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OurCrowd launched its global online crowd-investing platform in Israel in 2013 and now has 110 portfolio companies and five investment funds in which $320 million has been invested. The OurCrowd App unlocks opportunities to accredited investors worldwide. Along with Payoneer, OurCrowd ranked among the 50 leading established fintech companies on KPMG's 100 most promising companies list for 2016 and now has seven worldwide offices.OurCrowd is an equity-based Crowdfunding platform, built for accredited investors to provide venture capital funding for Israeli (and later global) venture capital start-ups. Accredited investors who are accepted into the community can make minimum investments of $10,000 per deal. The focus of OurCrowd is the early stage funding market in Israel and only companies that have passed a due diligence process will be added to the OurCrowd platform. OurCrowd has become the first Israel focused, equity-based Investment Management to launch and one of the world's leading accredited investor only platforms.

Lendeez provides a mobile financial service designed specifically for social lending. Its app enables end-to-end management of digital lending between friends and family.

Medi-Crowd is a nonprofit organization that has developed a healthcare crowdsourcing platform that allows individual donors to directly fund specific medical projects in developing countries. Medi-Crowd provides hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and aid stations with compatible 'disruptive innovation' by Israeli companies that meet the environmental, technical, and human considerations and limitations in developing countries and in each project's specific location.

Out Of X
Out of X offers a platform that connects independent global fashion designers with customers in China. Designers upload their prototypes, set a minimum quantity to manufacture, and begin taking pre-orders. When enough orders are placed, items get funding, go into production, and are sent to customers. Out of X raises brand desirability and product diversification for high-end retailers in China through its trusted network of independent fashion designers. The company also provides designers with the groundwork for brands to significantly expand their customer base through its partnerships with luxury Chinese retailers in tier-one cities.

Be the Bank
Be the Bank is a crowd-Lending that lets lenders earn 5%-10% annually while supporting the growth of Israel's small- medium-sized businesses. Be the Bank lenders are private individuals or businesses who provide a miniumum of 500 NIS, which is automatically distributed among various small- to medium- sized businesses that have gone through a selection process. Borrowers can receive up to 500,000 NIS for three to five years.

Headstart is a Crowdfunding platform for creative projects and entrepreneurs. With Headstart, a creator can easily design the project's campaign and invite friends and acquaintances, through electronic and social media, to support the project. When the funding goal is reached the backers' money is transferred to the creator who commits to provide the pre-determined project-related rewards.

Ownerhood is an online platform that brings Crowdfunding to property ownership. Ownerhood makes it possible to buy and directly own a share of a property anywhere in the world, put the property up for lease, and sell it on Ownerhood's secondary market.

Crowdmii (Crowd Made in Israel) is a non-equity, pro-active fundraising platform that offers supporters of Israel a new alternative to support and identify with the country by helping unique local business ventures generate social wealth. Crowdmii identifies and screens chosen Israeli ventures and connects them through the platform to various supporters who are aligned with their goals and operation.

Mimoona is a platform that assists entrepreneurs with funding and uncertainty about their venture whether it's fashion, scientific research, setting up a business, social, or educational initiative, or making a movie, CD, book, or gadget. On the funding side, Mimoona enables entrepreneurs around the world to present and promote their projects with video, audio, and text giving viewers the opportunity to invest any amount they want in the project with the push of a button. Partcipants also can receive feedback before investing even one penny to know what people think of the initiative and how it might be improved, thereby removing uncertainty from the equation. There is no charge to entrepreneurs before they raise the required amount of money to bring their project to life, after which time Mimoona charges 5% of the funds raised.

Penny Royalty
Penny Royalty is a Crowdfunding platform that places a market value on personal potential by enabling its users to invest in creators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. By providing an opportunity to invest in people in exchange for royalties, Penny Royalty aims to spearhead a socioeconomic change designed to significantly affect the Crowdfunding industry.

Cercle provides fashion designers with a platform for sharing their visions for upcoming collections, giving their customers the opportunity to collaborate and bringing designers and their communities closer. The customer funds the collection and receives credit, as well as a rare peek into the creation process. Cercle was developed by Fashion Trust Ltd.

EquityX is a marketplace where high-quality start-ups and service providers can find each other and collaborate using equity as currency. The system is designed to be straightforward and fair to all parties involved, and is based on work that EquityX has done with top lawyers and accountants. When the start-up raises a substantial funding round, the service provider receives the amount earned, with appreciation based on time elapsed, in the same security as that round.

PipelBiz is an Israeli equity Crowdfunding platform aimed at matching small businesses with the right investors, avoiding the necessity of bringing on multiple partners, which can lead to opposing views and negatively impact the decision-making process. PipelBiz's a new funding method allows entrepreneurs to start a business with minimal initial seed and maximum equity, while creating a reality where they are the main decision makers.