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While Bitcoin remains the world's most popular cryptocurrency, its underpinning technology, blockchain is helping to spurr further FinTech innovation. Blockchain startup, Colu provides users with the ability to securely transfer digital currency to one another. Yet, Colu is not just another digital currency wallet. Colu's blockchain powered technology allows for the creation of local digital currencies that can be accepted and used for transactions within a particular community, neighborhood, or favorite merchant. Colu raised $9.6 million last year in a Series A Round led by Spark Capital, among others.

Bancor's protocol is a standard that allows anyone to easily create completely liquid smart tokens that calculate their own prices and enable a single party to convert any token to another, without requiring a second party to exchange with. This process enables the long-tail of completely liquid cryptocurrencies. Smart tokens hold other tokens in reserve and can be used as decentralized token baskets (like ETFs), token changers (like shapeshift), project and protocol tokens (like GNT and REP), community currencies (like Ithacash and reward miles), and more. The Bancor network token will hold a single reserve in Ether. The Bancor network token forms a monetary structure where increased demand for any of the network's smart tokens drives up the value of the common Bancor token, benefiting all other smart tokens holding it in reserve.

ZEROBILLBANK Ltd provides functionality to the white-label banking system by issuing digital community tokens, such as 'Samurai Coin;' adding values, such as rewards, coupons, vouchers, recognition; managing multiple community tokens by single digital wallets and dashboard; and providing a marketplace. The company will issue the customer's own community tokens against 'ZEROBILL,' so that it is the principle currency for exchange with other community tokens.

Wave, developed by OGYDocs, is a decentralized application that connects all parties in the supply chain, enabling direct exchange of documents without having to trust a third party. Wave's application manages ownership of documents on the blockchain, eliminating disputes, forgeries, and unnecessary risks. OGYDocs aims to provide secure and efficient tools for international trade.

ChromaWay provides a platform for smart contracts, issuing, and transferring assets through a blockchain. The company has partnered with LHV Bank(the largest of Estonia's domestic banks)to create a blockchain-based Payments platform. ChromaWay also works with to create a blockchain-based start-up marketplace (

Logical Form
Logical Form has developed Blockchain data templates for banks and enterprises. The applications use the decentralized, secure blockchain protocols to authenticate and track items and records through transactions. Unlike most companies in the blockchain sector, which seek to replace the need for 'trusted parties' such as banks and government, Logical Form assumes they are here to stay. It, therefore, concentrates on effectively utilizing the bitcoin algorithm and protocol between trusted parties without the complications required when trust is eliminated.

Tau-chain is a generalization of many centralized and decentralized P2P networks, including the Blockchain, which aims to give users the ability to implement virtually any P2P network. Agoras, an intelligent market built upon Tau-Chain, will implement decentralized markets over TauChain, including hiring programmers trustlessly; renting computational power; and smart web search engines.

CoinCooler is a kit that helps users create, encrypt, and inspect digital files listing cold-storage Bitcoin addresses in a secure and easy way. It runs on a dedicated RaspberryPi that is always kept offline. Digital files containing the list of Bitcoin addresses and their associated private keys are generated, strongly encrypted, and then downloaded to USB memory sticks. Advanced features allow users to mitigate some of the risks associated with password loss, as well as a way to bequeath bitcoins to heirs. CoinCooler also can be used to securely inspect the content of cold storage files so users can glean the private key when they decide to retrieve funds from any of the cold storage addresses.