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BioCatch uses behavioral biometrics to provide behavioral authentication and malware detection solutions for web and mobile banking applications. The Tel Aviv- and New York-based company won the Global Fintech Award at the 2016 MAS' Singapore Fintech Festival.

Finnovest offers an efficient, one-to-many investment advisory platform for the non-discretionary advisory industry, providing the ability to advise and execute trading orders to one client at a time. Finnovest's platform allows advisers to easily generate and disseminate suitable and personalized investment recommendations to numerous clients simultaneously. Clients receive proactive, tailored advice directly on their mobile devices and can execute the recommendations automatically, in real-time, by simply pressing a button. The company's suitability engine, Compliance engine, automatic documentation, and proprietary trading capabilities help boost transactions and total revenue while also providing a professional, proactive, ongoing service designed to increase client engagement and create a perfect advisory experience for customers.

VerumView offers its customers an exclusive view of their end-users' stories. The company has created a simple, seamless, immediate SaaS tool for real-time know-your-client (KYC) processing. VerumView constitutes a data source for online service providers, payday lenders, and anyone who needs not only to verify a client's identity, but to obtain insight into the client's online presence, credit, purchase patterns, and other BI information. Such information can be used for multiple purposes: identity verification; fraud detection; KYC; AML and TF prevention; loan and insurance underwriting; credit and affordability scoring; competitive analysis; targeted marketing; and so on.

token offers a sophisticated, intuitive Payments solution designed to disrupt Payments fraud, enabling consumers to pay for anything, anywhere, all while keeping their Payments information away from hackers. token's solution helps increase Payments convenience and enhance the user's sense of privacy and security while at the same time dramatically reducing the risk of fraud.

FTS is a global provider of convergent billing, charging, customer care, policy control, and Payments solutions designed to provide increased flexibility and independence for communications and content service providers for a reduced total cost of ownership. The company offers solutions for both growing and established providers. It deploys its full range of end-to-end and add-on telecom billing and policy control solutions to customers in more than 40 countries in the wireless, wireline, cable, MVNE and MVNO, M2M and IoT, broadband, content, cloud, mobile money, and eCommerce markets, including multiple convergent installations. FTS is a Magic Software Group company formerly known as Formula Telecom Solutions Ltd. The company was named a key monetization innovation enabler for communication service providers in Innovation Enabled by Monetization '2016' by Frost & Sullivan.

CaseSee develops AI algorithmic technology that enables lenders and borrowers to predict the final financial value and time to resolution of every lawsuit and exploit it as a standard collateral. Using AI and AI technologies, CaseSee turns financial lawsuits into tangible financial assets, predicting the chance of winning, time to resolution, and financial net value and providing the lien infrastructure and documentation.

Conflicteam, developed by Dudil Ltd, lets two parties who are entangled in a financial dispute or some other type of financial conflict resolve it online without intervention from another person or entity. Conflicteam's quick-resolution, algorithm-based mechanism evaluates the compromise proposals submitted by the two sides and, if they are compatible, produces the price of the compromise, based on the proposals. If they are not, the system informs the parties that the proposal failed and gives them another chance. If after five attempts the parties are unable to reach agreement, the system automatically suggests a compromise using its unique ability to interpret the wisdom of the crowd, to examine the proposals and provide the optimal compromise proposal. If this is not accepted, the process repeats for 30 days after which the file is closed if no compromise is reached.

Riskified Ltd is a turnkey risk-management solution that reviews, approves, and guarantees transactions. Riskified offers a 100% chargeback guarantee on every approved order, allowing merchants to sell with confidence. The flexible business model enables merchants to identify the transactions they want reviewed, and they are charged only when Riskified approves and guarantees a transaction. The company supports business growth by building fraud solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs. Riskified was listed by Inc. magazine as one of '15 Israeli Start-ups to Watch in 2016.'

Generix Software
GeneriX Software provides custom software and e-commerce products to the banking, insurance, and financial services industries. GeneriX's products focus on improving back-office operational and transactional efficiencies, workflow quality, data integrity, and customer outcomes.

Bitrated is a platform designed to help online consumers and merchants protect themselves against online fraud through the use of multisignature transactions. The company's goal is to make arbitration an open marketplace in which arbitrators can innovate and find new and creative ways to resolve disputes and to be judged on the quality of their work and their reputation. By opening the arbitration market to new players, Bitrated strives to bring better solutions to consumers and merchants, enabling them to conduct transactions safely over the internet, even anonymously. Bitrated users can choose domain-specific arbitrators with knowledge in specific fields, allowing them to make better and more informed decisions.

Cryptonomica is a legal and technical platform on which people and companies use legal-binding electronic documents to resolve disputes online. The decisions are legally enforceable in almost all countries.

Commugen provides integrated GRC solutions for regulatory requirements. The company allows stakeholders to monitor a live, detailed picture of their field of responsibility while minimizing financial expenses, reducing operational risks, and improving business results. Its solutions can be interconnected to provide modular and comprehensive regulatory Compliance. Commugen's solutions include cybersecurity management, information security management, middle office, Compliance, enterprise risk management, SOX, AML/CTF, internal audit, IT asset management, BCM, and policy management. Its auxiliary tools include incident management, lessons learned, meeting management, workplan management, and decision tracking.

ClearMash offers a proactive Compliance assurance solution that enables Compliance officers to ensure employee Compliance with regulations. The company's monitoring solution requires minimal effort to implement and increases Compliance awareness for every employee, everywhere, in real time. ClearMash's platform was developed by DiffDoof.

Intelligo Group
Intelligo Group is a global due diligence, business intelligence and risk management firm formed by former Israeli intelligence officers. We conduct sophisticated research and investigations, creating intelligence, profiles on individuals, companies and industries. Intelligo is led by an experienced management team and is advised by a boardof distinguished members of the intelligence community and financial industries. Our advisory board includes Mr. Pinchas Buchris, founder of the IDF cyber initiative and former head of the 8200 intelligence unit (NSA) . It also included Mr. Avi Dichter, former head of the Shin Bet and former Minister of Homeland Security until he joined the government. The company's seasoned team of analysts uses advanced technology and methods to process a variety of information sources including human intelligence, open source intelligence, legal sources, CV verification, media and social networks to reach unique and complex conclusions. We believe that thinking differently can lead to innovative and unexpected solutions. Problem-solving is part of our DNA and we are trained to question everything, not allowing obstacles to impede us. With offices in New York, London and Israel we provide our clients the tailor-made solutions they are looking for

Athena Portfolio Solutions
Athena Portfolio Solutions Ltd is a real-time dark-data analytics engine that helps investment firms find trading opportunities (Alpha) and mitigate Compliance risk. The company processes, filters, and analyzes data from public sources, such as news and market data from the stock exchanges, and cross-analyzes its insights with the internal data of investment firms. Athena's engine discovers relevant and significant information on entities such as public companies even when they are not explicitly mentioned in the content, thus providing a real-time advantage to clients. In addition, Athena's 'My Stock News' mobile application delivers finance-related content, including news articles and research reports, to Israeli users.

Voitrax's comprehensive automated trade reconstruction solution captures voice, text, and other communication records and accurately organizes and stores them to ensure complete Compliance with Dodd-Frank regulatory requests. The system uses a blend of advanced technologies to reconstruct trades. By blending a patented algorithm with voice data processing, audio records are categorized to ensure complete Compliance with existing and future regulation of the financial industry.

nsKnox Technologies
nsKnox develops cyber security technology for financial institutions. Its Transaction Authority solution, which is built on top of nsKnox's Cooperative Cyber Security platform, protects financial transactions from fraud and data manipulation and enables open, flexible, and trusted banking for B2B and B2C organizations.

In line with the IFRS Standard Setters stringent requirements, AlgoSave delivers simulation-based, point-in-time, IFRS-9 lifetime probability-weighted expected credit losses (ECL). AlgoSave provides banks and insurance companies with data on their lending and investment portfolios, helping them overcoming issues of dependency on credit risk modelling.

Argoscope is an advanced Payments-monitoring system designed to detect and prevent fraud in organizations. The system monitors the entire Payments process, conducting real-time risk assessments before approving fund transfers. Argoscope's system is composed of hundreds of unique algorithms that enable continuous, real-time managerial supervision and the exclusion of any unusual, high-risk Payments in a matter of seconds. The company has had proven success in detecting sophisticated fraud attempts and preventing money loss and further damage. Argoscope was developed by Alto Management Solutions Ltd.

RevenueStream has developed a SaaS cyber-security Payments solution tailored for ecommerce websites, Payments providers, and credit-card issuers. The company's technology eliminates the risk associated with transaction fraud, offering 100% real-time protection for ecommerce merchants through cutting-edge AI, algorithmic processing, and big-data mining.

Paygilant's technology protects mobile wallet financial transactions executed by NFC, QR Code, or online against fraudulent attacks. Operating on the mobile device, Paygilant enables frictionless customer experience during the transaction, triggering immediate authentication only upon a suspicious fraudulent attempt.

Algoritix's algorithm is built to detect fraud events and anomalies in customer and business partner behavior and provide insights to users. Algoritix's customers include financial companies, trading companies, brokers, and affiliate networks.

TokenID has developed a system of tokenized security for authentication, Payments, and financial transactions. The company's patent-pending technology is designed to secure and authenticate transactions with one-time-use tokens and Payments credentials, thus enabling zero-risk consumer purchases both at point-of-sale and online. TokenID enables secure financial transactions with any Payments system, meaning alternative Payments methods not available through a merchant's Payments system can use TokenID technology, thus allowing users of the alternative Payments method to pay with any merchant TokenID generates revenue from credit card interchange fees and shares it with the Payments service provider (which owns customers) and bank/issuer (which owns the credit card numbers range used by TokenID to complete transactions).

CoinCooler is a kit that helps users create, encrypt, and inspect digital files listing cold-storage Bitcoin addresses in a secure and easy way. It runs on a dedicated RaspberryPi that is always kept offline. Digital files containing the list of Bitcoin addresses and their associated private keys are generated, strongly encrypted, and then downloaded to USB memory sticks. Advanced features allow users to mitigate some of the risks associated with password loss, as well as a way to bequeath bitcoins to heirs. CoinCooler also can be used to securely inspect the content of cold storage files so users can glean the private key when they decide to retrieve funds from any of the cold storage addresses.

Simplex facilitates fraudless credit card Payments for goods and services sold online. It protects online businesses against fraudulent chargebacks, using AI and AI technology. Simplex analyzes Payments and related data and decides whether they are safe for processing, using a real-time AI system. A Simplex-approved transaction is guaranteed; the merchant can safely supply the product to the customer, knowing there won't be a chargeback, and that if there is, Simplex will cover it.

InsightGuard's platform provides a cloud-based agile solution that uses automation to shorten the timeline, reduce the risk, and improve the quality of the vendor-financial institution integrated lifecycle phases. It includes simulation of market infrastructure, end-to-end flow automation, regression, performance, recovery, and security testing. It also enables parallel and gradual deployment of new systems as well as near real-time detection of anomalies in production traffic.