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TRADING (Israel)
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Caroz For Securities
Caroz is a trading platform that allows buyers and sellers to exchange securities more efficiently. The website provides a quick and discreet auctioneer forum that allows security traders to conduct faster transactions. If there is a differential between the seller's and buyer's desired price, the service allows them to compromise on the price quickly instead of waiting for the price to change.

StratoHedge provides currency traders with real-time mentoring to help them improve performance, without deterring them from self-trading, for an improved trading experience. The company strives to enable its customers to wisely use their limited trading time in order to maximize profits, including knowing the right times to enter and exit a trade and staying out of trading traps.
BetterTrader is a tool for daytraders that improves response time to news events with a unique design approach and set of trade-focused features: Personalized Economic Calendar, Clear Result Data Release Screen, and Smart Alert System.

TraderTools Inc has an advanced FX trading platform used by banks and brokerages for quicker time to market, better execution, and higher profit. The TraderTools platform, which integrates liquidity aggregation, pricing, white-labelling, and global order management, is available in a fully hosted SaaS environment. It delivers fully disclosed, one-to-one relationship pricing at no cost to liquidity providers, and helps generate Alpha, reduces reliance on internal IT, and can be up and running in a matter of weeks.

Deep Trading
Deep Trading implements deep-learning algorithms in trading systems. It has developed its own deep-learning framework and uses custom-made, high-performance hardware to run its algorithms. The Deep AI runs a simulation compiled by the information gathered months and even years in the past. The simulation trains the Deep AI in order to perfect its performance and keep in shape. The Deep AI observes the world scene through news outlets, the internet, television and of course, the order-book. After gathering the information, it predicts the best course of action in a fraction of a second.

Tradeo is a global social trading network that connects FX traders. Offering sophisticated data feeds and analytics, Tradeo opens the trading landscape to individuals and enables traders to make decisions based on insight and experience crowdsourced from the community. Tradeo lets members analyze the trades of fellow users; canvas opinions from across the community; and trade on that knowledge.

Fingenom Ltd has developed algorithms to identify and exploit hidden trading patterns in various capital markets. The company was established by algorithm experts from elite intelligence units of the IDF.

Cogito Systems
Cogito Systems is developing an automated trading platform and statistical prediction models that integrate data-mining and AI approaches to generate long-term, high-yield profits. Cogito's technology is comprised of an autonomous system that manages, monitors, and executes trades; a pricing model and trading strategy based on advanced AI and data-mining algorithmic tools; and broad infrastructure for research, back-testing, and regression testing based on parallel computing on AWS.

Leverate provides cutting-edge technological solutions for FX & CFD brokerages.Our best-in-the-industry solutions give financial brokers a professional and competitive advantage. Leverate's products cover every need of the online broker from lightening fast live data feeds to robust risk management systems to keep your business profitable and a head above the competition.

Panda TS
Panda Trading Systems provides the brokerage industry with trading systems, end-to-end solutions, low-latency trading tools, and web technology. The company's main expertise is in system integration, Metatrader Server side technology, and tailor-made developments on demand.

Ivory Software
Ivory Software develops tailored trading-software solutions for the securities industry that transform processing requirements into manageable and easy tasks. Ivory combines powerful Compliance, trading, and post-trade functionality with an integrated and fully supported FIX network. It accelerates the investment process, improving the accuracy and efficiency of users' information management so they can achieve better investment performance.

Levent Project
Levent is an automated trading system for large-volume execution trading. The system is a back-tester, analyzer, and algorithmic trading system that enables traders to create custom strategies by using a simple interface. Levent uses a data analyzer and simple flow interfaces. The platform enables traders to create strategies based on indicators and trigger points for both entry and exit points by using a dynamic dashboard that indicates which strategies are running, active, or shut down. It also enables brokers to analyze their online and historical results and use other traders' strategies.

8Alert Ltd simplifies trading by bringing users, in real time, all the information they need to make decisions and trade in the global capital markets. The 8Alert system is suitable for both professional traders and novices, including individuals working from their homes with simple tools, such as a computer, smartphone, and Internet connection.

Stocker is an innovative financial trading platform based on trading flexibility, combining low-risk investments with remarkable turnover. Using Stocker's platform, traders can compete against other traders in order to get the best returns on their portfolios. Moreover, Stocker enables traders to define their investments' volume, risk, timeframe, and more. The Stocker platform seeks to create a new market segment from traders who never had the chance to make money through their financial abilities previously. In addition, it also provides a rewarding trading system for solid, long-term traders capable of trading for periods of over a year.

Tradency develops products and advanced services that create new market trends and business opportunities for financial institutions. In 2005, Tradency invented the concept of mirroring and then created a comprehensive trading platform based on the 'trade-by-knowledge' model in which traders automate their trading and base their decisions on the actions of track-record-proven expert strategies. The company's Mirror Trader product offers traders a comprehensive workspace with a variety of popular tools, unique features, and personalized options. In 2016, Tradency re-Invent again the strategy following industry by introducing the RoboX. RoboX is smart Trading machine that enable the end user to trade packages of the best trading strategies according to a pre-define rules.

BE Financial Technology
BE Financial Technology Ltd provides an automated ETP (Exchange Traded Products) platform that lets users collect all the parameters necessary for evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of each ETP in a competing ETP group. The system enables users to easily find the index or other benchmark they need and link them directly to the relevant ETPs for comparison. In addition to comparing ETPs' trading relative to their benchmark level in real time, BE System captures intraday data and generates meaningful historic statistics to help users get a broader perspective on how well the ETPs track their respective benchmarks. It also provides a benchmark tool for financial advisors that enables them to create their own comparison model.

Strategy Seeker
Strategy Seeker is a robust strategy research, strategy marketplace, and auto trading/AI system for retail traders. It allows private investors to create their own trading strategy, follow the strategy of other investors, and react automatically to signals.

Peoples' FinTech
Peoples' FinTech is developing a financial trading platform, and related infrastructure, that will be intuitive and easy for a newcomer to use, and integrate advanced features a professional quant would seek out. The software will include a development studio to model, build, and test trading strategies. Tightly integrated with modules for machine learning, complex event processing, distributed fault-tolerant data stream ingestion, risk metrics, and analytics, the platform will provide seamless deployment and management of automated strategies for Forex, Equities, Futures, and Options. Peoples' FinTech seeks to fill the technological void between the 'free'/low-cost trading platforms that offer automated trading features and the enterprise level platforms that include more advanced features, but come with hefty subscription costs ($1000's per month). is a web-based tool for the inter-dealer broker market. Wematch optimizes matches between counterparts on financial structures and integrates features to monitor and follow up during the life cycle of trades done with a broker.

MyleFly enables frequent flyers to cash in their accumulated airline loyalty miles for low-priced flight tickets in a fully automated process. It serves as an online trading platform for sellers of miles and buyers of flight tickets.

Istra Research
Istra Research Ltd is an automated trading firm based on technology and an intimate understanding of the markets' microstructure opportunities. The company's proprietary, automated trading algorithms utilize advanced statistical methodologies and extremely low-latency/high-performance processing and network technologies.