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AI (Israel)
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DMWay Analytics makes AI-driven predictive analytics accessible and affordable for everyone. DMWay seeks to transform the way predictive analytics is perceived,creating a powerful data solution to meet all users' needs & demands. Their solution allows users to build better predictive models in hours, days rather than months, that can be adapted to suit any industry. DMWay offers fast and simple accurate predictions, to ensure optimal outcomes in reduced time, empowers employees to deliver predictive analytics with a wide range of applications and optimize businesses using an automated analytics expert system and predictive modelling. They provides a self-service analytics platform, which emulates the way data scientist experts solve and optimize predicative analytics, producing models better than most human data science experts.

PACKAGE.AI uses AI to provide an eCommerce delivery service at a low cost. The company's chatbot, Jenny, messages consumers using natural language to negotiate convenient delivery time windows based on operational constraints. As Jenny talks to consumers, she constructs optimized delivery routes to eliminate missed deliveries and increase driver productivity.

Task Sheriff
Task Sheriff developed a system that analyzes financial documents and records them to the user's accounting system. The Sheriff AI recommends the appropriate journal entries based on the type of business the user is working on, enabling financial professionals to focus on their core expertise and offload their non-skilled tasks.

KYC Int.
KYC Int. seeks to improve private banking know-your-customer (KYC) processes by providing a software platform that yields useful search results from watch lists (sanctions, PEP, etc.) and the open internet. Using AI and NLP algorithms, the company's solution quickly finds the right information about the right stakeholder. The solution also supports ongoing monitoring of the client base for KYC issues. KYC Int. is a subsidiary of Cycurity.

Findodo is a gift discovery platform designed to help users find the perfect gift by analyzing the recipient's personality using AI and personality psychology combined with statistical analysis. Findodo presents its users with a fun, game-like quiz about their recipient, analyzes the recipient's personality, and then matches it with gifts that the user can instantly buy through its partners' eCommerce sites.

Zirra collects and assembles information about private companies from hundreds of public sources, using human analysts to curate the data and offer exclusive insights to investors.

Shoptagr allows online shoppers to track the changing prices of fashion items and receive accurate and immediate notifications on sales across their favorite retailers down to their preferred size and color. While searching the inventory of thousands of online retailers, users con tag items they want to follow and get notified when they are on sale, low in stock, or back in stock. Items and lists can be shared with friends on Facebook and Pinterest to earn gift cards.

Robin Hood pro
Robin Hood pro developed an app that helps users to optimize and manage their retirement portfolio. Using artificial-intelligence and business-intelligence engines, the platform aggregate, compare, and recommend upgrades for its users' portfolios. Robin Hood offers a personalized and unbiased analysis of all products, fees, tariffs, and returns, matching client needs to the existing coverage and offering replacements.

CommonSense Robotics
CommonSense Robotics develops robotic micro-fulfillment centers to make online grocery shopping in cities efficient and cost effective. It is currently developing low-cost robots for fleets across its centers, helping retailers save up to 75% of operational costs. CommonSense Robotics was featured on the WIRED Retail Startup Stage.

Pagaya Investments
Pagaya Investments is an asset manager that advises large institutions that invest in the multi-billion-dollar online credit market. Using its AI algorithms, Pagaya guides institutions throughout their investments in this new sector in which traditional investment tools and strategies are becoming irrelevant.

Propcy digitizes real estate transactions by providing residential brokers with a single source for in-depth property pricing and analysis, communication with clients, property search, and financing, in an effort to make the transaction quicker, simpler, and more transparent. Using AI algorithms, Propcy analyzes millions of data points to achieve accurate pricing. Propcy reveals the relevant comps and supports investment approaches, such as flipping and cash flow appreciation indications, allowing its users to make more informed decisions.

Roundforest helps consumers worldwide discover relevant products and make better shopping decisions by removing the guesswork from performance and product optimization through data analysis and predictive analytics technologies.

Lendeez provides a mobile financial service designed specifically for social lending. Its app enables end-to-end management of digital lending between friends and family.

Deep Trading
Deep Trading implements deep-learning algorithms in trading systems. It has developed its own deep-learning framework and uses custom-made, high-performance hardware to run its algorithms. The Deep AI runs a simulation compiled by the information gathered months and even years in the past. The simulation trains the Deep AI in order to perfect its performance and keep in shape. The Deep AI observes the world scene through news outlets, the internet, television and of course, the order-book. After gathering the information, it predicts the best course of action in a fraction of a second.

Sepaya Algo Invest
Sepaya Financials is an algorithmic investment company that manages equity accounts for accredited investors and financial institutions. Its investment approach combines technical, fundamental, and big-data methodologies, tailoring practical experience into decision-making algorithms. Sepaya's non-correlated market analysis tools scan thousands of stocks to form concentrated market decisions. It seeks long-term capital appreciation through investments in large and fluid ETFs (exchange traded funds), in a very low frequency environments (fewer than 15 trades per month), combining both long and short strategies and event-driven engines.

Mabaya is a SaaS company that provides retailers with an ad exchange platform designed to maximize monetization opportunities in their online stores or marketplaces. Its platform enables brands to promote products with in-site promotions using contextual/behavioral targeting in conjunction with an analysis of each product's core metrics, such as CTR, conversion rate, revenue, and profit margin. Retailers can also promote products with high sale potential in multiple locations across the site using big-data algorithms to ensure maximum performance. Mabaya, a Lool Ventures portfolio company, is also backed by private investors. Mabaya was developed by Doobe in Site Ltd.

PhraseTech lets online retailers create fully customized product pages specifically targeting a customer's gender, age range, location, etc. With the technology, tens of thousands of versions of copy can be generated for each product page, and AI capabilities and real-time analytics are then used to optimize the various texts and surface the top-performing messages to ensure the best conversion rates. For instance, copy directed at a woman shopping for snow boots can reference the local temperature in her area and remark that the boots are highly rated for sub-zero weather. PhraseTech also operates, a search engine for online opinions, and manages an original content online magazine.

Algowar, developed by Cerberus Trading Solutions Ltd, offers AI developers a professional arena where they can showcase their strategies alongside other developers, while also providing advanced eligible investors the opportunity to invest in a financial instrument built from proven AI strategies. Its fully automated systems are based on volatility ETP, which are highly volitile and liquid, offering professional traders the opportunity to capitalize on high profits without leverage while maintaining a healthy risk-reward ratio.

Strategy Seeker
Strategy Seeker is a robust strategy research, strategy marketplace, and auto trading/AI system for retail traders. It allows private investors to create their own trading strategy, follow the strategy of other investors, and react automatically to signals.

Oblingo is a cross-site Payments button that enables users to purchase digital content in micro-Payments. Oblingo uses an AI-based model to enable the sub-dollar content market to grow.

Fingenom Ltd has developed algorithms to identify and exploit hidden trading patterns in various capital markets. The company was established by algorithm experts from elite intelligence units of the IDF.

Revuze offers its cloud-based Analyst-in-a-Box management solution for enhancing product experience. It serves marketing purposes, product management and development, and customer service. Analyst-in-a-Box yields quantifiable, competitive analysis and health parameters for a given brand. The solution requires no labor-intensive, human set-up, ongoing fine-tuning, or contextualization. Without any keyword or topic definition, Analyst-in-a-Box helps users hone what specific questions they should be asking.

Cogito Systems
Cogito Systems is developing an automated trading platform and statistical prediction models that integrate data-mining and AI approaches to generate long-term, high-yield profits. Cogito's technology is comprised of an autonomous system that manages, monitors, and executes trades; a pricing model and trading strategy based on advanced AI and data-mining algorithmic tools; and broad infrastructure for research, back-testing, and regression testing based on parallel computing on AWS.

Neowize, formerly known as Shoptimally, lets businesses personalize their ecommerce sites to match the needs of each customer. Neowize automatically measures and chooses the right features for the site, recording every action taken by every customer and uses big data and AI methodology to understand each customer's interests and shopping profile. Each user then sees a modified version of the site with categories, products, prices, or discounts specifically tailored for the customer's interests and the site's business goals.

Dokka's technology includes AI, AI, and visual recognition to facilitate documentation management between small businesses, bookkeepers, and cloud accounting software providers.

Peoples' FinTech
Peoples' FinTech is developing a financial trading platform, and related infrastructure, that will be intuitive and easy for a newcomer to use, and integrate advanced features a professional quant would seek out. The software will include a development studio to model, build, and test trading strategies. Tightly integrated with modules for machine learning, complex event processing, distributed fault-tolerant data stream ingestion, risk metrics, and analytics, the platform will provide seamless deployment and management of automated strategies for Forex, Equities, Futures, and Options. Peoples' FinTech seeks to fill the technological void between the 'free'/low-cost trading platforms that offer automated trading features and the enterprise level platforms that include more advanced features, but come with hefty subscription costs ($1000's per month).

Gallumba has developed software that analyzes trader preferences, delivers alerts, and suggests daily targets to improve trading skills and results. Gallumba's software is based on advanced risk-management methodology brought from the world's leading trading rooms combined with advanced AI algorithms and a unique UI concept. The company has tested the software with real trading data and observed an average $1,400 monthly improvement in trading results (for accounts of around $20,000).

Donde Fashion
Donde Fashion makes it simple for users to find the exact outfits they want by searching according to visual features across thousands of brands and retailers in seconds. Donde's search uses artificial-intelligence technology to think like the shopper, so it displays results that are exactly what they have in mind.

Kyros ATS develops stock-market trading strategies based on deep stock market analysis. The company uses high-end, modern technology to develop advanced quantitative investment algorithms, trading ideas, research, and analysis of electronic markets.

Twiggle uses AI and natural-language processing to build search technology that actually understands what customers want. The company facilitates a digital shopping experience that feels a lot like the very best of in-store shopping.

Seller Snap
Seller Snap is an app designed for professional sellers with an approach to repricing based on game theory tactics. The company's AI continuously analyzes the competition to maximize profit while avoiding price wars or missing out on potential BuyBox share.

Aimee Soft
Aimee Soft has developed a SaaS platform that uses advanced big-data science and AI algorithms to adapt marketers' home pages to specific consumer segments. Aimee's algo-marketing engine monitors the traffic to a site in real time, and uses big-data and predictive-analytics technologies to analyze every consumer's characteristics. It then selects from all available banners the ones that are most likely to produce the highest revenue transaction and adapts the home page, accordingly. The result is a 5-20% increase in homepage sales.

Tipigo's investment practice synthesizes investment opportunities, data science, proven ratings from specialized analysts, and intelligent AI. Functioning as a fully automated stand-alone system or as a semi-automated supporting system, Tipigo delivers valuable and timely insight on investment opportunities for individual investors, portfolio managers, and hedge funds. Tipigo's flexible system has been thoroughly tested to deliver consistent overperformance, without leverage and with minimal effort on the investor's part.

FinCheck is developing artificially intelligent, conversational finance and business bots. FinCheck's RapidCFO is an online financial professional that can gather financial data and answer questions about users' finances.

Weebo uses behavioral questions to obtain relevant information on users and help understand why they do what they do. Its intelligent adaptive flow chooses the right path for each user, learning their needs and personality. As weebo gets to know the customers, it will show better products to fit their needs. Specific questions narrow down product options until weebo finds the perfect product. Using questions based on behavioral analysis, weebo targets the motivation behind the purchase.

AlgoBit is developing smart algorithms and solid software that enable automatic trading of virtual currencies on some of the world's largest crypto-currency exchanges Among the algorithms the company is exploring are mathematical trend prediction, AI artificial neural network (ANN), genetic algorithm, and arbitrage.

Istra Research
Istra Research Ltd is an automated trading firm based on technology and an intimate understanding of the markets' microstructure opportunities. The company's proprietary, automated trading algorithms utilize advanced statistical methodologies and extremely low-latency/high-performance processing and network technologies.

InvestieComp Signal Engine is a financial technology that generates trade signals. Their non-HFT predictive analytics technology is taking advantage of the high volatility and market inefficiencies, while their machine learning technology optimizing signals for risk minimization. Their signal engine is constantly scanning all public US equities that report on the earnings season for quality signals that they can share with you. Once a signal is generated and shared on social media, it means that a certain stock is about to release its earnings report, and their signal engine has a definite prediction to the direction of the price movement that will occur on the following day after the earnings report is released. In order to profit, a position needs to be opened BEFORE the earnings report is released.

Final specializes in the development of trading algorithms and trade execution technology. Our set of analytical tools, statistical models and complex algorithms have made us a world leader in the high-frequency trading sector. Careful research, continuous commitment to innovation and highly talented employees have enabled us to develop our unique technology. Furthermore, by understanding the potential and strengths of this technology, we have been able to continue to refine and adapt it to new markets and opportunities. We believe that our open and stimulating work environment has been crucial to our success, and while we have been around for more than 10 years, the start-up spirit of our early days still prevails

CaseSee develops AI algorithmic technology that enables lenders and borrowers to predict the final financial value and time to resolution of every lawsuit and exploit it as a standard collateral. Using AI and AI technologies, CaseSee turns financial lawsuits into tangible financial assets, predicting the chance of winning, time to resolution, and financial net value and providing the lien infrastructure and documentation.

mmuze enables businesses to make the online shopping experience conversational. The company's vertical-based AI platform generates deep-domain intelligence to turn product catalogs into a smart virtual shopping assistant that can be added to all consumers' touch points.

Cymbio helps retailers convert more visitors to their websites into customers by turning lost opportunities into new sales and up-sells through what it calls an 'endless aisle' shopping experience. Cymbio's technology uses semantic and behavioral algorithms to analyze the store's offering to better understand the shopper's intents and desires. When the store has an insufficient amount of relevant products to suggest, relevant items are automatically populated to the site's catalog in real-time and presented to the consumer.

Simplex facilitates fraudless credit card Payments for goods and services sold online. It protects online businesses against fraudulent chargebacks, using AI and AI technology. Simplex analyzes Payments and related data and decides whether they are safe for processing, using a real-time AI system. A Simplex-approved transaction is guaranteed; the merchant can safely supply the product to the customer, knowing there won't be a chargeback, and that if there is, Simplex will cover it.

Voitrax's comprehensive automated trade reconstruction solution captures voice, text, and other communication records and accurately organizes and stores them to ensure complete Compliance with Dodd-Frank regulatory requests. The system uses a blend of advanced technologies to reconstruct trades. By blending a patented algorithm with voice data processing, audio records are categorized to ensure complete Compliance with existing and future regulation of the financial industry.