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I am the developer of a Crypto Currency that is now 2 years on the market and is stable to compete on equal and better terms than Bitcoin.The concept was put together in Thailand in 2014 and has been running with no Thai support, which I would like to change and also help put Thailand into the Tech Spotlight.We would like to increase both user and investor usage with the Thai community, but lack of Thai skills has so far prevented that.

Smart Contract
We are using Blockchain Smart Contract technology to provide a viable alternative to the current procedural, organizational, and technological infrastructure required to create institutionalized: by PrivaeChain
We believe that a new generation Stock Exchange will use P2P, blockchain powered protocol that enables scalable and secured systems, with required level of transparency. That's why we created - a Blockchain-powered Private Market. This is our first example to show how blockchain could be used in the domestic alternative stock market to remove significant friction in hand-offs of information and exchange of value.