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INSURTECH (Thailand)
Total Number :12

Claim Di
Claim Di mobile application for facilitating communication and claims between drivers and their insurance companies.

Rabbit Internet
Electronic Payments system

Carmana is a Used Car Web-stop shopping for a free, no middleman.

Agent Mate
Mobility Solution for Insurance Distribution Channel

Through the most complete insurance database. And technology insurance consultants who know you.

Bluedot 24
Bluedot 24 We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. And the most important thing for us is to protect any confidentiality. And all you reveal to us. You, as a visitor or a user of Bluedot 24, have the right to know and understand the privacy practices of our information before disclosing any personal information. Give us yourBy using Bluedot 24, you agree that we will use your personal information as set forth in this policy. Bluedot 24 Services are not intended for anyone over the age of 75 and anyone over the age of 75. Over 75 years will not be entitled to any information. On or through Bluedot 24's service, we have no intention. To collect personal information from people over the age of 75 and if we know we have collected or received personal information over the age of 75, we will delete that information. We have a policy to publish changes. In Privacy Policy on this page. We encourage you to regularly review the changes.

OOHOO is the first InsurTech platform in Thailand. We are introducing insurance Comparison Platform to revolutionize Thai insurance industry by integrating advance technology and expertise in insurance business. We have come up with an online insurance platform that is easy to use in every steps from comparison to purchasing to Payments. We also provide customers with various insurance policy searches, fast and convenient through reliable e-Commerce platform.

Wealth Creation International
Founded on December 1, 2009, it is committed to being the creator of sustainable wealth in Thai society. Through financial advisory services. And investment in various forms. Whether investing in equity funds, real estate debt securities Personal tax planning / life assurance, non-life insurance, etc. to the public to achieve financial goals. By what the company expects the highest every time we offer Compliance services. And the money to every customer is 'Feel Better', that is, feel better and happy. From the picture. And their finances are tangible, addressing the needs of their lives, leading to 'Do Better', which allows every customer to return to the fire. Live the whole life. And the family has a significant mind.

Pet Insure
Insurance for Pets

SILKSPANIs a thai company And the pioneer of the world's first Financial Supercenter, with the concept of gathering financial services such as credit cards, insurance loans in one place for easy comparison and selection by the general consumer.It is now SILKSPANopen for 15 years and has more than 70 financial and insurance products from over 30 leading financial institutions. Compare products And the price of the product online is smart, worth the money, and there are over 700 expert staffs who provide advice and answer customer inquiries willingly.

Compare over 20 insurance companies within 30 Seconds.