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Phoenixict Sinwattana Crowdfuning Platform
Our platform includes full-fledged offerings: Donation, Reward, Equity, Lending, and Hybrid-based. To advocate and enroll global adoption, we catered software-as-a-service and developer's edition for anyone who aspire to serve the crowd.

Investment research and retail Investments platform

investorZ wants to revolutionize - financial product marketplace. Focus on 200M middle class consumers in Southeast Asia who dissatisfied with lack of transparent offering, cold calling, mistrust of internet financial brokers, agents who hard selling or scams. investorZ provides knowledgeable RoboAdvisor and focus on value-based. With over 60K+ active monthly users, their marketplace platform combines 3 important solutions: First, they provide product comparison-compare all products from all the best providers to guarantee customer highest level of satisfaction. Second, they provide RoboAdvisor--virtual agent to help guide through customers' preferences and help personalized services. Third, social recommendation-recommended products including which ones friends, community experts, or advisors are using. They take % commission from products transaction on their platform. Their core products are insurance, equities, and mutual funds.

A cutting-edge investing solution that helps you achieve better returns through these powerful features. Get smart stock analysis Sit back and relax. Let Jitta do all the tedious work for you. We analyze complicated financial numbers and show you the two most important factors when investing: Jitta Score Scoring companies based on their business quality on a scale of 0 to 10. The higher the score, the morewonderfulthe company. Jitta Line Thefair priceof a company. The lower the price hits below the Jitta Line, the more margin of safety to invest.

Treasurist provides personalized investment portfolio recommendation. You can have a good portfolio that is just right for you in 3 minutes.

Agent Mate
Mobility Solution for Insurance Distribution Channel

Through the most complete insurance database. And technology insurance consultants who know you.
Stang Dee is an innovation in accessing loans in Thailand through online channels. We offer simplicity and fast credit at a 36% interest rate without meeting anyone.

Wealth Creation International
Founded on December 1, 2009, it is committed to being the creator of sustainable wealth in Thai society. Through financial advisory services. And investment in various forms. Whether investing in equity funds, real estate debt securities Personal tax planning / life assurance, non-life insurance, etc. to the public to achieve financial goals. By what the company expects the highest every time we offer Compliance services. And the money to every customer is 'Feel Better', that is, feel better and happy. From the picture. And their finances are tangible, addressing the needs of their lives, leading to 'Do Better', which allows every customer to return to the fire. Live the whole life. And the family has a significant mind.