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Bahtsmart,Dollarsmart Global(DSG)
DSG is an Fintech startup delivering online web and mobile International Money Transfer Service for Individuals and Corporates, with a focus on Asia and in particular ASEAN. We offer online fast and secure money transfers at great rates, with no fees and charges. DSG started business in Dec '14 between Australia and Thailand trading as Bahtsmart. In 2015 we continue our expansion in Asia… · More

Wealth Creation International
Founded on December 1, 2009, it is committed to being the creator of sustainable wealth in Thai society. Through financial advisory services. And investment in various forms. Whether investing in equity funds, real estate debt securities Personal tax planning / life assurance, non-life insurance, etc. to the public to achieve financial goals. By what the company expects the highest every time we offer Compliance services. And the money to every customer is 'Feel Better', that is, feel better and happy. From the picture. And their finances are tangible, addressing the needs of their lives, leading to 'Do Better', which allows every customer to return to the fire. Live the whole life. And the family has a significant mind.

Personal Lending and Borrowing record service with credit history and lender borrower connection tools

Fundamental and Technical Analysis of Financial Instruments. 3rd party research.

We enable organisations to send invoices however and whenever they want to and get paid on time.