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In January last year, Rewire launched a digital banking service for borderless money transfers and Payments geared to Israel's unbanked international workers. Based in Tel Aviv, Rewire has almost 1,000 deposit points across Israel and offers a web-based tool for transactions to India, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Russia. The company plans international expansion.

LessForMe is a cash-back site that pays part of the commission from the advertiser back to the consumer in exchange for purchasing through the advertiser's site. LessForMe works with over 2,000 shops and popular brands like AliExpress,, eBay, and is a promotions and rewards platform linking promotion owners (brands, manufacturers, importers, and distributors) directly to consumers without requiring retailer support. The platform allows consumers to benefit from personalized promotions and useful cash back, rebates, and rewards for their purchases and valuable information on their shopping habits, budget, and more. also benefits brands by helping them establish and manage consumer loyalty and reward clubs, which offer consumers instant promotions as well as monetary rebates either in the form of a gift card or transferred directly to their bank account or credit card.

Snap.In is a platform through which shoppers can receive cash back for purchases of specific items made at supermarkets, pharmacies, and mini-markets. Users shop as usual, take pictures of their receipts, and submit them to Snap.In. At the beginning of each month, they receive a cash-back Payments.

CTB Banking Systems
CTB Banking Systems Ltd provides electronic banking and trade services for ecommerce. The company's S.T.A.R.S. software package enables banking applications to receive and process S.W.I.F.T. and Telex messages in a fully automated manner. Its TRAFIC product family provides banking clients with a multi-banking application from which the customer can communicate with several banks with which he has accounts.