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Pawoon is a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) platform for Small Business to help them sell more easily and attract & retain more customers. It's more than just an app to record transactions, provide analytics, and accept many forms of Payments. But, it's also a platform that provides access to tools and insights that will give SME merchants an edge in attracting, interacting and retaining customers. Initially, we are focused on becoming the leading POS brand in the Indonesian market with 16 Million SME retailers. Big portion of these still conduct their business traditionally (without technology), presenting an excellent opportunity.

Managing financial accounts in a single place is a smart bill Payments assistant to help people pay their bills on-time and simultaneously.

Sleekr provides a cloud-based HR and accounting software platform for SMEs in Indonesia.

DealPOS was founded to provide small businesses with an easy to use software to help manage their inventory and billing activities. They saw how many retailers struggle with their point of sale system and wanted to build an intuitive and user friendly register system.

Journals provide online accounting software that is secure and reliable for small and medium enterprises in Indonesia . We strive to give entrepreneurs the freedom of the complexity of administration , operation , and taxation in order to focus on doing the most important thing to grow their business . This will be achieved by creating an effective technology that is extremely easy to use. Journals available sebagaai services that can be accessed from anywhere with a connection via internet or WiFi . By Journal , no longer need to download or install anything on your computer. There is no cost to start or upgrade , get free updates automatically, and does not need a contract . You just need to register , log in , and start working on your business bookkeeping anytime, anywhere . Journals businesses run better wear as much to save time in the process of administration and operations .