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OTHERS (Australia)
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Esho Ventures
Esho Ventures gathers promising start/scale-ups who are passionate about solving problems in the PropTech industry. With a rich investment background, their teams provides the right tools, advice, investment capital, corporate structure, community and contacts for these businesses to progress to the next level. Esho Ventures invite hard-working entrepreneurs to their program - with a particular interest in the residential property management, commercial real estate, facilities management space and construction automation.

Spriggy is a financial education offering for families built around a prepaid debit card for 8-18 year olds with a mobile banking app that parents and kids use together. Young people get their own personalised debit card to spend online and in-store while parents get a simple digital tool to pay allowances, follow transactions and encourage savings. Together, families get the opportunity to teach young people about money in a safe, simple and practical way. In a digital age, where money is less tangible than ever, Spriggy offers the future of financial education.

SwiftPitch introduces startups to a larger investment pool. Their systems and toolset empowers communities to innovate and greatly improves business outcomes.Startups - they'll guide you through the steps required to be investment ready. Investors - gain access to the investment ready startups you desire. Startup Programs & Communities - they extend your reach globally and help your startups get in front of the right investor.

Visual Risk
Visual Risk provides superior treasury software to leading corporates and financial institutions. They develop innovative software that makes treasury management easy and provides clear answers to complex problems. This allows users to quickly report on past, present and future treasury activities in a unique way and eliminates the need to maintain large numbers of error-prone spreadsheets.

Stone & Chalk
Stone & Chalk is an independent, nonprofit Fintech hub whose overarching objective is to help foster & accelerate the development of world-leading Fintech.