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LENDING (Thailand)
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COMPANY NAMEDESCRIPTION is an online comparable loan platform.

Ascend Money
Ascend Money established by Ascend Group for financail solution for banked and unbanked people. E-Wallet.

Helping homeowners lower their debt by refinancing. Helps mortage lenders significantly by cutting interest costs and shorten loan rePayments periods. Revenue generated from document processing fees and advertising.
Thailand's leading financial comparison site

Leverloan is the best and easiest choice to access financial products."Leverloan is a financial products comparison website across financial institutions. We aim at developing the website to deliver users as much and useful information as possible prior to doing a business with a financial institution. In terms of financial institutions, Leverloan helps increase access to targets looking for information and application of; for instance, credit card, cash card, personal loan, insurance, and other financial products. This will help those financial institutions not only reduce a cost of operations but also increase a number of online transactions.

ThaiCyberCard is Thailand's #1 financial services comparison website. Compare and apply for Credit cards, personal loans online.

Carmana is a Used Car Web-stop shopping for a free, no middleman.

We're a team of experienced business leaders with over four decades of collective experience in investment banking, risk management and tech. As diverse as our backgrounds are, we are unified in our culture. Here are our core values:

MoneyTable is a new financial system that was created to help increase the welfare of workers. It also acts as an intermediary linking members to easy access to finance. For safe financial transactions Convenient and fair return.
Beehive directly connects investors and businesses to build mutually beneficial partnerships for growthOur platform applies the innovative technology of Crowdfunding to eliminate the cost and complexity of conventional finance, meaning investors get better returns and businesses get faster access to lower cost finance.
Stang Dee is an innovation in accessing loans in Thailand through online channels. We offer simplicity and fast credit at a 36% interest rate without meeting anyone.

Talad Invoice
Taladinvoice is the first Thailand peer-to-peer invoice finance platform. Our marketplace is the bridge for investors with creditworthy businesses looking for working capital finance. Get returns between 6-15% by helping thousands of Thailand small businesses grow.

Personal Lending and Borrowing record service with credit history and lender borrower connection tools

SILKSPANIs a thai company And the pioneer of the world's first Financial Supercenter, with the concept of gathering financial services such as credit cards, insurance loans in one place for easy comparison and selection by the general consumer.It is now SILKSPANopen for 15 years and has more than 70 financial and insurance products from over 30 leading financial institutions. Compare products And the price of the product online is smart, worth the money, and there are over 700 expert staffs who provide advice and answer customer inquiries willingly.