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AsiaPay Singapore is an online Payments service and solution provider in Asia that provides an electronic Payments gateway to banks and e-businesses. Its products include PayGate, MPI, mobile Payments, e-voucher solution, pre-Payments, and PayAlert.

Bitspark is a leading Crypto-Financial services provider for the APAC region. Bitspark has pioneered the world's first blockchain powered end to end Remittances service in addition to a Blockchain auditable feature rich trading exchange. Bitspark is focused on providing Payments solutions to individuals and businesses alike leveraging the speed and efficiency of the Bitcoin network with no prior knowledge necessary. Bitspark provides Individuals and Business customers a service to send money to emerging markets in Asia including: Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia for less than half the cost of the competition with thousands of pickup locations nationwide. Bitspark's feature rich trading exchange provides new users and professional traders alike the tools to trade 20+ trading pairs in a secure, easy to use and transparent web and mobile platform.

Currenxie provides same day, spot, and forward foreign exchange services.

Plain Exchange
Plain Exchange is a platform that helps users sell leftover currencies and purchase other currencies from fellow university students. Users can accept other students' offers or sell their currency at your desired rate having a comprehensive overview of all the offers available to help find the best deal.

Valoot gives consumers the opportunity to select the currency of purchase prior to handing over their card. The solution sources the rates for the conversion straight from the FX market - no more hidden markups and commissions. Valoot charges a small fee for providing the service, passing the vast majority of savings to the consumer and the merchant.

Y2P Techonolgies
Y2P Technologies ('Y2P') was established in June 2015 as a Hong Kong Blockchain gateway for real-time foreign exchange and global funds Remittances, with the initial strategic objective of providing a unique global solution for cross-border Payments with China.

Ybex Limited
We are a Hong Kong-based FinTech startup and our platform, YBEX, is the ultimate marketplace for foreign currencies services. We help individuals and businesses compare and lock-in exchange rates with the most suitable money service providers for their Remittances, cross border Payments and money exchange needs. Our two-sided platform marries the latest mobile, web and cloud-based technology with bleeding-edge ultra-high frequency trading infrastructure. For users of FX services, our mobile app YBPay brings transparency and convenience; for money service providers, our web portal YBPro helps streamline operation. Our aim is to revolutionise the whole ecosystem - whether it is for oversea foreign workers, travellers, oversea students and multi-national corporations on the user side, or for local money exchange shops, international Remittances companies and banks on the service provider side, YBEX improves the experience for everyone.

33 Financial Services Ltd.
33 Financial Services Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China 33 Media Group Limited. It is a financial services company and full service international prepaid card issuer based in Hong Kong. It offers Prepaid Card solution and Financial Products in order to facilitate the dynamic B2B and B2C market demand. It also offers consumer and commercial lending, risk management, marketing operations, customer service and information technology.

AsiaPay Limited, a leading ePayments, mPayments solution and technology vendor as well as merchant acquiring service player in Asia, strives to bring advanced, secure and cost-effective electronic Payments processing solutions and technologies to banks, corporate, SMEs, charities and others in global market, providing integrated Payments processing for comprehensive range of international credit cards and popular debit cards in Asia.

Cashyou is a free and instant P2P mobile wallet enabling P2P Payments through NFC, QR code or online. The company's goal is to provide a secure and easy way for people to send and receive small but frequent local P2P Payments in Hong Kong.

ePaylinks Technology Co., Ltd. (ePaylinks) was established in 1999, after more than a decade being developed into a leading third-party retail and internet Payments service provider including bank card acquiring business. Our "Internet Payments Business License" is issued by the People's Bank of China. The company has worked with more than 30 banks in China for comprehensive third-party Payments business co-operation, and become China UnionPay and Master Card international credit card clearing organization member institutions. The company's extensive cooperation with the mainstream retail chain industry in major cities in China, to provide retail Payments technology products and services for more than 30,000 domestic retail operators, cooperation covering bank card acquiring business, Internet Payments, membership cards, convenient Payments, etc..

Fuzo is an online platform and wallet for mobile money, bitcoins and blockchain assets transaction. The company offers an embedded security element and eSIM platform which uses mobile virtual SIM card for secure virtual currency transactions.

Jade One
Jade One is a cash transformation platform. It takes funds, transfers them to another format and facilitates transactions. The platform can transform money, Payments, RFID/NFC wristbands or e-vouchers into the format relevant to clients. They also offer event access, tracking and social media integration.

Ibox is a mobile Payments service for acquiring banking cards that enables its users to run their businesses from anywhere.

ko-kard is a localized banking and payout solution that simplifies the complexity of Remittances delivery or payouts for large scale communities and global marketplaces. Transaction management, ATM,ePos,mPos,multiple currency and data capturing capabilities are ko-kard technologies driving simplification, building client loyalty and creating massive cost disruption and savings to the end user.

Melotic is creating a way to send and receive money, using bitcoin. The company is developing a mobile application that lets users send, receive, and convert money from their phone. Same currency transactions are free, and exchange rates are close to the interbank rate.

Mobexo provides mobile Payments services, replacing credit cards, paper money and coins. The company's solutions enable paying, receiving and transferring money, along with currency conversion services.

MoneySwap PLC engages in providing prepaid card services, and merchant acquisition and Remittances services for China UnionPay and operating an online peer to peer foreign exchange and Payments platform in Europe and the Asia-Pacific. It offers Payments solutions for merchants and MoneyExpress that enables users abroad to remit funds directly to UnionPay cardholders in China.

PayAllies is a Payments system that process cashless transactions leveraging the current widespread mobile technology and a competitive price model, improves the overall performance of the current Payments systems for electronic transfers over the traditional Payments channels, providing inclusion and accessibility, focusing on emergent economies.

Paycelerate is a service platform that uses a marketplace model to match supply and demand of short-term working capital. It operates discrete marketplaces between buyers and their suppliers where parties an agree to deals to accelerate Payments of invoices.

Truevo Payments offers a complete white label solution to banks, Payments service providers and telecommunication companies looking for a fully branded and certified, market-ready mobile commerce platform. The Swish offering consists of a complete range of state-of-the-art mobile card readers, mobile applications, embedded Payments modules, a full-featured Payments gateway complete with fraud screening, and web portals, all of which are easily brandable and customizable for rapid market deployment.

TNG Wallet
TNG Wallet is one of Hong Kong's leading e-wallets with over 370,000 downloads and usage rate comprising ~5% of Hong Kong's population. The mobile app features instant money transfer, forex, bank transfer, global bill Payments and global SIM top-up functionalities.

Yintran Group
Yintran Group is a Hong Kong-based, financial technology development company that has developed the money transfer network. This network allows users to transfer money, via the Internet. The company was established by veteran legal professional, business owner, engineer, and banker.

Alitobit Digital
A Bitcoin startup based in Hong Kong dedicated to build a better and more accessible Bitcoin network here to make HK a Bitcoin city! With investment and plans in locating multiple traveling sized Bitcoin Teller Machines in different area in HK, we are providing the quickest way in HK for customers to turn HKD to Bitcoin in less than 15 seconds. No signup, no verification, no bank wire, just cash. Founded by Bitcoin enthusiasts who believe Bitcoin is the future of Payments. Strongly passionated to get involved in the Bitcoin revolution. General Inquiry: Business Inquiry:

Bitquant Research Labarotories
Bitquant Research Laboratories is mom-and-pop Hong Kong-based financial technology research laboratory developing technologies for local angel investing, trading between Africa and China, and for trading options and futures for Hong Kong equities and digital currencies. All of our software is open source and available through our GitHub repository.

CoinDirect is a digital Payments service provider that allows merchants to collect digital currency Payments for free on their own without having their funds flow through any third parties - just like cash. Our product serves the functions of traditional online Payments service providers like PayPal, including providing the invoicing, matching the Payments to the specific customer and product/service, facilitating the Payments, and verifying the transaction, all without having to accept any Payments on behalf of the merchant.

CoinSimple makes it extremely simple for professionals and online merchants to accept bitcoin, convert it to local currency automatically, and to get the most competitive services from among the several bitcoin Payments processors. Our approach is unique because we focus on user experience, user interface design and customer analytics. We are a team of Bitcoin, programming, design, marketing and legal experts with a vision of empowering the world's Bitcoin e-commerce transactions.


PaynPaid is a cross-border Payments platform that enables businesses and professionals from over 200 countries to grow globally by facilitating seamless, cross-border Payments. Additionally, corporations and marketplaces can rely on PaynPaid mass payout services to send funds to their beneficiaries worldwide.

Enuma Technologies
Enuma Technologies is an engineering services firm bringing together high levels of technical expertise with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Enuma's strengths range from the creation of full-stack prototypes, developing specialized hardware, customized software development for cutting edge technologies, and supporting in-house resources by developing specialized components for integration with existing infrastructure.

OpenCBS is an innovative platform offering an Open Source Core Banking System as well as other value-added solutions for the microfinance and financial services industry including a Tablet application for KYC, Appraisal and collection of Social Performance Indicators, a Loan Origination Solution and a Customer Relationship Management System.

We are filling the gap in Asia of an advanced multi-currency eCommerce Payments system.

The Cable Hong Kong
The latest financial technology innovations combined with traditional services, all online.

We are harnessing the power of blockchain to build the universal money app.

Ibox is a mobile Payments service for acquiring banking cards that enables its users to run their businesses from anywhere.

EMQ is a financial technology startup that is building a financial network across Asia with a focus on remittance. With a footprint across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, the company partners with financial institutions and other strategic partners in each country to enable and settle cross-border remittance via banks and various modes for top-up and cash pickup.

Episode Six
Episode Six provides next generation software platform technology for companies that offer payment products, enabling them to serve their customers better. Their mission is to redefine what is possible in the payments industry. They tear down technology constraints that are increasingly burdensome and limit innovation due to inflexible, legacy technology.