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LENDING (Indonesia)
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Amartha is present as a financial technology company (FinTech) that connects micro and SME business partners with investors. Based on peer-to-peer technology, investors are now more comfortable in choosing business partners that require financing, based on the desired risk profile and desired return.

Platform that allows Indonesian university students to buy products by installment without using credit card

DANAdidik is a Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2PL) for the micro student loan in Indonesia. Anyone can now fund a student in Indonesia, get a return while helping them.DANAdidik is a Crowdfunding platform for micro student loans in Indonesia; connecting students with lenders. Without being restricted by traditional source of capital such as deposits, DANAdidik provides an affordable borrowing rate to students, while enabling a return to lenders. Win-win for both sides. DANAdidik is the first and only company aiming to tackle the absence of student loan in Indonesia. We want to build a world where everyone can go to college

FinAccel is a financial technology company creating disruptive and meaningful products in retail credit for Southeast Asia, the 7th largest economy in the world and home to nearly 10% of the world's population. With an all star team of investors, founders and employees, FinAccel is currently focused on disruption in the unsecured lending space.

GandengTangan is a crowd-Lending that connects lenders with business owners.

Investree (PT Investree Radhika Jaya) is a Jakarta-based financial technology startup with one simple mission: as an online marketplace that matches people who want to invest money and people who want to borrow money; we enhance yield for investors while making it more affordable for borrowers.

JULO provides affordable unsecured personal loan (KTA) exclusively to smartphone users.They strive to provide low cost loan product to the masses while ensuring that it's economically viable to their lender partners. This is achieved by exercising prudent underwriting assessments to ensure that approved applicants are both able and willing to pay back.They also reward positive behavior by giving cashback bonus and allowing good customers to borrow a higher amount at lower interest rate at loan maturity.

Comparison for consumer lending. is a trusted site that provides information on various financial products. We neither sell nor provide these products directly, but only to make it easier for you to find all the relevant information of all the products available on the market.

Online marketplace for small businesses to acquire loans and for lenders to fund small business loans to earn compelling returns

It provides financing and multi-use online loan,Loans For Non-Collateral Online Merchants

Teman Usaha
TEMANN USAHA is an application that compares business loan products from banks, cooperatives and finance and Jugan helps customers directly to the loan menngajukan marketing officer no more than 5 minutes.Teman Usaha is a micro-loan marketplace for small businesses that helps entrepreneurs search for loans on their smartphone and apply for credit. we help clients choose the loan with interest rate and type of loan that suits their needs. selaain pemasaar officer of a bank that can get customers through the existing features in the app

Artawana is a marketplace for highly secured loan products for everyone. We enable people to achieve greater things in life, starting from their financial security.Artawana is a marketplace for highly secured loan products for everyone. Artawana was founded in 2016 by a group of highly experienced financial services and technology professionals from London, Zurich, and Singapore to revolutionize financial inclusion with technology and enable everyone to master financial security. We believe that the advancement of our civilization will be in its maximum state if every single one of us can maximize our potential.We envision a world where everyone can attain his/her own means of life regardless of his social class or circumstances of birth. Artawana aims to provide the first step in this vision by providing equal opportunities for everyone to achieve financial security

Tunaiku (Part of Amar Bank) is the pioneer and the leader of FinTech industry. The easiest way to define Tunaiku is as a 'startup within a large organization'. Working at Tunaiku, would be the right place for us gaining great experiences with the best people. We do it by carrying value such as fun, growth, dream big, speed, experimentation, and customer focus. We also have encouraging environment with open space working area, monthly book club activity, skit & skill sharing, birthday challenge and so on. We have become the largest Fintech in Indonesia, providing financial solutions for the community. Now, we need you to bring excitement, the joyfulness, the passion and spirit. Let us, together, bring on 200 million smiles in Indonesia.

At KoinWorks, we strive to democratize finance for small businesses and those who are in need of financial help. It is our core passion to expand financial access to a much wider group of people that is currently being served by traditional financial institutions. We don't merely make solutions, but we make meaning. We are a collection of diverse talents with a common interest in learning and solving problems. We always try to be easy going, open minded, and transparent. If you strongly believe your talent is ought to be used for a greater purpose, then come join us and make a difference!

UangTeman is an online lending service that provides instant short-term microcredit to Indonesian consumers.

Sofis Lestari Fintechnindo
SOFIS is a leading peer to peer Lending for business and personal loans. We connect Lendes and Borrowers in our secured, easy to used platform.

Founded in Jan 2017, PT. Digital Tunai Kita is a joint venture between Wecash Southeast Asia, JAS Kapital and Kresna Usaha Kreatif that combines first principles of finance, mobile technology, big data and AI for faster and better credit evaluation and loans underwriting.

PT Home Credit Indonesia
PT Home Credit Indonesia provide in-store financing (direct non-cash financing in retail outlets) to qualified customers looking to purchase consumer durable goods such as home appliances, electronic goods, mobile phones and furniture, and also multi-purpose financing which we offer to our existing customers to finance their home renovations, tuition fees or even holiday travel.

Pinjam is a financial services technology company that provides cloud services platform online pawn. Besides, They also conduct financial services more effective and efficient for Their customers using platform for all your needs. Borrow Indonesia and started to develop Their initiation in December 2014. Starting from trying to facilitate a person in getting quick funds through the channel digital and minimizes pawn transactions with direct face to face. Their company's vision is becoming a trusted financial services provider in Indonesia with a technological base. do Services handover of the goods with the choice as follows, namely:

Share your wealth and get more in return Invest in Indonesian businesses Earn 10% yearly Diversify your investments Your investment is guaranteed