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AltaPay is a Payments management company that provides Payments processing tools to e-commerce entities.

Cardlay is a single platform to issue, load and manage cards and expenses globally for complete visibility.

Muinmos ApS
muinmos developed PASS, a software which instantly and globally classifies/ categorises the client in accordance with MiFID in the EU or as equivalent in the rest of the world (KYCC), and instantly determines whether a financial institution can on-board a client to trade with it in a particular service (KYS), product (KYP) and country (KYCO) using a traffic light rating system. This cuts down the on-boarding time from weeks/ months, to seconds at a fraction of the cost. PASS automatically notifies the financial institution of any regulatory changes 24/7, thus ensuring continuous compliance. PASS is a cloud based technology used together with a compliance "equation calculator/algorithm", using AI by implementing a rule based expert system. PASS is a stand-alone system but can also easily be integrated into existing on/ offline on-boarding processes/ systems.

Calcabis believes that the real value and knowledge is already anchored in your organisation’s personnel, but the ever increasing regulations, amount of data, lack of resources and time pressure makes it virtually impossible to reach the compliance demands. To accommodate that very challenge, we build Virtual Experts around your organisation’s most knowledgeable personnel and creates an AI workforce with abilities equal a real human. This enables you to get a tailored neural network of AI virtual experts, customised to your organisations specialist knowledge, work tasks and IT infrastructure.

Shield FC
Shield FC is an enterprise-grade data management platform that automates eComms record-keeping and investigation compliance tasks. It enables regulated firms to capture, archive, analyse and investigate each and every interaction across all eComms channels, as required by regulations including MiFID II, GDPR, MAR, Dodd Frank and FINRA record-keeping, compliance reporting and data governance standards, in a single solution – faster and more efficiently than ever before.