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AI (Australia)
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Adviser Intelligence
Adviser Intelligence has created an affordable, cloud-based software platform to connect advisers to clients, and managers to their practice.The software as a service brings adviser campaigns, website, CRM, client engagement, advice, client portal, workflows and apps together, seamlessly. Via any mobile device.AI has a deep understanding of advice and technology; they have the best-of- the-best building their intelligent advice offering, and they are digitising all facets of financial advice, delivered in a way the industry has never seen before.

Ambassador is an AI company, mainly working with AI technology. Their mission is to apply AI to solve everyday problems and build financial products people will love. This is where Ambassador learn, and experiment and invent. They experiment with concepts, apply ML to solve problems and commercialize the product. Ambassador are working with university researchers, industry influencers and apply technology to embed in products.

Within Douugh is a passionate group of designers, engineers, data scientists and financial services specialists that believe in the power of technology and education to make the world a better place. The company was founded in early 2016 by Andy Taylor, Co-Founder of Australia's largest and most successful Marketplace Lending SocietyOne. Andy has always been passionate about the power of technology to democratize banking for everyday people, in what has become a tightly controlled, inward facing, stale industry vertical progressively focused on increasing profits to the detriment of consumer wellbeing.

Flamingo is a Customer Journey Platform Enabling Businesses to Treat Customers as Individuals Flamingo is an Enterprise SaaS company providing an AI powered Conversational Commerce platform, 'Journey Assist', that helps companies increase their online sales conversion rates and reduce customer service costs. Flamingo's Cognitive Virtual Customer Assistant, 'ROSIE', seamlessly combines chat and AI to automatically guide customers through their online sales or service journey and improve their customer experience. This is called Intelligent Conversation Automation. Flamingo was founded with customers in mind, knowing that buying complex products online is enormously difficult. So we set out to solve that problem first. Our team has deep expertise in Customer Experience (CX) and Human Centred Design and used this together with AI to solve customer's problems. We are not a Data Science company trying to solve data science problems.

Gobbill is an Australian based digital start-up company focused on household and small business bill Payments automation. Gobbill users sign up for an account and then forward their email bills (e.g. utility bills) to their own Gobbill checks for fraudulent and suspicious email bills and ensures that Payments are made on time using users' stored Payments methods. It can be used by anyone who receives bills via email or by emailing photos of their paper bills. It helps their users to avoid late fees and missing out on "pay on time" discounts. Users will also protect their consumer credit rating score.The company is interested in AI, Deep Learning - text in the wild, fraud detection and much more..

Hyper Anna
Hyper Anna is an AI company in the data space. They help organisations get closer to their data by serving sculpted insights to their employees. They do this by deploying Anna, their AI agent, on top of organisations' databases to enable the business to query anything and everything that is of importance. Anna produces actionable insights under 6 seconds and enables everyone to make insight-driven decisions. Think Siri or Cortana over the top of any company's database that enables you to ask plain English questions about the key drivers of your business.Using conversation as a platform for data exploration is an important shift, as this interface has the potential to make big data accessible to non-technical users. Their deployment takes 3-5 business days, compared to other alternatives which take 6 months to 1 year for a number rigid dashboards.

Metamako is a technology company that specialises in solutions for latency sensitive businesses. It was founded by Scott Newham, Dave Snowdon and Charles Thomas who have a background in ultra-low latency hardware, software and algorithmic trading. Their engineering team brings together a wealth of skills and experience in digital hardware design (Boards, FPGA, ASIC), PCB design, embedded software (kernel, drivers, applications), low-level networking and full product lifecycle from design to manufacturing and support. Metamako is headquartered in the harbour city of Sydney, Australia. Their location gives them a global perspective across Europe, America and Asia, and the sunny location rubs off on the attitude of their people.

Automate Complex Human Behavior