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Brazilian micro-credit company Avante recently acquired Sling, an Israeli startup that enables micro-merchants to tap into mobile financial technologies via "Slings" such as bracelets or stickers facilitating customer Payments by credit or debit card. The company is expanding in Latin America and has established an innovation center in Israel.

Zooz provides a data-driven Payments platform for enterprise merchants to connect with multiple Payments and technology providers and route transactions through the entire Payments process. Zooz has offices in San Francisco and Berlin, with an Israeli R&D center in Ra'anana. It has attracted $40.5 million in investments. Zooz is a technology company that provides a Payments platform designed to help merchants maximize their Payments performance. It offers the flexibility to connect with multiple financial institutions, seamlessly integrate acquirers, e-wallets, alternative Payments methods, fraud management and other third-party services, and intelligently route transactions through the entire Payments process. Zooz consolidates and analyses all Payments data to provide valuable information to merchants, enabling them to personalize customer experiences online and in-store. It is the partner of choice for any business seeking to extend reach, reduce decline rates, increase revenues, maintain strong customer relationships and meet the challenges of the dynamic global market.

Founded in Tel Aviv in 2011, MyCheck offers an Uber-like branded mobile Payments solution for hospitality merchants (mostly restaurant chains) on three continents. Users get features including faster checkout, the ability to split a bill and add a tip, while merchants get analytics tools and increased customer engagement.

This Israel company created an AI-based platform to detect credit card fraud in online Payments instantaneously, using a relational bridge algorithm system.

In January last year, Rewire launched a digital banking service for borderless money transfers and Payments geared to Israel's unbanked international workers. Based in Tel Aviv, Rewire has almost 1,000 deposit points across Israel and offers a web-based tool for transactions to India, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Russia. The company plans international expansion.

As online purchasing and social media use continue to increase, it was only a matter of time until someone created a secure solution facilitating Payments through social media. Tel Aviv based PayKey has developed software that enables banks to provide their customers with the ability to make online Payments within various social networks and messaging services. A winner of the Bank Innovation Israel Demo contest, PayKey's solution is available across mobile platforms, works with various social networks, and can be customized and branded. In November of 2016, PayKey raised a $6 million Series A funding round which included Mastercard and Santander InnoVentures.PayKey's first of its kind secured Payments keyboard makes everyday banking easierand more efficient. PayKey enables Payments within any social network, includinFacebookMessenger, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Leveraging existing networks createssimplicity and an intuitive Payments experience. Users enjoy instantaneous money transfer capabilities while chatting with their friends and family members.PayKey's technology is the first to bridge this gap between banking (bank users) and social interactions (social networks). With PayKey customers enjoy the security of the trusted banks within their favourite applications, making everyday banking easier and more efficient than ever before

DOV-E has created a full-blown communication protocol over sound waves, which takes care of correct and fast delivery of information. DOV-E's 2 flavored technology provides both short range (NFC-like) connectivity, as well as long range (iBeacon/Bluetooth-like) connectivity. The protocol also enables full-duplex (both ways) communication, which means that the mobile phone can send and receive information at the same time. The DOV-E software is provided as an easy to embed Mobile SDK, for iOS and Android (with more to come). For devices such as vending machines and POS, they provide a POS SDK (Linux, Windows and more to come). The DOV-E software can also run in any web browser, as old as Internet Explorer 8 or newer, using their Web SDK.

Amaryllis Payments Solutions
Amaryllis Payments Solutions Ltd provides marketplaces with a modular end-to-end Payments platform for full visibility of the transaction lifecycle. Its platform optimizes the complex transaction routes and reconciles the needs of buyers and sellers. Amaryllis built its platform specifically for marketplace service providers to enable end-to-end transaction processes from pay-in to pay-out on a single platform. The technology was designed to provide customers with the ability to scale fast, manage risks, maximize price/market fit, and build trust. Amaryllis's technology has been successfully deployed by major Payments processors in the United States.

Invoice Ninja
Invoice Ninja is a free, open-source solution for invoicing and billing customers. With Invoice Ninja, you can easily build and send beautiful invoices from any device that has access to the web. Your clients can print your invoices, download them as pdf files, and even pay you online from within the system.

Fly Money
Fly Money is the of the travel money industry. The company aggregates exchange rates from currency providers all around the globe, and allows travelers order currency at the best rates in the market.Fly Money system is white-labeled and integrated within OTAs, airlines and banks websites, enabling to order travel money as part of the booking flow of air tickets and hotels. Based on their progressive analysis performed regularly, Fly Money services obtain particularly high conversion rates making their ARPU highly competitive in the Ancillaries market.Fly Money works according to the regulatory requirements in every jurisdiction it operates in.

HedgeWiz provides financial stability to global businesses by providing a platform for currency risk management, ensuring that organizations are aware of and neutralize their foreign exchange exposures.The company partners with financial business leaders to help them grow without foreign currency disruption.

HopOn was established in Israel in 2013 and has developed a unique, low cost solution that can be integrated with public transport operators fast and easily. Their system is secured, simple to use with a one button click solution. Using the ultrasonic HopOn Beacon, their patent pending innovative system offers the operator and the passenger the best experience in public transport ticketing.The HopOn system was picked by leading Israeli and EU public transit operators, and supports thousands of vehicles, including buses, BRT, LRT and bike-share stations.HopOn is a patent-pending Payments and ticketing platform for public transportation that can work in parallel with and support multiple, simultaneous validations. It is being used by more than seven public-transportation operators in Israel on thousands of vehicles, including buses, BRT, LRT, and bike-share stations. The low-cost system is quickly and simply integrated, highly secure, and simple to use with a one-click button solution. The ultrasonic 'HopOn Beacon' transfers information over ultrasonic-sound waves to the passenger's phone.

PayMe is an innovative online Payments platform that enables any organization / ecommerce platform and acquiring entity to embed its dedicated full stack platform into its product. With its white label technological solutions, PayMe aims to become the world's largest financial services marketplace allows clients to offer a complete suite of solutions as part of their value proposition to their customers.

StratoHedge provides currency traders with real-time mentoring to help them improve performance, without deterring them from self-trading, for an improved trading experience. The company strives to enable its customers to wisely use their limited trading time in order to maximize profits, including knowing the right times to enter and exit a trade and staying out of trading traps.

Wobily is an eCommerce solution that allows retailers to set up an online store. It lets online retailers organize products, customize their storefront, accept credit card Payments, and track and respond to orders.

ZotaPay specializes in online Payments processing solutions including credit and debit cards and local Payments solutions. The combination of ZotaPay's advanced technology and customized Payments solutions provide merchants with an efficient Payments funnel for customers worldwide and allows them to process and monitor transactions in real time. ZotaPay offers merchants tailor-made products and services across various industries and markets. Its Payments gateway supports global processing solutions and is connected to more than 300 financial establishments worldwide.

V-Check Ltd offers a new Payments ecosystem that replaces checks, credit cards, and cash with an innovative fintech approach that enables paperless money transfer. The system is easily managed through the V-Check user's smartphone and allows both immediate and scheduled (postdated) Payments to either a designated beneficiary or a third-party beneficiary. In addition, V-Check also offers a second signer feature that requires two people to sign off on Payments.

token offers a sophisticated, intuitive Payments solution designed to disrupt Payments fraud, enabling consumers to pay for anything, anywhere, all while keeping their Payments information away from hackers. token's solution helps increase Payments convenience and enhance the user's sense of privacy and security while at the same time dramatically reducing the risk of fraud.

WhoPaze allows an additional Payments option and controlled shopping process by assigning the Payments decision and action to a remote user not present in the shop. While one user does the shopping, another user pays for the purchase. The platform enables teens to shop freely online and in stores while their parents ultimately oversee their purchases without being physically present.

FTS is a global provider of convergent billing, charging, customer care, policy control, and Payments solutions designed to provide increased flexibility and independence for communications and content service providers for a reduced total cost of ownership. The company offers solutions for both growing and established providers. It deploys its full range of end-to-end and add-on telecom billing and policy control solutions to customers in more than 40 countries in the wireless, wireline, cable, MVNE and MVNO, M2M and IoT, broadband, content, cloud, mobile money, and eCommerce markets, including multiple convergent installations. FTS is a Magic Software Group company formerly known as Formula Telecom Solutions Ltd. The company was named a key monetization innovation enabler for communication service providers in Innovation Enabled by Monetization '2016' by Frost & Sullivan.

TraderTools Inc has an advanced FX trading platform used by banks and brokerages for quicker time to market, better execution, and higher profit. The TraderTools platform, which integrates liquidity aggregation, pricing, white-labelling, and global order management, is available in a fully hosted SaaS environment. It delivers fully disclosed, one-to-one relationship pricing at no cost to liquidity providers, and helps generate Alpha, reduces reliance on internal IT, and can be up and running in a matter of weeks.

Riskified Ltd is a turnkey risk-management solution that reviews, approves, and guarantees transactions. Riskified offers a 100% chargeback guarantee on every approved order, allowing merchants to sell with confidence. The flexible business model enables merchants to identify the transactions they want reviewed, and they are charged only when Riskified approves and guarantees a transaction. The company supports business growth by building fraud solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs. Riskified was listed by Inc. magazine as one of '15 Israeli Start-ups to Watch in 2016.'

PayBox Payments Solutions
PayBox Payments Solutions enables groups and individuals to collect and transfer funds and make purchases immediately and safely using various mobile devices. The technology was developed specifically with the needs of the social end-user in mind and enables direct peer-to-peer interaction without an intermediary. The company's PayBox as a Marketplace feature lets merchants offer the most relevant goods and services to the most relevant groups by using advanced ML algorithms to optimize matching and conversion rates. The app is available for both iPhones and Android devices.

Cellarix is a 24/7 secure financial service accessible by either mobile or web that can be used for business to business, consumer to consumer, and consumer to business transactions. The system essentially turns the subscriber's mobile phone into a wallet in which the user can deposit and withdraw cash from his or her account via multiple cash stations or send and receive money to/from his or her credit card or bank account. The easy-to-install and use service utilizes the subscriber's phone number as the account number and does not depend on the type of mobile device, mobile operator, particular bank, or type of credit card held by the user.

OlehPay is a money transfer platform designed to help users avoid costly bank fees and unfavorable exchange rates and enable them to get the true middle rate with transparent pricing. Move money to Israel with OlehPay. Avoid costly bank fees and unfavorable exchange rates. Get the true midrate, with transparent pricing. OlehPay makes domestic Debits in the States and Credits in Israel to allow transfers without bank wires fees.

Inceku is a white-label mobile wallet designed especially for hotels to provide guests with the ultimate hospitality experience. The on-demand services are available via the guest's own smartphone, enabling the hotel to engage them beyond the confines of the hotel walls, even after they have checked out. Inceku's plug-and-play platform collects, analyzes, and explores relevant data about guests and provides smart insights so the hotel can better respond to their needs. It can be related to hotel facilities, outsource services, or other "in hotel purchases" and predicts which offer has the best potential to end in a transaction. By using the "@hotel' digital wallet, hotels can lower the administrative burden on front-desk staff by offering streamlined check-in and check-out processes direct from a device.

RiskHedger is a system that helps businesses avoid loosing money due to currency and commodity rate fluctuations. RiskHedger offers an online system that analyzes the risk of the deal/exposure, proposes hedging strategies, and enables users to buy the strategy directly through the system. User enter their deal parameters (assets, prices, dates, and quantities) and receive a comprehensive solution to help protect the deal from losing money.

Oblingo is a cross-site Payments button that enables users to purchase digital content in micro-Payments. Oblingo uses an AI-based model to enable the sub-dollar content market to grow.

Syncopa Labs
Syncopa helps developers of mobile-wallet applications achieve higher acceptance and engagement with customers, provide 100% availability for mobile Payments, and increase the number of transactions via mobile-wallet apps. Syncopa's patent-pending technology enables magnetic, chip-and-PIN or NFC transactions via smartphones, automatically selecting the best card to use from the customer's available cards based on his/her location and financial benefits, and the provider's interests. The solution involves a field-programmable card that uses BLE to communicate with a smartphone and emulates mag-stripe/chip cards, while a server and smartphone app determine the user's indoor location and automatically select the best configuration for each transaction.

Tiidan uses technology to enable fast execution of international trade transactions at lower costs. The platform enables balanced risk between importers and exporters, similar to a letter of credit but online, immediate, and automatic. It enables SMBs to participate in international trade, minimizing their exposure to risk through advanced Payments or open account Payments methods.

On Track Innovations
On Track Innovations provides cashless-Payments solutions, including near-field communication (NFC) products, that are used in businesses such as banking, mobile network operators, vending machines, mass transit, gas stations, and parking. OTI's field-proven suite of cashless-Payments solutions is based on an extensive global IP portfolio of 35 patent families and more than 100 patents and patent applications.

Mobilicard develops NFC and BLE technology for Android and IoT environments. The company develops solutions for Android apps, IoT, and contactless readers for Payments. It develops software as well as integrable NFC and BLE technology.

CoinMama, developed by Newbit Ltd, offers a quick way to buy virtual currency online using a credit card, debit card, or cash.

Bit2C Ltd is an Israeil Bitcoin trading site that provides simple and secure interaction between sellers and buyers.

Paywiz is a social commerce technology for merchants that lets customers split bills when buying concert tickets, travel bookings, food delivery, etc. at the online point of sale. This can be done from any device or operating system, with no mobile application or registration needed. Paywiz uses behavioral algorithms that analyze group data to optimize the Payments process.

My-Payz is a loan exchange incorporated as a Payments means within shopping carts. The exchange will present a shopper with multiple lender offers to finance the current shopping cart without burdening existing credit lines. The loan is executed immediately, and funds are transferred directly to the merchant. The monthly Payments is collected via the customer's credit/debit card.

Mazalit is a financial platform for the diamond and jewelry industry, offering a range of financial tools and services and enabling real-time transactions and Payments.

Leverate provides cutting-edge technological solutions for FX & CFD brokerages.Our best-in-the-industry solutions give financial brokers a professional and competitive advantage. Leverate's products cover every need of the online broker from lightening fast live data feeds to robust risk management systems to keep your business profitable and a head above the competition.

Orbograph, a subsidiary of Orbotech, supplies recognition software for the U.S. check and lockbox processing markets, as well as electronic/paper automation solutions in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM). Orbograph solutions are utilized by 20 of the top 30 U.S. financial institutions with in-house check processing. Its cloud-based Healthcare Payments Automation Center automates the posting of receivables into patient accounting systems and hospital information systems, achieving straight-through processing levels of efficiency.

Pepper was developed to lead the banking services of the future, offering a smart, innovative, and advanced banking experience that allows all of its users to manage their money in a transparent and simple way. Pepper is 100% mobile, fee-free for a variety of account transactions, and constantly implementing cutting-edge technologies and high-level design. Pepper was founded by Leumi Group.

Cambiu offers location-based currency exchange services. Users select the currency, amount, and their location, and Cambiu finds deals based on value and distance. Users choose the offer they want and get the terms and details for free via an instant voucher. They then go to the exchange merchant and present the voucher to get the best deal.

Vala aims to be the Uber of money-transfer services, focusing on cash-based transactions that effectively turn local cash agents into human ATMs. Employing AI algorithms, risk science, and a wide network of cash agents, Vala provides both senders and receivers with an easy and safe way to transfer money anywhere.

UChange is a P2P foreign-exchange app that connects two people nearby who have opposite currencies and want to exchange the same amount of cash. By taking away the middle man, users make the exchange for free and get full value for their money.

ChromaWay provides a platform for smart contracts, issuing, and transferring assets through a blockchain. The company has partnered with LHV Bank(the largest of Estonia's domestic banks)to create a blockchain-based Payments platform. ChromaWay also works with to create a blockchain-based start-up marketplace (

MaxChange is an innovative foreign-currency conversion calculator that also enables local changers in the user's area to make offers to exchange currency.

Scanovate develops and provides optical character recognition (OCR) solutions for the financial and mercantile sectors. The technology is designed to identify, detect, and extract almost any form of formatted textual data from documents in real time from any camera-enabled smartphone, tablet, or PC. Scanovate's proprietary, streamlined, stand-alone mobile OCR component allows clients to drastically simplify their mobile bill Payments and credit card transaction experience. Simultaneously, they generate new revenue streams from processing mobile-bill and invoice Payments and from enabling clients to obtain higher mobile-commerce conversion rates. The multi-tiered, card-authentication solution also substantially reduces exposure to fraud and chargebacks

Crazy Duck
Crazy Duck develops QB, a mobile platform that focuses on ordering and Payments in restaurants and bars. The technology saves users time wasted waiting for menus or checks at the end of the meal and increases revenue for restaurant owners because customers get in and out faster.

Monyx Wallet
The Monyx Wallet app, which is based on Nayax Ltd technology, allows consumers to purchase products at vending machines with their smartphones With Monyx purchases can be made with the user's debit/credit card or Paypal, and users also can track their purchasing history and send gifts to friends. Monyx also provides special discounts and promotions on participating machines worldwide.

ForexManage provides advanced, real-time risk-management and FX online-trading technologies for financial institutions including banks, brokers, and corporate finance firms. The company's flexible, modular, and scalable solutions are easily implemented either as vertical modules integrated with legacy systems or as full turnkey platforms. They can be implemented on-site or delivered as SaaS via hosted solutions. ForexManage's clients include Commerzbank, Dresdner Kleinwort, Bank Hapoalim, City Index/IFX, Fimat, Cantor Fitzgerald, and London Capital Group.

Crypto Next
Crypto Next's white-label software format facilitates incorporation of Exchange into existing or newly created websites. The company produces modules for languages, multiple virtual currencies, multiple fiat currencies, margin and futures trading, and merchant Payments services with recurring Payments through the Crypto Next wallet. It also provides a turnkey exchange relevant to companies in an approved jurisdiction with a multiple-currency bank account.

RevenueStream has developed a SaaS cyber-security Payments solution tailored for ecommerce websites, Payments providers, and credit-card issuers. The company's technology eliminates the risk associated with transaction fraud, offering 100% real-time protection for ecommerce merchants through cutting-edge AI, algorithmic processing, and big-data mining.

HomeNet Payments
HomeNet Payments Ltd provides a platform for money collection specifically designed for small groups such as building committees, schools, community groups, and other organizations that have traditionally dealt only in cash, checks, or bank transfers. HomeNet's fully self-operational platform allows users to pay by credit card (with the option of integrating other digital options) and enables everyone in the group to handle the money collection, providing transparency in management.

Quartix is the developer of a cloud-based platform designed to seamlessly and securely connect buyers, suppliers, and funders within a single, financially beneficial ecosystem for a win-win-win solution. With Quartix, suppliers sell outstanding invoices issued to their buyers on a non-recourse basis and get cash at highly attractive rates; buyers support and strengthen the supply chain with minimal effort while enjoying an ongoing financial return; and funders tap in to an attractive, otherwise inaccessible flow and receive a higher-than-average yield according to their dynamic-risk appetite and investment capacity.

Roommates is a mobile wallet app that enables members of multiple-member households to pay their share of expenses easily and on time.

Fyolo is an app that lets users pay for gas from their mobile phones and earn benefits in the process. While drivers gain benefits along with a simple, easy-to-use Payments method, Fyolo enables gas stations and business owners to gain direct approach and data on drivers. It offers a real-time marketing platform to approach drivers on the road and enables personalized messages based on personal profiles.

Splitit enables ecommerce and brick & mortar merchants to offer interest-free, monthly installment Payments to their customers at the point of sale. The additional Payments option translates into increased conversion rates, higher average tickets, increased customer satisfaction, and fewer obstacles to making purchases. ISOs and agents benefit from improved merchant acquisition and retention, increased credit-card volume, and increased revenue via a share of Splitit fees. Customers do not have to apply for a new credit line or qualify for a new credit card. Rather, Splitit works on their existing cards so they continue to enjoy their regular benefits, such as points, cash-back, and mileage.

Paygilant's technology protects mobile wallet financial transactions executed by NFC, QR Code, or online against fraudulent attacks. Operating on the mobile device, Paygilant enables frictionless customer experience during the transaction, triggering immediate authentication only upon a suspicious fraudulent attempt.

PARX Ltd, a subsidiary of On Track Innovations Ltd, provides parking Payments and management solutions for municipalities and parking operators. The company's EasyPark is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, fully integrated electronic parking-Payments system that comprises all relevant aspects of parking management from both the city's and driver's perspectives. The system allows cities to improve parking services, optimize operations, cut costs, and reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

Praxell Inc has built a cloud-based platform that creates private-label financial solutions for businesses ranging from financial institutions to merchants and service providers. Praxell's program management platform has been integrated with credit card and ATM networks, Payments processors, POS networks, and retail systems to establish programs such as commercial check cashing, rebates, tax refunds, corprorate expenses, and gifts.

Tradency develops products and advanced services that create new market trends and business opportunities for financial institutions. In 2005, Tradency invented the concept of mirroring and then created a comprehensive trading platform based on the 'trade-by-knowledge' model in which traders automate their trading and base their decisions on the actions of track-record-proven expert strategies. The company's Mirror Trader product offers traders a comprehensive workspace with a variety of popular tools, unique features, and personalized options. In 2016, Tradency re-Invent again the strategy following industry by introducing the RoboX. RoboX is smart Trading machine that enable the end user to trade packages of the best trading strategies according to a pre-define rules.

CTB Banking Systems
CTB Banking Systems Ltd provides electronic banking and trade services for ecommerce. The company's S.T.A.R.S. software package enables banking applications to receive and process S.W.I.F.T. and Telex messages in a fully automated manner. Its TRAFIC product family provides banking clients with a multi-banking application from which the customer can communicate with several banks with which he has accounts.

iRetail develops and markets Payments solutions for small- medium-sized businesses such as retailers and restaurants to make their work easy, efficient, and fast.

PRACTI develops retail systems from mobile point-of-sales app (EPOS) that are tailored for small retail chains and franchises, allowing them to keep all their data in the cloud while keeping it accessible from anywhere at anytime. The platform also provides in-store sensors to get a better understanding of off-line analytics, as well as white-label consumer-facing apps that create a tailored experience for PRACTI's retailers and their customers.

TokenID has developed a system of tokenized security for authentication, Payments, and financial transactions. The company's patent-pending technology is designed to secure and authenticate transactions with one-time-use tokens and Payments credentials, thus enabling zero-risk consumer purchases both at point-of-sale and online. TokenID enables secure financial transactions with any Payments system, meaning alternative Payments methods not available through a merchant's Payments system can use TokenID technology, thus allowing users of the alternative Payments method to pay with any merchant TokenID generates revenue from credit card interchange fees and shares it with the Payments service provider (which owns customers) and bank/issuer (which owns the credit card numbers range used by TokenID to complete transactions).

Inbal Data Processing
Inbal Data Processing Ltd develops and supports commercial-accounting software for currency exchange and money sales. Its flagship product, ChangeMat software, is an established platform for money exchange dealers, widely used all across Since its introduction in 1995 when it received the first Bank of Israel license for currency exchange, ChangeMat has been updated to include support for the Tax Authority and Money Laundering Prohibition Authority, as well as other software solutions to customize users' needs.

Bits of Gold
Bits of Gold operates the largest Bitcoin service in Israel. The company is working to make Bitcoin accessible to emerging markets in traditional banking and financial institutions with a focus on security, ease of use, and adherence to regulation.

PaidIt is a digital Payments platform that offers a simple and secure pay-at-table mobile application for restaurants, bars, and cafes. With PaidIt, users can share and split the check. By scanning the QR code, they can choose the products that they want to pay for and the Payments method.

Zeek is a mobile app and web-based platform that allows users to sell their unwanted vouchers for cash and buy gift cards to leading UK brands at a discount. Zeek is on a mission to help rescuing $100B of store credit lost every year by providing a safe, easy to use and cost effective service. Since launching in the UK at the beginning of 2015, they have rescued hundreds of thousands of pounds for users that would otherwise have been wasted.

Pango is the world's most advanced pay-by-cell solution for parking. Pango allows drivers to pay for parking on the street instead of feeding the meters, at Parking Garages by using their phones as a remote control for the gate, and at Valet Parking where they can let the attendants know that they are on the way back to the garage and have their car ready for them in no time. Pango already works in 60 cities around the world, processing close to 2,000,000 parking transactions each month! Pango also enables the local businesses around the parking spaces to advertise to the parkers, offering them parking validation and additional location based coupons.

Thumzap is a simple way to split a check on any mobile or online order or for a third-party to pay for someone else's purchases. Thumzap makes it easy for app users to send friends and family a request to pay for their in-app purchases. Once the request is received, it can be paid with one simple click with no need to set up a digital wallet, or enter credit card information since Thumzap simply plugs into the payer's existing Payments method in the Google Play or Apple app store.

Netpay International
Netpay International is a leading Payments service provider, offering a secure, online credit card clearing service based on state-of-the-art technologies. The company offers businesses a complete turn-key solution, and acts as a one-stop-shop for all their Payments needs.

Simplex facilitates fraudless credit card Payments for goods and services sold online. It protects online businesses against fraudulent chargebacks, using AI and AI technology. Simplex analyzes Payments and related data and decides whether they are safe for processing, using a real-time AI system. A Simplex-approved transaction is guaranteed; the merchant can safely supply the product to the customer, knowing there won't be a chargeback, and that if there is, Simplex will cover it.

Currenge is a P2P, business-oriented, multi-currency exchange platform that allows people and firms to achieve savings, converting deposited money into other currencies. Currenge offers its customers savings near 1% and eventually intends to allow them to trade among themselves.

Pali Mobile
Pali Mobile Ltd is a free peer-to-peer money exchange platform that helps users find fellow travelers with whom to swap funds, eliminating Payments to a middle man. Pali also can direct users to nearby, traditional money-exchange spots and tell them the exact rates given at each.