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TipRanks was among the winners of the 2016 Benzinga Global Fintech Awards and twice won "best of show" at Finovate. TipRanks was founded in 2012 to bring accurate and accountable financial advice to the general public from a comprehensive dataset of analysts, hedge fund managers, financial bloggers and corporate insiders.

ReceetMe facilitates paperless digital receipts on mobile devices.

Cred (Credwi)
Cred is a FinTech startup that offers financial institutions a way to personalize their investment products for each customer.

Poney provides an application that teaches children how to save wisely and spend smartly. Parents who would like to teach their children how to be responsible for their financial decisions can utilize Poney as an educational application. Parents can view their children's purchase history and the vendors from which their children purchased products. A parent can assign responsibility chores to their children and reward them with an allowance. Through Poney, children learn how to save wisely for the items on their wish list.

Atech has developed a stock exchange system and trading platform allowing traders access to the capital market. The company is engaged in the field of CFD trading, algorithmic trading, and client portfolio management. Atech Technology Service and Development Ltd is the owner of Atech.

Clink is a no-fee investment app that simplifies the saving process for individuals by allowing them to take control of their personal investment plans. Clink is customizable, and users can invest pre-specified amounts of money from their checking account and/or a fixed percent every time they use their credit cards. Funds are added to users' Clink account then invested into a portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), customized depending on how aggressive or cautious a user would like to be with their investments. Clink streamlines the process, and users have the ability to set and change the amount and frequency of investments at any time.

Robin Hood pro
Robin Hood pro developed an app that helps users to optimize and manage their retirement portfolio. Using artificial-intelligence and business-intelligence engines, the platform aggregate, compare, and recommend upgrades for its users' portfolios. Robin Hood offers a personalized and unbiased analysis of all products, fees, tariffs, and returns, matching client needs to the existing coverage and offering replacements.

Finnovest offers an efficient, one-to-many investment advisory platform for the non-discretionary advisory industry, providing the ability to advise and execute trading orders to one client at a time. Finnovest's platform allows advisers to easily generate and disseminate suitable and personalized investment recommendations to numerous clients simultaneously. Clients receive proactive, tailored advice directly on their mobile devices and can execute the recommendations automatically, in real-time, by simply pressing a button. The company's suitability engine, Compliance engine, automatic documentation, and proprietary trading capabilities help boost transactions and total revenue while also providing a professional, proactive, ongoing service designed to increase client engagement and create a perfect advisory experience for customers.

Pagaya Investments
Pagaya Investments is an asset manager that advises large institutions that invest in the multi-billion-dollar online credit market. Using its AI algorithms, Pagaya guides institutions throughout their investments in this new sector in which traditional investment tools and strategies are becoming irrelevant.

leO is a bot platform for rental insurance specifically designed to reach millennials and help them with the task of managing their belongings. leO operates in Facebook Messenger with constant uptime. Users can use leO to store their warranties, evaluate the current value of their belongings, and prepare a list of all the items they want insured. leO was developed by sFBI. Computer Systems Ltd specializes in financial software for corporate banking and treasury management, as well as complementary services such as Compliance, characterization, implementation, integration, training, and maintenance.'s solutions include a functional/friendly user interface and full integration with all the organization's systems, ERP systems, bookkeeping, and budgeting.

Capitalise simplifies the investment process by taking investors' words and translating them into executable investments, bridging between the simplicity of common words and the complex world of automated trading. The company's automated portfolio management is based on written investment scenarios that users can instantly analyze and optimize to improve investment performance. In addition to the user's request, the platform also suggests an alternate, better-performing strategy.

AccounTrex is an SaaS portfolio and subscription management system that addresses the back-office issues of syndicate trading funds. Accounts can be automatically reconciled, and reports can be generated on the fly, showing P&L and broker & underwriter performance, and deals can be subscribed for in an efficient manner thanks to a smart Allocation Blotter and automatic deal feed. Accountrex enables centralized portfolio management through the automatic download of balance and transaction data from all cash and prime broker accounts in a fund's system. The system interrelates multiple prime, DVP, and cash account activity via patent-pending automatic transaction-matching algorithms that allow inter-account cash transfers and security deliveries to be easily managed and tracked.

Sepaya Algo Invest
Sepaya Financials is an algorithmic investment company that manages equity accounts for accredited investors and financial institutions. Its investment approach combines technical, fundamental, and big-data methodologies, tailoring practical experience into decision-making algorithms. Sepaya's non-correlated market analysis tools scan thousands of stocks to form concentrated market decisions. It seeks long-term capital appreciation through investments in large and fluid ETFs (exchange traded funds), in a very low frequency environments (fewer than 15 trades per month), combining both long and short strategies and event-driven engines.

Algowar, developed by Cerberus Trading Solutions Ltd, offers AI developers a professional arena where they can showcase their strategies alongside other developers, while also providing advanced eligible investors the opportunity to invest in a financial instrument built from proven AI strategies. Its fully automated systems are based on volatility ETP, which are highly volitile and liquid, offering professional traders the opportunity to capitalize on high profits without leverage while maintaining a healthy risk-reward ratio.

PrivatEquity is a global, online, secondary-market platform that connects companies, investors, and private stockholders to facilitate sales of private shares. The platform introduces potential investors for the securities of pre-IPO, private high-tech companies held by employees, former employees, company founders, and service providers, delivering new services and capabilities to both investors and shareholders.

FeezBack Technologies
FeezBack Technologies offers a platform designed to function as a personal assistant for its users' banking services, including cost mitigation and fee management operations. The company's platform makes cost information transparent and provides users with tools to easily understand, compare, choose, and manage their banking services.

Finzor is a scalable investment engine that automates end-to-end financial asset management. Finzor enables small and medium-asset managers to benefit from large-scale quantitative strategies and risk management tools.

Wobi Ltd offers online insurance price comparisons, simplifying the insurance-buying process for consumers. Wobi offers its users information on a wide range of leading insurance companies in Israel so that they can purchase the best insurance at the most competitive price within minutes, instead of spending hours calling agents and comparing different membership sites. Wobi is a subsidiary of White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd.

Paywiz is a social commerce technology for merchants that lets customers split bills when buying concert tickets, travel bookings, food delivery, etc. at the online point of sale. This can be done from any device or operating system, with no mobile application or registration needed. Paywiz uses behavioral algorithms that analyze group data to optimize the Payments process.

HandWallet, developed by MediaVision Computer Technologies Ltd, is an expense manager that helps customers control their finances. The application manages users' credit cards and bank accounts, tracking spending and automatically sending an alert when there is a transaction. For business users, the app also provides VAT calculation and invoice services.

Leverate provides cutting-edge technological solutions for FX & CFD brokerages.Our best-in-the-industry solutions give financial brokers a professional and competitive advantage. Leverate's products cover every need of the online broker from lightening fast live data feeds to robust risk management systems to keep your business profitable and a head above the competition.

Pepper was developed to lead the banking services of the future, offering a smart, innovative, and advanced banking experience that allows all of its users to manage their money in a transparent and simple way. Pepper is 100% mobile, fee-free for a variety of account transactions, and constantly implementing cutting-edge technologies and high-level design. Pepper was founded by Leumi Group.

Cambiu offers location-based currency exchange services. Users select the currency, amount, and their location, and Cambiu finds deals based on value and distance. Users choose the offer they want and get the terms and details for free via an instant voucher. They then go to the exchange merchant and present the voucher to get the best deal.

Athena Portfolio Solutions
Athena Portfolio Solutions Ltd is a real-time dark-data analytics engine that helps investment firms find trading opportunities (Alpha) and mitigate Compliance risk. The company processes, filters, and analyzes data from public sources, such as news and market data from the stock exchanges, and cross-analyzes its insights with the internal data of investment firms. Athena's engine discovers relevant and significant information on entities such as public companies even when they are not explicitly mentioned in the content, thus providing a real-time advantage to clients. In addition, Athena's 'My Stock News' mobile application delivers finance-related content, including news articles and research reports, to Israeli users.

Eco-Bill Ltd develops an application to allow users to manage their bills online, free of charge. Users can benefit from due date reminders and alerts, bill summaries, archival and filing of bills and reports into digital libraries, alerts on abnormal billings, and personal data analysis. The Eco-Bill application also seeks to improve efficiency and decrease operating costs for service suppliers, with features such as delivery notifications.

Scanovate develops and provides optical character recognition (OCR) solutions for the financial and mercantile sectors. The technology is designed to identify, detect, and extract almost any form of formatted textual data from documents in real time from any camera-enabled smartphone, tablet, or PC. Scanovate's proprietary, streamlined, stand-alone mobile OCR component allows clients to drastically simplify their mobile bill Payments and credit card transaction experience. Simultaneously, they generate new revenue streams from processing mobile-bill and invoice Payments and from enabling clients to obtain higher mobile-commerce conversion rates. The multi-tiered, card-authentication solution also substantially reduces exposure to fraud and chargebacks

Gallumba has developed software that analyzes trader preferences, delivers alerts, and suggests daily targets to improve trading skills and results. Gallumba's software is based on advanced risk-management methodology brought from the world's leading trading rooms combined with advanced AI algorithms and a unique UI concept. The company has tested the software with real trading data and observed an average $1,400 monthly improvement in trading results (for accounts of around $20,000).

NextNvest empowers financial institutions and their retail customers to redirect unproductive funds into a more profitable digital Wealth Management solution. The company's white-label savings and investment management platform industrializes the investment process within a fully compliant environment. NextNvest has designed a secure, ultra-intuitive user experience that includes risk profiling, digital onboarding, bespoke portfolio construction, and algorithmic rebalancing. Its innovative approach allows portfolios to be consistently monitored and automatically rebalanced by the company's state-of-the-art trading algorithm with a paramount focus on risk control. NextNvest is mentored by Citibank Accelerator in Tel Aviv, with its MVP delivered by end of Q32016, and is actively seeking POC and pilot partners.

NextNvest empowers financial institutions and their retail customers to redirect unproductive funds into a more profitable digital Wealth Management solution. The company's white-label savings and investment management platform industrializes the investment process within a fully compliant environment. NextNvest has designed a secure, ultra-intuitive user experience that includes risk profiling, digital onboarding, bespoke portfolio construction, and algorithmic rebalancing. Its innovative approach allows portfolios to be consistently monitored and automatically rebalanced by the company's state-of-the-art trading algorithm with a paramount focus on risk control. NextNvest is mentored by Citibank Accelerator in Tel Aviv, with its MVP delivered by end of Q32016, and is actively seeking POC and pilot partners.

Modelity Technologies
Modelity Technologies Inc provides banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions with a flexible platform for financial modeling and portfolio analytics. The company's products include a fully configurable, best-of-breed financial-models library and a platform for creating and delivering financial analytical content.

CashControl offers a secure, cloud-based cash-flow management platform designed to enable businesses to accurately predict and manage their bank balances. CashControl is currently used by more than 100 businesses in Israel.

Prafis (Practical Fixed Income Solutions), a branch of Hessegim Software Ltd, offers a variety of tools for corporate bond analysts, investors, and traders to help them make educated choices while building fixed-income portfolio strategies. The software is used by insurance firms, mutual and pension funds, investment houses, government and public agencies, and universities.

Novidea Software
Novidea's end-to-end platform provides real-time business intelligence and seamless workflow management for brokers, agents, MGAs, bancassurance, and corporate risk management. Designed specifically for insurance distribution, Novidea's cloud-based platform provides a single view for managing the entire insurance distribution lifecycle across all lines of business. It promotes service excellence, simplifies regulatory Compliance, and provides secure data access from any device, anytime. By consolidating all front- and back-office data and workflows 'from leads, to quotes, to policy administration' Novidea's integrated solution delivers full visibility into the entire customer journey and actionable insights to help increase sales, profitability, and productivity.

Tipigo's investment practice synthesizes investment opportunities, data science, proven ratings from specialized analysts, and intelligent AI. Functioning as a fully automated stand-alone system or as a semi-automated supporting system, Tipigo delivers valuable and timely insight on investment opportunities for individual investors, portfolio managers, and hedge funds. Tipigo's flexible system has been thoroughly tested to deliver consistent overperformance, without leverage and with minimal effort on the investor's part.

FinCheck is developing artificially intelligent, conversational finance and business bots. FinCheck's RapidCFO is an online financial professional that can gather financial data and answer questions about users' finances.

Weebo uses behavioral questions to obtain relevant information on users and help understand why they do what they do. Its intelligent adaptive flow chooses the right path for each user, learning their needs and personality. As weebo gets to know the customers, it will show better products to fit their needs. Specific questions narrow down product options until weebo finds the perfect product. Using questions based on behavioral analysis, weebo targets the motivation behind the purchase.

ExpenseSplit lets roommates keep track of their apartment's expenses and calculates the division of living costs between them.

Tradency develops products and advanced services that create new market trends and business opportunities for financial institutions. In 2005, Tradency invented the concept of mirroring and then created a comprehensive trading platform based on the 'trade-by-knowledge' model in which traders automate their trading and base their decisions on the actions of track-record-proven expert strategies. The company's Mirror Trader product offers traders a comprehensive workspace with a variety of popular tools, unique features, and personalized options. In 2016, Tradency re-Invent again the strategy following industry by introducing the RoboX. RoboX is smart Trading machine that enable the end user to trade packages of the best trading strategies according to a pre-define rules.

Billbeez offers an online solution designed to help users manage their business finances. The company's innovative platform enables small businesses to easily manage, share, and communicate their financial data with their entire financial ecosystem.

VCM Software
VCM Software Ltd provides front- and back-office software for the venture capital and private equity industries. Its applications cover almost every aspect of fund management, including fundraising, portfolio management, and investor relations. Its portfolio-manager platform manages capitalization tables and liquidation preferences.

EZsave is a bill negotiation platform. It reduce recurring expenses by renegotiating a customer's plan based on usage patterns and the best available plan in the market. Currently, EZsave has more than 12000 registered users and growing quickly. The average yearly saving per customer is over 1150 NIS, of which take a 35% commission. EZsave also continuously monitors bills for future optimization and renewal of packages when needed. The platform can be accessed via mobile or desktop devices.