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TipRanks was among the winners of the 2016 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards and twice won "best of show" at Finovate. TipRanks was founded in 2012 to bring accurate and accountable financial advice to the general public from a comprehensive dataset of analysts, hedge fund managers, financial bloggers and corporate insiders.

Cred (Credwi)
Cred is a FinTech startup that offers financial institutions a way to personalize their investment products for each customer.

Atech has developed a stock exchange system and trading platform allowing traders access to the capital market. The company is engaged in the field of CFD trading, algorithmic trading, and client portfolio management. Atech Technology Service and Development Ltd is the owner of Atech.

Clink is a no-fee investment app that simplifies the saving process for individuals by allowing them to take control of their personal investment plans. Clink is customizable, and users can invest pre-specified amounts of money from their checking account and/or a fixed percent every time they use their credit cards. Funds are added to users' Clink account then invested into a portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), customized depending on how aggressive or cautious a user would like to be with their investments. Clink streamlines the process, and users have the ability to set and change the amount and frequency of investments at any time.

Caroz For Securities
Caroz is a trading platform that allows buyers and sellers to exchange securities more efficiently. The website provides a quick and discreet auctioneer forum that allows security traders to conduct faster transactions. If there is a differential between the seller's and buyer's desired price, the service allows them to compromise on the price quickly instead of waiting for the price to change.

Zirra collects and assembles information about private companies from hundreds of public sources, using human analysts to curate the data and offer exclusive insights to investors.

StratoHedge provides currency traders with real-time mentoring to help them improve performance, without deterring them from self-trading, for an improved trading experience. The company strives to enable its customers to wisely use their limited trading time in order to maximize profits, including knowing the right times to enter and exit a trade and staying out of trading traps.

Finnovest offers an efficient, one-to-many investment advisory platform for the non-discretionary advisory industry, providing the ability to advise and execute trading orders to one client at a time. Finnovest's platform allows advisers to easily generate and disseminate suitable and personalized investment recommendations to numerous clients simultaneously. Clients receive proactive, tailored advice directly on their mobile devices and can execute the recommendations automatically, in real-time, by simply pressing a button. The company's suitability engine, Compliance engine, automatic documentation, and proprietary trading capabilities help boost transactions and total revenue while also providing a professional, proactive, ongoing service designed to increase client engagement and create a perfect advisory experience for customers.

Telumis is a search engine that gives private and corporate investors access to investment opportunities from leading financial institutions without being limited to a specific country or region. Created as a bridge between financial institutions and retail investors, Telumis enables financial institutions to offer investment opportunities to an investor base from all across the globe, making the world of investing a truly smaller place.

Capitalise simplifies the investment process by taking investors' words and translating them into executable investments, bridging between the simplicity of common words and the complex world of automated trading. The company's automated portfolio management is based on written investment scenarios that users can instantly analyze and optimize to improve investment performance. In addition to the user's request, the platform also suggests an alternate, better-performing strategy.

Sepaya Algo Invest
Sepaya Financials is an algorithmic investment company that manages equity accounts for accredited investors and financial institutions. Its investment approach combines technical, fundamental, and big-data methodologies, tailoring practical experience into decision-making algorithms. Sepaya's non-correlated market analysis tools scan thousands of stocks to form concentrated market decisions. It seeks long-term capital appreciation through investments in large and fluid ETFs (exchange traded funds), in a very low frequency environments (fewer than 15 trades per month), combining both long and short strategies and event-driven engines.

Algowar, developed by Cerberus Trading Solutions Ltd, offers AI developers a professional arena where they can showcase their strategies alongside other developers, while also providing advanced eligible investors the opportunity to invest in a financial instrument built from proven AI strategies. Its fully automated systems are based on volatility ETP, which are highly volitile and liquid, offering professional traders the opportunity to capitalize on high profits without leverage while maintaining a healthy risk-reward ratio.

Strategy Seeker
Strategy Seeker is a robust strategy research, strategy marketplace, and auto trading/AI system for retail traders. It allows private investors to create their own trading strategy, follow the strategy of other investors, and react automatically to signals.

PrivatEquity is a global, online, secondary-market platform that connects companies, investors, and private stockholders to facilitate sales of private shares. The platform introduces potential investors for the securities of pre-IPO, private high-tech companies held by employees, former employees, company founders, and service providers, delivering new services and capabilities to both investors and shareholders.

Finzor is a scalable investment engine that automates end-to-end financial asset management. Finzor enables small and medium-asset managers to benefit from large-scale quantitative strategies and risk management tools.

Ivory Software
Ivory Software develops tailored trading-software solutions for the securities industry that transform processing requirements into manageable and easy tasks. Ivory combines powerful Compliance, trading, and post-trade functionality with an integrated and fully supported FIX network. It accelerates the investment process, improving the accuracy and efficiency of users' information management so they can achieve better investment performance.

NextNvest empowers financial institutions and their retail customers to redirect unproductive funds into a more profitable digital Wealth Management solution. The company's white-label savings and investment management platform industrializes the investment process within a fully compliant environment. NextNvest has designed a secure, ultra-intuitive user experience that includes risk profiling, digital onboarding, bespoke portfolio construction, and algorithmic rebalancing. Its innovative approach allows portfolios to be consistently monitored and automatically rebalanced by the company's state-of-the-art trading algorithm with a paramount focus on risk control. NextNvest is mentored by Citibank Accelerator in Tel Aviv, with its MVP delivered by end of Q32016, and is actively seeking POC and pilot partners.

GetStocks is a social stock Investment Management that allows investors to follow other investors, even letting them automatically copy each other's portfolios trade for trade. The web and mobile platform generates a disruptive marketplace of investor knowledge where successful traders charge a monthly fee to be followed and get rewarded for their performance. It provides access to stocks on NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE MKT, NYSE ARCA, LSE (London), and FWB (Frankfurt Stock Exchange).

Final specializes in the development of trading algorithms and trade execution technology. Our set of analytical tools, statistical models and complex algorithms have made us a world leader in the high-frequency trading sector. Careful research, continuous commitment to innovation and highly talented employees have enabled us to develop our unique technology. Furthermore, by understanding the potential and strengths of this technology, we have been able to continue to refine and adapt it to new markets and opportunities. We believe that our open and stimulating work environment has been crucial to our success, and while we have been around for more than 10 years, the start-up spirit of our early days still prevails