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Founded in Tokyo, Moneytree is fintech data platform, with a mission to bring people and institutions closer together, help them find balance and discover new opportunities to grow personal wealth. Moneytree's first product, a personal finance app for iOS released in 2013, won the App Store's Best of award for iPhone in Japan after only 8 months in market. It went on to win Best of 2014 for iPad, was one of 10 Apple Watch apps featured pre-launch and a featured iMessage app on the launch of iOS 10. Moneytree has over 1,300,000 users on iOS, Android and web. Our proprietary data aggregation platform, Moneytree LINK, has almost twenty enterprise clients, including Japan's two largest accounting software vendors, an industry first inbound API with Mizuho Bank, an SDK integration SMBC (Mitsui Sumitomo) and multiple regional banks in Japan.

Alpaca is a venture backed Fintech startup that builds Database and AI technologies for financial trading, and a company behind AlpacaAlgo ( and AlpacaScan (