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EXQUIS Solutions
Build Fintech & Healthtech Solutions. Reengineering healthcare and finance to make risks predictable.

We provide financial institutions with a full stack fintech solution that increases sales by attracting, retaining and monetising customers

Payroll Panda
Payroll Panda Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company focused on providing world class HR cloud applications. We offer our self service payroll application for Malaysian business through SaaS solution PayrollPanda.

Vectory Innovation Sdn Bhd
Vectory Innovation Sdn Bhd has been established as a tech startup company in Malaysia. We are a young company with aspirations to build a lasting impact on our customers. We believe in technology could simplify human life and reduce day-to-day hassle if you know the key. Innovators often start with a concept that is personally relevant, sparking that passion to embark on a journey that is neither clearly marked nor easy. Our vision is to create a business intelligence ecosystem to help small & midsize businesses to modernize their business. Everyone here cares about each other, this is also a great place to learn and grow. We practice Friendly Working Environment, Flexible Working Hours, Monthly Getaway.

With the significant fast paced evolution of block chain technology combined with Bitcoin’s entry, a group of enterprising entrepreneurs joined together to create Belfrics. Belfrics is defined by its core values of transparency and efficiency. We comprise of a team of financial trading professionals who understand the money business very well and are on the same level as the traders. You will find us at the grassroots level amongst the people as we guide them through the digital world. We are not merely an online presence, we are much more than that. Through our state-of-the-art interface, we offer in depth liquidity that facilitate seamless high frequency trading. Belfrics founders carry a huge wealth of knowledge and experience of online futures and foreign exchange trading in global markets. “Transparency” and “Fair practice” forms the basic foundation of “Belfrics” and we take all measures to preserve these values in our business conduct. “Belfrics” lives up to the highest standards of regulatory supervision and investor protection. We have partnered with the best institutions in the industry to excel in all aspect of our offerings. Belfrics DSO, a proprietary bridge solution of Belfrics core partner, serves as a backbone for multiple Bitcoin brokers across the globe for ultra-low latency order execution. “Belfrics” is an effort to redefine a level-playing field for all market participants globally. We are sure to succeed in our effort as we enjoy a tremendous support from our ever growing clients and proprietary exchanges

Billplz is a software for merchants to collect payments fastest, at the lowest cost possible. The software focuses on providing 4 services to merchants, i.e. API, Billing, Payment Form and Mass Payments. API is our core focus, which is designed for developers to integrate Billplz seamlessly. Today, Billplz is proud to serve Axiata, Telekom Malaysia (TM), Digi, Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (MAIS) and thousands more.

Get instant stock market news and updates in the one-stop platform. * Get news updates from stocks that you're watching * Stay updated with the latest news in stock market * Share interesting, breaking news to your friends First fintech startup in Malaysia to offer stock screener service (both Fundamental & Technical analysis) in mobile platform, and categories finance news into their respective companies using our intelligent keyword matching algorithm. As of today we have 10055 download. StockHut categorize all finance news according to their respective companies, from major news media such as TheEdge, TheStar, Nanyang, SinChew, etc. With our solution, users save the trouble of searching multiple sources for finance news, particularly when user is studying a stock. Our Company info page includes basic fundamental info, sector of the company, interactive price chart and news listing of that particular company, presented with vivid UI. Users can also manage their Watch-list and get notified when a financial news of that particular stock is published. StockHut interactive price charts includes other technical indicators such as Moving Average, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), etc. Our Market page includes major world indices, major commodities prices and commonly-viewed currency pair. StockHut also offer Stock Screener feature, where users make use of Fundamental & Technical Analysis tools like Price Earning Ratio (PER) and Return on Equity (ROE), and also Technical tools like Stochastic, Relative Strength Index (RSI) to filter stocks. Our stock screener helps users to identify potential stocks, increasing the probability of making profit in a trade, without the need to go through every single stocks in the share market. This feature greatly reduce time & effort needed to identify & study a potential stock. Download StockHut apps at As of now only Android version available, IOS version still under development due to limited resources