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Insurance Supermarket

PT Asuransi Jiwa Mega
PT. Asuransi Jiwa Mega Life provides life insurance services in Indonesia. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. PT.

Bareksa is an Indonesia's investment portal startups that synthesise a trading platform for mutual funds with applicable editorial content and widgets for novice investors.

Stockbit is an Indonesian investment community platform for investors and traders to share information and their ideas.

Their vision is to use technology to make financial information more available and more useful to everyone. Their mission is to enable people to take control of their financial situation and save a lot of money by doing so. Their products allow people to easily make the best financial decision for their situation. Come join our adventure in transforming Indonesian financial landscape through technology.

Jenius is an app by Bank BTPN which offers a new way in doing banking activities.

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Cekaja is an online portal that offers information services enabling individuals to make smart financial decisions. Using comparison technology, individuals can find suitable financial products and insurance options. Options include credit, insurance, savings, investments, and other consumer financial products. The portal also offers free consultation services through live chat, call center services, and related interactive media. was launched in 2013 and is operated from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Cekpremi is the leading provider of online-based comparison services, which focus on providing insurance product comparison service. By using the services of , consumers can feel comfortable with the insurance-based comparison service online, as well as Compliance services and sales of products via phone.

Rajapremi Is the First Online Insurance Marketplace in Indonesia. is a subsidiay of FatFish Internet Group (ASX:FFG), a company headquartered on Singapore and Australia that focuses on digital ideas and the first Internet venture accelerator to list on the Australian Securities Exchange since it first trading activities recorded on July 2014. focused on financial services that provide various type of insurance in Indonesia including auto and personal accident insurances, life insurance, house insurance, travel insurance and etc.