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Ngatur Duit
Founded in 2010, NgaturDuit is an Indonesia-based online service provider for users to plan and track their budget and expenses. NgaturDuit ran the extra mile by offering users with financial consultancy services, which is powered by IARFC, the largest personal financial planner group in Indonesia. NgaturDuit is a joint operation between two small IT consultancy companies.
Mobile application to help the SMEs to manage their cash flow with direct integration to the banks and taxes

MVCommerce is uniquely qualified to solve the critical resource gaps faced by the Bank in providing mobile services channels are safe and robust and in reaching the majority of the population is un-Banked. In addition to eliminating a major investment and costly to deliver services, MVCommerce continue to add value by providing support, monitoring, maintaining, improving and expanding the capabilities of operational infrastructure to their Clients.
Ledger-like financial app which allows you to quickly and easily record incomes, expenses, debts, and receivables is a user-friendly financial app that allows you to quickly record incomes, expenses, debts, and receivables. The app works like a ledger or petty cash book . Users can group transactions into categories and report these data by total income, expenses, or balance. Each transaction in grouped in categories as needed. From the results of the recording, this app will present a report containing the total income, expenses, and the balance. How does it work? is a website used in three distinct ways: Open via browser Download Android version at Google PlayStore , or Download iOS version at Apple AppStore . Simply sign up (there's no charge for this), create a cash book, and start making entries. After registration, your financial data can be accessed through a range of simple tools. Just sign in using your email and password to get started.

PT jojonomic
Jojonomic is a mobile personal financial application that will revolutionize the way people manage their finance.

Sleekr provides a cloud-based HR and accounting software platform for SMEs in Indonesia.