cryptocurrencies.

Silot Pte. Ltd. is a cloud-based TechFin startup based in Singapore and Beijing, providing cutting edge unifying QR code e-payments technology.

Monaco Technology GmbH has a mission of putting Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet (TM) as the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform (Monaco Visa card and mobile app) allowing users to buy, exchange, and spend fiat and cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum, at perfect interbank exchange rates

LATTICE80 is the World's Largest Fintech Hub (backed by Marvelstone Group) connecting 11,000 Fintech / Blockchain / Crypto Startups and 200,000 professionals in its database. We are headquartered in London with various branches in Europe and Asia.

Wand is a decentralised application built on the Ethereum blockchain. Wand enables users to create and trade financial products on crypto-secured assets.