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Veryfund used to verify Payments for your customers who pay by bank transfer method internet banking / ATM.
Ledger-like financial app which allows you to quickly and easily record incomes, expenses, debts, and receivables is a user-friendly financial app that allows you to quickly record incomes, expenses, debts, and receivables. The app works like a ledger or petty cash book . Users can group transactions into categories and report these data by total income, expenses, or balance. Each transaction in grouped in categories as needed. From the results of the recording, this app will present a report containing the total income, expenses, and the balance. How does it work? is a website used in three distinct ways: Open via browser Download Android version at Google PlayStore , or Download iOS version at Apple AppStore . Simply sign up (there's no charge for this), create a cash book, and start making entries. After registration, your financial data can be accessed through a range of simple tools. Just sign in using your email and password to get started.

Artawana is a marketplace for highly secured loan products for everyone. We enable people to achieve greater things in life, starting from their financial security.Artawana is a marketplace for highly secured loan products for everyone. Artawana was founded in 2016 by a group of highly experienced financial services and technology professionals from London, Zurich, and Singapore to revolutionize financial inclusion with technology and enable everyone to master financial security. We believe that the advancement of our civilization will be in its maximum state if every single one of us can maximize our potential.We envision a world where everyone can attain his/her own means of life regardless of his social class or circumstances of birth. Artawana aims to provide the first step in this vision by providing equal opportunities for everyone to achieve financial security

Online Pajak
OnlinePajak is all in one application to handle corporate taxes & administration faster & easier. OnlinePajak has a mission to increase tax collection & remove corporate administration and taxes burden with 3 simple steps: prepare, pay & file taxes online in seamless integrated application. OnlinePajak has been developed by PT. Achilles Systems since September 2014 & now has over 200.000 users.

Founded in Jan 2017, PT. Digital Tunai Kita is a joint venture between Wecash Southeast Asia, JAS Kapital and Kresna Usaha Kreatif that combines first principles of finance, mobile technology, big data and AI for faster and better credit evaluation and loans underwriting.

Their vision is to use technology to make financial information more available and more useful to everyone. Their mission is to enable people to take control of their financial situation and save a lot of money by doing so. Their products allow people to easily make the best financial decision for their situation. Come join our adventure in transforming Indonesian financial landscape through technology.

Midtrans, previously Veritrans, was established in 2012 with a mission to provide online businesses in Indonesia with a Payments infrastructure that is safe, reliable, and fraud-free. Working with reputable banking institutions and Payments channels in Indonesia, we support online businesses by facilitating transactions and enabling their growth via our chat commerce service. Our clients include Matahari Mall, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Cottonink,, Garuda Indonesia, Pegipegi,, and many others. To learn more about us, visit

MIMOPAY is a Payments aggregator that provide a complete, secure, trusted and convenience one-stop Payments solution for any digital contents and goods. Our technology makes your Payments become very simple and easy through our various reliable Payments channel services

DealPOS was founded to provide small businesses with an easy to use software to help manage their inventory and billing activities. They saw how many retailers struggle with their point of sale system and wanted to build an intuitive and user friendly register system.

Journals provide online accounting software that is secure and reliable for small and medium enterprises in Indonesia . We strive to give entrepreneurs the freedom of the complexity of administration , operation , and taxation in order to focus on doing the most important thing to grow their business . This will be achieved by creating an effective technology that is extremely easy to use. Journals available sebagaai services that can be accessed from anywhere with a connection via internet or WiFi . By Journal , no longer need to download or install anything on your computer. There is no cost to start or upgrade , get free updates automatically, and does not need a contract . You just need to register , log in , and start working on your business bookkeeping anytime, anywhere . Journals businesses run better wear as much to save time in the process of administration and operations . is a central database of bad and trusted bank accounts