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LENDING (Israel)
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Brazilian micro-credit company Avante recently acquired Sling, an Israeli startup that enables micro-merchants to tap into mobile financial technologies via "Slings" such as bracelets or stickers facilitating customer Payments by credit or debit card. The company is expanding in Latin America and has established an innovation center in Israel.

CreditPlace is a peer-to-peer Investment Management based in Tel Aviv that enables investors to buy outstanding receivables owed by stable Israeli companies, state-owned enterprises and government ministries. This helps companies and businesses improve cash flow while creating an alternative low-risk high-yield short-term liquid investment for private investors. CreditPlace raised ?$1.6 million last September and plans expansion to other countries during 2017.

Salaryo provides credit-as-a-service and a proprietary risk management model for freelancers. Using a chat-based interface to evaluate the creditworthiness of a candidate, Salaryo provides access to small amounts of credit at any given moment. By paying a small monthly fee, users get access to a flexible credit line, from which they can withdraw as much as they need and that they repay when they can during a set period. The funds are wired to the user's bank account on the same business day.

Hello Rented
HelloRented built financial and underwriting technology to simplify rental finance for landlords, tenants, and rental brokers. The company partners with property professionals who own, manage, or represent properties. HelloRented's platform helps landlords find the right tenant and equips tenants with financial support.

Lendeez provides a mobile financial service designed specifically for social lending. Its app enables end-to-end management of digital lending between friends and family.

Auto1 offers price comparison services in various categories including new vehicles, second-hand vehicles, leasing for businesses, financing, car insurance, and rentals. The platform allows users to compare car models and provides them with a fuel calculator. Auto1 also provides the latest news and reviews from the automotive industry.

CaseSee develops AI algorithmic technology that enables lenders and borrowers to predict the final financial value and time to resolution of every lawsuit and exploit it as a standard collateral. Using AI and AI technologies, CaseSee turns financial lawsuits into tangible financial assets, predicting the chance of winning, time to resolution, and financial net value and providing the lien infrastructure and documentation.

Cinch offers a platform that enables businesses to sell future services in a personalized and discounted manner in exchange for upfront cash. The platform allows retail businesses such as health and wellness companies, restaurants, and coffee shops to access funds with which to operate and grow. By creating win-win solutions, Cinch prevents many SMBs from having to fear being held liable for business loans.

Be the Bank
Be the Bank is a crowd-Lending that lets lenders earn 5%-10% annually while supporting the growth of Israel's small- medium-sized businesses. Be the Bank lenders are private individuals or businesses who provide a miniumum of 500 NIS, which is automatically distributed among various small- to medium- sized businesses that have gone through a selection process. Borrowers can receive up to 500,000 NIS for three to five years.

My-Payz is a loan exchange incorporated as a Payments means within shopping carts. The exchange will present a shopper with multiple lender offers to finance the current shopping cart without burdening existing credit lines. The loan is executed immediately, and funds are transferred directly to the merchant. The monthly Payments is collected via the customer's credit/debit card.

Tarya is a P2P money-lending venture that provides a direct, online platform that facilitates interaction between borrowers and lenders. This direct connection, bypassing existing credit organizations and banks, lets borrowers obtain credit at significantly lower costs, while lenders yield far better interest rates than those available by the alternatives.

Innovative Assessments
Innovative Assessments' flagship product is Worthy Credit, a proprietary platform for accurately assessing creditworthiness based on a borrower's character. Worthy Credit measures a key set of personal competencies related to the underlying psychology of

ShareRate's 'CrowdBorrowing' process and algorithms innovate the borrower-side of the lending equation, enabling borrowers to cooperate to retain and manage the cost and risk of defaults and thereby significantly reduce interest premiums. ShareRate created the first at-cost consumer loan product for a low, fixed-rate service fee across all grades of borrowers.

Lenderly provides end-to-end management for social lending transactions, allowing borrowers to easily access loan capital from their online and offline social circles. Lenderly's platform also creates incentives and services for lenders, including facilitating all cash transfers between the borrower and lenders.

BLender provides a multicontinental, cross-border marketplace lending service in countries with limited consumer credit information. BLender's online platform features DirectMatch, a solution based on a sophisticated, innovative mathematical algorithm that determines the best match between applicant demand for funding and the expectations of those who give out loans.

CreditStacks issues credit cards for so-called pre-prime customers' individuals with no credit history in the United States. The company uses deep banking partnerships, alternative data sources, innovative data crunching, and advanced risk and behavioral analysis models to detect prime customers, and issues them a superior and fair credit card that recognizes their international financial standing. The Lightning Credit Card comes with prime rewards, full service, no hidden fees, mobile-first experience and guidance on how to build U.S. credit history.

WorkCapital has developed an app through which small- and medium-sized businesses can upload their ERPs, sell their invoices, and receive immediate loans. The company's platform offers risk analysis and applies proprietary algorithms to determine a feasible time frame within which clients will repay their loans. WorkCapital operates in Brazil.

ChargeAfter's global financing platform facilitates and connects lenders with merchants, creating a global financing network that enables merchants to offer real-time, low-cost, accessible financing options to their consumers. By using this platform, merchants can increase sales by increasing the buying power of consumers, recover declined transactions, and increase conversion at the point of sale.

DivergentCapital is a high-yield alternative funder of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. It developed SaaS tools for commercial loan brokers and ISO shops that work to help businesses get fast, affordable, safe, and transparent access to capital. Using predictive algorithms to purchase a portion of the business's future sales at a high discount, DivergentCapital serves a market of credit invisible businesses that cannot cost-effectively fund their immediate cash needs elsewhere.

PocketCause Ltd is a developer of disruptive technology for the global nonprofit sector. Its mobile app and platform aim to increase global giving by helping nonprofits better engage with and raise funds from their mobile-based users. PocketCause provides users with updates from all of their social causes and enables them to see and follow the causes their friends are supporting. The app allows users to safely store their Payments methods and donate to more than 2 million nonprofit organizations in just a single click. The platform uses gamification and rewards to encourage users to support and promote the causes of their choice. In addition, by sharing a charity's posts, users earn CauseCash, an in-app currency that can be redeemed or donated to any organization. Users also receive 1 percent in CauseCash whenever they give to their favorite cause.

Efficient Finance
Efficient Finance (EF) is a global, multi-bank, supply-chain finance provider serving a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, and SMEs. EF is the provider of a patent-protected platform connecting financial institutions and businesses with the aim of making better use of working capital and enhancing the buyer-supplier trade relationship. uses real-time financial indicators that increase business transparency to mitigate investor risk. The solution allows more affordable working capital financing to SMEs to support their growth, while removing SMEs 'geographical presence' dependency on banks.

Wisor changes the way mortgages are granted and managed, moving from standardized to personalized loans. Its technology learns each borrower's profile and then structures the optimal portfolio, matching risk and liquidity preferences. Once a loan is closed, Wisor manages and monitors each portfolio, offering adjustments until the loan is fully reimbursed. The company calls this method, adaptive lending. For mortgage lenders it decreases overall risk by offering safer loans while retaining (if not improving) profits and lowering operational costs.