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Bambi Dynamic
Bambi Dynamic has developed an on-demand, personalized car insurance model for customers to enjoy all aspects of present days cars, shared mobility, ridesharing, carpooling and additional forms of the new car operating services. The Digital app is easy to use and transparent to user's experience, allowing for a full service provision anytime, anywhere, over 24/7.

CoverArk uses data-driven technology to develop flexible global insurance solutions. CoverArk offers an easy-to-use multi-platform system that enables a short underwriting process and allows instant purchase, policy management, and API integration solutions. CoverArk provides tailor-made policies to match target market needs and risk exposure, and sophisticated risk-assessment algorithms to support decision making and better coverage.

MediClaims enables the centralized management of interaction between insurers, medical providers, and the insured, offering a streamlined, cost-efficient solution to replace the labor intensive, costly, and inefficient methods currently used to process medical claims. MediClaims automatically processes claims filed under any type of insurance that covers medical expenses, such as health, workers compensation, liability, bodily injury, travel, personal accident, or malpractice. It also can share, process in parallel, and cross-check claims data from different claims, plans, and types of insurance. A high level of automation and flexibility ensure that all processes and verifications are carried out exactly according to the organization's decision tree and rules.

Sapiens International Corporation
Sapiens International Corporation provides software for the insurance industry and also has a growing presence in the financial services industry. The software addresses the global general insurance, property and casualty, life, pension and annuities, reinsurance, and retirement markets, as well as business decision management.

Hibob is a cloud-based platform for human resource departments, turning employee data into actionable information. The platform identifies the cultures within a business and includes an integrated digital broker. Hibob also developed a digital insurance broker that finds for every employee the best insurance that suits his status and his age.

leO is a bot platform for rental insurance specifically designed to reach millennials and help them with the task of managing their belongings. leO operates in Facebook Messenger with constant uptime. Users can use leO to store their warranties, evaluate the current value of their belongings, and prepare a list of all the items they want insured. leO was developed by sFBI.

Atidot offers a SaaS platform to insurers, helping them become data-driven quicker and more efficiently. The platform enables users to ask businesses questions, guiding the development of answers with smart data, prediction, and AI. Atidot converts models into actionable business decisions, finding new audiences, experimenting with products, driving growth, relieving capital, and monitoring performance.

Wobi Ltd offers online insurance price comparisons, simplifying the insurance-buying process for consumers. Wobi offers its users information on a wide range of leading insurance companies in Israel so that they can purchase the best insurance at the most competitive price within minutes, instead of spending hours calling agents and comparing different membership sites. Wobi is a subsidiary of White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd.

Next Insurance
Next Insurance's online platform facilitates simplified, fast, transparent insurance search and enrollment for small and medium-sized businesses. Available on PC and mobile devices, the company's technology helps reduce the complexity commonly involved in acquiring business insurance, letting users buy, renew, and maintain policies online. The platform collocates coverage plans, enabling a greater degree of customization of the final package. It also processes claims and helps control costs.

Aero-plan is an online B2B marketplace for medical transport services that connects travel insurance and assistance companies with a vetted network of medical air-transport providers. Aero-plan maps patients in need of global transport and delivers, in real time, numerous repatriation flight quotes from leading providers, matching clients' specific requirements. The process creates visibility and transparency, facilitates cost containment, and mitigates medical and financial risk.

2Team Computers Ltd develops software solutions for insurance and finance companies. It focuses on products, added-value and outsourcing services, and business process outsourcing (BPO). The company offers three platforms: the all-in-one G-Life for marketing financial products; Big Money for portfolio-management in marketing and monitoring; and the Life On-Line Web toolkit for sales.

InsFocus Systems Ltd has developed an insurance-specific business intelligence (BI) suite that brings advanced analytics to every part of the insurance business. The Structured Insurance BI Methodology creates and deploys structured BI projects with a focus on predictable and accurate results, customizability, and user friendliness. InsFocus is a Microsoft Certified Partner, operating globally via local partners.

Click-Ins is an insurance technology company developing getmeIns, a product for loss ratio reduction. Click-Ins delivers military-grade intelligence to the insurance industry to detect and predict insurance fraud at the point of sale.