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*Sending money overseas? Wire with WireBarley! WireBarley is a money transfer FinTech startup that provides mobile/online based cross-border Remittances service in Asia-Pacific region.We are one of the very first pioneers that started the business in Australia in 2012 and now quickly expanding into other countries including Korea, New Zealand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and the USA. WireBarley provides quicker, safer, cheaper and more convenient way to transfer money overseas. *Why Bank? WireBarley!

AgriDigital is an integrated commodity management solution for the global grains industry. They combine high end technical and industry expertise with beautiful design and intuitive workflows to provide seamless solutions to complex commodity, logistical, risk and customer management issues.AgriDigital are a global leader in software platforms designed to assist in the transaction and settlement of agricultural commodities and to manage supply chain risk. Through applied blockchain technologies, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, AgriDigital provides real time Payments to growers, increased efficiencies for brokers, flexible supply chain for buyers and financiers, and paddock to plate transparency for consumers.

Launching their alpha phase in Cairns only from February 2017. Whether you're a local or a tourist, airBux is your go to app. It consists of a number of exciting lifestyle modules with which you can earn and burn airBux rewards at a growing pool of airBux merchant partners

Airwallex is a foreign exchange market making and cross border Payments company focused on Asia Pacific markets.Airwallex was founded to make currency market more accessible for everyone, inspiring individuals and businesses alike. Supported by best liquidity provider around the world and sophisticated order matching algorithms, they evolve the traditional FX machineries into comprehensive personal and business toolkits that are ready to use, and to substantially simplify the foreign exchange process for global integration.

Allocated Bullion Exchange
Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is the world's leading electronic institutional exchange for allocated physical precious metals. ABX has Modernised, Globalised & Integrated the precious metal markets by redefining the way physical bullion is traded. ABX connect all major global liquidity centres and break down the barriers of entry to the global wholesale market for all market participants.

ANZ BladePay
ANZ BladePay and the right POS vendor app could deliver great benefits: Simplify the Payments experience in your dine-in restaurant by allowing customers to pay on the spot. Table order and billing information displays directly on the device and the table is automatically closed off in your POS system so no more running back to your counter POS. Take orders at customers' tables directly into your POS and send orders straight to the kitchen. Potentially reducing double handling and incorrect order taking and entry. Bust queues and maximise sales at your quick service restaurant by walking a queue and taking orders, opening a new Payments line, scanning items using the in-built barcode scanner and complete card Payments on the spot in next to no time.

APositive provides Payroll Funding & Invoice Finance exclusively designed for the recruitment, contracting and labour hire industry. Benefits: Up to 100% funding to cover payroll and more. Advanced technology allows for quick & easy access to funding. Integration with your payroll or contractor manager to relieve you of all your back office headaches. Flexible pricing options to suit any Recruitment / Labour Hire business. No upfront fees or fixed contract. Perm Fee funding to help boost your cash flow. Take on new business without the stress of meeting payroll with an APositive funding solution.

Assembly Payments (Promise Pay earlier )
Assembly Payments (formerly known as PromisePay) is the world's most flexible Payments platform. Their platform is the only end to end solution that lets you accept, manage and disburse Payments in any way you imagine. They believe the potential of bringing Payments online is so much more than moving money from one place to the next. So they put customer experience at the centre of their thinking and completely reimagined the way Payments were managed to empower organisations to build extraordinary customer experiences and unlock new business value, with Payments at the centre. Assembly powers Payments for some of the largest and most ambitious companies in the world including Gumtree, Carsales, Airtasker, and more than 100 platforms across North America, Asia Pacific and Africa. Assembly's investors include, Cultivation Capital, Kima Ventures, Mark Harbottle, rampersand, Reinventure

BillPro offers secure international Payments solutions for small / medium sized eCommerce businesses. Through a network of international banking partners, BillPro provides online merchants with leading edge, secure, multi-currency Payments options that are available worldwide. BillPro offers global card processing solutions, echeck, ACH, international bank Payments and a variety of other region specific alternative Payments methods for all business types. Secure Payments are a priority for cross border transactions and BillPro offers a Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Payments gateway, that is fully integrated with many of the world's largest gateways and shopping carts. BillPro is experienced in assisting eCommerce businesses to expand their operations globally. Their staff can provide personalised support and guidance for each business's unique cross border expansion strategy. With competitive rates and lucrative partner programs, BillPro is a leading provider for both domestic and international merchants.

Billsumo was created to solve an everyday problem - remove the stress associated with paying bills and attaining financial goals. Billsumo, a white-label product, loaded with features, gives 2nd and 3rd tier financial institutions an opportunity to access new technology and innovation at a fraction of the cost of developing it themselves. By providing the ultimate bill paying and budgeting experience, financial institutions who provide Billsumo will be better positioned for tomorrow's customer; will enjoy an increase in customer engagement; appeal to millennials; creates a new revenue stream; and have access to exceptionally rich customer data. The customer enjoys a single regular Payments, smoothing all their bills to align to their income; ease of use; simple dashboard; and, peace of mind that bills are covered for and paid on time. Innovation doesn't need to break the bank - partner up with Billsumo and connect with your customers in a more engaging and meaningful manner.

blueshyft is an iOS based platform installed in over 1,200 retailers across Australia, that allows businesses to accept cash Payments for digital goods and services. The blueshyft network allows customers to: * load their digital wallet * credit their online account * pay for online orders * purchase or redeem gift cards The blueshyft platform also facilitates acquisition, identification, retail, logistics and activation services.

BPAY is Australia's leading Payments scheme offering electronic bill Payments and delivery services through over 150 Australian financial institutions and used by over 11 million consumers. These services are accepted by a growing network of organisations spanning over 200 industries including large corporate, government departments and small to medium enterprises. At BPAY they are focused on providing secure, easy and innovative Payments and information services to their member financial institutions for use by all Australians.

BPS Technology
BPS Technology was born out of a 25 year history of producing software for the trade exchange industry. With a vision to create a global brand, the inception of BPS Technology was in January 2014 as a global leader in trade exchange software management systems, mobile Payments platforms and owner of the world's largest trade exchange Bartercard. BPS is made up of three divisions: Bartercard, TESS - Trade Exchange Software Services and the bucqi Platform. BPS is positioned to be the global software provider to Trade Exchanges as well as a leading global Payments and loyalty business. BPS is represented through 75 offices across 8 countries. Each division is complimentary to the other and their key purpose is to drive customers to merchants, through proven management systems and advanced technology on mobile and online transactional platforms. BPS earns fees on each and every transaction conducted on all platforms. BPS has an outstanding management team and Board of Directors with a deep history in trade exchanges and Payments systems that has led to the development of TESS and the identification and refinement of the bucqi technology acquired in 2014.

At Braintree, they're building products that make Payments easier-so easy that they fade into the background, making entirely new kinds of interactions possible. Their full-stack Payments platform lets companies build their own experiences and then scale their businesses around the globe. Braintree are also in a unique position to greatly impact how merchants and customers interact. Recently acquired by PayPal, Braintree are now in an even greater position to change the way people pay. Their offices foster an environment where collaboration is paramount, transparency and communication are treasured, and where snacks are aplenty. Braintree have offices in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, London, and Sydney and their product makes impact worldwide.

bucqi is the new and exciting app that allows you to earn dollar for dollar rewards to spend on everyday purchases at cafes, hairdressers, bars and much more!

Mobile financial services have grown to offer financial inclusion to accommodate the statistic that in 2015 about 250 million international migrants have sent close to $600 billion to their families in their home countries. More than 70% of that sum went to the developing world. BUX's role is to be a true global Payments gateway for the international migrant and overseas foreign worker and those consumers that may not have access to all and everyday financial services. The BUX global team are privileged to be working in over 40 countries. 10 of these countries are Money Send Countries (Developed Countries) and 30 countries are recipient beneficiary countries (Under-Banked Countries).

CheckVault is Australia's premier secure Payments system. Unlike conventional escrow, CheckVault does not act as custodian - instead appointing an independent agent they call the escrow agent. CheckVault's escrow agent is Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited - one of Australia's leading Trust companies with over a century of experience. CheckVault provides a secure escrow service, where client funds (the money being paid for goods or services) are held by a trusted specialist custodian until both the buyer and seller agree to the release of funds. In the event of a dispute, the funds are held by the custodian until the matter is resolved or as directed by a court of competent jurisdiction.

ChimpChange provides digital banking for the connected generation that lives a mobile, social and on-demand lifestyle. It delivers a better banking experience by offering an easy, affordable and personalized way to send fast and secure mobile Payments and do all your daily transactional banking from a single app. ChimpChange bridges the gap between peer-to-peer Payments and traditional banking. It offers linking capabilities to personal bank accounts and a ChimpChange MasterCard that can be used to make in-store/online purchases, pay bills and withdraw cash at over 28 million ATM and retail locations where MasterCard is accepted. The easy-to-use mobile app makes it quick and easy to transfer money and make Payments in real-time using only mobile phone numbers - with no need for account details.

CurrencyFair was created because they believe that ordinary people, and businesses, should have access to the same great exchange rates for international currency transfers normally reserved only for banks and market professionals dealing in millions. The three Founders, are all expats, so they'd experienced first-hand what a blatant rip-off international money transfers could be; both in poor exchange rates and high international wire fees. As the Founders are also ex-bankers they felt that they had the knowledge, the experience, and the network to come up with a better system. So that's exactly what they did with CurrencyFair!

Currency volatility has a huge impact on the competitiveness of business involved in international trade. One of the huge challenges voiced by finance managers is the difficulty of gaining a complete and timely understanding of their FX exposure. Managing this is usually a manual process using complicated spreadsheet models that are prone to human error. CurrencyVue easily and quickly aggregates foreign invoices and orders so finance managers are able to more accurately assess their exact FX exposure and take action to hedge their risk. The automation and analytics provided increase profit margin predictability, reduces costs and eliminates manual processes.

Cuscal is Australia's leading independent provider of Payments solutions including card and acquiring products, mobile Payments, fraud prevention, EFT switching and direct entry. They process 16% of Australia's EFT transactions, have over 7 million cards under management and switch and acquire for around 40% of Australia's ATMs. Cuscal partner with more than 100 clients from a range of industries including financial services, airlines, fintech and retail. They use their expertise and scale to help existing companies grow and new companies enter the market. This drives competition throughout the Payments industry, increasing innovation and giving businesses and consumers greater choice.

DigitalX is an innovative software solutions company providing investors exposure to the global digital Payments industry, through disruptive fintech products and services in the Remittances and digital currencies sector. DigitalX develops software, leveraging Blockchain technology and the secure ledger system to create new and innovative fintech software, for institutions and consumers. The Company is disrupting the global Remittances market with its unique Remittances product AirPocket, designed to provide consumers with the ability to securely and cost-effectively send Remittances in any currency, from anywhere, anytime, regardless of transaction size.

DiviPay is a mobile wallet that allows groups to create joint spending accounts in a matter of seconds.At DiviPay you can split the cost of anything. They let you pay as a group online and in-store so you never have to deal with an IOU, ATM or bank transfer again.

DragonBill help people keep promises. They make sure small business get paid on time and customers get what they paid for. DragonBill removes the stress and uncertainty that surrounds Payments, leaving everyone safe, in control and most importantly - Happy!

Easyshare is a secure, online easyshare platform simplifies paying rent, paying bills, splitting expenses and communicating with your fellow housemates and property manager. No more chasing housemates to make rent Payments. No more calendar reminders. No more spreadsheet. No more spotting your housemates. No more arguments. We've got you covered. Each housemate sets up their individual Payments method and we take care the rest! We collect rent from each housemate and pay the total to your property manager, landlord or biller.

EI8HT is the best way to send and receive Bitcoins, from your mobile phone, without counterparty risks or fees.

ASX-listed company (ASX:EML) Emerchants Ltd., Store Financial Europe and Store Financial USA have come together under a single brand: EML. They are a leading provider of innovative Payments solutions leveraging reloadable and non-reloadable prepaid debit cards in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America offering innovative funds disbursement solutions through the use of prepaid debit cards. Their end-to-end solutions and proprietary processing system is designed to offers their partners unprecedented, secure access to actively manage payouts, gift, incentives and rewards, and supplier Payments. EML has offices in Brisbane, Australia; Birmingham, United Kingdom; and Overland Park, Kansas (Kansas City area) in the U.S.A. Their mission is to transform the commercial Payments solutions landscape by inspiring companies to demand more control, more transparency and more flexibility over their money. They are the leading provider of Payments solutions in Australia offering innovative prepaid debit card programs for consumers, corporations and government entities. They are a financial services organisation that tailors innovative solutions for clients to meet the demands of expense management and funds disbursement.

Ezidebit provides businesses custom Payments solutions that improve cash flow, reduce financial risk and cut administrative costs, whilst increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Their expertise in Payments technologies automates and simplifies Payments collection and removes business process complexity while ensuring data security and Compliance. Recognised as an industry leader, Ezidebit processes transactions on behalf of businesses of all sizes, from multiple industries including childcare, health and fitness, property management, tourism and finance. As the leading provider of recurring Payments solutions across Australia and New Zealand, their range of custom Payments solutions include direct debit and credit card Payments, merchant services, as well as BPAY, phone and online billing options, integration with major CRM software and management of recurring and/or one-off Payments.

Ezypay is a multi-award winning FinTech company offering a Payments solution to merchants who need to collect recurring member or subscription Payments. Solving the problem of collecting recurring Payments for fast growing multi-national, multi-site companies, using the one Payments system, Ezypay collects membership or subscription Payments across borders, in multiple currencies and settles funds in one or more preferred currencies. They work with multi-national businesses, with multiple sites, and complex business models. Often their clients are growing quickly and want to expand their business to non-traditional emerging markets in South-East Asia. The Ezypay Payments solution addresses their issues of collecting multiple currencies, across multiple- countries, cross border settlements and multiple Payments methods.

Fat Zebra
Fat Zebra specialises in online Payments. As developers, they look to make the process as simple as possible while still providing all the required functionality of a Payments gateway product. Their experience is in software development and finance - this helps them understand your needs and the requirements of the industry. Accepting credit cards online has traditionally been complicated and a painful process. Fat Zebra aim to fix that.

Finch is a fintech startup with a vision to reimagine the consumer finance experience. Its first product, "a financial app for your social life" combines social Payments and spending insights to help young Australians build their financial confidence by helping them understand their current social spending habits. Users can pay friends, split bills, run tabs and get actionable spending insights, in one convenient place. In December 2016, Finch beat over 100 fintech startups from around the world for one of eight spots in Silicon Valley's top fintech incubator - Envestnet | Yodlee (formerly Ynext).

FlashFX offers foreign currency transfer, a real alternative to average banks and money remitters. They give the control back to you. Where it should've always been.They show you, transparently and clearly, what the costs are (and why). Nobody else does that. Nobody else put you in control of your money. FlashFX let you track your money every step of the way, from your account to your recipient's. (After all, you can track parcels you send by post - so why not your money?). They let you choose when you'd like your currency to be converted. Look at past rates. Choose the rate you'd like. And automate the transfer (if you'd like to).Choosing who you use for your foreign currency transfer? That is in your control

Foreign Exchange Central
Foreign Exchange Central is an experienced, dynamic and business focused Remittances organisation.

Gobbill is an Australian based digital start-up company focused on household and small business bill Payments automation. Gobbill users sign up for an account and then forward their email bills (e.g. utility bills) to their own Gobbill checks for fraudulent and suspicious email bills and ensures that Payments are made on time using users' stored Payments methods. It can be used by anyone who receives bills via email or by emailing photos of their paper bills. It helps their users to avoid late fees and missing out on "pay on time" discounts. Users will also protect their consumer credit rating score.The company is interested in AI, Deep Learning - text in the wild, fraud detection and much more..

Groupee is an evolution of how you split Payments.Groupee was designed to make group Payments effortless, allowing you to quickly and efficiently split a bill with up to 20 friends at your favourite bars, restaurants and cafes. No more lining up to pay, no more hunting down an ATM to withdraw cash & absolutely no more fuss. For merchants, Groupee increases your staff's efficiency and accuracy, speeds up customer turnover and increases tip yield and venue profitability.

HiFX help thousands of individuals and businesses to transfer money every day, quickly, easily, securely and at highly competitive exchange rates. Founded in 1998 HiFX is a trusted global Payments and foreign exchange specialist, providing clients with the ability make overseas Payments, track those Payments and manage their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online or over the phone. HiFX are truly global with offices in Australasia, Europe, the USA and the UK and are part of leading global Payments provider Euronet Worldwide Inc. Listed on the NASDAQ (EEFT) Euronet Worldwide have a market capitalisation of more than US$2.5bn and annual global revenue in excess of $1.4bn. They manage the needs of over 100,000 clients annually who transact in excess of $30 billion in foreign exchange. Their state of the art systems and secure online platform helps reduce the cost of transferring money internationally through better pricing and efficiency gains. They also have hundreds of affiliate and partner relationships with large organisations like banks and media institutions, to enable their clients to access HiFX's international Payments solutions and services.

InDebted is a venture-backed financial technology startup focused on changing the debt collection industry. Behind their amazing staff and licensed collection agents is a state-of-the-art technology platform. From the ground up they have developed innovative systems to collect more debts, in less time, whilst ensuring that all parties are treated fairly and with respect. They are focused on assembling one of the most talented teams on earth to complement their aggressive growth. They have roles open for people who share their dedication to building the world's most powerful collections engine and reinventing this multi-billion dollar industry. If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, they'd love to hear from you.

Indue exists to deliver financial Payments products and settlement services that impress our clients.

In 2016 Integrated Payments Technologies Limited - InPayTech - acquired the companies and patent rights of Payments Adviser Group (PAG) an Australian company which launched a proprietary service designed to radically simplify the way data and Payments are issued and processed by linking transaction data to an electronic banking Payments. The process of bringing the service to market began in 2004 - from concept stage, through research and development to the launch phase in late 2008. The technology platform was first deployed in the superannuation industry with the launch of ClickSuper originally developed in partnership with Cuscal Limited. ClickSuper is an e-commerce solution designed to simplify the superannuation contribution and rollover process. Leveraging the unique PAG technology, ClickSuper linked electronic Payments with electronic data creating a quick, simple, pre-reconciled and validated process.

With a focus on automation, IntegraPay offers a robust and reliable Payments solution with streamlined efficiency. Their products are designed to optimise cash flow. IntegraPay is a world leader in recurring bank debit, e-commerce and real time Payments solutions. The solutions are tailored to meet the needs of clients who require integrated and secure Payments products. IntegraPay holds an Australian Financial Services Licence. They maintain PCI DSS Level 1 (Version 2) Security and are your single point of connection to access the world of Payments processing. IntegraPay provides Payments services to companies in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and China.

Intrapay is a cashless Payments and e-commerce solution, specialising in closed loop campus environments for Universities Mining & Resource Sites Health & Aged Care Facilities Corporate Campuses Intrapay is a fully-hosted and serviced solution, implementing and managing state-of-the-art cashless systems for its clients, with little administrative or IT resource requirements. All Intrapay clients are supported by a comprehensive and responsive customer service team, recognised in the Telstra's Peoples Choice 2012 as one of the leading Australian Customer Service operations. Some of Australia's leading organisations use Intrapay to enhance their service operations. Intrapay is a division of The Scotney Group, processing millions of transactions for over 200,000 users since 2005.

iSignthis Limited (ASX: ISX) is based in Melbourne, Australia with a European region office in Amsterdam and London, and representatives in the US and Asia. Founded in 2013, their initial goal was to research a means of preventing Card Not Present (CNP) fraud in order to protect consumers and merchants from the growing problem of online fraud. Their research has led to patents being successfully granted in a number of jurisdictions. iSignthis is now a global leader in online, dynamic verification of identity and financial transactions via regulated e-Payments instrument authentication. The automated, online identification of persons remote to the transaction is made possible via a patented electronic verification method, and is available to more than 3 billion customer accounts across more than 200 countries. iSignthis offer a broad commercial application on a global scale, with their identity verification being sourced from data based on regulated e-Payments instruments including credit cards, debit cards, direct debit, e-mandate and wire transfers. iSignthis provide the legal basis for Compliance to meet customer identification requirements for AML obligated entities, as well as operational benefits for any online business looking to reducing customer on-boarding friction, mitigating CNP fraud, monitoring transactions and streamlining operations.

Lantern Pay
Lantern Pay is passionately driven to use technology to improve outcomes for claim recipients and service providers.Lantern Pay is a Payments mechanism that lets claim recipients transact in seconds, whether they are at home, online or at a service provider's premises.Backed by leading Australian financial institutions, recipients can have confidence in receiving the most from their care fund and service providers can look forward to fast, secure and transparent Payments.

Living Room of Satoshi
Living Room of Satoshi is an innovative Australian startup that allows you to pay bills with bitcoin. A simple, secure way to pay your everyday Australian bills (electricity, rego, phone, credit card etc) with bitcoin. Grab any Australian bill and pay it now. No fees.

LOKE Digital is a global leader in customer engagement, digital loyalty, automation & mobile Payments solutions.LOKE's purpose-built technology platform, affectionately known as "Tidy", has delivered hundreds of digital (mobile + social) customer engagement promotional campaigns that have driven millions of quantifiable valuable customer interactions and, of course, sales.Their in-house Studio delivers their clients with world-class UI/UX and product design & branding, communications, digital marketing strategy & project management services.

Mint Payments
Mint Payments Limited is a pioneer in omni-channel Payments solutions that enables organisations & businesses of all sizes to accept, process and manage Payments online and through various mPOS, mobile and tablet devices. Mint Payments Limited make card and electronic Payments transactions simple, safe and fast for businesses and their customers through their integrated tools, expertise and technology platforms.Mint Payments Limited integrated multichannel Payments solutions enable effective revenue management, cash collection and cash flow that put businesses and organisations in control of its financials and operations to help it grow and be efficient. Mint Payments has been recognised as one of Australia's best performing small-to-medium companies for their dedication to drive the Payments revolution and innovation.

Mobile Assets
Mobile Assets in the successor of Tilikum Investments, a Sydney-based early-stage financial technology company that was founded in 2013 by experienced entrepreneurs, technologists and scientists from Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, JP Morgan and Price Waterhouse.The company is launching a new mobile Payments app that solves multiple pain points for a broad set of target customers in some of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world.

Mobile Embrace
Mobile Embrace Limited (ASX:MBE) is a mobile marketing and Payments company. They are a Digital Distribution Network for the complete end-to-end mobile customer life-cycle. Through their integrated and award winning mobile marketing and Payments infrastructure they enable the reach, engagement, transactions with and embracement of consumers via mobiles and tablets. The world is Mobile, Embrace it!

NexPay makes international student Payments simple and easy.

Novatti develops Payments systems for global top-ups, e-recharge, digital wallets, mobile money, bill Payments, and voucher management. It accepts Payments from WeChat Pay, AliPay, JD Pay, and Chinese Banks. The platform enables MNOs, banking, and alternative Payments network service distributors to extend their product portfolio while taking their robust, integrated Payments services to its users' market faster and more cost-effectively. It offers solutions for industries such as agriculture, aviation, financial institutions, retail, alternate Payments, broadcasting, and telecommunications and the clients of the company are OPTUS, MTN, TELSTRA, VOXtelecom, eziPIN, and Hutchison Telecom.

OCTET is a web based Business to Business trading platform that connects 'Buyer and Seller' through a closed community network. OCTET provides your company with an unsecured line of credit and gives you the ability to reduce your Working Capital through extended interest free days. Whether you opt for an Octet credit facility, your corporate credit card or your existing bank facility, Octet's agile Payments platform complies with your business requirements/needs. Their clients take advantage of: Accelerated Cash Flow Interest free line of credit up to 60 days with the option to extend to 120 days Avoid paying the typical 3-4% foreign currency conversion fee A real-time exchange rate at the time of transaction or the utilization of existing forward contracts Reward Points when you purchase with a credit card depending on card provider Aquire Points (1 Point for every $3^) on eligible Octet transactions directly through the Octet

OFX is a global provider of online international Payments services for personal and business customers, formerly known as the OzForex Group Limited. Established in 1998 with the aim of providing clients with a better deal, there are OFX offices in Sydney, Toronto, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, and Auckland. OFX technology also powers international money transfer services of Travelex, MoneyGram, ING Direct, Macquarie International Money Transfers and other international financial institutions. OFX is also integrated with cloud accounting software providers Xero and Saasu, enabling users to pay foreign currency invoices at great rates in a simple and easy way. OFX's extensive network of global banking partners help save on banking fees and deliver transfers quicker than most banks. A combination of knowledge and expertise has made the OFX a significant player in the global foreign exchange marketplace, and one of the world's leading online money transfer provider. Its parent company, OzForex Group Limited, is a publicly listed entity with shares traded on the Australian Stock Exchange under the code 'OFX'. When it matters, OFX it.

OneTick Technology
Onetick Technology is an online B2B innovative Payments solution to the Insurance Industry. They assist canny Smash Repairers by providing cash solutions through their Invoice Factoring and Pre-repair Finance products. Doing business with Onetick Technology is paperless. No data entry and no form submissions. Already integrated into your current business processes for quoting and invoicing, their fully automated system can approve your financing needs in seconds, and they provide Payments overnight or 'rush' Payments for immediate cash needs. Onetick Technology has two core products: 1) Pre-repair finance - Available where an insurance company has approved the repair quote but the work has not commenced. Onetick Technology will pay for any supplier invoice(s) up to the approved value of the quote. Work with any Supplier, never be late paying a Supplier again, build up your credit history with your Suppliers; 2) Invoice Factoring - Factoring (or Post-repair) finance is available where a smash repairer has completed the repair work. The money will be in the smash repairer's bank account the next business day.

Openpay is an interest free Payments plan providing a seamless customer experience. Currently in over 1,000 retail locations and 100 dealerships across Australia & New Zealand. Some of their clients include Nike, Anaconda, Shaver Shop, House and BMW. Whether you are shopping at your favorite retail store, improving your home or having your car serviced - Openpay will help you get the things you need now. The process is easy, fast and paperless. The instant response confirms your transaction and allows you to enjoy your purchase right away with no interest ever.

Ordermentum is mobile led B2B ordering and Payments, like you shop online. To the supplier we are a SaaS platform that collects & integrates customer orders & Payments whilst growing sales, reducing costs & improving cashflow. To the retailer we are a simple intuitive mobile solution to place orders and pay for all wholesale goods in one place. Hosted on Amazon Web Services, our responsive web design works on all devices, scheduled email & SMS reminders collects orders daily and integrate via flat file or API to any system and as an authorised Payments aggregator we collect and settle funds daily. Whether you're a small start-up, a large wholesaler, distributor or franchise, Ordermentum is designed to help your business grow. If you're aiming to improve promotional sales, reduce admin costs, improve cashflow or expand with new customers in emerging channels - this is the solution for you.

PayDock is a smart Payments platform designed for Merchants and Developers, unlocking access to all Payments types through a single API.

Accept customer Payments anywhere on your desktop, tablet or phone. Sell online, process card Payments and automate customer billing.

They're developing a secure multi-currency online environment allowing instant international Payments to be made within the Pelikin community at a fraction of the cost of using a bank.Unlike a bank account Pelikin follows you wherever you go, helping you spend, send and receive money locally without the lengthy delays, big fees or unreasonable exchange rates. No account fees or charges, hold over 20 currencies, use a multi-currency prepaid card and access transaction records 24/7.

Peppermint Innovation Limited is a company focused on the commercialisation of a proprietary Mobile Banking, Payments and Remittances technology, designed for banks, mobile money operators, Remittances companies, Payments processors, retailers/merchants, credit card companies, and microfinance institutions. The focus of our initial efforts is in the Philippines, a country with a population of circa 100 million people and 105 million mobile phones in use, where over 4 years has been spent developing and integrating the technology which is currently being used by three leading commercial banks. Peppermint aims to leverage a successful commercialisation strategy in the Philippines and build on established relationships in order to develop a commercial presence utilising the Mobile Banking, Payments and Remittances Platform further across Asia and beyond.Peppermint operate an established Mobile Banking, Payments and Remittances Platform.

Supporting innovative governments and businesses with identification, verification and secure Payments solutions - All with a wave.

Pin Payments
Pin Payments is Australia's only all-in-one programmable multi-currency Payments system. Sell to local and international customers, and accept Payments from any debit and credit cards bearing the Visa and MasterCard brands. Create workflows and scheduled charges to suit your business, using a modern JSON API. All you need is your ABN and your credit card - no merchant account or lengthy application process is required.

Simple, Secure, and Intuitive Mobile Payments.

Quest Payment System
Quest Payment Systems is an all Australian technology company headquarted in Melbourne providing diverse and innovative end-to-end Payments solutions to retailers and financial institutions both locally and abroad.

Remitt are creating a new blockchain ISO Standard and realtime platform. Remitt are building technology to revolutionise banking by creating new finance applications and connecting legacy systems to their new platform.

Ripple provides global financial settlement solutions to enable the world to exchange value like it already exchanges information - giving rise to an Internet of Value (IoV). Ripple solutions lower the total cost of settlement by enabling banks to transact directly, instantly and with certainty of settlement. Banks around the world are partnering with Ripple to improve their cross-border Payments offerings, and to join the growing, global network of financial institutions and market makers laying the foundation for the Internet of Value. Ripple is a venture-backed startup with offices in San Francisco, New York and Sydney. As an industry advocate for the Internet of Value, Ripple sits on the Federal Reserve's Faster Payments Task Force Steering Committee and co-chairs the W3C's Web Payments Working Group.

Smartpay is a dual listed ASX / NZX Fintech Payments company who designs, develops, and implements EFTPOS and Payments solutions for merchants and currently supplying over 35,000 EFTPOS terminals across Australia and New Zealand. Smartpay are the largest independently owned and operated EFTPOS provider in Australasia. They're constantly working to bring the latest in EFTPOS and mobile Payments technology to their customers. Their strength comes from their strong focus on technology road map of products and software for over 20,000 merchants and retailers they support. They have a dedicated team that can move quickly to adapt to change, develop solutions for industry groups and larger customers and deliver end-to-end Payments solutions that are world-class. They're so much more than a hardware provider. They can also license their technologies to third parties allowing not just local merchants to benefit from innovations they have made.

Sniip is a free mobile based Payments solution providing customers with a simple, secure and organised way to receive, view and pay their bills. Customers can either scan a Sniip Payments code from their paper bill or move to paperless billing by electing to receive their bills directly into the Sniip App via push notifications, reducing printing and postage overheads. Payments is fast and secure via a 4-digit PIN, and is more secure than carrying a physical wallet. Payments details are encrypted locally on the customer's device, never stored on any servers, eliminating any potential hacking risk. Sniip also offers the ability to set calendar reminders and adjust the Payments amount. What's even better is that Sniip simply connects to your existing Payments gateway used for online Payments, so there is no costly or time consuming implementation required.

Splitr smooths the social friction associated with splitting bills and collecting money from your friends, roommates and colleagues.Using Splitr, you can scan an itemised bill, allocate the share of it to friends in any way you like and quickly and seamlessly get reimbursed. No hassle at the restaurant, no fights between roommates over the electricity bill, or fuss collecting for someone's birthday present ever again!

SQID Payments
SQID Payments delivers secure authentication of transactions like e-commerce, credit cards, loyalty programs, transaction testing and processing solutions. Make Payments anytime, anywhere.

Web and mobile Payments, built for developers. A set of unified APIs and tools that instantly enables businesses to accept and manage online Payments.

Tappr is a unique Australian technology firm introducing an innovative Payments portfolio that allows merchants, individuals and consumers to pay or transact money safer, quicker and easier.

TaxTrax is a cloud based software solution designed to help accountants and their clients become experts in the R&D Tax Incentive. TaxTrax is Australia'a first platform to bridge the gap between the R&D tax adviser, the tax agent, and their client list. TaxTrax is backed by Australia's largest R&D tax advisor, Swanson Reed. They are 100% independent and only prepare R&D claims.

TorFX has been looking after the foreign currency exchange requirements of private individuals and corporate clients for more than a decade.TorFX make connecting currency simple and stress-free, so you can enjoy serious savings and a first-class personal service whatever the size of your transfer.

Touch allows its customers to conduct any transaction on any device. They provide a comprehensive suite of services covering Payments, transaction integrity and transaction infrastructure. Touch work with their customers to develop market-leading solutions that are both innovative and technically excellent. They have particular expertise in facilitating digital Payments in the retail, telecommunications and government sectors.

Verrency provides card issuers a scheme-agnostic, white-labelled, top-of-wallet service that enables them to provide their customers: Full Payments card & device controls Top-of-wallet Payments card aggregation abilities The capacity to earn and spend issuer-affiliated Tier 1 loyalty program points anywhere Ground-breaking anti-fraud capabilities With Verrency, issuers can digitally enable newly issued products for immediate use by cardholders and lower their distribution costs by empowering cardholders to link all their accounts to one single Payments card.

WAIV is an international technology company who provide a global Payments system, designed to make online banking safer, faster, and cheaper. Their aim is to increase financial inclusion for the 2 billion unbanked people worldwide.

The Company offers point-of-sale credit and digital Payments services to the retail, education, health and travel industries through two core products, zipMoney and zipPay. The Company is focused on offering transparent, responsible and fairly priced consumer products. zipMoney's platform is entirely digital and leverages big data in its proprietary credit scoring engine to deliver real-time consumer responses.

Vantage Fx
Vantage FX is an Australian financial trading services provider with a focus on client relations and innovation.

How much ‘lazy’ money do you have? Most people don’t often think about their lazy money or don’t even realize that they have lazy money. Carrott is a fintech, focused on helping ‘Stop Lazy Cash’ through technological solutions (web-based and app). Let’s #StopLazyCash together! Flagship Product - Carrott is an automated micro-savings app to effortlessly reallocate the ‘lazy cash’ into growing their retirement savings (and personal financial wellness). Using everyday transactions, Carrott identifies if you have made any ‘lazy cash’ transactions on their debit or credit card. On applicable transactions, Carrott rounds the transaction up to the next dollar and debits from your account. Then Carrott consolidates these micro-transactions and made a deposit into your nominated superannuation account, once a month. This enables consumers to save money towards retirement, whilst gain a better understanding of their finances, and ultimately achieve financial wellness. Download Carrott for: iOS - Andriod - Carrott is a proud member of the Singapore FinTech Association and FinTech Australia. Follow us on Twitter - 'Like' us on Facebook - Webpage -

Look Who's Charging
Look Whos Charging (LWC) is the first company to solve a highly complex 45 year old problem - automating the process of matching transaction descriptions to the underlying merchant data with a near 100% success rate. LWCs solution focus on helping customers and banks eliminating the stress of unknown transactions like Transaction not recognised, Fraud and Customer Spend Analysis issues on customers credit card statement. Our solution will be able to help each bank and financial institution save over ~$20 million and > 600,000 hours each year in customers calling your customer service center to enquire and check on unknown credit card transaction in their statement. We are currently working on delivering a pilot project with one of the four major bank in Australia is helping to eradicate the 14 million unknown transaction enquiries faced by the Australian banks each year. The online banking pilot will be going live in August 2017. We recently won the CeBit PitchFest 2017 on our solution. Link: Video about the solution: