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BolehCompare is an Online and Offline Price Comparison Platform for Telco, Bank, Smart Device and Insurance vertical. We provide a platform for consumer to review, research, compare and make an informed decision on product selection and purchase to save cost and time.

Most of us have an average of 2 or more credit cards in our wallet and most us never know discounts or promotions are available. We no longer get flyers in our postbox, emails updates get lost into spam, bank websites are slow pluse not user friendly and SMS notifications are too short to make any sense. Now, with CARDPOW you can find the best discount and promotions around you whenever you shop or dine in one easy to use app. Browse from over 1,000 shopping malls and hotels in Malaysia with over 10,000 retail, dining, beauty and leisure stores on discount. CARDPOW discounts are sorted by the location you are in, so you can browse what’s around you, quicker and faster. Plus, we help you compare them with discounts from other banks to let you know which has a better deal, in case you might miss it! Simply search your location and select the credit card to filter the search results. Use it daily and we’ll reward you with daily bonus POW Points, which you can accumulate them to redeem fantastic prizes such as gadgets, vouchers and lots more. Need more points? Then, play the Spin the Wheel game to get more points or upload a photo of your purchase or meal. Plus keep a lookout at stores for special codes to unlock more rewards. Features: - Features credit card discounts from all major banks in Malaysia. - Discounts sorted in your location: more relevant and precise - Over 1000 shopping malls and hotels in Malaysia. - Over 10,000 retail, dining, beauty and leisure stores on discount. - Get POW Points when you use the app daily. - Get more POW Points, the more you use CARDPOW - Play Spin the Wheel to get more POW Points. - Redeem rewards such as gadgets, vouchers and many more.

CurrenSeek empowers you to get the most bang for your buck by avoiding any extra and hidden costs associated with using credit cards and ATMs abroad!

iMoney is SE Asia's largest financial comparison portal